BJ The Chicago Kid - It's True (Remix) Lyrics

[Verse 1 - BJ The Chicago Kid:]
For someone start with my nigga Al Mack
The first real nigga I lost
Even though he used to gang bang
We'll never be able to see his chain swang
But that's that Jesus piece lost
Cause he would have rocked it well
But instead he rocked that hair full of braids braided by his girl Leesi
With the semi on, nigga had game kinda cold
Never killed a soul, so he never had a problem
With thinking hisself was gettin' old
Livin' life like it never would happen
Shit, niggas dyin' like life really goin' full circle
Thought we was gon' live to see it all
'Til that day that he died on a head-on collision with a motorcycle

[Hook - BJ The Chicago Kid:]
It's true, cool niggas die too
Yeah nigga, It's true, cool niggas die too
It could happen to me, it could happen to you
But yeah it's true

[Verse 2 - Kendrick Lamar:]
California economics, killer assignments
School test scores drop, murder rates climbin'
Scarface where you watch, try to reenact
And launched over the balcony, buck shots in our backs
Every day casualties got me losin' my sanity
Cannons be within arm reach, I'm all panicky
Last week I had a run in with my enemy's friend
Shit, finna be dead man quick
Grab the pistola, hollup, complimentary of the cig
But then the boys rolled up, we both admit
Close call, the ghetto is like a quick game of tennis ball
You're probably well preserved until you get served
Through the knowledge I get a few dollars, you gettin' demolished
If you cruise through Compton wearin' red or blue
See colors in these niggas eyes
Is like a favorite color bein' told by the blind, don't really matter

[Verse 3 - BJ the Chicago Kid:]
I met Jamico when I went to high-school
They stayed around the corner bur shit, I never knew
Me and Kisel Ken in the basement playing drums, making music
While she fussin' yellin down the stairs, I'm on the phone you losers
I remember late for school every morning thirsty for that Mickey D's
Not knowin' the death of her mother matured her very quickly
So we gon' fast forward school graduated, went to college got married
They had a pretty little girl but the world couldn't make her tardy
Died from a seizure at her daughter's birthday party

[Hook - BJ The Chicago Kid:]
It's true, cool niggas die too
Yeah nigga, It's true, cool niggas die too
It could happen to me, it could happen to you
But yeah it's true

[Verse 4 - ScHoolboy Q:]
Uhn, Blue chucks, swing Glocks, they both in my pants
I'm a gangsta I can do no wrong
Fuck with the lights on, and say I love you baby
Cause tomorrow may not make it to me
I got a kilo and a seven series, when a crown went crack, nigga
I bet the gun sale plat, oh
ATF be on that sucker shit
They hate a black nigga with getting money's involved
Got an ounce in my draws
I just wanna live forever my nigga
Took the blue pill, crack the axillae
If Q said it then you know that shit real
Pistol grip up, on my lap all times
I used to drive a Honda, with the dimes inside
Now drive by is by the marks that killed Bebe's kids
So the gun is who my role model is, The illest Crip in a Benz
Look, I'm never half of my steppin', I'm never not with my weapon
So you'll get got in a second like

[Hook - BJ The Chicago Kid:]
It's true, cool niggas die too
Yeah nigga, It's true, cool niggas die too
It could happen to me, it could happen to you
But yeah it's true

[Verse 5 - Punch:]
Gotta understand my disposition, see I was raised a little different
Disenchanted former county check recipient
Reminiscin' of a Mexican immigrant
'Cept the border's my existence, stripped away my innocence
Constantly conflicted over color restrictions
You outta your district, you end up on a milk carton missin'
That's average every day California livin'
Race riots in the yard spill outside of the prison
Besides the killings, West Coast cap peelin'
This California lifestyle was so appealin'
Imagine the women, exotic cars, custom driven
You on your Hollywood thing, what a beautiful feelin', ain't it?
Such a perfect picture painted
Yet it's tainted by the unfortunate and less famous
I ain't complainin', it's home
Just somethin' to ride to when you're off in the zone

[Kendrick Lamar:]
This a little somethin' you can ride and smoke to
Stay on point, niggas will ride and smoke you
This a little somethin' you can ride and smoke to
Stay on point, niggas will ride and smoke you
Wanna be involved with the underworld dealers
East Coast bodyers, West Coast cap peelers
Wanna be involved with the underworld dealers
East Coast bodyers, West Coast cap peelers

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BJ The Chicago Kid It's True (Remix) Comments
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    Me and BJ The Chicago Kid just put out a wicked interview on my channel - we talk about him making 'studio' with Q, his new album & LOADS more! 🔥


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    New listener. one of my homies was telling me about your tunes

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