Bjork - I See Who You Are Lyrics

I see who you are
Behind the skin
And the muscles

I see who you are, now
And when you get older later

I will see the same girl
The same soul
Lioness, fireheart
Passionate lover

And afterwards
Later this century
When you and I have become corpes

Let's celebrate now all this flesh on our bones
Let me push you up against me tightly
And enjoy every bit of you

I see who you are

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Bjork I See Who You Are Comments
  1. l grijalva palmisano

    There is Bjork........then everyone else.
    She is a dynamo of soul-heart-spirit powered joy, catharsis and pure joy being alive !
    After you hear her music.....
    You have tears rolling down your cheeks
    and the joy of the universe in your smiling heart and soul !

  2. fuck you youtube

    Its like a political correct Audio porno...i love it,so passionate. Björk is modern, female shakespear.

  3. IWatchWeirdVideos

    The first listen of this I thought it sounded eerie. Then after the third time it now sounds totally different, like a lullaby and very happy. Interesting

  4. Wild Ghost

    The Chinese instrument in it is Pipa played by Min Xiao-fen(闵小芬)

  5. Sciadi

    2:56 that note feels so struggling and painful. Everytime I hear it I get goosebumps.

    Caden Schmidt

    i love that harmonization with herself right before that

  6. Auria

    I see
    Who you are
    Behind the skin
    And the muscles

    I see
    Who you are now
    And when you'll get older later
    I will
    See the same girl
    Seem so lioness fire heart, passionate lover

    And afterwards
    Later this century
    When you and I have become corpses

    Let's celebrate now
    All this flesh on our bones
    Let me push you up against me tightly
    And enjoy every bit of you
    Love me

    Let's celebrate now
    All this flesh on our bones
    Let me push you up against me tightly
    Let's celebrate now
    All this flesh on our bones
    And enjoy every bit of you

    I see who you are
    Let me see who you are

  7. Peter Simonis

    finally i like it too

  8. Ali Akbari


  9. alonsoplus

    feelin' like water

  10. _chary

    just like water, liquid love

  11. Mario Arauz

    Such a beautiful song the meaning it’s just so real and raw because we are all going to die someday and this song telling you to celebrate the present with your couple it’s bittersweet but gorgeous I don’t know how to explain

  12. Pet Shop

    This album is one of her weakest for me BUT this is one of her best sounding songs for me as well. It's a diamond in the rough in terms of Volta.

    Nader Abed

    I think this album really shines if you're in a certain situation, like if you're in a zoo or safari. I played it one time like that and dang it was bliss.


    Art speaks in different ways in different life stages

  13. Tyus Southern

    you can just fall into this song, it's like a big fluffy cloud

  14. Kaio Renan

    and enjoy every bit of you

  15. Dani G.

    Let’s celebrate now all this flesh on our bones.

  16. Choss Peñafiel

    The instrumentation sounds like Enka?

  17. Trevin Hughes

    Fucking legendary

  18. Dreamer

    this track gives me such comfort.

  19. faustocelorioguzmn

    Beautiful Oriental arrangement.

  20. Ana Carvalho

    this music has a lot of texture and it's beautiful

  21. Luis Nicks

    1:06 - 1:20 AAAAAAAAAAAA Arte

  22. MsSubtleInternal

    heard this for the first time earlier whilst cooking. I think im in love

  23. Eosphorous Sanchez

    Lioness, fire heart
    passionate lover

  24. Jorge Fitz

    Such a good translation of a life of love. I of course didn't get it at first in the same way I do now after spending 13 years with  my loved one. Intimate, sad and wildly full of hope for the permanence of love!

  25. takk78

    behind the skin and the muscles

  26. SuicideKid1979

    Nice instrumentation! :) If you like strange stuff, check out "some girls are darker than others - No.One" and leave some feedback! ;) Thanks! :)

  27. sigraviovio

    il y a la fusion au day to day et il y a le vrai temps que tu prends.....

  28. Bryan Bramlett - remixish

    Supple Chap

    Hey, thats pretty good!

  29. Kyary Jayn

    Imagine yourself coated by the sun's warmth, while sitting on a rocky terrain in the Tibetan mountains as puffy clouds waltz past you. This is how I imagine I see who you are would be like to me.....


    I imagine & feel the sun in a lot of bjork's songs. venus as a boy is the first example to come to mind, though that sun seems more concentrated and shiny, pushing through a low morning mist


    I always thought of sitting at a beach on a cold and cloudy day while listening to this as I watch a bustling shipping port in the distance.

    Juan Sayago Cheein

    YES! Volta does that to me: it's so textured and cinematic. I can clearly picture myself in different places while listening to it; it's so easy and enjoyable to get lost in it!

  30. Panos Τ

    i see who you are behind the skin and the muscles...

    Infinite Sky

    Beneath the skin and the muscles I'm a skeleton...

  31. lawreneph

    I love these lyrics. There's so much passion in this song. Very lyrical song. What genre is this? Could be soft rock, r&b, indie, ect... I like it though. I'm playing this to set the mood right for that special someone for now on :)

    Emeka Nweze


    To answer your question, Bjork is a genre in and of herself

    Massimiliano Praticelli

    I would call this folk music, but she definitely makes music on an independent label, so you might say it is indie music. It certainly has nothing to do with rock or R&B though.

  32. Gabriel Toscano

    volcanic masterpiece

  33. bastardfingers

    How sad and boring a universe it would be if it was the case. Astrology is for the emotionally deaf.

    Circa Aeon

    Actually, Sir Isaac Newton was also an astrologer and would say to people who put it down, "I have studied it, sir, you have not."


    My emotions: What was that? Can’t hear you


  34. Mercedes

    It's hard to understand how it could, but it seems to. Katy Perry and Gwen Stefani - Libras, girly. Katy Perry has Libra rising. I have a Libra ascendant and am that way and drawn to these two, despite my sun and moon signs. Bjork, Scorpio and Sagittarius, born on the cusp. The Sagittarius is the powerful, humanistic, Scorpio the emotional. Karen O is Sagittarius, similar energy. Rising signs have a strong influence, along with the "sun" and "moon". Geminis are a certain way, etc.


    Shut up.

    hehey nop

    ahahahajaaha ridiculous

    • lolli •

    Wow how can u mention bjork n Katy Perry in same breath?! No comparison

  35. elpedomagico1

    omg me too

  36. blackassdave

    Sheer Genius and Beauty........ her genius is simply unforgivable! ;)


    this song is at the end of "arbitrage" about richard here, lol.

  38. victor leon

    How did he bring you here? Just curious..

  39. Agenor Rodrigues Junior

    me too hahaha

  40. joznick1

    maybe thats why i respond to them so much, because i am too :)

  41. Kieran Testa

    I REALLY doubt the mouth you're born in has any influence on what kind of music you make or how it sounds or the lyrics you write at all.

  42. Dirtythumbs

    Same. Just finished watching Arbitrage. Can't say I've heard the album, I've been slacking. Sorry Björk x

  43. Legion Ivory

    I know this question wasn't for me, but Homogenic!

  44. Robotslovecake1

    I think the song is about her daughter Isadora

  45. D34412


  46. iw974315

    well actually most of the Japanese instruments are either from ancient China or influenced by Chinese culture, so they are all kinda the same.

  47. VideoMenu

    Every love song should be just a little bit morbid.

  48. Eyeballsx317537

    your reply is stupid. so there.

  49. Sai Loo

    to me it sounds like a shamisen, it's a japanese intrument^^

  50. iw974315

    is there a Chinese instrument (Norway (1989) )? Love that sound!

  51. Daniela Yordanova

    ♪ღ♪♪ღ♪¸.•*•♪ღ♪•* Þakk

  52. SethBlizzard

    I love the harbour- and ship-themed ambience linking the songs (particularly before "Wanderlust"). Volta is so well-woven together.

  53. Qialú

    @istillloveu91 Her song "Pluto" matches with the astrological caracteristics of the planet Pluto itself, while it's the ruler of Scorpios.


    I know this is a very old comment but Scorpio's ruler is actually Mars :D

  54. Karen Bashley

    In dreams...


  55. Annabel Blabla

    Love that asian instrument

  56. YahIDontKnow

    Youre full of shit.