Black Hippy - Scenario Lyrics

Here we go yo, here we go yo
So what's the, what's the, what's the scenario
Here we go yo, here we go yo
So what's the, what's the, what's the scenario

[SchoolBoy Q:]
Crept up in this muthafucka soundin like a stun gun
Fresh up out the hotbox got me smellin' like marijuana
Flyer than a Desert Eagle when it's starin' down lookin' at my people
Shootin muthafuckas down just because I'm evil
Live and direct like Cable TV pay-per view pay me
Who Q? Ha-chu yeah blessed it, beautifulest tune
You'll tune on the record
Everything is coke so I kick like Liu Kang
Thinkin you can really get with this man you playin
Get you a platoon, yeah floatin' like balloons
Get so high got to space then I shitted on the moon
Went into a rage now the sun won't shade Mars
Know I got bars so I'm aimin for the stars
Everyone applaud, praise to the genius
Never would like to let the hoes bow to the penis

[Kendrick Lamar:]
Kendrick relentless in other words a dentist
I'm in they mouth without a doubt
It's funky grab an incent
Grab a honkey, grab a nigga, grab a wetback, grab a chink
Then put 'em in a box like Michael and Leon Spinks
Then tell me what you get for cultures feeling me
As if they was blind and braille on my sleeve
Peace, to hip-hop, down to earth
Word to the voice of Chris Rock
Can I rock like a '88 Camaro and T-Top
Whoa, the scenario seem to flip like an aerial
As I dip like a pull-up bar at the gym
Won't you witness the gem
I'm a troop from Angola and
You a cop on patrol that's trying to Axel Foley
As dumb as Napoleon Dynamite and I'm quick to blow up then BOOM
Combustible like flames and petroleum

[Jay Rock:]
It's Jay Rock
Niggas know my status
Flip flows like a gymnast on a apparatus
Leave yo body in pain if I hit you with this 'matic
Don't even speak if you ain't talkin cabbage
Loyal to the cash, thinkin' 'bout a marriage
Committed to the block that's somethin' niggas cherish
Hmm... if you dissin', you missing Parish
Then I'm on a mission, fishin Paris
Lookin' at some dimes, go get your cameras
Black Hippy emcees and we got hammers
Gang member slash rap nigga
The name's Rock, all the hoes call me that nigga
Never relax, never do that
Soon as you relax, them lames is stealin' ya swag
I'm the truth in the booth I'm killin' the track
To the point of no return no bringin' It back
I'm so fluent on the beat just spittin' the facts
You lames lyin, think you chief
You bridgin' the gap
I'm the fountain of youth, you niggas is tap
Like bugs in the phone, you niggas is wack

Enter the mind of the utmost divine
Heel up reel up, bring it back come rewind
Twilight zone, war with the star
Hans Soulo
Top Dawg, not Todo, notch logo
On my hand, knock you out
Say I'm not lethal, inhumane
Squeeze juice out a beetle
Offended John Lennon come to cloud 9
That's where the cockpit is
Me and Kendrick Lamar startling all contenders
ScHoolboy Q, gangsta with a USC student IQ
And Jay Rock a fuckin' fool
You make the wrong fuckin move
Aimin' at you with the tool
I'm like what am I to do?
Crazy how the shit we make come out phenomenal
Black Hippy, and as for me I'm the black sheep passin' weed
To Miss Bo-Peep

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Black Hippy Scenario Comments
  1. KungFuKennyTDE

    Imagine a Black Hippy album 🤯

  2. KungFuKennyTDE


  3. Abel Gutierrez

    2019 anyone??

    bramdon miller

    Yes sir and you can put me down for 2020 as well


    bramdon miller same

  4. Dorell Turner

    Love this shit

  5. Edgar Mendez

    This shit is amazing.

  6. rajeem garnett

    Ab-Soul nice af!

  7. dysperisenjoyinghimself.

    Why did Q really sound like could be in Tribe on this track tho lmao

  8. 3Sk0 B4R

    Soul sound raw as hell.

  9. Mitch Norton

    Discovered this just two days ago.  Life is GOOD!

  10. Aaron Thompsom

    They all killt this track

  11. sukka 1P57

    How have I never heard of this song?

  12. Tit0Matic

    I need a Black Hippy album in my life

  13. philip hillman

    enter the mind of the up most divine

    twilight zone , war with the star, han solo
    top dawg not todo, notch logo
    on my hand , knock you out god damn

    offended john lenon
    come to cloud 9, that's where the cock-pit is

    black hippy, and as fo me
    I'm the black sheep passing weed, to miss bo peep

    underrated skeme

  14. Chill Bro

    Can't believe I just heard this this track is sick 🔥

  15. De.ebandz

    Typing this before I listen
    As atcq fan I will stop listening if they don't do this beat justice


    They didn't serve this beat any justice. IMO

    Corey Brown

    De.ebandz sick bro lmao no one cares

    Tyler Parker

    Corey Brown right 😂😂 fuck outta here ebandz, black hippy the best crew since N.W.A 🔥

  16. Mavin AK47

    all time favorite from the greatest who be fighting the matrix

    Edbin lemus

    Anthony Cabrera they not tho.

  17. Malik Campbell

    have I been in a cave?

  18. mechamill

    This is probably the dopest black hippy track. Can't believe I just found it!

  19. Thomas Harlovic

    LONS and the Tribe would be proud

  20. Nipponisms

    The flow is too fast, otherwise this would be okay

    Brian LaFeve

    man if only this could be...................... OK :(

  21. FallingLeaf

    I feel bad for the people who have not heard this.

    Armani Beasley

    you used to ferl bad for me


    thanks for keeping us in mind lol

  22. LEFTY LoCo

    damn q and soul murdered this

    darshi narwal

    soo kendrick didn't?

    Felipe Banks

    +darshi narwal not as much as they did

  23. FIdel Jones

    People don't like this song because it is good, they like it because people know the rappers...

  24. Hthegoat

    is this lame or what
    an insult to the original....

    Sicfam Music

    Watch ya mouth

  25. Jerz White

    This is dope I would like to here Action Bronson, Logic, Kembe X, and Earl Sweatshirt on the Scenario remix

    Jerz White

    Hear spell check


    This is a scenario remix already

    Niekey Davis

    I only listen to earl really but I've heard them and that shit would be fire

  26. Brendan Son

    Oh my God... Q...

  27. Andre 1997

    on this track it goes; Q, kendrick/soul, and rock. sorry rock didnt have the same energy and delivery as the rest.

    Andre 1997

    @jrcolacola key word, opinion.. how am i retarded for not agreeing with YOUR opinion..


    My opinion was that his verse was the best. The fact in this matter is that his energy and delivery was not weak. His energy and delivery had nothing to do with my opinion. To add on to this comment, Their energy and deliveries don't have to all be the same. Don't take me calling you retarded personal, It was more like me saying you're crazy. You pretty much said Rock was the weak which is def not true. #cleanyourearsout

    Andre 1997

    @jrcolacola my nigga i said compared to ab soul, keddrick and schoolboy q he was the weakest. jay rock cant alter his flow to beats, which is the problem with him. he works best with mellowed out, tranquil beats in my opinion. thats why he bodied kendrick in money trees, becuase his flow was perfect for the song. but this song he was too slow and his delivery was not up to par with the beat.. that is just my preference! 

    Louie Loud

    +Ali Shuber Jay rock definitely didn't suit this like the rest, he was still good though imo sometimes rappers dont suit a beat as much its not a big deal he still did well. I heard this ages ago but really cool to see Q spitting more 90's style.

    90059 Be The Zip

    Lyrically, K-Dot did the best.
    Flow wise, easily goes to Jay Rock.
    Q had the most energy on this track, behind Dot.
    Honestly, Soulo was the weakest on this track. his verse wasn't whack at all or bad. just my least favorite. still loved it though. that's coming from somebody who's favorite TDE artist is Soulo.

  28. kdeezy810

    Phife diggy had the best

  29. b47ance_

    if you know the original scenario song by atcq and busta rhymes than you know that soulo had the nastiest verse

  30. KJ Xero

    Mann i dun listened to this song so much the last couple years, every time the real version comes on 2k i start rappin Q verse -__-




    I respek that

  31. Luzacrad LeBLUE

    You know its a classic when no remix can top the original.. Love this version but Tribe rocd it best

  32. Justin Jordan

    I still rock with Schoolboy Q, and always will, but I wish he never moved away from rapping like this.

  33. Alfie Gardiner


  34. Che Bugginz

    They all killed it then Soulo sealed it shut !

  35. Fredrick Woodard

    Sorry Q had the best verse in this one

  36. Deion White

    History in the making

  37. Deion White

    History in the making

  38. Joseph Rogers

    danny brown would break this beat

  39. GrapeDrank25

    I love how everybody has a favorite. Some say KDot killed it, Soul the best, Q is dope, Rock is hard. It just goes to show how good they are as solo artists, and how much better they are together. Black Hippy is the illest in the game. Real hip hop.

  40. Thorris Daniel

    Q the goat

  41. Bruce Wayne

    ScHoolBoy QQQ.......

  42. Information Sniper

    school boy ab soul kendrick jay rock

  43. xJonnyboi17x

    Q murdered it from the start.

    Patrick cellar door

    q tip? 


    @Patrick van Haaren lol no. 

    Shane Samarasena

    +Patrick cellar door Hell yeah Q Tip murdered that from the start

  44. Ryan Nugent

    that boy q though! he set it off..

  45. Deandre Dunn

    Dope dope dope dope, did I say DOPE CUZ ITS FUCKING DOPE

  46. dj harris

    Its too good too be too short

  47. Sir Lotus

    wu type shit go hard

  48. Richard Mahaffey

    Kendrick kendrick kendrick


    AB SOUL .... GOOTTTT DAMMIT ! I knew he was dope i put him up there with kendrick but damn when i hear this it just showed me how much more dope he is...


    CANNONakaHADDY not more dope, just different.

  50. xsteele10

    Sick...nuff said...

  51. moonsauce

    Holy shit this is tight

  52. FLshadyrock

    Holy fuck dat was gold

  53. Zer0Fall3n

    This one of my favorite Q & Jay verses

  54. Angel Rodriguez

    Jay rock and an ab soul tho

  55. Dick Grayson

    very Wu Tang influenced


    Not Wu, Tribe

  56. The True Judgement TTJ

    praise black hippy. this is sick as fuk, this shows ppl up

  57. Janiha R

    They all killed it!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Isaiah Lee

    This is hip hop

  59. MF DOOM

    Blunthand is a beast for posting this song. No recent activity from him, he's probably addicted to DOOM, and I can't blame him.

  60. Nicholas Stacy

    Jay Rock - Elbows
    Jay Rock - Im Thuggin
    Jay Rock - They be on it
    Ab - Soul - Book of Soul
    Smoke DZA - Diamond (Ft. Ab-Soul)
    we notice Jay and i listen to all of his tracks personally.

  61. BS_E.

    "Enter the mind of the utmost divine, Heel up reel up, bring it back come rewind" LOVE THAT PART

  62. madSHKRILLZerrrrt

    you don't deserve ears

  63. Brokeman music

    not bad ! one love 2 the new school

  64. eriko194

    Ab the ''suckiest'' ? Yo, do humanity a favor and END YOUR FUCKING EXISTENCE. That is all.

  65. olekpytone

    aaw my gosh!

  66. Purple Bubba

    You need to listen to more Q.

  67. PermanentHigh

    Damn, Q can rap. That was easily one of his coolest verses.

  68. SpaceJamOut

    good point I can totally heaar the Wu sound in his verse

  69. Al Dilla

    Something special

  70. Justin Cornford

    such a dope track, woww q KILLS it

  71. cyborgdata

    You dumb or what ?

  72. Raffaele Bassolino


  73. 7Beyonder

    I love it! A tribute to the legendary Tribe Called Quest! They killed it.


    You have to be trolling. This is clearly of The Low End Theory album A Tribe Called Quest.

  75. Michael Smith

    Soul must've been listening to a lot of WU TANG around the time they made this song.

  76. Benjamin D

    Pay per view pay me

  77. humjot95


  78. 21giovas

    soul, last line of the song, peep the lyrics homie

  79. olekpytone


  80. Ayowrya

    Tribe called quest did it first... smh

  81. PrissyTooSweet

    People be tripping on kendrick, ab-soul and schoolboy q but they miss out on jay rock. He is gold!

  82. 40Def


  83. Sam A

    A Tribe Called Quest. Enough Said

  84. dre

    who says that

  85. Vince Jackson II

    Old tribe called quest beat :]

  86. 40Def

    "And as for me Im the black sheep passin the weed to Miss Bo Peep". Damn lol

  87. BigChunkyy

    Dope as hell

  88. famalamjam

    Did they do any more ol school shit? Cos this shit crazzzzyyy

  89. Brian Banegas

    a tribe called quest would be proud

  90. Aura Gomez

    Black Hippy Mc's and we got hamma's HMMMM Gang Member slash rap nigga... ♫♪ #kingRock

  91. T Woods

    So rare i specifically searched for it lol


    SO Rare its on youtube!

  93. niko jones

    Schoolboy q schooled this beat

  94. DailyDopenessHD

    Han soulooo
    Love how they tried to imitate busta's flow..

  95. Chell P

    I think these guy made this song in the nineties and unveiled it now

  96. FrickenSick

    Ive never hear Q kill it like this. Dope!

  97. IiMZSlyboy

    Holy shiiiiiiiittt Q murdered this shit!!