Black Country Communion - The Crow Lyrics

Fly, I see you leave down by the gate
Why, you have to go you could not wait

Against the grain
Through everything
Get past the pain
Upon the wing

Rise, into the sky you pull away
Wise, I wonder why you could not stay?

I will not fail
You hold my stare
High on the trail
So unaware

Oh, sometimes quick and
Sometimes slow
So down Deep, I wanna go
In my Grace leave no shadow
I find myself beside the Crow

Strong, hear you come from miles away
Oh Long, behind the Sun to face today

Against the grain
Through everything
Get past the pain
Upon the wing

Oh, sometimes quick and
Sometimes slow
So down Deep, I wanna go
In my Grace leave no shadow
I find myself beside the Crow

Lord, you could not take away my fate
Cry, and now you get away I wait

I will not fail
You hold my stare
High on the trail
So unaware

Oh, sometimes quick and
Sometimes slow
So down Deep, I wanna go
In my Grace leave no shadow
I find myself beside the Crow

Oh, sometimes quick, sometimes slow
So down Deep, I wanna go
In my Grace leave no shadow
I find myself beside the Crow

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Black Country Communion The Crow Comments
  1. Ulises Diaz

    uffffff.... Esto es MUSICA....Yeeaaahhhhhh

  2. Michael Paramigin

    Glenn, live long!

  3. Michael Paramigin

    The spirit of real hard rock is back !!!

  4. Dylaniator95


  5. tooljam

    bulls on parade rip off.... sorry guys, i really love ya but thats RATM

  6. Diego Ferrarassi


  7. Edson Martins

    What ? Rage against the machine , sounds like pure "BULLS ON PARADE "!

  8. James Keffer

    The golden voice of rock just amazing

  9. Bob Deluxe and The Ideals

    Love it,subscribed ✊

  10. Dibu dibu

    Me hubiera encantado que sonaran mas heavy pero esta buenisima.

  11. Ulises Diaz

    ufffff EXCELENTE

  12. Mickey Hunkin

    Love GH vocals. Such an awesome voice!

  13. Claudio Llanos

    Rage against the machine?

  14. Vino Veritas

    Justin Bieber, where are you ?

  15. Randy Fricke

    These guys just smoke!

  16. khalid moustaoui

    Powerful music

  17. therealbettyjane-Betty Sale

    Holy Moly.....this band is so hot! Reminds me of Deep Purple....

  18. Ton Cabret

    man so cool. i'm im a dutch rock band alwayas looking for what s cool and it s this, man

  19. Iago Tomaz

    Nice song, but the main riff reminds RATM Bulls on parade!

  20. Robert Berdys

    Magic,nothing new,blues rock...but taking me to yous are ko me,magic,fantastic,best of the best love yous,every single seco,d yous are killing 😈😈😈😈👍👍👍👍

  21. Jerome Wagschal

    This is just my own personal opinion but I always thought Joe Bonamassa played his best guitar parts when he was in a band such as this one, don't get me wrong, his solo stuff is great but perhaps being in BCC with Glenn Hughes, Jason Bonham and Derek Sherinian pulls the best out of him ?

  22. Tom Smith

    Ayyyyy Jason Bonham finally rocking out them 2002’s!! Knew it was only a matter of time 😂

  23. Michael Paramigin

    Superrock + Supervocals!!! Forever and ever. Amen.

  24. mr198221

    3:56. Yo.

  25. MrMana74

    How is it that this video only gets 53K veiws?!!!!! Only Glenn's voice is worth a few milion let alone the whole band. It's mind blowing how such music is so underrated and under appreciated!

  26. David Baker

    If you love Glen Hughs’ voice check out his singing on the Voodoo Hill album Waterfall. It is an amazing record and he sounds great on it.

  27. Vivasan Sverige

    It is Bulls on Parade, but there is no stronger Singer than Mr Hughes !!!

  28. kari kuusinen


  29. Cita con Jack

    I'm not the only one that listens to Rage Againts the Machine in this song, right?

  30. Mike Fournier

    Not enough of Joe's signature licks....they are holding him back ?? Give him longer solos ,like every other great band does !!

  31. OscarBo

    Joe and Joe are keeping their headphones the wrong way. The L on the wrong side is clearly visible on 1:32. Bloody wankers ruined my day.

  32. Danny Grady

    great what a voice what a guitar what a kick ass song !

  33. Scarlet Black

    Kick Ass, love his voice!

  34. Patrick Hayden

    Glenn Hughes is proof the cocaine , booze, and trashy woman keep you young!!!!

  35. Denim Forever


  36. Paul&Jamie Dickson

    Holy shit!

  37. Eddie Smith

    This is Glenns most epic vocal performance ever. To the young just learning vocals this is the rock gold standard.

  38. Eric Spencer

    all this talk about bulls on parade is funny I doubt very seriously Glenn even knows who the fuck Tom morello or Rage Against the Machine is.

  39. eduardoritos ..

    When you have that high class and energy key player, it's a must some solo like this one!!

  40. Daniel Dougherty

    Awesome !!

  41. Herman Helmich


    Weakest link is Joe’s sound
    He can play like hell
    Great riffing and all
    But he doesn’t really bite

  42. David Méndez

    whos vagina a have to lik to have a voice like that?

  43. Charles Harlow

    I think Glen is as Important to B C C as Plant was to Zeppelin!. Like I said before. Last piece of the Puzzle!!

  44. Felipe Aires

    Como essa música nao tem milhões ? ISSO É SIM É MÚSICA, PORRA !

  45. Ivan Markovic

    Let me join - RATM Bulls on parade riff! BTW, Hughes is killing it! They're all killing it!

  46. FSBass

    Now that's a drum room sound.

  47. Arad Radmanesh

    What The Great Voice. Glenn Hughes still The Best.

  48. Cezary Michałkiewicz

    Go Derek, go!

  49. Tony A


  50. Charles Chandler


  51. Keisha Doerner Woodbridge Langford


  52. Simon Centaur

    Glenn you are still hitting notes off the scale. Love it Bro... Kudos to the producer.. Killer mix

  53. screwyootube1

    Glad they were able to come back together! Hoping they are able to stay together for a bit!

  54. Marcos Rainier de Sá

    RATM + Deep Purple (keyboard solo) = I LOVE IT

  55. canadianroot

    You won't hear THIS on an elevator any time soon.

    Guitar Works

    canadianroot that's why i avoid elevators at all costs!

  56. turuntash the boo

    Booooom!!! Taaadaaammmm!!Fuuuck yeah!!! Yeeeeeeaaaah!!! GLENN HUGHES!!!!!!

  57. freewind1974

    Sounds great on laptops, iPhones, earbuds.
    On a good set of studio monitors, it sounds like shit.

    Guitar Works

    freewind1974 i have a recording studio and a great set of studio monitors....Like Kevin Shirley, who has a great set of studio probably .02% of the listening audience who will all be listening to this on earbuds, computer/bluetooth speakers, youtube streams etc etc....these days NO ONE in the profession mixes for great sounding studio monitors. like the old days of the "Auratone" mixes, before the (arguably 'Better") NS10 have to dumb down your instincts and "mix for the masses" so if you need to hear how good this "should" sound, you need to hear it on what it was designed to be played back on...something other than great studio monitors. it sounds great on my smart TV/"modern" home audio living room system. and in all fairness, i would love to see/hear this band live, but i am 99% sure that I will be at the mercy of a bad listening position / questionably qualified FOH engineer and will be LONGING for a good set of expensive earbuds. KILLER F'N BAND!!!

  58. Alexey Zavolokin

    Guys are on fire! So glad they're together again! And bass solo from Glenn is so surprising! Great job!

  59. Shelly Mahardika

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!! It does sounds like Bulls on Parade but please, legends are all here <3

  60. otuzdortistanbul

    Glenn Hughes is 66 years old and still kicks ass like he's in his 20's. Not just in studio but live as well. You're not listening to anything else when he sings! Everything he has done with Purple, California Breed, BCC, with Iommi and his solo stuff. They're all absolutely great!

  61. Davide Franzin

    Ratm Bulls on Parade Riff and Soundgarden Rusty Cage voice melody line.....perfect Audioslave Style.



  63. Jeff McLeod

    I think the whole band should've been shirtless in this vid.

  64. thatguitartube

    Bom pra caralho!

  65. Gee Mac72

    Why do you have to play the organ without a shirt? Cause you been working out, that's why.

    David Baker

    Gee Mac72 Yeah, that was strange. You can wear a shirt even though you’re playing with your organ.

  66. PhoenixWright101

    Feels like it could be the theme to an awesome Bond movie - epic stuff.

  67. Pedro Peralta

    Obrigado BCC por existir!

  68. Kasia Wosiek

    Glenn kocham twój głos! BCC MEGA WYMIATAJĄ CHŁOPAKI 👌😘

  69. Ângela Balzan

    Afuckingmazing \m/

  70. Robert Cubinelli

    Rock on with Joe B !

  71. Rick Passos

    Amazing vocals! Amazing guitar, Amazing Drum, Amazing Keybords!
    Amazing BBComunion!
    Thank You

  72. Mark C

    ...David Schwimmer on keyboards....shirtless.....why ?

  73. g mat

    I bought the first BCC disc and thought it was great. Didn't hear the second but hearing Afterglow had me thinking this Joe B project was dead. Glad its alive and kicking!!

  74. Paul Rudolph

    Glen Hughes--singing his ASS off--as usual....

  75. Jesse Barrera

    Bonamassa kicks ass!

  76. Andy Pavel

    Amazing performance... Deepurpledzeppelin.

  77. Samuel Sousa

    Bulls on parade?

  78. Thylento

    Glenn`s voice is still incredibly awesome!

  79. Andrea Galluccio he singing still like that with 65!?!? Lol...Respect!


    man you aint kidding.. im a singer of 51 years and lemme tell ya i gotta keep those pipes kick'n all the time or you lose strength FAST! he just has mashed the pedal down and never let up evidently like EVER! Amazing !

    michael amaral

    glen 70 now and still kickin ass

    Περικλης Διαμαντης

    It comes from inner soul my friend.


    massive ,so good

  81. David Dalziel

    Why do we need to see the producer Kevin? Is this a life coach thing or what? Seems to be involved in JBs every movement. Just a thought.

  82. kamcr

    killer tune though

  83. kamcr

    wtf...shirtless the piano...and put yer clothes back on

  84. Laura Moore

    LOVVVVVVVVE THIS!!!! TRYING TO give THUMBS UP!!! Low on phone space

  85. roverzeppelin

    Oh my God. What a kick ass song. I feel like I just got kicked in the gut by greatness.
    1st a kick ass bass solo then a keyboard solo then a guitar solo all held together with that solid loud thunderous drumming. Oh my god I'm speechless. And those vocals are amazing.

    therealbettyjane-Betty Sale

    Amen brother.....

  86. Scio Arête

    Now this is what I am talking about. Very nice BCC; song is great from all aspects, and your layering sounds good.

  87. Richard Wallace

    damn.. rock done right :)

  88. Jim Deighan

    It's like Black Sabbath had sex with Deep Purple producing a monster that was raped by Led Zeppelin who then ran away into the dark jungle and died giving birth to Black Country Communion

  89. Dawid Kuciarski

    Riff is similar to Rage Against the Machine Bulls on Parade :)

  90. Darin Robinson

    Shame it's so muddy with that LP

  91. Julio César Arias Gómez

    Bulls on Parade!!!



    *KOOL TRACK !. I'M FEELING IT !!!....*

  93. Fran sanchez urrea

    Incredible. It could be the soundtrack of the new movie the Crow. Incredible song. crongratulations.

  94. trijigon

    Whoever has been doing the mix for the last couple videos is not doing a very good job.

    Peter Choi

    sounds a little bit muted and a little too "pretty" for my tastes as well

  95. markyncole

    Sounds like Bulls On Parade by Rage Against The Machine

  96. Kirk Thomson

    Itjustdontget no better than this bunch.