Black Flag - Family Man Lyrics

Do you want the family man or do you want the swingin' man?

Family man

You get the family man
Family man
With your glances my way, takin no chance on the new day
Family man, with your life all planned;
Your little sand castle built, smilin through your guilt, family man
Here I come
Here I come family man
I come to infect; I come to rape your women;
I come to take your children into the street;
I come for YOU family man, with your Christmas lights already up,
Your such a MAN when your puttin up your Christmas lights,
First on the block;
Family man
I wanna crucify you to your front door with the nails
From your well stocked garage family man;
Family man;
Saint dad! father on fire! I've come to incinerate you
Ive come home

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Black Flag Family Man Comments
  1. Von_Nightmare_ Luciferian

    I still can not even listen to the title song without laughing, corniest thing ever.

  2. Meera Al Batayneh

    With your Christmas lights already up... First on the block lol

  3. william foden

    we didn't want art

  4. Rainer Korn

  5. SkagSlag

    The album cover is better then the album

  6. jason king

    I hate spoken word just like I hate live albums but hey that's what beer is for I guess

  7. jason king

    huh owner of what...huh its a sound check warm up, sad its missing the basic 3 cords of joy! you know...the Ramones style that they did like all their other albums, everything beyond 85-86 is risky, all the albums before are what put em on the map! anyone wanting to know and hear good black flag should check out all their material up to and before this album, hey don,t get me wrong lots of respect to Dez but damn this album is sad.

  8. timothy hill

    I like the riff on the first time the guitars come any links would be appreciated please

    timothy hill

    ive got walk this way ? e scale? love this album

  9. SuperChampionRocker

    I first heard this 30 years ago but time doesn't exist it seems.

  10. Taylor Johnson

    Does anyone else almost picture GG Allin? Not because he did a spoken word album before, but almost cause their voices sound similar.

  11. graham mckay


  12. Ciaran Conner

    this is literally the worst album ever made period who ever wrote this garbage needs to be taken out and shot immediately and then lit on fire to burn away the rest of there wickedness


    Ciaran Conner you are an edgy aren’t you?


    Lmao this comment


    Truly the most anti-establishment record ever created.

    Ciaran Conner

    more like the most anti actual music record ever created

    sugary penis

    @Ciaran Conner have you never heard of noise rock?

    Ciaran Conner

    yes i have but there are ACTUALLY instruments in that unlike the first half of this album and the second half is just Greg Ginn (one of the most awful and overrated guitarists on the face of the earth) trying to sound like a guitar master when ultimately my unborn child that is still swimming around in my balls can play at least just as good

    el Giron

    @sugary penis 😂😂😂 noise "rock"...

  14. Midnight Marauder

    I only play this one because if im listening, then I'm listening to the whole thing

  15. Caddy B

    I'm laying here stoned watching this on a perfect spring night. King of the hill is on in the background I guess Bill is banging the pastor .Bobby hill is such a puss. My dobberman keeps crying and I'm stuffed cuz I made 4 eggs over easy and beans with melted cheese.

    Common Spence

    Caddy B lolol I love blazing to King of the Hill too, Reverend Stroup repping us from MN :p. Nachos rule 4 mii. Definitely came here after that one meme crossing these two

  16. Chris Spawn

    I agree whit what flea from the chili peppers said about how calling Black flag a punk band was belittling them they are more like art rock and this album definitely shows it.

  17. duane drummond

    Eighth grade English class"Crucify you on your front door with nails from your well stocked garage ". Class was speechless!

  18. Michael Knight

    gave my original album to my good friend Annie for her birthday, been listening to this shit since I was 13. Brilliant. humpin dogs. The flipside of that album is just nutty. Poetry on the front, Insane on the rear. Liquor in the front, and Poker in the back.

  19. Christbait Rising ᛉ

    Hot take: Henry Rollins is Sam Hyde of the 80s.

  20. gymnopedie

    This is a classic comedy album. Greatest parody of edgy teenagers I've ever heard. Bravo Rollins.

  21. Justin Adams

    what exactly is the track family man about?

  22. Evan Abbott

    I forgot how much I love this album.👍

  23. Jordan Lewis

    Stupid waste of time

    GG Allin

    Your comment?

  24. rakka1 dude1

    this guy was cooler than what i was led to believe. black flag

  25. God Of Nae Nae

    Family guy haha

    Joshua Gulino

    Terrible. Take a lap.

  26. Matthew Kimball

    This is the most captivating cover art on an album in my opinion. Henry’s rants are a little primitive compared to what he does nowadays. The mash up of him and the band on Armageddon Man still gives me chills every time I listen to it. The rest of The instrumentals are superb

  27. that guy

    Such an amazing album

  28. Darren Seder

    I was just a second ago fucking around on the bass guitar and was accidentally playing the exact bass line to "I won't stick to any of you.

  29. Brian Bossin

    My step mom found this shit on cassette in my bedroom. She made me turn the cover inside out so my little sisters wouldn't see it.

    Brian Bossin

    Also remember this girl my buddy was dating. Her father came home after he lost job and killed his whole family. Heavy ass shit.

  30. Baron von Penguin

    This is sacrilege, I know, but goddammit, this might be my favourite BF album. My War is a really close second. But this album hit me the hardest of all of them. They're all good, but this takes the cake for me.

    Edit: All of them are good, but What The...? really fails. I'll admit, it sounds decent, but the shitty artwork and shit production really doesn't do it any favours. Shouldn't have been released as a Black Flag album, but maybe under a different name?

    Ciaran Conner

    i personaly think Family Man should not have ever been recorded at all

  31. Kenneth Lally

    "let your fingers do the walking" so catchy

    Cynthia Moore

    Kenneth Lally ok where is it bec I was looking for it and cant find it. I though it was before armageddon man


    Cynthia Moore 3:28

  32. Peter Schmidt

    didnt this come out just before natural born killers?

  33. Stuart Harding

    Dude. I love Henry he speaks to me. he' better live. However after seeing his performance change me. I always have Family Man. The it's a gnarly rip show with Bill Stevenson as your metronome. Kira is just awesome and Greg Ginn just not being in key but still of key shredding we like when we need him.

  34. lester

    he sounds like charles manson. terrorists. rioters. liberals.

  35. brandon benezue

    I am a Slayer guy but have been a Rollins and Black Flag fan for a long time. Love Henry's spoken word. Would love to hang with him.

  36. jeroen vandenbos


  37. The Terminator

    this is better if you're stoned

    Lyle Matmos

    hell yea

    Ciaran Conner

    you lied i listened to this while having a speedball and it still sucked more shit than my toilet

  38. J R

    Very few people understand this album, beautiful piece of art.

    Ciaran Conner

    maybe if you are a communist that has never heard music before

    bryan c

    Ciaran Conner youre a dumbass

  39. James Anti

    They made this after they were famous right? It feels like they are trying to bitch to grab their fan's attention.
    "I have problems too! Listen to my music!"

    After "Let your fingers do the walking" I realized how fucking weak this album really was.

  40. Stavros Alexandris

    buncha hippie beatnick bullshit

  41. Justin Zarling

    if you guys want to hear good poetry album, listen to An American prayer by Jim Morrison.

    Kenneth Lally

    Justin Zarling The Doors are good. That album was just a mediocre attempt at making money from a side hobby of Morrison's. I would take this anyday.

  42. Andrew Carter

    Anyone have any ideas on why Kennedys assassination date is on the cover?

    Darwin Blinks

    possibly because it represents the end of "innocence" in America

  43. rasputin segundo

    puto disco de mierda!!!!!

  44. James Petersen

    everytime I hear shed reading I imagine the rat from ratatouille is saying it lol

  45. Robert Gass

    Is anyone else surprised that Henry Rollins never got married after listening to this crap? He chose to be the Swingin Man

    F. Cañuta

    gross guy
    That's Swinging man's theme. A guy who kill himself.

    gross guy

    el Cañuta wow, that is so obvious to me now that ive looked over the lyrics, but i really never noticed. Lol

    Ciaran Conner

    the reason he has not gotten married is that he is gay


    Robert Gass you sound bitter cause you in that trap family man

    Ciaran Conner

    you broke my grill!?

  46. Sethypoo

    I still have no idea what this is about, a guy that killed his family then himself?


    I see, thanks for explaining it i didn't quite understand a whole lot

    Brandon Hendrix

    If I recall, a lot of the Pettibone art was done independently from BF. Ginn and co would just go through his drawings and picked what they liked. So I don't think this drawing has any real connection to the album or Rollins' piece.

    As for the drawing itself? Only Pettibone knows but there's a clue that the date on the drawing is the date of the Kennedy assassination. So perhaps dear ol' dad flipped out thinking the "american dream is over", or something along those lines.

    Ciaran Conner

    its about Henry jerking off in Greg's shed


    Ciaran Conner and you wishing you were there to blow bubbles with the spooge

    Ciaran Conner

    you broke my grill!?

  47. Dhieen

    The bass from armageddon man is so hypnotising...

  48. Evan B

    Underrated album.

  49. John Burns

    Either the recording sucks on side A or Rollins has a slight lisp.


    He's straight edge

    Tall Puerto Rican Guy Named Jonothan

    Noah Theologou
    he IS now... he used to do acid and other stuff to impress Chuck

  50. EyesofNeurosis

    This is such pretentious bullshit. You have kids in life, or your girlfriend does, simple as that. Or you can be a piece of shit junkie that won't grow up and take care of your kid I guess. Fuck you in that case.

    Doesn't mean you got to have a fucking lawn and a prius and a career.


    I guess this is your way of fighting back from the truth of a boring american dream.


    it was a rebellion against society at the time it was put out. basically a bunch of teens felt as if their lives were determined already and felt that they had no say


    Family man is more of a middle finger towards the fatherly men that hold themselves at a higher standard than everyone else and look down on the younger generation like they're a lost cause. They try to be bigger than everyone else by doing trivial things like being the first one on the block to put up their Christmas lights. The family man doesn't care for his family, he cares about his well stocked garage and his well maintained lawn and the whole image that he flaunts to everyone he knows. He puts on a cheesy smile to broadcast the stupid image he's maintained to prove that he's above you. He smiles through his guilt because he knows this stupid charade is all he has in his sad life


    @~SeahorseMcGee~ perfect explanation.

    Sebastian Ortega Baez

    the truth is the truth either you like it or not... .l.

  51. LåthÅm MållØy

    Let your fingers do the walking ..Let ya fingers do the walkin... ohhhh shit?.... I'm a fucking Rat.... true!... Thanks Henry... I put up my flag, not to surrender?.. My Black Flag.

  52. DonJoe1776

    I remember seeing this record at a record store when I was about 12 or 13 along with the I can see you EP in the same pile. As you'd imagine, the album covers proved to be quite intimidating for my young, timid, and fragile mind.

  53. Doc Beetle

    well I'll be god damned

  54. roseman


  55. Gas-Lit

    I think its time to resurrect the "family man" in our society.

    Flavor Bud Living

    +sub scorcher
    He hasn't gone anywhere.


    @Flavor Bud Living ..Man, same story.
     That was my friend growing up in the 90s . His father flipped out and murdered everyone and shot himself. Good ol family man :) 

  56. TheNemo71389

    Bf had the best album art.


    He's a very famous artist now.


    but we don't talk about "What The.."

    Marc Dilorenzo

    I make shirts with this album on it

    Homer T C

    Crappy art

    Rainer Korn

    @Homer T C Shut up ,Bitch

  57. stan broniszewski

    These poetic essays would have been awesome reciting to the beatnicks in a coffee shop during the late 1960s.

    Pete Barlo

    +stan broniszewski  When I was 15 in 85 my mother sent me to live with my grandmother and aunt. They played family man on the wrong speed it sounded like a demon. they thought I worshiped the devil, and threw out all my hardcore LPs, and wanted to have me committed. It's funny know, but I was pissed at the time.

    Bud Little

    +Pete Barlo the 80's were really crazy (as you know) with all the satanic panic crap..

    Rainer Korn

    @Pete Barlo Great story , but i mean to them it MUST sound satanic in ANY speed.

    Ellis Dee

    Oh my.....the pretentiousness

  58. Michael Colello

    Family MAN

    Junger Trap König

    Family *MAN*

  59. sammm mmm

    The instrumental side is like Greg Ginn had a dream that Charles Mingus and The Stooges started gigging with Toni Iommi and then wrote about the super group in his dream journal. Meanwhile, Henry Rollins had a dream of talking to people for a living and has done quite well for himself. Yeah this makes sense now. Good honest poetry.


    sammm mmm I like this description thanks for posting

    Jon Thornton

    Nailed it..

    Mak Roberts

    Kieth/ chavo reyes/ & 2 more
    Were unlucky too be R&d for
    This great shit
    ( not super spoke word, but Damaged
    Is my purse fave⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️

  60. NearlyHollow

    Underrated album for sure.

    Mak Roberts

    NearlyHollow hot animal machine
    In the makin

  61. Spoopy Blooper


  62. adam waugh

    More anger and self-righteousness than talent

    adam waugh

    @adam waugh //cue straight-edge ire//


    Shut up bitch

  63. Flavor Bud Living

    Welcome to the Henry Rollins Memorial Slum!

    Carole Bucci

    +Flavor Bud Living  Welcome Henry Rollins memorial pit!

  64. Thee Ol' Boozeroony

    Fucking gold.

  65. Tilo Acting Malinois

    You Would Know, Armageddon Man

  66. Jamie Warrior Warlord McCallum

    yeah good 3rd album from black flag, yeah ok i am not nuts on the spoken stuff from henry rollins but i love his bad ass attitude. it does however strike a chord on what he says. underrated 3rd album. some funny moments too. and the instrumentals on this kick butt.

  67. JohnAllanification

    Zappa'd ?

  68. C J Parrott


  69. Otto Mann

    wow at 20:52 ive never heard black flag play that fast before
    its fucken good

  70. Austin Oleszak

    Love this

  71. TheParisthething

    I think it's a very ispired well played album!!GREAT ALBUM!!!!!!!!!

    Ciaran Conner

    it sucks shit

  72. D Pallio

    Anyone know the story behind the cover illustration? Based on a real incident? It is captioned "November 23, 1963" (the day after Kennedy died).

    Macoutes Gabber

    It's most likely a reaction to Kennedy's death, maybe a paranoia about the Russians being responsible, and possibly going after and attacking Americans.

    juan fo

    @Voluntraryism Not the State
    It was not paranoia it was reality man

    Macoutes Gabber

    @juan fo Doesn't matter. Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

    Megan Elaine

    +D Pallio It's basicly who it killed the moral of the family of a generation after Kennedy was killed. And it worked. Kennedy had signrg into effect a bill that woulf let the government print money without getting the approval from the Federal Reserve which really fucked with their plan to get filthy rich. 6 mths after that bill was put into effect he was killed. LBJ first order of business as new President was to kill that bill and he did just that.If you look at the state of America today, well Kennedy was on to something. No other President has tried to put a stop to the FEDS after that and wont. I am not a Demoncrat I'm just someone whomreads alot and doesn't let my beliefs cloud my judgement of whats going on right or wrong.. By the way watch out for the food.

    duane drummond

    Why doesn't someone ask Raymond?

  73. Father Thunder

    This is pretty great actually, despite not being very well recieved

    The Terminator

    Anthony Fazio Agreed.

  74. Philip Riggio

    I can do with the spoken word parts. The instrumental parts, no.

    Ruben Mineiro

    For me it's backwards xD

    Brandon Hendrix

    Really? To each their own, but even when I was 13 (when I first heard this album) I thought the spoken word stuff was laughably awful.

  75. linkmacloud

    Now I can see where Slint took their inspiration to do Spiderland...

    Garrett Lemieux

    I hear more tweez, the goofy rhythms with noise over the top kinda stuff, stopping and starting.

  76. Matt Zombie

    Only 3,000 views my dick, what is this feces mess of views before me?

  77. Midnight1971

    Okay, this shit is too dark.


    I bought Damaged. Its okay. What's the matter, Henry don't return your phone calls anymore?

    anthony teague

    +rich short that's what I say chuck.

    anthony teague

    +anthony teague TEAM AMERICA

    anthony teague

    +rich short TEAM AMERICA

    Grindcore 1985

    +josh schaefer LOL yeah !! :)

  78. Mason Likes Punk Rock

    This is my favorite Black Flag release. The A- Side got me into Henry Rollins's subsequent Spoken Word releases. This is the band at their finest

  79. Muh Feels

    Henry showing off his beautiful mind on this gem of a punk rock album. I fucking love it.

    Ciaran Conner

    my grill!?

  80. Postmyshit Yadamprogram

    anyone ever try to mash up the 2 sides together before?
    been meaning to do that for a couple years now, but haven't...yet


    Put it on YT


    @Leiria65 I might try to do that


    PLEASE do it

    Luciano Palma

    @Postmyshit Yadamprogram

    I used to hear it in this order

    Family Man
    Armageddon Man
    Salt On A Slug
    Long Lost Dog Of It
    Hollywood Diary
    I Won't Stick Any Of You Unless & Until I Can Stick To All Of You!
    Let Your Fingers Do The Walking
    Account For What?
    Shed Reading (Rattus Norvegicus)
    The Pups Are Doggin' It
    No Deposit , No Return

    Sounds preety cool to me

    Rainer Korn

    Thanks! Brilliant Idea! I'll try!