Black - Feel Like Change Lyrics

Everything changes when you think about it,
There's not much you can do about it.
But another broken Irish sat on park bench,
Feel his life like a gut wrench,
Like it's passing him by.
So I feel like change,
I feel like walking out and standing in the rain.
I feel like change,
I feel like change.
Everything changes as you stare at it,
We've all learned to live with it.
But another bag lady, beggar man, thief,
Another low flyer came to grief,
Can barely stand.
So I feel like change,
I feel like walking out and standing in the rain.
I feel like change,
I feel like change.
I never wanted to write this song.
It won't hel what's going on-
When we look at what's going on,
Two rights could make a wrong.

Feel like change, feel like change.
This is such a pointless fight.
Two songs won't make it right.
Three songs won't make it right.
Maybe a hundred songs might make it right.
Sing it.
So I feel like change,
I feel like change,
I feel like change.
And so I feel like change,
I feel like change,
I feel like change...

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Black Feel Like Change Comments
  1. 凍える太陽

    R.I.P Beautiful man, I love your voice ever…………!!

  2. chris van der straaten

    Everytime I hear this song I think of my friend I lost to was his favourite song.....

  3. Valeriu Balanel


  4. Moyet


  5. Starry&Bohemian

    The Saxophone reminds me Tzuke 1st late 70s long player
    A pearl to hear of a song

  6. Neusa Aparecida Da Silva

    Julho 2019 Brasil

  7. Lucia Sobolova


  8. Stiffd1

    What a nice and moving thing to say..must be a fellow scouser x

  9. andrea riveros

    Colin Vearcombe fue y seguirá siendo uno de mis cantantes favoritos. Hermosa voz, mucha emoción. Gracias siempre. De seguro estás cantando en el cielo.

  10. Christa Truter

    Colin, you gave me so much joy.

  11. qtpysusie54

    I miss him

  12. David Wilder

    One of my all time favourite artists. Shocked recently when I found out he'd moved on. Gonna gather up everything he ever recorded and start bringing it into the soundtrack of my life round about now. Music is forever ✌

  13. Rolando Escadabaixo

    Colin vearncombe te amo eternamente Black 💕🌾

  14. chris van der straaten

    What a sad song..miss my friend today..this was his song..RIP Georgie!

  15. Aworld

    lf= R.I.P

  16. Josefher Lemos

    por que as musicas que sao boas de verdade são tocadas ão pouco

  17. Neusa Aparecida Da Silva

    saudades 💟💔
    15 fevereiro 2018...

  18. Mikołaj Bieliński


  19. Mikołaj Bieliński


  20. Douglas Hedberg

    One of the best singer in pop history

  21. Sandra Furna

    colin bless u

  22. José María Dios

    Derroche de sensualidad ! Grande entre los grandes, admirable Colin.

  23. Andrew Crozier

    I didnt know he had passed. what a terrible shame. he was an amazing talent that brought such depth to the music world,,such soothing and passionate lyrics. RIP Colin

  24. mtsmtsmtsmts

    Wow, just showed my son "WONDERFUL LIFE" and he became a fan. I felt like going down memory lane and WTF, he passed away last january?

  25. Alina K

    like friend ...

  26. Dusica Kostic

    May Heaven receive You in Peace. Colin aka Black..

  27. Vito K

    Покойся с миром...

  28. coldplay alex

    Das ist mein persönlicher Lieblingssong von Black, der leider zu früh verstorben ist. Dieses Video ist irgendwie auch einzigartig und  sehr ausdrucksstark. Leider verlassen uns  oft die besten Menschen zu früh. Black hat sicherlich auch Musikgeschichte geschrieben.

  29. Natalya Schmakova

    today is 26 of May 2016 BLACK Wonderful life I don/t believe I see all

  30. larwa3


  31. Андрей Ххх

    кочеш но неможешь((

  32. cibriosis

    They just keep dying...and with then anything even resembling good music..know what i'm sayin

  33. marijan karakaš

    When i listen to his music a remember the 80,s like a simple and beautiful time.Thank you for your songs.R.I.P dear Colin.

  34. AntGrantGordon1

    Can't believe I've just started listening to Colin's music, to find he was buried ten days ago after a tragic car crash. 2016 is taking a terrible toll.

  35. Jasna Nonveiller

    I,m still in shok....I love you ever and forever!!!! You,ll never walk alone!

  36. İndıraGandi

    Ah bu şarkıların gözü kör olsun :(



  38. Nick Fletcher

    Great song and vocals. Sad loss.


    So sad he's gone god bless colin

  40. Paul Troalic

    I could not believe the news. He changed my life with the most Wonderful Life. What followed was a superb series of albums with such beautiful songs. My thoughts go to his family at this sad time. RIP Colin x

  41. KowalskyLeon

    I feel like I lost a friend or family member. From now on it will be hard to listen to his music without beeing sad and depressive. Why such outstanding individuals have to leave this world so early? I Wonder what kind of human he was in his privite life.R.I.P. Black.

  42. Dragica Petrović

    ~ :( ~ :D:P

  43. Inez King

    Egy nagyszerű énekes ment el ....Respect... :-(

  44. Бранко Крстић

    Rest in heaven, Your wonderful voice and songs made my life more beautiful.

  45. Kelly Johnson

    Is there some sort of crazy amazing party in heaven this year and all my fav actors and singers got invited to go to it

  46. Nicola .Giordano

    R.I.P. Colin!

  47. Radka Michalek

    RIP Colin, thanks for wonderful songs, which transformed my teenage time.....

  48. Cindy Wedel

    I've been cheated. What a beautiful voice and I have only found it now after he has passed. So sorry for his fans, friends and family. Gorgeous voice. Rest easy sir knowing your voice is still bringing joy to so many. <3

    Qtpy Susie

    +Cindy Wedel I too sadly only found him after he passed. Got a lot of catching up to do - and, he will be in my Heaven :)

  49. Eamon Cullen

    RIP Colin Vearncombe who like myself is only 53 years old.

  50. Inna Innova


  51. Mentor Krasniqi

    R.I.P A part of my beautiful youth made by his music died too!

  52. Vincent Connolly

    RIP Colin. What a great voice!

  53. Nuno de Almeida

    Thanks Colin for such magnificent songs. May Heaven receive You in Peace.

  54. Randy R

    RIP. I just discovered this man and his music.

    Qtpy Susie

    +Randy Valon Me too, but we still have him forever and I'm going to be doing a lot of catching up. Apparently everyone in Romania knows the words to Wonderful Life because of the fall of the Iron Curtain in '89.

  55. Armyvetgrl

    RIP Colin V.

  56. Bernard Coldwell

    Beautiful SONG - Is Very sad to hear of his passing today - may he Rest In Peace

  57. Jesús Javier Ferreiro Casillas

    A good and noble man who left us today.

  58. Michael Tamburello

    I love you, man. I wish we could have pull it off together to get you back into the States. You're in an even bigger venue now and I wish you my fond farewell, dear friend. My prayers go out to your family. Rest in peace...

  59. Apolo Ibiza

    I can´t believe that just today, on my birthday, you're gone ...
    I will always remember not only through music, but because you marked a very difficult time in my life ...
    RIP my friend Colin Vearncombe

  60. 57RHODO

    RIP :(

  61. Maureen Knight

    RIP Colin - such a great voice and a very sad loss. :(

  62. ca95f

    R.I.P. Colin. We'll never forget you.

  63. David Thomas

    Goodbye Colin x

  64. damien c

    RIP, he had a golden voice.

  65. Patrick Ryan

    I'm choked... he's passed on... life is too cruel at times... Colin thanks you made this world a more beautiful place with your voice from the heavens above....

    Chris Belly

    Patrick Ryan


    Patrick Ryan Something deep inside me

  66. Stathis Oberon

    R.I.P :(

  67. Dimitris Papadimitriou

    Καλό σου ταξίδι Colin Vearncombe και θα τραγουδαμε τα τραγουδια σου για παντα .....R.I.P Colin Vearncombe WE WILL ALWAYS SING YOUR SONGS


    +Dimitris Papadimitriou μεγάλη φωνή στη δεκαετία του '80. Κρίμα...

    Dimitris Papadimitriou

    +Mancour70 Ηταν αριστοκρατικη φωνη..κριμα

  68. MarthaT108

    Colin has passed on to a better place, today..1/26/2016 Peace to him..

  69. Channel of Meditation Planet Earth

    Black's music makes part from history of my life and always is present in my days. I'm sending all positive thoughts to him and his family! :)

  70. Colin Mitchell

    Sending special thoughts to Colin & his family right now after his accident earlier in January. Please pull through xx

    Vic Nicholas

    +Colin Mitchell Thats why im here also. Tragic, hope he pulls through

    Toni Orchid

    +Vic Nicholas He left us today. May he fly up to Bowie.

    Vic Nicholas

    Sad news. Tragic loss to the music world

  71. Ken Teaff

    Who is the girl in this video? If you know, please email me at [email protected]

  72. Fares Jouda

    I feel nothing when i heard these soft magical song

  73. carmen schwertnerstoffel

    Bela   música,   very  very   very  wonderfulll     oohhohhhhhhhhhhhhh

  74. Wisnu P

    @desertking 4u hi, i think you should see this: 
    i think he's still making music up to this days..

  75. desertking 4u

    super song, great singer
    too bad that you heard nothing more from him

  76. Janet shiomaru

    muy bonita voz

  77. Tigran Haas

    He is here alive & kicking producing great music:

  78. Helle Dina

    <3 Wonderfull Song

  79. jpchilensis

    Hi Colin; what's defines your inspiration, a mood, an event that has marked your life, maybe those little sparks that make you quiver?

    Today I think about the talent put into "Feel Like a Change", the voice, the sounds, the images, the message... please consider singing it in Spanish, maybe you inspire to many others to "Feel LIke a Change", I can feel it, there is much to be done.

  80. Nelma Mattosinho

    Close your eyes and start to walk, believe in the heart.. everytime change, believe!

  81. Kelvin Klink

    belissimo som esquecido dos anos 80

  82. Joscelyn

    that feeling that you have when it begins :heaven:

  83. Bernard Coldwell

    Wonderful sound and lyric and vocal - Love to sing-along with this - two songs won't make it right..poetry..sing it..

    Reminds me of the movie 'Diva' beautiful songs and keep out.

  84. long h

    yes sometime life is so strange


    i like that song for his beauty and good melody as well...and quite a video from black....and i want a change in my life at the moment.

  86. rokey sth

    Great movie. Youtube is great for this type of info.

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    I actually subscribed last week. See what will happen. Plus the mans emails are fucking cool!!!


    Fantástica voz , nunca te vamos a olvidar Colin!!!

  87. Ivo Arambasa

    Elated I discovered this film. Fall in love with You tube due to this type of content.My nephew had been bullied. He stated he was about to get bigger muscle and strength. I didn't believe him. But then all of a sudden he packed on 40 pounds of complete muscle mass. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible - Google it. No one dares to bully the man anymore.

    I personally registered a few days ago. See what happens. And this mans emails are fucking excellent...

  88. Warren Spencer

    Yeah just came here the same way

  89. glyn walsh

    This man can wright a song , good man colin! ,

  90. Mr77Prestige

    What a nice voice

  91. Obeliskeyes

    Love this song...