Bizzy Bone - Better Run, Better Hide Lyrics

(Yeah!) Yeah, Bizzy the Kid, the midwest cowboy
Galloping to a hood near you
Imagine me being signed to B2K (What!)
What you fuckin' think you could pay me in monopoly money
Man I will smack one of you bitches in the head
With a baseball bat, but I ain't fuckin' around

You run, and you hide..
Better hide, better hide
And you run, and you and hide..
Better hide, hide..
You run, and you hide..
Better hide, better hide
And you run, and you and hide..
Better hide, hide..

[Verse 1]
Son of a bitch, mothafucka, they never threw a grenade
I'd never sell out to B2K
Gotta love the way the industry be holdin' me back
I'm the rebellious leader of the army brigade
Ain't a nigga that could bite my style, because it always change
You hold me down, I'm still gon' reign
Got popped in the back of the dome
Went home, came back, put a bullet in one of his fuckin' brains
Murdered my little brother and how much do you think I payed
To chop up his body to dead remains, God kidnapped you
Threw the tape like Kane, jump outta the window
You know I'm gettin' away
They murdered my general
Now it's time to take this shit to another level
The Babylonian's against the Rebel's
It was seven of us comin' with the Bone Thugs, up against the raws
Come out corners doin' the devils, put the pedal to the metal
With me and my seven animals
Right around the corner, reload, and holdin' the handle
Got a .357 that everybody call Cannibal, Russian Roulette
Who's next, ready to gamble, I'm a ramblin' man
I keep guns on a mantle and a candle for my little brother
Capo Confuscious, you know what it is, it's how we do it
Throw a brick in the building, scandal mothafucka it's Ruthless
I never tolerated a Judist, The Passion of Christ
Give me the money, you'll never fuck me twice
Boy shut for the apostles, givin' the Gospel was the wings
Spread 'em open, takin' flight, nigga shot at
Bizzy the Kid's ready for combat, bring it on
Napalm, brung back, runnin' with machine guns
And an all around drum, look similar, sinister
Ripsta with the napalm

You run, and you hide..
Better hide, better hide
And you run, and you and hide..
Better hide, hide..
You run, and you hide..
Better hide, better hide
And you run, and you and hide..
Better hide, hide..

[Verse 2]
I couldn't fuck in the kitchen, watch the FED's kickin'
I carry niggaz away and then they start snitchin'
Bitchefied, they got me mystefied, I'm fuckin' money on
Here to say they get to stickin' for the bitches
My niggaz in the pen turned rats into women
And gave 'em pony tails, make 'em wear ribbons
Through the visiting room, he's kissing his kids
And 'bout to do my mothafuckin' dishes
In the crib come on, you wanna feel it, I'm the realest
High off spinach, before, I'm getttin' sentenced
But, hey, what about the apprentice, I'll never tell
I already told you what the 7th do to the snitches
Split personality, sorta like Fight Club, never get rest
I got to smoke weed, the blood on my little brother, blood
What you really wanna do, I don't think you really want none
Roll down the window like what up cuz, fuck the cops
Fuck the fuzz, look in my eyes you could see the buzz
See the thug, hardships, mothafucka, that I just had to break
With the tongue and I'm horse like hung, ask my baby mom
You rap like dung
Can anybody tell me where you got this shit from
Cause I'm the mothafucka with the gun and the dum dums
And I smack 'em up, nigga suckin' pump pump
Chris Stokes, better get 'em 'fore I get one
And put your money where your mouth is, I'll be ready for war
Get kicked with the hot ones, and it's one last thing
'Fore I knock you out
It ain't nothin' like money in a ZipLock bag
And you could get smacked up, (plus!) hey everybody
B2K sucks, y'all better watch your mouth...Boy

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Bizzy Bone Better Run, Better Hide Comments
  1. m1mthaworld

    Ludavico rap king 2007

  2. GODs Rawson


  3. Fire The Truth Marcus Carroll


  4. Russel Mingo

    He is awesome rapper you feel me

  5. brokeskull616

    All these years and I can't still find the explicit version of this song..


    brokeskull616 it'll pop up sooner or later. It took a very, very, long time until the explicit version of uh huh (money in a zip lock bag) was released.

    UrStillAKlown 0

    UndeadZombie yes it was a long damn time. Finally was able it get it. The satisfaction

    Krayzie Roach

    its out there, but the guy that has it(not bizzy) is just keeping it to himself smh

    Amadou Sy

    i had that dirty version , its actually my first time hearing the clean version cause the version i had was explicit , but i remember downloading the album right when it dropped ( on websites like rapgodfathers) , its in on of my computers for sure, anyway all that to say the dirty version exist

  6. Smiley Thegee

    dam bizzy got some heat!!!!

  7. Noeum Din

    bizzy bone and krayzie duet cant wait. damizza back out but who need beats.

    VooDoo Wiz

    yea the single dropped waitin on the album.. called new wave

  8. Noeum Din

    give up the ghost

    GODs Rawson

    Goin Coast 2 Coast

  9. Katarzyna Golik

    he ll Now we aint goin nowere

  10. ShamyaPlayzRoblox

    this makes me cry

    Lady Luck

    Aw why?

  11. laurendemiful

    Bizzy and Pac are the REALIST rappers EVER!!!!! Real Talk!

  12. J Battle

    shit hard

  13. Nick Inca

    Bizzy Bone the best rapper of all time

    Tony Perez

    hes god when it come to rapping

  14. Peter Jones

    Bizzy the heart of bone & 7signs much love 2 the rippster

  15. gianluigibuffonm

    who is bizzy dissing here?

    Andree Dowell

    dirtymuggz2 wasn't Chris strokes he was talking about the other 3 members of B2K chris, Marques, & omarion (lead singer) cut ties with them after they wanted a new manager

    Chilluminati Cloud, Inc.

    COVERT AGENT he did more than that. Bizzy wasnt mad he asked him to sign w B2K. Chris stokes started telling ppl in the industry they had signed Bizzy before getting an answer from biz himself. Thats what pissed him off, not the offer itself


    Chilluminati Cloud, Inc. and Chris thought he would got bizzy just like that because bizzy n houston made a song together once before that " give up the ghost " track..kinda wish he would of made a diss track to birdman to since from what I heard back then when birdman was adding basically every rapper from the early/mid 00s like bow wow etc..and said we signing bizzy bone to ..I was like fuck that shit lol I'm glad biz didn't sign with young money or else he would of screwed like what tomica did to him..

    Mitchell Sanchez

    50 cent tried them same thing signing bizzy or askin him. And bizzy did a diss track to 50 cent and g unit. Why have i nvr heard 50 or g unit diss Bone lol

    Hellrazor Television

    DJ Quik was suppose to sign bizzy to his label at one point too.

  16. proof4real

    fuckin amazing bizzzy all day every fuckin dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  17. Sand Dunes

    a dirty version simply doesn't exist.. I'd love to hear it too man

  18. proof4real

    best rapper ever fuckin too godly i can listen to this shit all day

  19. KingTy 26


  20. Ace318

    not me im 13 all i listen to is pac and btnh

  21. ramdane5151

    he spit real shit on this. another classic song from bizzy tha kid. great album to.

  22. LiLFuNcO

    Check out Bizzy Bone what r we seeing

  23. Ace318

    man i will smack you in the head with a baseball bat 0:15

  24. 419preacherX99


  25. BTNHworld

    dey murderd my general
    now its time to take this shit to another level
    da babbaloyains aginst the rebels
    it was 7 of us comming with the bone thugs
    up agianst the wall
    come out the conners doing the devils
    put the pedal to the metal with me and my 7 animals
    right around the conner reloading holding the handle
    got a .357 that everyone calls cannibal
    russian roulette
    whos next
    ready to gamble
    im a ramblian man
    an keep guns on the mantle and a candle for my little brother Capo Confuscious

  26. NanDistrict

    u run and u hiiiiide lol in half hiz songz iz where i get sum of my catch phrases dont judge me 4 dat lol

  27. NanDistrict

    @VAP2391 this is heart spokens new user and koolio ...i waz abt to say go virgos but ur a libra

  28. Jamum100

    @codetalker187 whack rappers - afroman. very nice lol

  29. Gil O

    bizzy bone no one and i mean no one can touch himmm

  30. truthug1999

    why is this shit censored

    iSwiftOne 81

    No one knows but Bizzy

  31. fujin II

    Greatest rapper alive man!! I had a dream where I was holding the #7 too juss like the cover!!! What does this mean!!??

    Lady Luck

    You're going to heaven lol

  32. Luigi Garcia

    real music right dislikes thats wussup

  33. yen som

    @megahustlers he say exactly the same words he say in the song called Be Careful pt 2 From his album "The Beginning and The End" Starts out as My Nine Millimeter come on Nine millimeter.....

  34. Thom Mallens

    @diegobrown19 waayy true, i was one of them bubblegum rap lovers, 'till i heard bizzy and started to pay real attention to what he's sayin. now it's BTNH4L !! lit me up

  35. Tyler Coyle

    bizzy is tha shit

  36. megahustlers

    hey whats up all; what does bizzy skribble sing in the background .. does anyone know. important

  37. MsEquilibriumBalance

    I love his vocals in this song.

  38. dedrawilliams

    this proves razz b telling the truth ewww smh

  39. Ash N

    I always wondered why even the album version this song is edited....wierd but sick track!!!

  40. dirty3rdsanchez

    @xpell123 Bro its all spirtial the devil boasts fake shit if bizzy sold his soul he'd be up there with jay-Z but bizzy don't need that shit he has one thing jay will never have substance. you can listen to bizzy all day and never get tired jay's shit falls off in a week

  41. Gregory Bonton

    Bizzy is t the best rapper alive

  42. Alpha Centauri

    all the these kids.. thats the thing.. bizzy aint makein tracks for kids and never has...

  43. BronxUrbanAngel

    LOL @ his evil laugh in tha begininng of tha song

  44. down 2 earth kustoms

    PHHHH!! Damn!

  45. michael toombs


  46. emildaman

    people got different opinions, get over it. let people listen 2 wat they want

    btw, Bizzy my favrite rapper

  47. 5thwheelsandgrills

    hell, yea, i agree wit u, keep tha movement going

  48. blunt honesty

    idk bout that eminem part dude?

  49. Chris Black Beats

    got a .357 (pointed) at everybody called cannibal
    He didn't say pointed tho.

  50. Chyne20

    I agree wit u mah dude...Like dat dumb ass song "Marco Polo"....LMAO ENOUGH SAID!!!

  51. diegobrown19

    to all these kids new to the rap shit, talking about bizzy bone, you need to hear what he has to say before you pass judgement on bizzy, because this dude's music has way more substance than most shitty ass repetative new school self proclaimed artists.
    most kids these days are so stupid it's extremely easy to come up with a "catchy" chorus such as Soulja boi's whack ass cRAP that can easily get the attention of any fool.

  52. cloud218

    B2k tried to sign Bizzy, but he didn't want to. I think he just wanted to talk shit*

  53. jchronic23

    bizzy bone 4 lyfe boy

  54. dedrawilliams

    dont call bizzy old :(

  55. dedrawilliams

    what did btk say to bizzy to get killed like this lol ?

  56. dedrawilliams

    dawm what btk do to bizzy ?

  57. MissyT0763

    y is he goin on b2k?

  58. MissyT0763

    i agree, these kids today don't kno nuthin about Bizzy & Bone Thug

  59. halaloeja

    bizzy can do everything man!! he is a gangster!! dont forgot that! en fuck dancing dancing are for girlss not for boys.. btk gayboys like you bitch!

  60. Zach G

    this shit kills and why is it edited cuz i know that radio interview where Bizzy went crazy they played this and it must have been edited its so killa why edit it dont yall got the album just rip it from the album and post it

  61. complents

    yea pisses me off dere aint no unedited version of dis!oh well still jams tho fo sho.

  62. drentz1019

    wish there was an unedited version...