Black Hippy - TDE Roll Call Lyrics

[Kendrick Lamar:]
West coast tsunami come jump inside of a wave pool
Fresh out the county with beepers over their ankles
Bitches and bugs their earlobes flooded with bengals
38 slug passenger seat let it bang you
I was born the same year you was rocking a kangol
20 years later my style favor a kangaroo
Jumping off the ground I'm tapping the star spangle
Banner with manners over ignorant lost angels
Cameras flash nappy hippy from every angle
Hammers will blast snap and hit you from every angle
Like a porno no homo you wear rainbow
I'm with a bad chick that can suck on my mandingo
Your making publicity stunts to make your name blow
I'm dropping c4 every month to make my name blow
Drive a hoopty every month like its a range rove
Get in on the passenger side because the door broke
Take you on a natural high this is for short dope
Watch you go be outside then give you more dope
I'm gonna flood the streets outside go buy a raincoat
Open the door my tapes fall out your Durango
West coast till I'm gone and wearing a halo
Til then I'm ready for war let's play halo
Take down the fifth of Hennessy and watch the day go
Bye like farewell can somebody just pray for
Me like holiest priest on gods payroll
Tabernacle to all the Church's chickens I ate on
Its K.Dot you motherfucker motherfucker mother blucka blucka bring a ruckus better duck em make you suffer quick suck a dick

[SchoolBoy Q:]
Look, coming from gangbangers and palm trees
Eating on polly seed and bomb weed
In Wallabees, better yet, my Wallacees throwin' up the set while I'm chillin in the summer breeze
You niggas really want the gun to squeeze
And I'm shootin from nutting
Backseat with the window down ready for ducking
I ain't riding shotgun unless I gotta shotgun fuck around and pop one leave your fuckin' top done
Like the body shop on a mardi gras
Bad little bitch keep the gat in the party bra
You know I'm ready to shoot you know I recruit give me the loot like Big Poppa who shot ya noodle niggas over cheese make pasta
Top dawg sit at the table we all mobster
Never passed english and grammar still proper

[Jay Rock:]
My niggas we all gotcha

[Kendrick Lamar:]
My niggas is all shottas
And niggas ain't nothing but bitches they all gossip
My words come hard like a bishop in tranquilizer
And murder goes hand and hand like sanitizers
I been a problem shootout to Problem

[Jay Rock:]
My gun blow then I get low
Like a stripper my nigga no homo
Take a puff of the swisher then get dozed
I do this for my niggas who is locked up in the prisons that can't get out of them systems there's no hope
So my mentality gotta be cut throat
Everytime that I spit it I provoke
Jay Rock for president go vote
Put them in a state of shock like a million votes
I'd go big before I would go broke
I got bundles of snow so come snope
Big bottles of henny who wanna toast
Big bags of green who wanna smoke
Its on me I'm a do it for the coast
Rock city my city till I'm gone
I'm a make it I can feel it in my bones

Yeah, I came in with the same precision as Pablo
Your visions is at hoes, whips and diablos
City on my shoulder like a poncho
And I treat the booth like el baño
Get a whiff of that
And when its show time I'll take you to the Cinemax
Los Angeles on the fitted cap
Committed like Richard Pryor and getting stacks
Yo Punch they think that history is a joke read up on how they brought Woodstock to watch for black folks
California souls, you say the west ain't unified like the LA school district you must've missed it
Riding around my old junior high high, remaniscing I have the same goals now
But I never thought for a second I needed Snoop and Dre to help me out
No debit give me all of the credit

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