Bizzy Bone - 4 Da Ladies Lyrics

[Verse 1: Bizzy]
A little something for the ladies, gettin that money by any means.
Who get with the player type, thuggish ruggish, from the hood with good genes,
Who kick it in high heals, plenty tank tops, camouflage, fatigues.
Her thongs clear to the vision, so you can see some good things.
Stretch marks, body smoother then Marble floors in hamptons.
Lampin large in a condominium or mini mansion.
Sidekick mobile phone, three flip like kirk [?]
I'm sorta religious, superstitious, but I ain't scared to flirt.
I'm from the dirt, root and soot. Came up on my own foot.
Used to hang with the crooks. I keep a job in my books.
I took my chance with many girls, but still I look for a woman.
I like her crazy, sexy & cool. Waterfalls, good lookin.
I can remember back in school, being judged by chicks,
And soon I hooked up with the Bone Thugs. Suddenly I'm the shit,
And baby's mama drama, karma, dillemas and problems
And now I'm single, ready to mingle, Holla, holla, holla, holla.

[Verse 2: Bizzy Bone]
Women who keep a pedicure, a manicure, Plus orchids,
Keepin their [?], Take care of their son's, and their daughters,
Wanted ta understand, From a woman who has a man,
Hangin' on, [?] another, Go home, "baby girl scram",
And the love game eyes go blind, When you shine,
Please, don't try to be something you ain't, "Quit lying",
Still you're beautiful, The opportunity is around,
If you take it, then you take it, If not "don't make a sound",
And never set a brother up, Just so you're man can fight him,
Especially, if he don't want you, And he fellin that hottie,
It's stupid, when you fight for a woman, Who gonna leave you,
It's been written, many women, Have torn down many kingdoms,
Seen [?] go, seen'em run a game [?]
Fun and games and treason, Slug her thangs, when thay drinkin,
Where the women at?, "Stand up with out no (tails)"
I like a woman, When you're mans in jail,
"You playin the field baby".

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Bizzy Bone 4 Da Ladies Comments
  1. laze hdz

    Damn i got memorys to this i was witA bad bitch when i was jammin this hahh

  2. DeshawN DON