Black Dahlia Murder, The - The Raven Lyrics

Ritual Of Observation

Through midnight skies on desert winds bearing tidings of warfare,
Of endless pestilence familiar to the darkened one.
Empowering thelemic sign immortalize,
We bow to none weak.
Christian lepers are fading fast,
Enhungered beaks accept their flesh,
Necrotic skin.
Dissolving the Devil’s will looming,
A reach ever boundless and omnipotent,
With radiance the hellbird soars,
Anathematizing victims curse them with hatred from our lord.
On wings of blackened grandeur ride,
Envenoming our weaponry with supernatural strength we strike.
Sad Christian failures to fade at last,
Bewinged fiends consume what’s left.
Necrotic skin erupting,
The dark lord, he's laughing,
Your father forsaken faithlessly,
Suffer endlessly.

Bird of omens,
Ill harbinger of blight,
The raven waits with vengeance in his sights.

"Do as thou wilt" is the whole of our law
This world befallen within blackened claws.
Quarantined, contaminated destitute camps of putrefying grace plague on this world.
Eliminated raven returns reeking of their mass graves,


Harken to his voice,
Uphold our blackened creed,
Their god be dead.

Bird of omens,
Ill harbinger of blight,
The raven waits with hatred in his eyes.

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Black Dahlia Murder, The The Raven Comments
  1. Chris James

    Happy Halloween sluts!

  2. ryanalldread

    You don't know what fair use means. At least link to their website or something.

    Brent Ellsworth

    if uploading to youtube isnt fair use what is?


    @Brent Ellsworth Are you serious? You have to change the song or have snippets of it mixing in your review or whatever. Not just upload the entire song and say this isn't mine. The band doesn't make anything for this being here and the uploader isn't adding any value other than exposure for the song being here.

    That's like taking a car from a dealership and saying you live in a really populated area so it's chill if you drive it for free because people are going to see the car and it'll get recognition.


    @ryanalldread That's the worst analogy I've ever heard. We are all now dumber for having heard it.


    +ryanalldread Oi got it.

    Ben Priest

    Oh shut the fuck up

  3. Chris Kimnel

    Awesome song!!!