Bjork - Earth Intruders Lyrics

We are the earth intruders
We are the earth intruders
Muddy with twigs and branches

Turmoil! Carnage!

Here come the earth intruders
We are the paratroopers
The beat of sharp shooters
Come straight from voodoo

With our feet thumping
With our feet marching
Grinding skeptics
Into the soil

Shower of goodness coming to
End the doubt pouring over
Shower of goodness coming to end

We are the earth intruders
We are the sharp shooters
Flock of parachuters
Necessary voodoo

I have guided my bones through some voltage
And love them still
And love them too

Metallic! Carnage! Furiocity! Feel the speed!

We are the earth intruders
We are the sharp shooters
Flock of parachuters
Necessary voodoo

There is turmoil out there
Carnage, rambling
What is to do but dig
Dig bones out of earth

Mud graves! Timber! Morbid trenches!

Here come the earth intruders
There'll be no resistance
We are the canoneerers
Necessary voodoo

And the beast
With many heads
And the arms rolling

We are the earth intruders
We are the earth intruders
Muddy with twigs and branches

Forgive us, tribe

We are the earth intruders
We are the earth intruders
Muddy with twigs and branches

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Bjork Earth Intruders Comments
  1. Paco Donvientos

    Anyone in 2020?

  2. Mohd Shafiq

    Bjork is Mona Lisa's of artist.....

  3. PalmeirenseIC

    A cara da mtv de manhã

  4. Jonathan Castro

    This song has me dancing like I'm in a drum circle :)

  5. missy mizdemeanor

    How do ppl stand this chick. Her music is shit

  6. Jellyfish Conspiracy


  7. onionpeelinz

    "I want to introduce the notion that life, the plants and the animals are intrusions into three dimensional space - some kind of topological manifold of a higher order".

    - Terence McKenna

  8. Les Cash

    Powerful with the best video work in the business Bjork . Papa Les Cash loves you

  9. Michael Lopez

    I am Groot

  10. Harozkr Ehtraviis Urastrio

    Is this a MegaMan boss fight?

  11. Alondra Velaz

    Siempre será una belleza esta rola

  12. Leatherfacebby

    I remember being 11 and my sisters gay best friend played this video and as I watched it I was scared now 10 years later understand her amazing artistry and admire her ✨

  13. Mr. Aids

    Byork the Dork - Cory SpazKid

  14. zunirattlesnake

    This song sounds like ants!

  15. Sal Talgilmour

    I say it again U should get the Nobel prize for global peace!!!

  16. Sal Talgilmour

    earth intruders are the ones with wrong mindset!!



  18. Golden Glove

    Bjork wrote this song while on a transatlantic flight from London to nyc.....This is an interpretation of her dream where the boxing day tsunami had occurred and the black wave engulfs everyone in its wake and she being up in the air witnesses the obliteration of a group of people....FUN FACT!

  19. Andreas Neumann

    Ich kann mich immer nur bedanken für diese einzigartige Videokunst und dieser ihrer Stimme, ich bin immer wieder überwältigt & fasziniert. Vielen, vielen Dank Björk.

  20. Jorge Alziro Ramos da Conceição Sobrinho

    grooting before it became mainstream

  21. Hotdog MachineGun

    first 12 seconds sounds like me eating muesli

  22. Maria Frances

    It's not often that a music video actually matches and enhances a song. I like it.

  23. PurpleAries

    Who told Björk she was allowed to make a music video based on Where The Wild Things Are?

  24. Noe Berengena

    Where is the acknowledgment of Konono Number 1? They are hardly chicken liver, contributing significantly to this music. Check out their album "Congotronics."

  25. Yuma N

    This is a horror film.

  26. kerry quinn

    this is one of those songs that would be the sound of psilocybin, the other good and similar example is by Les Claypool called "Mushroom Men", ifact that whole Les Claypool album "Fungi or Foe" is rhythmically similar and has a similar sound to other Psilocybin sound Bjork songs like "where is the line' ft Mike Patton, all bass and hard bass drum kick or similar does the trick. btw, buy spores from Peru and learn how to grow your own, simple fun, and the end product has no taste at all but are much more potent than ones out in cow shit, fuck that best to grow yer own for so many reasons, like not dealing with cow shit and all the other nastiness i cant even think about.

  27. Ramon Ramos

    Björk você é muito genial!

    Lucas Barbosa


  28. Victor Toomes

    This is the closest im gonna get to tripping on DMT.

  29. Maria Aragon


  30. Thiago Lira

    Infelizmente essa letra descreve o que aconteceu em Mariana e Brumadinho. 💔

  31. SaltyShapeerVessel 2.0

    Fuck You Ricardo Lopez you thick FUCK

  32. Rodnarok

    First bjork video and song I've ever seen and heard on mtv way back 11 years ago.

  33. Edu Enríquez

    Buena rola !!!

  34. Pisces

    This is like watching National Geographic or Bridge to Terebithia while on LSD

  35. Jeff and Jordan Reacts

    TIMBALAND?! Whet!? <3

  36. Isabella Oliveira

    ôooo saudade dessa época

  37. Авокадушка

    Thank you, MTV Russia, that didn't forget to have a casting of this song in 2007, when Bjork had already been far from mainstream tv-music.
    Since I heard this one in an absolutely occasional minute of my life, from TV, I made a decision to buy Volta album not even knowing what this artist and what this tape were about. Never a time regret till then. :))) One humble but big and cute Bjork's fan.

  38. Saturn Boy

    Theme song for Groot 🌱

  39. Daniel Stewart

    This is absolutely one of the craziest (in the best way) things ever made. This song is controlled chaos. Absolutely one of her best

  40. Hicret Averbek

    Ortaokuldayken cok dinledim bu şarkiyi geçen aklima geldi çok seviyorum 😁

  41. Michael FAURE

    Morthbith mmmmh

  42. Tony Piatt

    To Bjork, Herself: Dig. Build. Good.
    But what, when actual Aliens come?
    And they will, Eventually

  43. tugger

    idk why but childish gambino's new track reminded me a lot of this

  44. Amanda Jacobsen

    I love this song, but never saw the music video. It's a bunch of dancing Groots!!!

  45. Osla Xoiha

    she is a rainbow warrior, hence the artwork for the album. rainbow warriors, healing earth, restoring it back to nature. “shower of goodness, coming to end the doubt, pouring over...coming to earth” and to do this all while “what is to do, but dig, dig bones out of earth.” - powerful explaining that it is a “beast with many heads” refers to those in power that are doing the hurting earth. she ultimately is aware.

  46. nastycanadian1975

    i love this tune and now that i come back to watch the vid I see a bunch of "Groots" xD love you Bjork




  50. Naísa Bianca

    Só lembro da MTV Brasil

  51. Nicholas Naudé

    This is her worst song. By far.

    Nader Abed

    It's easy to say that, but when I'm in a certain mood I really love it and jam out haha.

    Vladimir Raineri

    said no one ever



  53. YandES100

    Ever heard "Cool Kids"? I never thought I'd find a song with more repeated and annoying lyrics.

  54. ikram


  55. Fernando Lerma

    Anyone knows if this track have samples?

  56. Ambcool A

    Esta canción es demasiado pegajosa. xD

  57. Braz_OS Ebner


  58. LÜK

    você sabe que sua infância valeu a pena por ter tido acesso a isso nela <3

  59. Luis Meza Diyarza

    Te amo!

  60. MrTubarr

    Bjork just may be the most underrated artist ever...

  61. Zendon Rey

    Cool song, but for the video she should have made it look like a cheesy space sci-fi... you know, the kind with costumes made from ice chests and vacuum hoses.

  62. Henry Przepiorka

    Love Bjork- totally original

  63. autin jones

    hmm so this is what its like to do acid at a luau.

  64. Rafael Camargo Urango

    We are the Earth bacterias ...

    Constanze Amalie Von Braunschbank Albrechtsberger

    Rafael Camargo Urango *virus
    the bacterias are cool =^)

  65. Hicret Averbek

    Sonunda buldum bir zamanlar cok dinlediğim sarkıyi 😅

  66. Deleted Delete please

    Money and Credit are the only alien ...

  67. Just Imagine

    Catchy and thought provoking song.  it reminds me of Sony game Patapon!  How much of this music gets sold?  It seems so niche but she is apparently successful enough to keep making these visually expensive videos.

  68. Miranda Lee-Velazquez

    Very beautiful video.

  69. rakim 3

    This song song is pure art

  70. Justin Williams

    fun fact. this is my 62 year old mothers fav Bjork song next to Desired Constillation. shocker huh?


    I like your mom then

  71. ViralFormofLife

    such an epic song

  72. Filotus

    Beyonce's "Grown Woman" looks and sounds like it was inspired by this...


    Filotus both are by Timbaland

    Dee-Dee Evans

    @FooFoo2013 I didn't know timberland did stuff for bjork?!

  73. Baba Gostin

    Baba Gostin

  74. JOSHIE G.

    Timbaland SNAPPED

  75. dwi putranto

    kinda obsessed with this song

  76. Summit94

    I love Björk a whole lot, and don't get me wrong-- but she got progressively more strange (or if you may "eccentric") after she got with Matthew Barney. She has noticeably toned down though.


    Summit94 Maybe but she has been becoming weirder year by year since forever.

    EC MB

    Toned down? It seems you haven't seen her live lately or have witnessed the scope of her latest projects. She is at her fullest right now.

  77. sandria sanchez

    my favorite Bjork Song!!

    sandria sanchez

    nono nonita if my message offended you im sorry

    nono nonita

    is ok not problem

    sandria sanchez

    nono nonita 👑for you

  78. Just Me

    What the actual fuck

    An. S.

    just me

    You aren't a listener of Björk huh?

    Just Me

    not really

    An. S.

    @just me

    That explains a lot... Is kinda difficult listen to Björk music. But when you are in... Bjork is paradise.

  79. Don Quixito

    actually I just realized the human i designed to run things life was fucked so I let him come up with songs and stuff pushing gentle giving into shakes and transferring the data willing to give them selves to me I love you sorry I won't get dirty down there your a good sport i swear

  80. FreeThinker73

    Must go a-hunting for REAL art, REAL music......

  81. iNiz1iz


  82. Aria Shaw

    I like the design of this video but I also find it a lot duller than her others, and the symbolism is really, really blatant and boring.

  83. Daniel Reid

    Thanks timbaland for the drums

  84. Aaron Holt

    Reading TIMBALANDS book brought me here. this is a really interesting song and hearing the back story to the creation process is really cool.

  85. Heart N Soul Productions

    Who else stop Timbaland's book to listen to this song??

    SupaDupa FlyGuy

    +Art Roebuck Yes. I just finished reading it. He had a lot of emotion put into this track. He channeled all of his pain that he endured after Aaliyah's death. The alcoholism, the nightmares and death haunting him. His thoughts of suicide. I have a new profound respect for him after reading his book. Timbaland did exceptional tapping into Bjork's personality. And this shows his strength as a producer.

    Matt Lacey

    Never knew he wrote or had a book, but after this I'm intrigued to look on Amazon right now and buy it. Thanks for this sir

    Unique’ AngEL Nelson

    Art Roebuck hell yes I just did that. his book is so good

    Unique’ AngEL Nelson

    Art Roebuck hell yes I just did that. his book is so good

    Tony L Brown

    Heart N Soul Productions yep! Just on that chapter now. 👌🏾

  86. Michael Moreno


  87. Taneleer Tivan

    Björk - Earth Intruders (Lexx 12" Remix) equally good. As a proud earth intruder, just thought i should let you know.

  88. UndergroundVillage

    What the hell did I just watch


    But at the same time I know what you mean


    You just watched the official video for Earth Intruders by Bjork, taken from her 6th studio album Volta

  89. Marissa Reese

    I pm doing a Modern dance to this so excited!!


    Marissa Reese very appropriate

  90. Golden Eyez

    SYTYCD brought me here.

  91. Wandering Stars

    Wow, all that high fructose corn syrup and unrecognizable ingredients in the food, plus lack of physical activity and stagnating, marinating in the toxic goo that is pooling in their inactive limbs really is making everyone stupid these days! People come to a Bjork video and start talking about Lady Gaga, then go to a Thom Yorke video to talk about One Direction, and a Lana Del Rey video to talk about Fifty Shades of Grey! Lmao! Get out of here, you bunch of Fucktards! You're the Earth Intruders and Steamrollers she's referring to!

    Wandering Stars

    Sick of idiots. Lol. 

    An. S.

    Va I Luce Eno Nol Si Unir

    Yes, actually I hate the motherfuckers that loves to full the comment section of lana del rey videos and talk about fifty of shades of grey


    Va I Luce Eno Nol Si Unir fuck off

    medullalover 69

    Va I Luce Eno Nol Si Unir lmao who asked

    Wandering Stars

    I gotta complain somewhere.

  92. Melissa Velez

    Omg love it!!

  93. Tristan Thomson

    SYTYCD TOP 10??? No? just me? ok!!

    Andre Smith

    Lol nope you're not alone


    Same here!

  94. Kaela Creighton

    People are stupid, and I thought I was slow.  She's advertising her cures for the world.  Until you look up, "Psychotronic warfare," I don't want to hear about it.  I'm annoyed by all they put me through to get that reaction.  I also don't like these at-home lobotomies.  We should be taken to a hospital and monitored.  My brain is ruined.  I know some of it was my fault, but really...  How unlucky can a person get?  And all those shooters go on their rampages.


    The hell are you going on about


    +GigiFuckingMoore She's mentally ill, schizophrenic more specifically, she feels like she is being preyed upon by malevolent forces, and also has really low self esteem, and it's quite sad. Watch her uploads if you need further proof.

    Kaela Creighton

    I have a realistic vantage point.  I don't let my ego get into the way.


    @labotamysausagedog damn...

  95. Sqrb3arスクエアクマ

    First song I fell in love with of hers

  96. Adam J

    I want Azealia Banks to have a verse in this.

  97. Daniela Rojas

    Me encanta esta canción! Y que linda es Bjork!