Bizzle - We Here Now Lyrics

It's been a long time coming
We here now
We here now
We here now
We here now
You hear that?

They wanted me to fail, dead and living in a cell, But to minister the only way to get me in a jail
Made it past 25 and I'm doing pretty well, on my way to heaven while I'm here I'm finna give em hell
I ain't ever bow down to these devils in the game, pro'ly never see the most high levels in the game
But I'm for the MOST HIGH homey never will I change, I don't play by the rules I'm a menace to the game
If I got a problem with it Imma say some'n, Stand bold on my faith and I ain't budging
And I'm all for respect but I walk on the set with a cross on my neck and I ain't chain-tucking
Praise GOD, only way to go is YAHWEH, Ain't no other way to heaven ain't no other gate
I know they wanna hate, they prayin' Imma go away but not until HE returning and none of us know the day, and I got more to say
I see the media playing us, they picking the most ignorant whenever portraying us
You grew up black, you knew what it's like, they do it to CHRIST, they muzzle the wise and somebody get the foolish a mic
To make us all look crazy, they come up with topics, ask the craziest pastor that none of us rock with
You thinking he a fool, we think he a fool too, but they telling you we agree with the fool's view
Looking ready for the true church, we all church we don't just do church
Pray for the feeble and sore, clothing and feeding the poor, loving the people and showing them they true worth, we ready to do work
But they saying it's a white man's religion forced on us by the master that white man invented
Tell it to the Christians in Ethiopia, they never had to be enslaved by the white man to get it
Careful what you putting in your ears now, hard to hear the truth cause the lies talk real loud
We yelling "JESUS" they yelling "chill out" ,Nah but you can tell 'em that we here now

We here now, we here now, we here now
We here now, we here now, we here now
Tell 'em that we here now, we here now, we here now, we here now
We here now, we here now, we here now
We here now

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