Black Flag - Scream Lyrics

Supposed to act my age
Supposed to act mature
I've got better things to do
Than listen to you
I'm supposed to keep it together
I'm supposed to keep my cool
I might be a big baby
But I'll scream in your ear
Till I find out Just what it is
I am doing here.

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Black Flag Scream Comments
  1. Lucas! Leitão

    The worst guitar solo....with Nick Jonas's

  2. Robby T

    I am Iron man!

  3. Trulysarcastic44

    Doom metal

  4. RIP Videos is dead

    Can people stop calling this song punk rock


    RIP Videos is dead that’s literally what it is tho

    Bruce Parkes

    Call it what you like, labels mean nothing. It is what it is. Scream and its heavy.

  5. John Rapp

    I blow my cool all over the place.

  6. official_ CZARUS

    Just like thrash, metal owes so much to hardcore punk

  7. official_ CZARUS

    Aaannnndddd sludge metal is born!

    Jason Angel

    Agree. Eyehategod comes to mind...great band

  8. Goose

    heavy. as. hell

  9. cnaleq

    my war side b... absolutely unmatched

  10. Hans penner

    Fuck all the people sayin to speed this shit up.

  11. Brandon Gee

    Black Sabbath anybody?

  12. Joshua Stephens

    I appreciate that a song called "Scream" has actual screaming in it

  13. Thoraxica A

    I think we all get fed up....and then we blow our cool all over the place.

  14. Gary Busey

    Always will be my favorite

  15. Joshua Stephens

    So many bands and genres were created from this

  16. Black Hat

    Best of hardcore punk.

  17. Nick Monkton

    Better at 1.5

  18. Murilo Henrique


    Bernardo Zgur

    Murilo Henrique roque porra

  19. Tracy McCloud

    So classic

  20. Zeppeli -

    The slower the Black Flag song is, the better.


    most evil

  21. Varg The Impaler

    This song was improved at a live show and Henry was just told to scream. Lyrics were written later on.

  22. RoniEnrikey


  23. Murilo Henrique

    nossa mano! com certeza a melhor música deles!

  24. Knives Chau

    I might be a big baby, but I'll scream in your ear

    wolf it the fifth

    Knives Chau please no

    Bruce Parkes

    The crescendo lyric.

  25. melvin shermen

    Sluge metal

    River Throat

    Proto Sludge


    Slug Metal

  26. Rob Arcarola

    Great song but a little better at 1.5x

  27. MyGenSucks

    Im going to be honest the beginning reminds me of weezer

    Charlie Due

    MyGenSucks it's the same chords as Let it Happen by Tame Impala?

    Jeb Kush

    Only in dreams

  28. The Gamer Punk

    This sounds like flipper.......if this was actually good (Lol joking aside) bring it up to 1.25 at the least

  29. Andy Ferné

    The more i listen to it, the better i find it. Its a piece of art

    Rusty Kuntz

    Like a surreal piece of art that is sitting in the corner with the 3 people obsessing over it. Those who KNOW, KNOW, Fuck the rest who don't get it.

  30. Eric the Punk

    Punk is what's keeping me alive at this point.

  31. KiLLeRHAnDs

    Damaged and this album changed my fucking life

  32. Róna Punk

    Aaaaaaaaaaa. Oooooooo. Heeeeeeeeeeeee

  33. Wesley Harmon

    Go up to 1.25 speed... It get's better, trust me.

    Rational Lunatic

    your right

    Alex Psychedelia

    Wesley Harmon idk, this music screams timebomb of anger. I've been strung out and I think it's perfect tempo

    Biche Tordue

    na, it sound weird

    Zeppeli -

    Wesley Harmon

    Sounds good both ways.

  34. kabuki_punk

    Favourite song by Black Flag

  35. Pedro Cardiel

    Tabs for scream ? Anyone

    Pedro Cardiel

    What anout the solo ?


    Is it even possible to tab Greg Ginn's solos?

    arthur marsden

    Why would u tab this solo just fuck around close to the correct key or in and out of it

    Rudi Crome

    I managed to tab the first one with a bit of time

    Pogo's Ego

    7 7 7 x 4 4 4 x 6 6 6
    7 7 7 x 4 4 4 x 6 6 6
    5 5 5 x 2 2 2 x 4 4 4

  36. Punk93Metal

    Hardcore punk rock at a snail's crawl.

    Aesthetic Virtuoso


  37. Bob The Pumpkin

    Hardcore Punk at it's finest!

    Bleak Forecast

    Ya' must not listen to a lot of hardcore punk.

    Bob The Pumpkin

    @Vulture Feeder oh I do. Bad brains, minor threat, earlier black flag is pretty hardcore, circle jerks, and many others

    Bob The Pumpkin

    This is slow down hardcore lol

    Long Shanks

    Actually this is Sludge; a mix of Hardcore Punk and Doom metal