Black Flag - Hollywood Diary Lyrics

He loved her.
He chopped off his left arm. (The Good One)
And sent it to her with a box of chocolates.
She ate the chocolates and watched T.V.
He blew his brains out, picked them up, shoved
them back upside his head, made
breakfast, ate, and tried
again with a renewed vigor
and enthusiasm not seen by many.

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Black Flag Hollywood Diary Comments
  1. Shade


  2. Xenysys

    I live in Hollywood and can relate.

  3. Ex101


  4. Alexander Skillman

    Probz bro

  5. Ex101

    Is this about how men give themselves entirely to a woman, only to not have that love returned or acknowledged?

    Vetow BloodFart

    That's how I took it.

  6. Gabriel Cruz

    I want no deposit no return!

  7. outlawscum666

    these guys hurtin for cash or what?

  8. hojima

    Ginn is the one who takes these down.


    oh its ginn


    is rollins the reason why these vids got taken down?

    can someone upload armegeddon man again

  11. David Gauthier

    its Greg Ginn taking these down - clue in - SST - just like it sez on the deleted youtube vids