Bjork - New World Lyrics

Train-whistles, a sweet clementine
Blueberries, dancers in line
Cobwebs, a bakery sign

Ooooh - a sweet clementine
Ooooh - dancers in line
Ooooh ...

If living is seeing
I'm holding my breath
In wonder - I wonder
What happens next?
A new world, a new day to see

I'm softly walking on air
Halfway to heaven from here
Sunlight unfolds in my hair

Ooooh - I'm walking on air
Ooooh - to heaven from here
Ooooh ...

If living is seeing
I'm holding my breath
In wonder - I wonder
What happens next?
A new world, a new day to see

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Bjork New World Comments
  1. Captain Barbosa

    January 2020 and this song still haunts me

  2. Hylas19

    I want to hear just an instrumental piano version of this song

  3. Tim Cox

    I believe this was written and arranged by Massive Attack.

  4. Sasa Milic

    This woman has cured my soul aches on so many occasions. Eternally grateful ❤️

  5. Katji Romero

    My daughter died the same year this movie came out. I sing it to her every year on her anniversary. She was a year old and I hope her departure was as beautiful as this song. I hope I'll see her again.

  6. themaecki

    Never watched the movie, but this album (and the song), is just exceptionally beautiful. As most of the things Bjork and Co. have recorded.

  7. Maria Carabin

    One of my all time favourite songs. Björn and Vincent Mendoza together. Just wow

  8. Vladimir Lex

    ...FLYartSMARTgirL..hEre cOMes tHE FUture...

  9. ke ho-


  10. Briant Hogan

    This Song Brings Tears Too My Eyes Every Time I Hear It

  11. swright4twenty

    the hardest musical ever...Still saluting Bjork in 2019 for her performance in this film

  12. LeeLaw

    Just by listening this song, I have this strange sensation that i'm living in a dangerous world, and that everything is forbidden. Seem to be an odd impression.

  13. LeeLaw

    This song is fucking hectic.
    I just didn't expect the end of the movie to be like that, I also think that the movie was amazing, just WOW.

  14. Nellie Colina

    I saw the movie yesterday, Selma deserved better.

    kirsty fairley

    Nellie Colina-She really did. I saw Dancer In The Dark for the first time a few years ago, & the end was so unbearably sad, I felt like I'd been punched in the gut & was in tears for about 5 minutes. Bjork played Selma as so sweet & innocent, that I couldn't help but relate to her, & the way her story ends just felt way too horrible & cruel. It's a great movie but I don't think I could bring myself to watch it again.

  15. Sibyl7 1


  16. CH3MIS7RY

    I know it's a sad movie...but the SOARING end of this song takes me SO. DAMN. HIGH.

  17. Alexander Caso

    This is one of those few songs that just takes me somewhere else, a place where I can feel peace and comfort, a place that I’m always looking for.

  18. archangelum

    Selma sacrificed everything for her son Gene. If you've seen DANCER IN THE DARK, that lump in the back of your throat every time you hear NEW WORLD is normal.

  19. Ghost xx

    30 deaf people disliked.

  20. fauteuillouisxv

    I want to cry so bad because of Selma

  21. RedRecordings

    Bjork produces amazing music. Simply AMAZING! Otherworldly to the max!!!

  22. Moksha Mishka


  23. Banana Bread

    My band did calf presses to this lmao

  24. 李雷雷

    Bjork is more artist than singer ,who is unique in the world ,inspires me all the time ,I’m lucky to know her

  25. Sofia Aifos

    cuatico como suenan los bronces en esta <3

  26. Benur Radio

    Incredible what you have to do to bang and meet an asian exotic derivaded from nordic sort of mistique celticquez mmmsort of a Icelandic Viking of a magnitude that I consider still quite scandinavian descendant to the point of just plain absurd what I did just to hang out 2 days with Björk because she died the second day and second to that Dickus the 4th.

  27. Fluffy Panda

    This movie destroyed me.

  28. Darren Pattison

    No amount of laughter in my life can fill the void that this movie created. In the final 30 seconds, those notes from the overture instrumental completely wreck me everytime.

  29. Cassirenia

    My heart 🖤🖤🖤

  30. Edie Jeanne

    This was the saddest movie I have ever seen and I put it on if I need to scream and weep heavily

    Sal Talgilmour

    me too!

  31. Nihan YILMAZ

    Epic song!

  32. Camille T

    Incredible music to go with an incredible movie.

  33. Geometry Dash Mau5Kids

    Les juro que el final de la película llore y me parecio tan brusco :(
    Lo bueno es qué nos dio una hermosa pero a la vez triste canción ;)
    Una de mis favoritas :3

  34. Emily Bowers

    I saw the movie when it came out and I cried so hard

  35. Anna Kornacka

    if you've seen the movie by "I'm softly walking on air" you'll be crying like a baby...

  36. Jackson Joseph

    I wish I did what Selma said and ended the movie soon so it could live on forever. Then I wouldn't have seen the end. :(

  37. Kesateria Matahari

    Mum's the word.

  38. Mackenzie Herrera

    Let's go Broncos

  39. Fuga Fuga

    Супер песня!!

  40. Apex Predator

    RIP Selma, you sing to the angels now

  41. Lenzy Williams

    R.I.P Selma... A beautiful life cut tragically short

  42. Mynce Sackcloth

    Bjork's character reminds me of me. I'd rather die than live in a world of betrayl. Still trying to find other ways to end my life right now.

    Adolph Oliver Bush

    Fuck off the world, and LIVE your life. Do NOT give up.

  43. Apex Predator

    Bjork needs to score more films

    Rafael Jiménez

    We need

  44. perpetual tangent

    My daughter's name is Clementine. I think I need to watch this film now.

  45. ReservedYew

    Ever heard of the Thunder Sheet? That's what I'm playing in this piece for my band.

  46. Fuga Fuga

    Супер альбом!

  47. Al EC

    Interesting song. And what makes it even more interesting with its title is that it was released in 2000.

    The first time I remember I ever heard this (and accidentally) was back in 2005, as it definitely sounded like something from a film as I see the comments here confirm it.

    I still haven't seen the film this song's connected to. But the instrumental ending from 3:34 to end of video is very emotionally well done. And the final verse without the percussion is very beautiful and assuredly hopeful.

  48. lydia smith

    We just found out today that this is my winter guard music so I'm super excited

  49. ReactiveMist 619

    I played this song this year in band and I had the solo in the beginning when she was singing

    Roger Shrubber

    watched a marching band use this as part of their program....they were great

    ReactiveMist 619

    Roger Shrubber where were they from

  50. vagner silva

    muito bom adorei

  51. Conner Simmons

    What's the movie called


    dancer in the dark


    Dancer in the dark and it's on YT

  52. vulnikkura

    Play this song at my funeral, please!

    Jay Kohootech

    vulnikkura I've just thought the same ;)

    Lily Dobreva

    Same :)

  53. tymusic5

    Dancer in the dark is just sooo sad! Wish there was a happy ending...😿


    Her performance rips out your heart

    Apex Predator

    I wish that too. But the ending is what gives it such an emotional gravitous


    I couldn't do anything after the first time watching it.
    I just cried and stared at the screen for probably 10 minutes.


    Someone suggested that Lars Von Trier wanted viewers to turn it off before the final song, to mimic Selma walking out the theater in the second to last song. Kinda wish I'd thought of that now ;(


    Lars Von Trier isn't big on happy endings.

  54. Rosario Cloud

    une ode à la vie....à l'amour

  55. Oli Hille

    Please meet me:-)

  56. Oli Hille

    I think we could be real...

  57. Oli Hille

    I would really try to make you happpy..

  58. Leo H

    new world this song is very fabulouse j love video with alien see

  59. Luis Estrada

    Listen this song with headphones gives me the chills.... to outer space.. :)

  60. Ima Nalien

    After you watch the movie, this song will haunt you forever.

    Adii Robles

    where can i find it?

    Nash Jacinto

    Adii Robles dvd maybe? Saw this movie when i was still in college.. ca. 2005..

    Adii Robles

    @Nash Jacinto what's its name?

    Nash Jacinto

    Adii Robles Dancer in the Dark, OST is Selmasongs by Bjork

    Hendrik Tan

    Yes indeed...

  61. creditbrunch


  62. Afablesotrue

    I love how this is just Overture along with some extra instruments and lyrics.

    Dana Allen

    "just Overture" is a musical piece with some complicated chords and motifs - different things going on at the same time, a pull down of haunting chords to the misery and tragedy of the world but also the horns and later added strings urging us to head up to heavenly optimism. - frederic kahler, apalachicola, fl

  63. theoatmilk

    Dancer in the dark always reminds me how this world is so unfair but at the same time promotes optimism for me


    Other then that the music is extraordinary,whatever Björk touches seems to become and organic masterpiece


    +BrokenCloud this is suuuuchh a sad song in the context of the movie. but it is oddly optimistic, crazy how music can be so deep.

  64. Amina

    damn, she has such a divine voice

  65. lucianosr71

    you are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. altariel

    6 deaf people dislike this.

    Mandy Crabtree

    lol I just almost pee'd myself after reading this!

    Elliott Charles King

    33 now.... wtf

  67. Garabato

    Selma ever will to be live in my heart...

    Apex Predator

    She sings in heaven now

  68. Chris Jimenez

    Brings back memories of my 1st year of marching band, playing this for the second act.
    Still have the music for bass clarinet.

    Alex Lawrence

    We are using this for the 1st movement of our show this year

    Conner Simmons

    That's what we did

    Conner Simmons

    Now our theme is lost boys for this year's show

    Adolph Oliver Bush

    How badass is a band director to use THIS??
    Bad ass.

    Tangy Killman

    Used it in our opener this year

  69. Grace Bowen

    dancer in the dark ruined my soul

    Wilson Lincoln

    +Dewey the Dragon Washington state ruined my soul. The depiction of Washington state in this movie is VERY accurate in fact it is an understatement of how things are done there. I know someone serving a month long sentence for having a beer and being under 21 even though they were almost 21 at the time.

    B Psyked

    lol (dark humor)


    Mine to and the Election of Trump buried it.

  70. 山田太一


  71. SR3698

    The Cadets 2005

    Kenny White

    Fayette County High School 2013-2014... Look up our show. Evolution

  72. Sanzhi

    Train whistles sweet clementine
    Blueberries dancers in line
    Cobwebs a bakery sign

    Ooooh a sweet clementine
    Ooooh dancers in line

    If living is seeing
    I'm holding my breath
    In wonder I wonder
    What happens next
    A new world a new day to see

    I'm softly walking on air
    Halfway to heaven from here
    Sunlight unfolds in my hair

    Ooooh I'm walking on air
    Ooooh to heaven from here

    If living is seeing
    I'm holding my breath
    In wonder I wonder
    What happens next
    A new world a new day to see


    +Sanzhi merci !

  73. anthony carroll

    sweet clementine

  74. raphael na

    everything about this song just beautiful! 

  75. Gioconda Official


  76. Mariem Nasfi

    i love it

  77. ndop

    Listening to this song, I'm kinda like living in a magic world and it makes me goosebumps thousand times

  78. Hissane

    I hear you. Same here, too. I'm not an emotional type of person and I still cried multiple times watching Bjork in Dancer in the Dark. She's truly an amazing and talented person.

  79. Nathan Aaron

    Cadets 2005!!

  80. Otterbahn83

    This takes me to a happy place.

  81. sean kelly

    One the best songs she has ever recorded. Gives me goosebumps whenever i hear it. Truly stunning

  82. poeticjournalism

    never fails to give me goosebumps. Selmasongs isn't her best album by a long shot, but DAMN those peaks are amazing.


    poeticjournalism it's my favourite album of hers... what do you consider to be her best then?

  83. Korcan Karaokçu

    boy,that escalated quickly :D understanding our mistakes is the process of our growth,I'm happy for you.You don't have to be sorry,it's np.Have a good day...

  84. d s

    bjork. 35000 views, zero dislikes. <3

  85. Eärendil

    this brings tears to my eyes

  86. Aisha Zoë Equihua

    Can you all shut the fuck up and listen? . ___ .

  87. JinkProject

    absolute classic. love bjork still til this day. living legend<3

  88. Korcan Karaokçu

    I ofc noticed it,replied because I wanted to point out the truth and wanted to help you a little.Telling your age just looks stupid and you have to learn it,but you are really not worth helping,enjoy your faggotory...

  89. Korcan Karaokçu

    Did you just... use greentext outside of 4chan? really? dude... I really felt sorry for you,enjoy your mental illnesses...

  90. Korcan Karaokçu

    Your comment was good until the "I'm 13" part.That's the point,no one cares about your age kid...

  91. Shamil Basayev

    Let me tell you something young Patrick , there is not many young men like yourself with such a fine taste in music I think that that is indeed impressive --- you stick to your guns on that one ... If you EVER get the chance to see Bjork live on stage then grab that opportunity --- it is an experience tyou will never forget... ( Vespertine (both the concert and the album is my absolute favorite of Bjork's !!! ) Cheers!

  92. Mauricio Reyes.

    hermosa hermosa hermosa hermosa MUEROOOO

  93. sarah curtis

    i think this resonates within us all, at any given time. as human beings, we all are intimate companions of sorrow.

  94. ndop

    My favorite song from Selmasong album..