Black, Gabriel - Flames Lyrics

I've been walking through the flames at night
And I can't stay at your side forever
I've been walking through the flames at night
And I can't light your cigarette forever

Say the same old shit now
While I always dance around you
How you always gon' put me down?
Like I ain't killed for you
CNN'll sell you
Fake news tryna break us
But I can't hold us both forever

I keep walking through the flames at night
And I can't hold your light forever
I keep walking through the flames at night
And I can't light your cigarette forever

Yeah, I keep reaching for something that I can't grab
I'm drinking like I'm looking for something in a glass
I'm walking like I know just where I'm going (Going)
Take two of these, call me in the morning (Morning)
I mean call me when you're horny
Okay, I missed the call, I was soaring
I'm chucking up the deuce, girl, this is not a Mercedes
Okay it never gets boring (Mhm)
Yeah, that's all (That's all)
If you land on the ground, that's your ass fault
I tried to help you up but now my arm sore
I tried to help you up, I'm feeling bulletproof

I keep walking through the flames at night
And I can't hold your light forever
I keep walking through the flames at night
And I can't light your cigarette forever

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Black, Gabriel Flames Comments

    You're so underrated 🤤

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  3. Roc Arson

    goodness gravy. Glad I found you and your music

  4. donte

    fire until corny cnn line

  5. Down Syndrome

    The fact that you got FatManKey! In this too I love both of you guys 💕💕💕

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    It's perfect!!

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    that one dislike annoys me

  8. Jerky Boy

    Lyrics @nyone?

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  10. Aaron Scott Jockers

    Well am about to double these views.

  11. Thomas

    Awesome, love the creativity and how you are trying new visuals. Your songs are always good and get stuck in my head. :)

  12. DrillB0t

    this really lights my fire

  13. Rye Lee

    your songs are my kind of aesthetic man, been with you since sad boy. hope to hear more of your music

  14. Timas Turbo


  15. Zachariah Gee Egan

    Dude that was beyond flipping amazing, I already really digged the song. But the video was brilliant. Keep it up brother!!!

  16. -ßøgdan -

    ok.. when will you release the game for this song?

  17. Gia Huy

    Pixel effects, nice!!

  18. napstablooky i

    I'll miss your drawing xd I like this style as well tho and the song too ! its gabriel black vibes with more and it fit well, those collabs are a great thing ^^'

    gabriel black

    ill keep drawing stuff don't worry

  19. Ashlyn Wade

    Love lizard Gabe 🔥

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    Pepers please!

  21. MOuSAkASs

    Another banger!!

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  23. Alana Lant

    Fucking swag

  24. Ashlyn Wade

    I love that I can sing along to this at work and home, your music is amazing and great to listen to after a shitty day 🖤🔥

    gabriel black

    love you ashlyn <3

  25. babag21


  26. spider boi

    Upside Down in ST

  27. butterfly girl

    Very cool video and song, love your voice too. Love this. Thank you ✌

  28. Adamari Avila Picazo

    i love this so much ♥️

  29. Dan Farber

    proud to be a part of this song

    gabriel black

    love u bro

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    Yes it’s finally out

  31. Brendan Cunningham


    gabriel black


  32. Evelynn The Succubus

    dude this music video and song are absolutely amazing

  33. Allie Ballesteros

    this is so fucking dope holy shit

    gabriel black

    ALLIE! thank you:)

  34. izzy frisch

    holy shit this is so sick omg

  35. Ryuk


  36. gredethw

    These backgrounds would make for good wallpapers.

    gabriel black

    which ones specifically? maybe I can cut them up


    ​@gabriel black in the min 1:27 and 3:08 well I think those
    are my favorites maybe there in this video LOL

  37. Anthony Anzer

    Some shooting stars meme snippets could be made. Love the video and song!

    gabriel black

    love this idea

  38. lietotājs

    Oh shit, i want wallpaper like this. Also this song gives me mixed emotions (both good) one is Gorillas vibes, other gives me nostalgic memories about which I didn't know until now. This will be my jam

  39. gredethw

    Picture + song = Gabriel black is amazing :D

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    as a Korean this is better than pretty k pop boys shaking there tiny asses. yup this is what i call a music

  41. Bohdan Byshovets

    Дякую! <3

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  43. salvia plath

    you're the greatest artist i've discovered in 2019, keep doing, me and my boy are addicted to your music, your lyrics are too relatable

    gabriel black

    thank you more music soon<3

    Moto Jack

    @gabriel black Nice!!!!!!

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    These visuals are perfect

  45. Moto Jack


  46. Moto Jack

    Awesome. Now i'm listenin this again and again.

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    Good job Gobrial

    gabriel black

    gobriel block

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    i cant breath its perfect

    gabriel black

    Dont die


    @gabriel black your music makes me die (in a good way!)

  49. T8m

    Trop hâte ! j'adore ta musique ! (I'm French)