Black Hippy - Shadow Of Death Lyrics

[Jay Rock:]
Yeah, Los Angeles, "Welcome to the Terrordome"
City of Satan, angels can't even get along
No lie, my town covered in darkness
Hoping that the sun just shine on us
Rolling up the kush, now I'm letting my mind wander
Into another place, I ain't tryna go down under
Life is like a race and we all tryna finish it
Shit never fair, strays hitting the innocent
The good die young where I'm from and it's sad to say
That somebody gotta die today
Tomorrow's never promised, but we living for the moment
Nigga, time never stops, it just keeps on going
Crackers just gave my young nigga four life sentences
Twenty-five times four, nigga, do the math
And the hood never have witnesses
Cause if we did, then them shots gon' blast

[Kendrick Lamar:]
As I reflect, I start realizing I wanna
Make a way one day for me and my momma, family and friends
This ain't the way my life bout to end
So I'm quick to grab on my pen and
Give 'em something my people sure to feel
Give 'em something that I know is all the way real

[ScHoolboy Q:]
Just wakin' up, mind playing tricks on me
Got the fifth on me, gotta take a risk homie
Was a ball player till the coach pissed on me
Keep it real, I could take you down the list homie
Be a tradition, see these Chucks be a mission
Burner be the fuel to the flame, the key to the ignition
If you banging, be serious, boys run up in your pad
Point-blank, period, moms ain't hearing it
Niggas said 'cause lil nigga got blasted
Oh well, give a shit, shouldn't half-assed it
Only time you with it, when your niggas all tripping
Caught your ass slipping, now I'm stepping up my crip and steady dipping
Riding through the city in lights, living it trife
Wrong intersection, ready to fight
Hopping out with my own agenda, who the contender?
Better hope this motherfucker jam (BLAHH!)

[Kendrick Lamar:]
As I reflect, I start realizing I wanna
Make a way one day for me and my momma, family and friends
This ain't the way my life bout to end
So I'm quick to grab on my pen and
Give 'em something my people sure to feel
Give 'em something that I know is all the way real

Uh, as I'm hearing the first and second verse
I try to analyse the feeling that's felt in the song
I want to tell Rock and Q to go to church
But that's a hypocrite because I ain't been in so long
I stare at the world from a righteous point of view
And realize a crisis coming
Novocain couldn't numb it, the pain is unbearable times two
Let's rally a team, summon, and school the youth
How you feel about it?

Man, I feel the same way as you
It hurts my soul, like a needle piercing
Through the bottom of my shoe and if you behind bars
Hold your head, pause
And if you in close range with a nigga with a gun in his waist
I pray the intervention is divine
I got a cousin in jail and handful of homies in heaven
But earlier than expected, what the hell?

[Kendrick Lamar:]
As I reflect, I start realizing I wanna
Make a way one day for me and my momma, family and friends
This ain't the way my life bout to end
So I'm quick to grab on my pen and
Give 'em something my people sure to feel
Give 'em something that I know is all the way real

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Black Hippy Shadow Of Death Comments
  1. New WaveS

    Early TDE classic from Black hippy

  2. John Olivo

    If you want youre mind blown search rd burman - dance music

  3. Terry van scorpio

    Man i feel the same way as Q 💥💥💥💥

  4. Michael Barnes

    Almost disappointed in myself for forgetting this greatness


    Best black hippy song

  6. 3Sk0 B4R

    goosebumps soon as beat drops, whoa.👍✌️🔥

  7. Imani Taylor

    Throwback even tho I never stopped playing it

    Third Ear Planet Radio

    Imani Taylor same here. Playing this before scHoolboy Q blew up. My favs on here are "no joke" w/ab-soul & "diary of a broke n***a"w/k-dot.

    3Sk0 B4R

    Imani Taylor wish I ran into a girl like u we share the same interest in music.

  8. Menelik

    what is the sample from 0:00 to 0:19 seconds? I already know the hook is from the Dramatics "IN the Rain".

    Phill QF

    +Menelik rd burman "dance music" from mukti


    @Phill QF Thanks brother

  9. Matteo Polettini

    Love that beat..

  10. David Allen

    Very underrated song

  11. Mindy Minhas

    Jay rock sounds like the game a bit...

    Marco Sandoval

    Are you off ? Vocally, not at all, and lyrically, way better, whole other level.

    Mindy Minhas

    lyrically yeah. vocally he does a bit!


    +Marco Sandoval vocally he sounds almost the same stop tryna act einstein nigga


    @Doctapeppur Lmaoooo

  12. Jorden Johnson

    Real rap! I'm coming for yall heads tho

  13. Jamal Anderson

    Stop comparing the members and just be thankful these guys come together

    Devante Kerr

    comparison makes them better is the competition that's the drive

  14. Asma

    Oh yeah ! Yes!

  15. Asma

    Oh yeah ! Yes!

  16. jayinmonochrome

    This beat sounds like im running from a mob down New York city in the 70's n shit and when the beat drops is when they spot me and i start running again

    Sean Dafny

    +Jay_Wop702 damn my nigga

    David K

    thafinessekid can def relate

  17. Ethan G

    When Kendrick's part kicks in at 1:02....thumbs up

    I Isaiah

    Thats just the hook, his actual verse starts at 2:24 plus All of them be spitting fire, listen to it from start to finish.

    L T

    @Ethan G No one cares dude, it's not even the highlight of the song. Jay Rock had the best verse

    Sean Dafny

    Lol kendrick only rap like 15 seconds anyway wtf lhh dick riders like u make me very mad but pardon my disrespect im only mad cause i dont understand stay up

  18. Griffin Stacy

    Yes. this the shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

  19. MrOriginalMan4

    does anyone no were the isturmental could be?

  20. Derick Bailey

    Man I remember when this was originally dropped in 09 an my boy past away couldn't speak for weeks

  21. Robert Dowling

    True TDE. You can't hate on this. rock, q, kL, soul. This group rips it! #1!

  22. Ray Chris

    watch the TDE made in America video it explains the order they all got with the label and how they all met

  23. Darren Weeks

    Schoolboy Q in nooo way, is better then Soul, Jay, or the King himself

  24. Renzythegreat91

    The first 20 seconds of this song sounds like it would come from an old Chinese Kung fu film lol

  25. I Am Crispy

    This songs hits the spot.

  26. Che Bugginz

    Love this track , scenario, and enjoy life

  27. Griffin Stacy

    THANK U!....i like soul tho :) .... BUT I "DONT" THINK HES BETTER THEN ANYONE OF THEM!!!!

  28. Michael Collins

    Who produced this? Cos it kinda sounds like madlib

  29. Awop

    Real Black Hippy, TDE or HiiiPower fans don't give a fuck who is better

  30. Zer0Fall3n

    That beat !

  31. i Chief

    oh maybe im wrong, but jay rock goes harder on every track that them two are on together, i like jay rock way more , i actually think school boy sucks but just my opinion


    And theres no such thing as 'the first black hippy' they formed the group together. The group was actually Schoolboy Q's idea. After they had all signed to TDE as individual artists Schoolboy suggested forming a group and thats how they became about.


    Actually Kendrick was the first signed to TDE, he was signed in 2004 while Jay Rock signed a year later. No one is 'sleeping' on Jay Rock (such a fucking cliche) i have his follow me home album which was an ok project, his black friday mixtape (i have that too) before that was a much better body of work but both projects dont match up to the strength of Schoolboy Q's Setbacks mixtape and Habits & Contradictions and you'll find that rap critics agree. There's a reason Jay rock lost alot of buzz.


    Yes i do know that and so what, what the fuck has that got to do anything? It doesn't change the fact that the other three are better rappers than him? And without Kendrick, Schoolboy or Soul there would be no Black Hippy because ALL FOUR of them make up the group.

  35. i Chief

    you do know that jay rock was popping before any of them right ? like the dude below said there wouldnt be black hippy without him

  36. TheRuthlessVillain

    Without Jay Rock, there wouldn't be Black Hippy.

  37. MenIn Black

    No, you! for replying to me. . FUCK OFF!


    It true. Jay Rock is your typical gangster rapper, nothing new or fresh about him but that type of rapper is still popular. Because of that and cause he is in black hippy Jay Rock will go far but he isnt on par with the other three. Schoolboy Q could flow for years, Ab-Soul is a modern day Talib Kweli/Mos def he is that lyrically ill and years from now people will debate between Kendrick and Pac/Biggie/Jay-Z/Nas

  39. Michael Jarvis

    You heard Jay rock type flow a million times ? Loool that's laughable.... considering he's obviously one of the superior rappers in black hippie:o

  40. Nicky Reyna

    4 best alive today

  41. Lukas Merlin

    I also think Q has something unique, jay rock somehow doesnt. I heard this kinda voice and flow a million times.

  42. Lukas Merlin

    Sample is The Dramatics.. but i am not satisfied with that :/

  43. Lukas Merlin

    yea ! I want the sample, or at least the instrumental, i think its sooo amazing

  44. jose solis

    Jay Rock is uunnddeerrraaattteedd


    I never see Jay Rock lyrically levelling with Kendrick or Ab-Soul

  46. Thug Shark

    The best thing about Black Hippy is that they all have different styles and each style is fucking awesome. TDE

  47. J McDonald

    "in the rain" by the dramatics

  48. Luka Magic

    Nevermind I'm stupid I was high that day!

  49. Luka Magic


  50. SoleByThePound

    One of my favorite joints from Black Hippy, beat is bananas.

  51. Dewy Evans

    jay rock sound kinda like immortal technique on this song

  52. redtigerflame21

    ok you got hella likes on this comment but did you ever find out what the sample is?

  53. debobpemusic

    School Boy went in!!

  54. D O P E V I L L A

    sickest fuckin beat i wanna die to it

  55. MrBits51

    Fuckin beautiful

  56. Tmath

    wow wow wow

  57. TheButteryMe

    Schoolboy's verse >

  58. DickCheese Bob

    Word. HiiiPower

  59. TrueDAP

    They all do, it's Black Hippie...

  60. Rob

    Can't hear a word Kendrick says on the hook

  61. PharaohsKingdom

    Schoolboy Q

  62. bonebog

    schoolboy q most certainly has the best flow and knows how best to shape the words. no joke, kendrick, jay or ab cant touch schoolboy q with the flow, he makes some pretty shitty hooks sound so good. still though, kendrick is something else lol

  63. Uche Smif

    u guys sound so retarded comparing members of the same group. when i listen to a black hippy song...i expect to listen to all of them and hear greatness

  64. Pen

    I like Schoolboy q but Kendrick and Ab Soul are killing him

  65. barcode0954

    SchoolboyQ went off

  66. c walki

    if you behind bars, then hold your head!......PAUSE

  67. Chris Hawk

    did anyone else see the StrangeMusic logo?

  68. Kwaku Tuffour

    What? Jay put them all on. Schoolboy Q is too raw bro he's just another facet of lyricism. I vibe with all of their styles especially when they combine all their explosive chemicals into one batch.

  69. SimplyHigh23

    Jay rock has potential to get up to kendrick and ab soul's lvl.. i dnt really care for schoolboy Q. bt ya id like to see Jay get up there more then he is.

  70. Jay Slash

    Black HiiiPPy= Leaders of the New School!

  71. PurpleKushxJetLife91

    this track is a hidden gems in hip-hop today, i know Black Hippy is the future


    The sample must be so dope as this track

  73. YoungSinatra954

    Kendrick lamar, Ab Soul, Jay Rock, Schoolboy Q = vibe

  74. IambicOfficial

    he is on this?

  75. Sebastian S

    Such a sick song. Shit be givin' me butterflies.

  76. Mathew Sanders

    Jay-Rock is scary af :/

  77. ShaneMukaluka


  78. Trillmatic

    Black Friday was dope as fuck!

  79. theUN4GIVEABLEdolphi

    @DuStainless lol

  80. okokokok

    good shit fam

  81. Schoolboy TDE

    @AlexZanderVEVO i did

  82. Me, Paul

    who made this beat?

  83. Steven Hu

    @MANUEL67606 You're the gayest shit ever :]

  84. CaLiiBearz

    @1510Mace they did

  85. Rah Sungod

    Never heard of these Black Hippys..
    I was just on my Neo-Soul flow when I came to these..
    But This Wright Here... Is A MASTERPIECE!!!
    LOVE!! 1 Peace
    You see How my shit Rhymes, When I speak the truth!?
    Yeah..Thumbs UP!

  86. daham anwer


  87. Raw Zeta

    @1510Mace he was, like towards the end thoughh

  88. Raw Zeta

    whoaaaa, this is so hip hop, can hardly believe this is some 2010 shit! haha BLACK HIPPY

  89. 1510Mace

    Shoulda threw Soul on this:/
    Still the SHIT tho.

  90. CaLiiBearz

    who the fuck disliked this masterpiece....they deserve 2 middlefingers to tha face

  91. ImWaxinHerbalT

    Kendrick goes hard on every track I hear

  92. COZY

    TDE stay bringin that real shit.

  93. Leo

    whats the sample on this song?
    the beat is beautiful
    the lyrics are raw
    its perfect

  94. young savage

    Scoolboy Q murked it.