Black Dahlia Murder, The - On Stirring Seas Of Salted Blood Lyrics

Ritual Of Condemnation

Oceans of madness darkened,
Alone on hell she rides,
Lichen, undead, and rotten,
Dripping and dignified.
She combs with violence upon the wailing storm,
This spectral ship of doomed purgation barrels on awry.

On stirring seas of salted blood,
Condemned to forge her sails forevermore,
Enslaved, her hull will never reach the shores
Damning these waters of irony filth

'Neath the stench of crimson winds,
Her sails of flesh betorn.
Red skeletons are oaring,
The plasma stains their bones.
Her rusting cannons fire blindly in the mist,
This haunted vessel lost and damned,
The prisoners of her endless quest.
A burial at ancient sea that cannot rest in fucking peace,
The crew of wraithlike revenants merely seek peace and reverence from purgatorial permanence.
Their cursed bondage has no end,
On they ride through the throes of endless night
Her will never dies,


The compass pointing straight to hell,
And that is where they’re going.
Beaten by curling waves of red,
The storm,
No signs of slowing now.

On stirring seas of salted blood,
Condemned to forge her sails forevermore,
Enslaved, her hull will never reach the shores
Damning these waters of irony filth

Scabbed with the blood of ones they have killed,
The ghosts of war must soldier on.

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Black Dahlia Murder, The On Stirring Seas Of Salted Blood Comments
  1. The American Bobby


  2. The American Bobby

    Inherent Resolve

  3. Cody Goodson

    That solo man it fucking kills. Probably my favorite bdm solo and thats saying something all of ryans solos are amazing.

  4. Brad Smith

    One of the best BDM songs! The intro destroys. Second only to Statutory Ape.

  5. Seth Roberts

    Listening to this while sinking ships in AC Black Flag soothes my soul

  6. kali The Destroyer of world's

    I'm sailing and this started playing, omg fits the mood. #midnightsailing

  7. Corranhorn122

    Really my favorite black dahlia album

  8. Justin Escamilla

    the guitars are too fucking on point

  9. Michael Stokes

    Bass guitar in this song is sick!

  10. Gravja

    I can live of that intro forever!

    Cherkovsky Strokenov

    Gravja same with the outro

  11. Ryan Davidson

    I was in a near fatal car accident listening to this. had 6 1/2 pints of blood in my car. I was in a sea of my own blood


    @Jason Wilson realistically it was Jesus

    Jason Wilson

    @says LOL

    Brad Smith

    You don't gotta lie to kick it.


    Too bad you were missing the salt.

    Josue Perez

    imagine this was true

  12. dragonaut1985

    Straight Morbid Angel worship, awesome. Best song TBDM ever wrote.

    Jason Wilson

    one of the best...

    Auom 120 Swnasiqubulotosife

    I do agree, they have lots of good songs, I do hear the morbid angel (covenant) influences... this band / song is one I keep on returning to.

  13. Noire Sebba

    Still there most fire album.

    Noire Sebba

    +Flerk lol it is to me you mad cuh?


    @Thewindw roasted gonna kms cya

    Noire Sebba

    +Flerk lol ok man it's still a FIRE MIXTAPE wanna keep going?


    @Thewindw no

  14. Boris

    these guys should really try to do slower songs like this more often, they are obviously very good at it.

  15. Dead

    "When skeletons are roaring" fuck yeah

    Michael W

    +thisisseagull "red skeletons are oaring, the plasma stains their bones". It's a reference to them rowing the ship.


    Tell me more Michael

    Jonathan Leporati

    +saiyanlineage ATTOJ they're in a sort of limbo rowing through oceans of blood on the way to hell, never getting there but never returning home. Red skellingtons soaked in blood

  16. Sara Kaitlin

    Zero likes! Fucking right!

  17. TheStatuatoryApe

    When they play this live, it's amazing. The outro is so much fun. 


    +David Garvin Nice. I saw them in Seattle when I was there and saw them again in December in Pheonix . They kill live.

    joe davis

    the reason this is one of my favorite tbdm songs is because how great it was live when I seen them


    Eric Beal

    I saw them play this in vegas probably in 2012 and all the dumbasses in the pit closed the pit before the best part..the very end


    @Veer The names Handbanana.

  18. Aaron Enix

    Trevor is a fucking poet. All of his lyrics are so beautiful and well thought out. Truly, his words in themselves are art, meant to compliment the sheer heaviness of the music accompanying it.

    Dommy The Theron Disastr

    yeah i know right he's lyrics are godly 

    Tyrant Gamer

    he's pretty good 


    Fucking FACTS

  19. Tyler Allen

    this song and the window are my favorites off this album fucking awesome!!!!

  20. Taco Crisma

    Best song on ritual IMO

  21. Zach Routledge

    this song is about a ghost ship. which is fucking gnarly

    Peter Franks

    @Ross Hornbostel Wrong band, dude

    Ross Hornbostel

    @Peter Franks but i didnt even make a reference to any particular band in my comment.  DCTOAPH is from the band carach angren.


    @Ross Hornbostel and that band is amazing so yeah 

    Phillip hanna

    @Ross Hornbostel No this album is simply about rituals,occult,spells,ghost etc.

    Ross Hornbostel

    @Phillip hanna srsly bruh?  i was talking about 'death came through on a phantom ship' by carach angren.  an album which i literally mentioned in the same breath as its description (which was "the whole album is about a ghost ship").

  22. jeffrey lavelle

    Considering your account name and profile picture of "Atreyu", I'm not surprised you posted such a moronic comment.

  23. julian kerkhofs

    [email protected] in a tiny ass

  24. Andrew John Searle

    i sense an extra chromosome.

  25. SuicideAASilence

    insane double bass pedeals