Black Box - Fantasy Lyrics

Every man has a place
In his heart there's a space
And the world can't erase his fantasies

Take a ride in the sky
On our ship fantasize
All your dreams will come true right away

And we will live together
Until the twelfth of never
Our voices will ring forever as one

Come to see victory
In a land called fantasy
Loving life for you and me
To behold to your soul is ecstasy

You will find other kind
That has been in search of you
Many lives has brought you to recognize
It's your life now in review

Every thought is a dream
Rushing by in a stream
Bringing life to your kingdom of doing

Take a ride in the sky
On our ship fantasize
All your dreams will come true miles away

Our voices will ring together
Until the twelfth of never
We all will live on forever as one

Come to see victory
In the land of fantasy
Loving life a new decree
Bring your mind to everlasting liberty

As you stay for the play
Fantasy has in store for you
Glowing light will see you through
It's your day, shining day
All your dreams come true

As you glide in your stride
With the wind as you fly away
Give a smile from your lips and say
I am free, yes I'm free
Now I'm on my way

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Black Box Fantasy Comments
  1. Justin Walters

    omg..her eyes

  2. Ruben Alejandro Flores Pedraza

    Long live black box

  3. Ruben Alejandro Flores Pedraza

    What a beatiful song,this is my favorite it

  4. Gabriela Zapata


  5. Barnabas Stanslaus

    mambo vipi TANZANIA

  6. jacinta Niblett

    Lets get thissong

  7. Renato Alves

    Manda as putas nóiadas anita e todinho escutar músicas dessas e esquecer inventar de apresentar dizendo que são cantoras! Putas em cima de palco tem muitas! Aqui Onde moro tem rapariga que põe anita no chinelo!

  8. Steve solo.

    Stunningly beautiful lady and such panache 🌹✊🕊️🙏🇬🇧💎😎💐

  9. Antonio Freitas

    I love this song 🍒

  10. vincent kiprotich


  11. Alessandra Mancuso

    Bellissima ❤❤❤

  12. Alessandra Mancuso

    Voce meravigliosa ❤❤❤


    Finally I found this song 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  14. Oktay Taşgın

    90’s 🤍 21.11.2019 🔲

  15. Yaw Dua-Agyemang

    This was my song back then...

  16. Alessandra Mancuso

    Bella ❤❤❤



  18. Jetzel Martinez

    Leona Lewis looks like her

  19. عبد الباسط عبد الصمد

    The beste


    Temonnnn.Recuerdo de mi bella argentina😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😚😚😚😚

  21. And X

    where are the instruments? ;)

    Rob Ashbrooke

    Your mums house

  22. Mustafa BEYAZYÜZ


  23. Roberto Cabezas

  24. Dior DIAKHATE

    Souvenirs...good ..Sénégal sud Banjul avait tous ces sons ...hooo

  25. Katrina Kennett

    Pure musical genius groundbreaking 80s pop I love blackbox

    عبد الباسط عبد الصمد

    Yes yes yes

    My English Lectures

    Just an FYI. The singer is fake. But good music nevertheless

  26. Zakaria Elrhanim

    Les belles annee 80

  27. Claudio Pereira

    The best

  28. America

    I want my 80's back!!!

    marlon alvarado zuñiga

    Es del 90

  29. Ap.Ademar coração de leão

    Som perfeito

  30. mario gonzalez

    me acuerdo de my amado buenos aires una cancion maravillozaaaaaaaa

  31. Ali Omar Salim

    Mmmh just sweet, 2020

  32. Ricardo Van Rooi

    sy sing dit lekker i luv it

  33. Julio Gaviria

    This is only one Team ! with Black Woman ??¿

  34. Yahan K

    muito bem querida

  35. Colin Banerjee

    Feeling it
    Oh my god another good 1
    Honestly, where do they find these people.
    Legend says they are the teachers from Egypt. Actually, I know an Egyptian (he's pretty cool)

  36. Burcu Karsli

    İ love it black box all day all night anyone 2019

  37. Dn DG

    Ni punto de comparación con "Earth, WInd and Fire". Ésta es mucho mejor versión, más completa, sin tantos vacíos de letra. La voz es potente y llena mucho más. Excelente

  38. malatya Malatya

    Black box süpersin yıllar önce dinlemiştim tesadüfen geldim 😘🥰

  39. luisfernando hernandezlozano

    como se llama este anime

  40. Brendan.

    It’s a cover of earth wind and fire

  41. Terence Nordberg

    Who’s listening to this in 2037?!

    Ralph Furley

    I was. 2042 kicks ass.

  42. Modern Mabuse

    This is magic!

  43. JOSELO 2019



    Mas gritos que canto, se ve que sabes mucho de música, la voz de esta mujer es genial, ya se lo quisieran muchos de esos babosos que en la actualidad se llaman dizque cantantes, tener una voz así de potente, si no es por el autotune de ahora, no son nada, artistas de esta clase en la actualidad ya no se ven, y vos diciendo que es solo grito, que tonto eres.

    David Baner

    😂😂..que bruto...

    Fredy Peralta

    Será su voz verdadera ya que está modelo , en el grupo black box solo movía los labios y la cantante era otra



  45. david david

    They performed live here in Soputh Africa last week and thank god their lip syncing days are past. Her voice is insanely good.

    Hugh McIntosh

    New singer. Her name is Celestine Walcott-Gordon

  46. Ben Moaitz

    One of my all time favorites 🇵🇬🇵🇬

  47. Alexander Camacho

    Estos son temas que no ban a pasar de moda para el que conosen de estos temas me gustan los baile tengo 53 años y todavía los es cucho y los bailo se los bailo Ami hija Ami única hija

  48. Tatiana Kreker

    what a voice... and eyes!

    The eyes are colored contact lens.

  49. Silvano Rodrigues

    Nova FM,Record SP, Brasil, Unit Rádio Dance!!!1989


    I play this for my dad,he really love black box,he influenced me now I love black box,

    katrin ripley

    best of my good memories 1990s

  51. Zoltan Muller


  52. Raouf Balègh

    2019... Still a legend ❤

  53. Eddy Alfa

    The original is from Earth, Wind and Fire


    Every man has a place, in his heart there's a space,
    And the world can't erase his fantasies
    Take a ride in the sky, on our ship fantasii
    All your dreams will come true, right away
    And we will live together, until the twelfth of never
    Our voices will ring forever, as one
    Every thought is a dream, rushing by in a stream,
    Bringing life to our kingdom of doing
    Take a ride in the sky, on our ship fantasii
    All your dreams will come true, miles away
    Our voices will ring together until the twelfth of never,
    We all, will live forever, as one
    Come see victory, in the land called fantasy
    Loving life, a new decree,
    Bring your mind to everlasting liberty
    Our minds will explore together, old worlds, we conquer, forever
    We then, will expand love together, as one
    Come to see, victory in a land called fantasy,
    Loving life, for you and me, to behold, to your soul is ecstasy
    You will find, other kind, that has been in search for you,
    Many lives has brought you to
    Recognize it's your life, now in review
    And as you stay for the play, fantasy, has in store for you,
    A glowing light will see you through
    It's your day, shining day, all your dreams come true
    As you glide, in your stride with the wind, as you fly away
    Give a smile, from your lips, and say
    I am free, yes I'm free, now I'm on my way

  55. Lungisa Mapuma

    2019 , still a banger

  56. edith MD

    Bonita canción ❤❤❤❤❤

  57. Karl M

    What a great cover of one of Earth, Wind and Fire's timeless classic hits. I mean, they sure don't make 'em like this anymore. In fact, the best years of real mainstream music of all genres are from January 1, 1970 to December 31, 2003. I'm 32 now (born in '87) but I grew up with yesteryear's tunes during my younger years. Today's mainstream music aka crappy and bulls*** music from January 1, 2004 to the present is shitty. Today's mainstream music is full of autotune, overused EDM music and all that other crappy nonsense including mumble rappers and so-called singers like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande (no offense to her fans though), Hailee Steinfeld, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Little Mix, Fifth Harmony, Nicki Minaj, Pitbull, French Montana, Flo Rida, Justin Bieber, Cardi B, Lil Wayne, Katy Perry, Zayn Malik, Charlie Puth, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello. I'm glad I experienced retro tunes when I was young and I feel bad for today's youth who experience today's mainstream nonsense. BTW the only good music today comes from both the underground music scene and the independent (aka indie) music scene, fellow YouTubers.

    Who agrees with me? Thanks. RETRO RULES!


  58. Seif Msabaha

    fanta was a jam and till this day it still is

  59. thomas pistore

    Made in Italy

  60. Rick De Paula

    What an awesome video

  61. Maria Limogianni

    /its not her singing!!She was a model for the vidro!!!

  62. Isaak Perez

    Please someone make a time machine

    Karl M

    YouTube is our time machine, dude.

  63. 멈추지마사이먼 SimonTUBE

    I heard this song for the first time 27 years ago.I still listen to this song at Bohol in the Philippines

  64. Umur Sevim

    Yonca Evcimik sings the Turkish version of this song.It’s called as Yalancı Bahar.


    bana da tanıdık gelmişti o şarkı!

  65. Neil Angus

    This is my favorite version
    She has such a powerful voice

  66. paola fuentes

    Hace mucho no escuchaba esta canción y fui a una fiesta 80 90 y pusieron este tema vinieron. Tantos recuerdos bonitos

    Charlie Reed

    Yo estaba tambien en la misma fiesta en los 90 pero en Italia ;-))))

  67. João Silverado

    what a eyes!

    Denis Delpit

    João Silverado contact lenses !

  68. Cleiton Santos Costa

    Black Box - Fantasy (Official Video) 2019?

  69. Mamoshika Nyamane

    Black Box, Innercity, Tencity, Robert Owen etc made our teen years to be fun

  70. Andrea Rodas

    Beautiful song, It's the best in the world.

  71. Zeff DM

    My gee... Good oldies never die 😍

  72. Monika Mašková

    Super song ;-))💕

  73. Charly Braun


    Commander Liquor

    one day Constantinople will belong to Europe again



  75. Liset Paola Escobedo Ruiz

    Lindos RECUERDOS .

  76. MAYTEN

    Yonca Evcimik Yalancı Bahar ile de dinlemeyi unutmayın. Old is Gold

  77. Bm0ney

    ThIs is the most perfect song EVERRRRRR


    love her💖💖💖

  79. vanely rosaz


  80. Michael Latimore

    She stole this from Earth Wind & Fire..they did a better job 😑

    Henrik Anchelia

    @Brittany Kamalie I wouldn't go as far as calling it a better version, it's a homage worthy of Earth Wind and Fire.

    Ron Sumsion

    A great cover of a great song. As good as Earth Wind and Fire's.

    Steve Biko

    You clearly don't know how House music was created.

    Iconoclast The Unholy

    A great cover however I was bummed out when I learned the lady who is the frontman of BlackBox is a French model who lip synched the songs and does not truly sing she was just hired for her looks and conduct interviews on behalf of the group

    Giles Flower

    You know how cover versions work, yeah? Blackbox didn't steal it from EWF. They pay royalties.


    Most sexy song and women ever

  82. David DL

    Beautiful song, love it

  83. Paulo Roberto Da Silva Silva

    Muito Bom , legal

  84. Gianfranco Giovedissanto

    Black box forever...

  85. Дмитрий Мельник

    i remeber it

  86. jollyjoker53

    Ahh gençliğim.

    Zeynep SAVAŞ

    Al benden de koca bi AHHH..


    benim de çocukluğum :)

  87. Amila Vithanage

    if there any music in the world which can beat 80's and 90's?
    feel the beat! feel the rhythm!!

    Jean M. Jera

    i was born in 1976 and grow up with the sounds of 80ies & 90ies. nothing cant beat this music era and this will never come again. i was happy to grow up with this. pop music nowadays is crap and cant create an atmosphere like the sound of the 80s & 90s did ! thäts an unique sound experience. thanx for that. greetz from germania


    I think you’re not missing 80s-90s music, but actually your childhood. Today children will be missing 2010s-2020s music when they reach their 40s.

  88. Henio

    Black box set zestaw naprawczy pompy do Starachowice z mocy 🎁🎊 medal za długoletnią tradycję muzyczną Grammy za płytę random Access to by w tym czasie produkt osiągnął jesteście fantastycznin

  89. Testing Security

    Mi primer amor en 1990, la podíamos escuchar en un cassette toda una tarde

  90. Henio

    Black box kultowy zespół muzyczny na lotnej rynku od początku istnienia 🍁🌀🌬️🌬️🌬️⭐🔥🔥🔥🌇🌇🌅💫💫💫💫💫💫💫

  91. ana

    Uuuuuuuuu I love this…..

  92. kelebek etkisi

    Bunu dinleyen ilk türk ve yorum benimki olsun😄 sonradan gelenler like lisin yorumu sayımızı bilelim👍


    buradayız :)

    istanbul fatih

    1990 dan bu tarafa dinlerim tüm zamanlarda en sevdiğim şarkıdır .

    Zakaria Elrhanim

    Jaime la chanson riide on time black fox

  93. Henio

    Black box kapitan Nemo Saxo 🏟️🌬️🌬️🌬️⚡🍋🌷🌷🌬️🌀🌀🌀🌊☘️🌺🌸🏵️🍂🍂🍁🍁jesień zima w nowym Jorku gdzie jest królową noc śniegu i lodu gruby facet idzie do białego tunelu pod tytułem andzelika się żeni ☯️🇦🇪🎉🎉🎉🎉

  94. Grzegorz Brzeczyszczykiewicz

    Years later I met my Fantasy

  95. Gabi Thomas

    Ein zeitloser Song einfach cool und vorallem die Sängerin und ihre Stimme💃🕺💕💕