Black, Gabriel - Johnny's Interlude Lyrics

They say "Life's a party"
Then why am I starting to feel upset?
I think it's all in my head
So pour another, see what happens when you let it out
Keep it going, let the house burn down

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Black, Gabriel Johnny's Interlude Comments
  1. JppI Wolf

    Yo is there a full version of this one i would love to get the full version of this song

  2. AYTB /


  3. MOuSAkASs


  4. Ashlyn Wade

    I wish there was more 🖤

  5. gredethw

    Dope song !!!

  6. Chloe Hunter

    I love u

  7. Lego Ant

    I like this
    One question though

    Why am I still awake

  8. gautham sreekumar

    It's 12:50 noon here😁

  9. Chaosslno

    Why was this released at 3 am

    S1lent Music

    Cuz he's in Germany or somewhere on the other side of the world


    @S1lent Music ah, okay

  10. Leonard Schuster

    Saw u in Frankfurt, and think you're amazing!