BJ The Chicago Kid - Man Down Lyrics

Shoulda known I was coming wit it
It’s right here nigga
If you want it you can come and get it
I got it on me (ya)
I got everybody talking about it
I got it on me

Man down nigga band down
Man down nigga band down
Band down nigga man down
Band down nigga man down

Listen or do what I say
Betta get outta my way
I ain’t got no time to play
Move and get outta my way

Man down nigga man down
Man down nigga man down
Man down nigga man down
Man down nigga man down


You can fuck wit me and my niggas
Pay attention we can show you how to get it
Been nice just a lil nigga yeah I know it been a minute
Still got it don’t forget it

If you want it you can come and get
I got it on me (ya)
I got everybody talking about it
I got it on me

[Hook x2]

Staying up till the sunrise
Won’t stop till I get mine
Smoke weed to get my mind right
We gettin’ paper get it jumping in the night time
Sometimes I’m rolling on ex…
Sometimes I wear all of my chains on my neck
Fuck who then ask em what’s next
Straight to a check what the fuck you expect
What the Fuck you expect

If you want it you can come and get
I got it on me (ya)
I got everybody talking about it
I got it on me

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BJ The Chicago Kid Man Down Comments
  1. CJ6IX

    I can hear J.Coke in this beat💯🔥

  2. Dana Barrett

    BJ is BAD...bad as in good!! Fiyahhhh!!

  3. Navillus 55

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  4. Navillus 55

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  5. thefake rosalisa

    workout track!


    a very underrated artist who should be given way more credit ..... thanks for your sounds CHICAGO KID 🔥🔥🔥✊😎

  7. Lala Williams