Bizzy Bone - It's 1999 Lyrics

[Intro: sample slowed down]
East 1999, East 19, East 19
East 1999, East 19, East 19
East 1999, East 19, East 19
East 1999, East-East-East-East

[Bizzy Bone]
What does it matter? Why did we deserve to be chosen so angels could bow?
We have to go back to Jurassical classics so fasten your safety belt, it's goin down
The dinosaurs speakin with life, who knows of the spirit, the soul or the mind
Only the Lord and some of these babies and others were either the ones in the night
Enlightened when men was created, did Adam survive on the ship? I don't know
Soon as it's told, there's my stone because these intricacies are too bold
Let us move on with the story of Egypt where Pyramids roll through the deserts in present
In so many aims you think from Allah, the evolution is ever so present
Think of handsome birds and animals strictly to show Allah as much as they can
What of the love, or beamin with light, they body give out then come back as a man (damn)
The knowledge that one would possess when they dig in the deep of the psyche the brain
In the midst of that haze, understandin they dreams and what does it mean? Show us the way
So many wars, it's so many pressures, oppressors address the lesson for change
Some vultures could never come deal with commitment so where they pick on the strange
God was teachin the kids to stand on their own as a father could teach his son
Then come back and be proud of his children, Jesus sacrificed his life for some love

[Chorus: sample slowed down]
East 19, East 19, East 1999
East 1999, East 1999
East 19, East 19, East 19
East-East-East 19, East 19, East 1999
East 1999, East 19, East 19
East 1999, East 19, East 19
East 1999, East 19, East 19
East 1999, East-East-East-East

[Bizzy Bone]
Under the zam-zam, Charlie shall lead them, most should understand
They plannin to plot on Allah, already had a plan
Adam man, prophecy logically, possibly, probably
Oh look at the monopoly, best friends, nobody can stop me
Hit 'em in the middle with the rhythm, better when he comin (uhh)
Look in the mind, tell 'em what we from God - they comin
Atilla, killa, for reala, manilla, Manolo, Bolo, tell me it's bust 'em
You know what it is when we comin around, man I don't think we can trust 'em
Mush 'em, yeah you right, we should love 'em; winds givin 'em somethin holy
One of them up with no commandments, manner, that's enough, you know me
Seven they (hey) seven they (way) I'm wit'chu every step of the way
Shotgun go blow, blow, blow, blow
Is K okay? What about Wish and Flesh? Mo' Thug Millenium pray
Acrobatic, no static, slave circus – hey!
Everybody bust the shots, run to the Glock, did you see that timid angel's face?
A-salaam-alaikum, my Illah Illah, with Jesus, yay!


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Bizzy Bone It's 1999 Comments
  1. Savag3lara

    listening in 2019!!! BONE 4 life!

  2. Tyrone Weatherby

    2019 Still 🔥 🔥 🔥

  3. Tyrone Weatherby

    2019 Still 🔥 🔥 🔥

  4. Brothers KEEPER

    IT'S 2019 n still

  5. Ranma Saotome

    Ducks are in a Bizzy Bone video

  6. Myturben isdurty

    Still waiting for album in 2019. Not!!

  7. Ira Dorsey

    This shit hard

  8. Thi 613SP

    Aqui eh Brasil porra..

  9. aermax 7321

    ....2 EIGHTEEN

  10. Chi-Town

    you sound like the power ranger alpha Rita has escaped lookin ass

  11. Bloody Persistent

    I didn’t like how the cd cover track listing mis-titled this song ‘It’s 1999’. 😂


    2018 ,, i definitely still fuck with dis

  13. Johnny Martinez

    Bizzys music skills/knowledge is unreal man frfr no rapper and i mean no rapper can see bizzy bone not even krayzie bone or like tech 9 could go up against Bizzy hes truly a gift from God 🙌 #Ripsta #Legend #Goat

  14. Isaac Lopez

    My uncle loved bizzy bone and bone thugs ..... we miss you Daniel Rest In Peace . Until we meet again

    aermax 7321

    Isaac Lopez ^^^ younger cuz "KAREEM STEVENS" as well ...RIP 5/4/12

  15. og part

    under the zem zem...😎 bizzy sounds so good

  16. solomon osemeke

    Thumbs up if ur listening in 2017!!!

    aermax 7321

    ^^^..............all the time 7

    James Valencia

    What if its 2018?


    2018 bruh Bizzy brings that head bobbin wickedness. Been down since that yellow tape. Still fascinated with the whole Bone crew all these years later. Gon be bumpin when my head's gray.

    Castro Lorenzo

    solomon osemeke since 2008 - 2018

  17. cole simons

    damn 8yrs on im still listening to this dope song!

  18. Antonio Pickett

    bizzy bone wars everywhere

  19. Erik Isidoro

    this is my jam

  20. Erik Isidoro

    this is my jam

  21. LEGENDARY LEGEND .Vloging and more


    Noeum Din

    lol good comment on a even better pic.

  22. watchout4falseprophets

    Allah is a pagan moon god. Surely nothing compared to Jesus. Now let the TRUTH ANGER YOU. Bizzy I love u but u work for satan. So u n him n them aren't spreading TRUTH. thug

    Music Lord


    Beenaamous Sur

    @watchout4falseprophets We don't see God as a person or whatever because thats a form of idoltary and thats stricly forbidden . We rather give god characteristics . So you have no truth to spread , why keep talking ? peace bruhh

    og part

    let us move on with the story diggin ya brain now digidi gtfoh

    Paul Stapleton

    Allah and God are same, just a Muslim word for it

  23. God Gives N Takes Away Garcia

    Bizzy. En el bolo .. manolo emmanuel god is with me..

  24. Fat Bastard

    I would love to chill with bizzy seem like we do the same thing

    aermax 7321

    Fat Bastard ^^^.........escapin paranoia through prayer gettin wasted bOY!


    Dem bone niggaz cool aa fuck ,, i had the pleasure of kivkin it with them in chicago a few years back

  25. Máté Komlói

    igen ott van!!

  26. sqwashua2011

    this was a great street album

  27. bulbigdon

    My y.g....

  28. Caesar farris

    bizzy is just too sick and ths beat SLAPS!

  29. ramdane5151

    @jason60152 look, fuck u and underrated. u are perfect. i don't think so go ahead.

    Brandon Breaker

    shut up punk

  30. ramdane5151

    bizzy tha kid still best rapper. undarated

  31. bizzybone951

    the last cool album of bizzy the newer ones are gay ass fuck

  32. ArcticinVein

    Love This song, reminds me of a different original bizzy

  33. willokinho13

    bizzy bone is just 2 sick !!

  34. warioreaction

    dis is a siik muslim rap!!

  35. wackyz will

    i luv this song sooo much

  36. wackyz will

    Asalam A'laikum, my Illah Illah;
    With Jesus, YAY

  37. lilripsta111

    too bad he converted back to Christianity lol

  38. 912alldaylong

    Bizzy Bone The Heart & Soul of that thuggish rubbish Bone, Bone, Bone, 4 Eva Bizzy The Great, lol.....

  39. Bandelero297

    @Bandelero297 I know bolo in my languange means cake and when I hear manolo I think of scarface but I have no idea what bizzy means with it

  40. Bandelero297

    whos the realest in thisgame? BB GAMBINI!BIZZY THE KID!!
    But the fuck does he mean with bolo or even manolo?

  41. britneyslut

    @XFXFORCE13 the cd name is RUTHLESS cd:)

  42. britneyslut

    Get the cd its [email protected]!!!!!!!!!

  43. Vandrandelik

    @GavinGill07 I just don't seem to get it. =/ Appreciate their music as art, and don't read into it too much like you are. Thats why people can sing and rap and write songs about killing people, because its an expression. You're a fool to believe everything an artist creates.

  44. Vandrandelik

    @GavinGill07 If you wouldn't have contradicted yourself so many times, it could go on. But you can't see your own contradictions =/ And I'm not about to teach and explain the use of them, this isn't highschool. Take care

  45. Vandrandelik

    @GavinGill07 Logic doesn't apply to you, we already discussed this, haha. It's rude not to reply imo. My advice to you is not to take things personally, you let people cut right to your bone. Just chillax max

  46. Vandrandelik

    @GavinGill07 I've just realized that talking to you is like talking to a wall. Why waste so many words on an ear deaf to reason?

  47. Vandrandelik

    @GavinGill07 lol, I can tell that you are.... Just stop dood. You make yourself look so bad.

  48. eazyryder666

    666 all day .mr. eazy ryder

  49. Vandrandelik

    @mikeebeling Dur dur-dur....Mr Obvious....The general population are not rappers, so idk where you got that idea from....

    Yes they are the most humble rappers out there, Yes they build YMCA's for their hood and put their money to good use other than fortune.

  50. Vandrandelik

    @GavinGill07 Exactly, you know it bro. You would be as judgmental as everyone else in your category of people...I can already tell you read into things too much, you should definitely be reading into your own life if anything at all....And I guess you are also one of those fools who "concern themselves with an artist's personal life rather than the actual music. Hence" ( I quoted you...hypocrite)

    you know too much bout Bizzy, its creepy. I'll just leave u be fanboy

  51. Vandrandelik

    @GavinGill07 My faith in our education system is already gone....You telling me all this "hot gossip" about bizzy Bone, n how much you studied his the constant reminder that i am surrounded by..... not even gona say.....Lets just say I wish there were other intelligent life here other than myself.

  52. Vandrandelik

    @GavinGill07 I know Bone thugs are full of themselves and they have good reason to be, they are pros. But making a song like "everyone wishes they could be like us" is kinda lame and self-centered, Bizzy has a reputation of bangin and such, but if a new rapper came about with the same voice in style, there would be an dispute on how real he is, all of you rap enthusiasts are so picky and indepth with all the latest and hot gossip.

    I guess we can't blame Bizzy, we should blame his parents?

  53. Vandrandelik

    @GavinGill07 Uhhhh, I would have rather died at that age and be subjected to that. And for that he is homo. I have memories from when i was 3 and 4 and i knew what was a "bad touch" and a "good touch" was, apparently Bizzy didn't and accepted it like he wanted it.

    Its not that i want him to be gay, its that if any new rapper came about with the same pitch in voice as he, that new musician would get so much "gay" hate. And why do u guys care? Bizzy don't care about you!

  54. Devin Brown

    @sumalumah thats was up were all the fucking real peeps native pride

  55. Vandrandelik

    @DojaBone You are not a thug, a thug is smart. They don't make assumptions, they are wise and know how to work the streets. sounds like you only work corners...or have the intelligence of those who do, atleast. don't even know me alright? and I don't know you. Wise advice is to not fuck with people you don't know =P come to the chi and drop like the folk you are. Have a good night, Dojaboner

  56. Vandrandelik

    @DojaBone It's kinda creepy how much thought you put into this. I can tell you took a while trying to express yourself. His first sexual encounter was homo, even if it was a rape, he didn't fight back hard enough. I woulda fought to death =P He just let it happen like in prison.

    I don't know where you get all these assumptions. I can't make you mad, or anyone. You are in control of your own emotions...arent you? Or am I ?

  57. MotorsportUK2009

    @sumalumah fuck MTV. BET, VH1 they are dead TV stations, every real man is on the internet now

  58. Vandrandelik

    @DojaBone Alright..... if a new rapper pops up and he is rapping with Bizzy's type of voice, what is the first thought that would come to mind? Bizzy is a "legend" yeah, but he's the most feminine sounding guy I've heard.

  59. 08Revelator

    @2:39-2:42 "Asalam melakem, my eya eya with Jesus, yey!" (pardon spelling errors). So do you recognize Bizzy as a Muslim brother of yours, if he still professes Jesus to be the Son of God, the Messiah? Just curious.
    You gotta make that choice before you bless him with your God, and not bless every other Christian in this world the same way.

  60. Vandrandelik

    @nystagmus He's gay. Just like micheal Jackson was "gay". As soon as Bizzy felt that Gspot gettin hit when he was knapped, he fell in love with it ever since. And that's why his voice is so high.

  61. nystagmus

    @Vandrandelik he is not gay.



  63. Vandrandelik

    @lonnie085 You don't have to be straight to know how to reproduce. When kids are molested like he was, they are more open to the idea of sex with men though it was traumatic it does affect your personality and does affect your likes and what not.

    If you studied psychology at all you would know this. The human brain works a certain way. There are many people who aren't openly gay. would your opinion change about him if you knew he was gay? (if he came out)

  64. nystagmus

    @Vandrandelik lol, what are you talking about. he is not gay. he has like 13 kids. how many do you have?

  65. Zimbobway Brown

    @baybizzle84 Naw, is pops passed away

  66. Zimbobway Brown

    @Vandrandelik Da Nigga was born with a high pitched voice what you want him to do cut his throat out?

    Nigga anit gay Bizzy got 13 kids and had 2 dis year

  67. bizzybone951

    @Vandrandelik hahahah calm down

  68. Vandrandelik

    Bizzy sounds like a lil bitch, but he spits game and knows what he says. I think he's secretly gay, not that it matters. Finally a homo who can rap =)

    Johnny Martinez

    Vandrandelik ur the gay lil bitch not Bizzy i wish u would say that to his face like frfr stfu you sound brainless and stupid af

    Johnny Martinez

    Vandrandelik ur the gay lil bitch not Bizzy i wish u would say that to his face like frfr stfu you sound brainless and stupid af

  69. EastSideLetzRide315


  70. Baybizzle84

    is dat bizzy daddy on this video?

  71. HBC423

    @Klo414MIL nobody...

  72. ItsMissy

    *sigh* - yuhh just dont hear real raw rap like this anymore... its a damn shame.

  73. Tony150D

    @amiaredneck Naw It is "Its 1999"

  74. bagshitass


  75. chiladin

    @Thamarquee1 Wel as a muslim and someone that read the Holy scriptures such as the Gospel, torah and Qu'ran I know EXACTLY what he's talking about and Bizzy has never been nicer. So just because you don't know what he's saying doesn't mean that his message isn't clear to other people. Go read the Qu'ran and you wont be confused. If you dont then be dumb,deaf and blind to what he's

  76. lolatmarshall


  77. Josh Penney

    this song gave me faith in bizzy again

  78. Anthony Hayward

    Ok then bizzy i been a bone sence creeping on tha come up keep it movin

  79. jordan munroe

    dis shyt right here is som historic shyt right here nigga the rhymes and the beats is deadly

  80. boegeman072885


  81. EastSideLetzRide315

    This shit hard at hellll

  82. Adlan

    this is bizzy at his best!!

  83. dedrawilliams

    @Centari word

  84. Alpha Centauri

    everyone wanna say they got love for the old school ish... then go buy them albums... only we can stop the madness

  85. Ozzy Osbourne

    hahaha i agree with the lil Wayne one. ect. "i'm underground like a ground hog" "i'm like a fire hydrant i bring the hoes out" blah.

  86. lilrob10201

    Kilt it.How you rap that daym fast?

  87. Johnney's Garage

    Love how he gives a shout out to Kray, Wish and Flesh.

  88. David Brown

    this is the most low budget video ever

  89. dedrawilliams

    BIZZY IS A BEAST :) !!!!! BONE

  90. marailius

    thats cool but just cause its called "its 1999" on this video the actual video says "1999" 0:22 i just hear him saying "east 1999" thanx 4 the non insulting reply twiggy

  91. marailius


  92. Shapiro Wyer Jr

    dis sht is touchin da top of da charts

  93. dragonfist25

    "Its 1999"

    Look at the back of the album homie.

  94. ThaWastelandDOTcom

    it's 1999