Bjork - Triumph Of A Heart Lyrics

The nerves are sending shimmering signals
All through my fingers
The veins support
Blood that gushes impulsively towards
Is the triumph of a heart that gives all
That gives all
The triumph of a heart that gives all
That gives all
The stubborn trunks of these legs of mine
Serve as pathways for my favourite fuel
Heading upwards towards my kidneys
(That celebrate)
The triumph of a heart that gives all

Smooth soft red velvety lungs
Are pushing a network of oxygen joyfully
Through a nose, through a mouth
But all enjoys, which brings us to
The triumph of a heart that gives all
That gives all

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Bjork Triumph Of A Heart Comments
  1. Caroline O'C

    Her videos always make me feel like I'm in a fever dream

  2. Alekk_n

    Y pensar que hizo Joga! Desde allí se vino abajo. Por culpa de "all this accidents"...

  3. Fredd Gregg

    Hello Bjork
    Iggy Pop used to sing I wanna be your dog.
    And I would say I wanna be your cat ...cute Bjork

  4. Lucky Time

    love u❤️❤️❤️

  5. Sosamira

    Is that the house I see when I’m getting my eyes checked?

  6. Сергей Татарко

    How can you watch end listen......?

  7. Сергей Татарко

    ........she needs a doctor........

  8. Norman Meier

    The strangest and weirdest video ever. But funny nevertheless.

  9. space technology in psychology plumbing

    А хули у них нет берёз? Все срубили?

  10. Макс 74

    Клип про меня.

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  12. Ingleby

    Truly fantastic!

  13. Enrique Zuñiga

    I'm not a furry but,,,

  14. Enrique Zuñiga

    Wonder how Jimmy's doing

  15. MaUryciio de la rosa

    björk esta loca, pero aún asi la amo <3

  16. Adonay Bautista

    Está buenísima su mota

  17. Max Moya

    what god damn ethnicity is bjork?

  18. Max Moya

    are djs using this for mega parties?

  19. Meine Schwächen

    Beauty and the Beast 2

  20. Roman Bugaev

    Dark side of the shark consumption.

  21. Daisy Bella

    Bjork 😘 a 🐱. Too cute.

  22. DuckieThirteen

    Nice park job. Nice Face plant. And alright for the cat having a better vehicle. Maybe it’s not so good loving a Pussy Cat...

  23. César Dansk

    La chilindrina enloqueció

  24. javiera ignacia

    nunca voy a superar este video por la chucha oh bjork te amo uwu

  25. mike mcclernon

    That cat is conveniently convinced !!!!

  26. david sharpless

    Bjork gets "it"

  27. Seattle Dreams


  28. MegaRudeBoy69

    Such a singular soul

  29. Mamá troll VERGES

    Dios es la relación que tengo con mi gato ... ojalá y fuera por mi cuento me empedara 😎🤙🏼

  30. Dmitry Buldakov

    The greatest inspiration over years!!! Thank you, Björk!! You're genius!! 😃😍❤

  31. Joshie Doom

    This is why I don't trust my cat.

  32. nicole laudenslager

    Whoa. That was wierd even for Bjork lol

  33. Jonathan Giraud

    Comment tu t'appel?

  34. Jonathan Giraud

    C'est n'importe quoi ;) Merci Mamzelle m'Björk ;*

  35. Ten Tenorio

    "The Cat Returns" Studio Bjork Edition.

  36. Виктор Акучуков

    А Бьорк шарит в машинах!

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  37. Lian Ali

    Qué crazy JAJAJAJA

  38. Rebecca Dolashewich


  39. Samuel Mercier

    So this is the original love on a leash, nice!

  40. Sal Talgilmour

    a black hole in the living room.. to get spaghettified... u cant get more spaghettified than an Italian :)) ciao Betulla!

  41. TubeFire

    best cat video ever.

  42. Aloon Cneja


  43. Joe Joseph

    That is how far it has come. That we have to listen to Bjork's farts in 2019, her bar buddies and her sick cat, this is not good for my depression, quite the contrary. The world is destroyed .........

  44. Karine Buinier

    . 🌠
    🌟 🐈


    Petition 🇬🇧 against animal testing on 💕

  45. Ulmo

    So this is were that cat meme is from! :)

  46. Daniele Aragao

    Prazer de ouvir todas as noites esse encanto de mágica felina.

  47. Kieran O'Dwyer

    A human sized cat is a horrific thought.. 😐

  48. Sal Talgilmour

    great mixing work here from 25% 50% 75% on both channels....headphones are required! ciao falleg augun!

  49. Sal Talgilmour

    if u want enjoy the music u got to hear it with headphones then u ll understand how great sound engineer she is!! her fallegtry 360 degree!!

  50. Dimiter Angelicheff

    oh dear, you had to meet me, now you would write better songs. and you're so sexy

  51. Oded Weigel

    Be your cat/bjork at

  52. Armando Ruiz

    YouTube aprueba la Zoofilia ahre shi

  53. Piscis FF

    I love it

  54. Lita Felix

    Amei! 💖

  55. Coherent Nonsense

    I love that the cat is watching Mouse

  56. the price of salt

    i'm so confused.

  57. Rod Cast

    So the cat's meme is from this video... 3:58

  58. Макс 74

    My best shortfilm when I am drank.

  59. SAVAGE BOii

    wait wait wait..this is where business cat meme came from! Wow :)

  60. • Lucy •

    Cat love story <3

  61. Ocean Blüe

    somebody : Do you have any idea?
    Director : DooWa Aye Dogatar yagayaga rourou toto

  62. Raymond Class

    I can't understand a word she's saying but she's sexy lol

  63. robert seminara

    I'll bet Bjork is really funny. My girlfriend is super funny. Just saying.

  64. Wadjet

    *aways kissing something in their nasty mouths☹😕😒*

  65. Mindfulness Tarot

    Simply brillliant ❤

  66. Sal Talgilmour

    3:58 the lamp looks like a black hole (the shape)

  67. lopin derp

    I should buy a boat

  68. Jackie

    Enough internet for today

  69. Morgan Olfursson

    My entire teenhood.
    Damn i miss my first cat.

  70. Sal Talgilmour

    this song is about living a wrong relationship....we wish it is perfect but it is not!

  71. Leon Harpley


  72. Leon Harpley

    A dark adapted fold

  73. Lost Alien X

    Never b 2 iceland

  74. Lost Alien X

    Fuck off warum gibt es so Süße 🖤 Ilove You

  75. K Kat

    Wow, she has not aged at all! What the hell?

    Nader Abed

    This is old actually, just a reupload. She still does look young though!

  76. Jon Binnie

    I love this! Thank you Sister ❤🌍❤

  77. Isahiyella

    I want to pjörk björk so bad baby

  78. Mark Chappell

    The truth is not in you. I say goodbye to the dead occupying my home.

  79. Mark Chappell

    Put your clay mask on and dance around your blog lucifer. Maybe he'll pull st Andrews heart out his chest and kill you all in California.?

  80. Jesse siordia

    🤳What....?? Did i watch.....😶.......😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬....

  81. David Luyster

    This video is wild.

  82. Sandra

    she just takes off from right out of bed? husband needs to stand up for himself..seems like a pussy if u ask me.

  83. Van Halpert

    3:57 is the “I should buy a boat” meme!!!

  84. Budismo, cultura tailandesa, etc. etc

    jajaja Video so cool, I watch the first bjork video back in 90s ohh so quiet(strange music) and army of me was a cool song but her music its strange well Iceland its a isolated country I think I do not know if isolation makes her make strange music. I visit Iceland last year very nice blue lagoon trip and the Asatru temple, the lake its very nice.

  85. Petra P

    What a heartless b***h!
    Left your fluffy husband all alone, just to get wasted?
    How Could You? Meh, you're no Cat Lady!

  86. ManBehindTheMirror - Collections

    Thats the best and most entertaing catvideo I've ever seen on YouTube!!!
    The great thing is that it was made before any catvideo were shared publically and could get famous.
    So its ahead of its time! 😁
    Bravo Björk!

  87. ManBehindTheMirror - Collections

    Its time to call Björk an very great entertainer in the music industry after we lost great artists like MJ.
    Sad that people don't call her this with this very moving and touching art she creates!
    Björk and MJ are one of a kind when it comes to reach touch people very deeply inside and to cause very strong feelings in them!
    MJ was a master in quantity of people worldwide but Björk is also very great in it!

  88. Chris Lee Carey


  89. Sal Talgilmour

    why i understand u so much why why??? its killing my being! i cant help it!!

  90. Sal Talgilmour

    shall we teach this world that money is nothing! and a soul is everything! shall we??

  91. Sal Talgilmour

    how painful is a tear of blood?

  92. Sal Talgilmour

    this song in my imo its your best arrangement ever!! has to be listen with headphones to really appreciate it....

  93. Sal Talgilmour

    the nerves come to play in the game when you around peeps that dont understand you!

  94. Sal Talgilmour

    I really do need to listen to you! its like oxygen for me! quantum entanglement isnt a bullshit!

  95. Pixie Meow

    Me nd mow^-^

  96. Xfiles Foxisdead

    And this fall to pavement on 3:18 wasnt scripted...if anything

  97. jaydoubleju

    I'm longing for being the Cat

  98. Isaac Kleiner

    Bjork - kisses a cat.
    Ricardo Lopez - >:(

    Leonardo Cavalcante

    I understood the reference hahaha

  99. irgendwie anders

    if human kind manages to destroy itself i want this music video to be left as testimony of our existence

  100. clumsiii

    Think i should buy a boat