Bizzle - Unjust Scales Lyrics

(Rest in Peace to Trayvon Martin
And all the other Trayvons that we didn't march for
They lost their lives in the hood)

I got my hoodie on for Trayvon listening to this ignorance
On how the hoodie just as responsible as who the killer is
Geraldo you losing your mind or are you just blind to the fact that the first gangsters wore suits and ties
So if a kid in blue decides to put a clip in you
And justify it by saying that you fit the description too
Its sounds funny don't it
Now just imagine when they rolled him over the hoodie says "God Over Money" on it
That could of been me, couldn't have been you
I guess that's why we see it from a different point of view
But hold up before the hood get to clapping for me
Don't just pretend to be righteous when tragedy happens homie
Its really killing me, we marching in the streets
Following the case praying that a witness speaks
Hoping to get some leads, give him the guillotine
We want this killer in the cell where killers should be
But then we hit the hood and that conviction leaves
We see Trayvon Johnson murdered in the street
Why is it then you react so differently?
A snitch will die and we will lie to keep his killer free
And rappers get to coming out the woodwork
For the publicity they pretend to feel the hood's hurt
But truth is when Zimmerman was aiming for him
He didn't see a child he saw the picture you painted for him
You the ones promoting the black image
Lie, steal, murder, kill, that image
But you dont deal for the reprucussion of your whilin
You famous and rich, we the ones they profilin'
And don't tell me that its just music
Cause you don't set the mood for your chic with 50 Cent's music
And you don't play Usher before the drive by
Probably threw Wiz Khalifa on before you got hot
You think its just a coincidence how they score flicks?
A violin will turn a happy scene sad quick
Now back up six bars and think of what it means
When I say the music tells you how to feel about the fiend
Now am I giving them a pass? of course not
But if you want change that change starts on your block
Don't just throw a hoodie on like the jobs done
Cause pretty soon it'll be to hot to rock one
You tell em "live fast die young" til a young boy dies and now here you come
Screaming "I am Trayvon" you're not, you're a hypocrite
You step back in the booth and become Zimmerman
"Killer Killer" huh? "Yo that killa fly"
Oh you Malcom X now cause the killers white
Well ain't that nice
Now let me play your album and see what it says about the value of a black life
"I kill em for a chain, I kill em for the money"
Kill em for playing, you kill em for looking at you funny
You kill em over kicks so the way that I see
The only thing you left out was Skittles and a ice tea
See I ain't moved by the PR stunts
And its only so long I can see y'all front
Cause if you really about a change then I feel that
But using this tragedy for your gain homie kill that
And if your serious about it then let's raise the bar
And though it may be hard I know a place to start
I've done seen a gang of rappers claim to have a change of heart
But I've never seen a rapper care enough to change his bars
So Imma put the challenge on the table
Cause if you can make it rain then you're financially able
To do it in a way that won't oppress a generation
You got em feeling free while being mentally caged in
You are the picture of success to the streets
A vision of the highest level that they ever could reach
But you still sell dope and tote heat
So what you telling them even at they best that's what they're destined to be
And I don't claim to be the answer
I'm just a man refusing to say that its okay when I can plainly see the cancer
In a generation where they feel that they can't believe the pastor
But if you read for yourself than maybe you wouldn't have to
Or maybe you should answer how you could blame him for committing the same sins that you pay to see from rappers
The rapper tells you "All I want is the money
I leave the club with your honey
I'm balling and you bummy
And not only is it cool but you buy the record from me"
Fake pastors fake rappers I ain't defended either dude
White killer black killer both are judged by the truth
If you got principles you live by then cool
I'm just saying don't pick and choose who you gon' apply them to


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Bizzle Unjust Scales Comments
  1. Anthony Jones


  2. lukeDH 8528

    I like Bizzle but I just can’t agree with this song, Treyvon had a criminal record a mile long, I don’t believe it wasn’t self defense.

  3. Dren Aumada

    Real Talk.....

  4. Jawon Ryan

    All glory To God Amen

  5. Lay Lo

    Keep up the good work I know it's hard at times I'm a believer Who feel I have the god blessed talent but don't have the truth so keep rolling for me and others like me maybe One day we'll meet on the same level and make truth

  6. Bandit Cavvi

    whats the instrumental

    Kyle Manning

    Hopefully it is a original, and not one taken from a Ungodly Secular song, Artist, and Producer.

    A'Quan Golden

    @Kyle Manning if it is why does it matter?

    Kyle Manning

    @A'Quan Golden Because we don't need Satan's Sloppy Seconds.

    A'Quan Golden

    @Kyle Manning bro just stop. (No disrespect). Pay attention to the message because it's deeper than the instrumental he used. It's like a painter painting a picture and we focus more on the frame he used than the art itself.

  7. Jake Miner

    Secular rappers dont listen to this stuff. Its too much conviction in it for them they might od. Its amazing how the so called real ones are so out of touch with reality. Come to the hood only for video shoots with plenty goons and guns. Just to keep up appearances. The amazing thing is white folk aint gotta tell them to act a fool. This gang mentality is an evil agenda. How many young men have went to prison for robbing or killing someone in the last ten years its a culture of vigilante violence in America. We all act so civilized until we see something we want or someone makes us mad. This is a selfish society and im selfish too. So selfish we would rather self destruct than to listen to godly reproof. Father forgive us for we know not what we do. We art ignorant to satans devices. we are weak for any temptation. We are a lustful adulterous idolatrous generation. We need repentance and we need help we are very sick. This world is a contagious place. Our spiritual Immune systems are weak. So we easily contract the world's sick ideas desires rationale carnality. Its about our total surrender to God. They that worship Him must worship in Spirit and in Truth. They that come to Him must first believe that He Is(exists) and He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Thank you Jesus. We must work out our salvation thru fear and trembling. Which means Jesus did his part. Now its up to us to do our part. Now we can boldly approach the Throne of Grace. Whose throne God's throne. To receive favor we did nothing to deserve. What now shall we do then. Sin that grace may abound. No absolutely not. But its a natural reaction. When you receive something you did not work for. Its even harder to fully appreciate it. For example a teen gets a new car from their parents. It gets totaled. Simply because they did not earn it. They put less value on it because it didn't cost them anything. But you and me my friend. Have been bought with a price. Which was the priceless blood of Christ. Hallelujah Amen and Amen.

  8. Joshua Belton

    Dang is all I gotta say. Dude spits truth when other cats are afraid to.

  9. Jimmy Varner

    Hottest Christian rapper I ever heard. Scratch that, not just christian rap but all rap. Going hard for the father that is David.

    michael vz

    then they said amen!

  10. no nonsense

    Keep it true man, may He keep you from temptation and loving the limelight. Lecrae started well, I am not sure now.

  11. Bishop Sherman

    Keep letting God use you.God loves righteousness. No body's mad but the enemy. Light exposes darkness.

  12. Percise Windom

    You killed this truth and all God bless you fam. 

  13. Adonte Patrick

    Dang dude

  14. luther odum

    Truth don't feel good some times.

  15. glamazongal

    Now, this is the way you do Gospel Rap...Keep dropping truth!

  16. Liberty In-Justice

    Sorry, I should not have stated that there were more fatal accidents due to sober drivers, as I did not include a source. I cannot find that source now, and someone corrected me. The statistics look rather varied and debatable.
    Also, I am sorry for comparing being arrested for being born homosexual would be like being arrested for the color of your skin. I didn't think it would be offensive, until I listened to your song. I apologize.

  17. Liberty In-Justice

    I enjoy your poetry allot. However, do you think all drugs should be illegal then, or just selling them? I'd rather someone sell drugs to afford them, then rob and steal to support their habbits. Most drug dealers are entrepreneurs when it boils down to it, no? If drugs were legalized, there goes the street profitability. But I would rather that then see the mass imprisonment like we have. I value liberty more than safety. Liberty over safety. People over profit.
    Unfortunately, if legalized, the DUI rates would likely increase, and so the imprisonment rate would not drop. More fatal accidents occur each year from sober drivers, then by drunk drivers... go figure.
    Should all addictive things be criminalized, or just some? Mushrooms? Weed? Cocoa plant, or just the powder? Pills? Nicotine? Acid? Caffeine? Alcohol? Meth? Heroine? Poppy plant? Extacy? Viagra? Prostitution? Porn? Prison (Aids, homosexuality and gang mentality incubate their)? Money? Prisons buy and sell humans as a human commodity system.
    Anything can be addicting, if used in excess.The addiction roots from something deeper. People get depressed off of drugs, so we lock them up were they become suicidal. 1 in 28 kids have a parent in jail. They grow up in single parent homes. Prohibition increases murder (violence) rates, look at the alcohol prohibition for example.
    Maybe the drugs that are the problem, but rather the entire concept of imprisoning people. Especially for non-violent and victimless crimes. The State is the prosecuter, as it claims to be the victim of every crime. Unless it is pharmaceuticals, then they are the profiteer, just like doctors. More kids die each year from pills then from heroine and cocaine combined. They put the cocaine dealer in jail, and then coerce him to take pills against his will. Even kids. At least drug dealers don't force people in cages to take their drugs, or else.
    I think that Un-coerced, Free-choice, is vital to the concept of Individual Liberty.

  18. Adam Baum

    This track is BLESSED!

  19. K White

    Sorry meant slave masons lol

  20. K White

    Fire track but trayvon martin dad is a grandmaster at the ft lauderdale freemasons lodge which is in florida where I live. I wonder if he would sell his own son out for position?

    Kyle Manning


    Don Noble

    I wont put it past me. Every time something is real big on the news like the trevon incident its because its to distract us from something bigger. Plus all these false flag attacks and inside jobs this government is doing. All to start race wars and to scare americans into giving up our rights to bear arms so they can create their nwo. So i dont doubt what u saying.

  21. Hulkmania21

    yow i love Bizzle keep it up positive tunes make positive changes.

  22. MrMunkchunk

    Realist shi_ I've ever heard god blessed t

  23. ayah ramirez

    Dios sobre el billete

  24. Duck Banks

    i know rappers who had a change of heart, but not enough to change his bars

    Elijah Spates

    That's called hypocrisy....

    Kyle Manning

    Those are the kind of Rappers who Lecrae loves to Collaborate in my with ie: Ty Dolla, Waka Flocka, and Mozzy, just to name the most recent.

  25. Mr. Anderson

    "They step back in the booth and become Zimmerman" whooo shit, I never heard someone spit like this. Baphomet rappers better just shut their mouths and never EVER let the name Bizzle come out they're lips. You gotta rewind this 20 times to understand it all, the mark of a True M.C.

  26. Mr. Anderson

    Hardest track ever made.

  27. Skip The way I should be Bayless

    I like the way he gave a raw perception of ungodly folk and hypocrisy, will it ever hit mainstream probably not hey the bible says that this is the devil's world. But nonetheless this was above great in detail I would like for holy spirit filled rappers to spread God's word or open eyes to help or make you think KEEP IT UP BIZZLE!

  28. T.Wash- Questions and Answers

    One of the truest songs I've heard!!!!!!!!!!11

  29. Devaughn Stephenson

    Those last bars hit home too hard..

  30. Pedro E

    I hate when people say its only one person what about all the other kids ! That's soo annoying trayvon represents the young people that get killed this happens way to often and we hold on to it because if we let go it will just happen again

  31. Destrucivebynature

    Real shit. Need more true ARTISTS like this instead of them commercial cats out nowadays.

  32. Stormin Norman

    Please people...LET IT DIE! it's one teenager. MANY people get killed that are young and aren't black. People wanting to milk this WANT a race war or something. LET IT DIE!

  33. Rom116Unashamed

    He only told the dispatcher that Travyon was black AFTER the dispatcher asked him for the race.

  34. Theopolis Sullivan

    oh ok I kind of thought that he was just using another name for example. either that are it was one gifted free style. anyways big ups to bizzle for making truth music.

  35. RIFICA777

    Come on man thats low for you to say that. He was 17 so that mean he was underage to that doesnt make him a pedifile. Most boys that age look at naked women if you be honest. Its not right but the girls sent him the pictures or let him take them of them... Have some respect for the dead. Stop the race war.

  36. RIFICA777

    "Imagine if they rolled him over and the hoodie said God over money on it" That woulda been something. Good stuff.... Bizzle always spit the real.

  37. Kyle Gibson

    "He didn't shoot a child, he shot a picture you painted for him."


  38. Damon coley

    Very Good.

  39. frazierbob1

    Trayvon is underage too, so he isn't a pedi, and I know if u could get a girl to give you nude pictures that are your age you would too. Its just a male thing.

  40. divinelynaptural

    You telling the truth brother, but it still does not excuse Zimmerman for acting on faulty perceptions and stereotypes. A young man is still dead, and his killer is free to walk the streets.

  41. Bball91

    Sickest realist song ever, truth music completely! Clowns be lying in the secular world but Bizzle be bringing truth bless by the most high!

  42. DLace91

    I LOVE this song, but I DO NOT agree with Zimmerman's actions. He should not have pursued Travon Martin nor should he have gotten out of the car. He did not listen. I think it was racial profiling. Yet in still, I know that my own black people need to protest the black on black crimes also!

  43. Alden Weddington

    Wow... #Truth

  44. HGASoulja

    Truth GOM!

  45. Kenpo Kid77

    Played this in my car on the way home right after hearing the verdict. No words right now...

  46. Brian Tate

    On point.
    On Point.

  47. godsbaby7149


  48. godsbaby7149

    "...KNOCK IT OFF!" GET'EM B-I-Z-Z-L-E!!!!!!!

  49. godsbaby7149

    Understand that SATAN was the MINISTER OF MUSIC IN HEAVEN before PRIDE got his snake, fake, and quake behind thrown out! Not by GOD HIMSELF, but by another of his (satan's) peers. MICHAEL, THE ANGEL OF WAR! I said that to say this, don't focus on flesh (the rappers themselves), for they are just instruments (hm) in his slimy hands! But fight the REAL Enemy! How? Read your Bible. (hm) But in the mean time, PREACH BIZZLE!!!!

  50. Rich Dad Summit

    I love this song, and Bizzle but that was SELF DEFENCE the liberal media, twisted the truth. Treyvon Martin attacked him. There were witness and bruises on his "killer". The purpose was to make new gun laws!

  51. E-BANGA


  52. Reggie Perry

    Bizzle needs a video for this one

  53. megajoke

    That was dope

  54. MeMReS

    Bizzle man, you came when we needed you the most...Anointed.. Rap was dead for me but you brought it back to life, brought the poetry and the message back to the song. Listen to ya everyday.. keep on doin what your doin brother..

  55. ChristReigns100

    realist MC on the net

  56. Libertarian Prince

    I want Deitrick Haddon to work with Willie Moore Jr. & Bizzle and make some good Kingdom Music he knows Canton Jones do this should not be hard for them to link up so they need to come more together and do this Kingdom Music anybody see him tell him to reach out do some music.

  57. sherman walker

    I love it my man, keep'm coming!!

  58. LoveItSweetHearts

    Great Music!!!! Preach!

  59. Derek Simmons

    yea they dont

  60. Mason gill

    They tried on a song called Freemasons, but got Roasted with either.. had their tails tucked since then

  61. Sai Maurice

    dis is so true

  62. Carl Murray

    I need too find GOD again and your gunna help me...

  63. l bragg

    he would eat most of theese rappers alive thank god for u bizzle you warming up the game for me saying what you gotta say and only aneser to god good job my new fave the new hood gospel

  64. Lonnie Jordan

    WOOOOOW. I've been checkn this guy Bizzle out for a few months now. What do I have to say about this dude? SCARED! The Industry is straight scared of this dude. FACT. I lived what these fake [email protected]# wonna be gangsta rappers claim in their music. I hustled for 14years before my eyes opened. From NY, to L.A, Stl, AZ and TX etc. I bout done it all. I moved on an put 5years (CEO of music and Promoter of major artist) into the hip hop game and found out that 99% of all these rappers are all fake.

  65. Lonnie Jordan

    I owned a major studio and would watch rappers come in and rap about things they heard or seen me or my guys do in the streets, To All y'all young cats, dont take what I'm saying like I'm braggin cause Im NOT, that was all pain I went threw in the streets, thats why i dropped the music game, cause I could'nt be part of a people who faked like they lived what I know my dudes died for.

  66. Lonnie Jordan

    I wonna break down the real game cause of my anger at these cats who get on wax and glamorize the real pain that the streets go through, but everybody got a place and Bizzle is the best I've heard at it. I wish Pac was still alive, I believe he was on his way to were Bizzle is now (mentally). If y'all young cats want a short cut through all the bull s#$% in life. Listen to this dude (Bizzle), he's telling yall the truth.

  67. phantom2k10

    if you have this mixtape and haven't really listened to every song i advise you to listen to 'what we do'-holy ghost fire right there just like all the other songs

  68. labreka88

    Where the answers ... I'm putting this everywhere

  69. Dame Taylor

    Dis guy is spitting the raw truth in a spiritual way.........he gets my upmost respect

  70. Jeff Thomas

    Bizzle you need to get involved in this Hebrew Israelite Movement...I would love to hear someone of your skill spitting that truth...

  71. AONHipHop

    So true

  72. Matt Vactor Sr

    People that dislike this are just haters! Like its been said, no rappers respond! They dont have the heart or the LIGHT of CHRIST, but they dont understand, Bizzle is trying to help them and he is always offering the love of CHRIST!

  73. Dan Gonzales

    He Dissed Plies Hard Haha

  74. Daniel Reyes

    hands down the truth in this song is just pure reality

  75. thomas hogan

    you better stop singing amazing grace then homie, #ForReal #LearnChurchHistory #ChristRedeemsBrokenThings

  76. FreshJB2

    How so? God made music and called for His own to use it to glorify Him.

  77. Charles Tingler

    You can't take something worldly and call it holy bizzle. Hip hop is worldly

  78. Peter Newman

    Thanks for clarifying.

  79. runotit

    He's saying "yea, everybody stood up for Trayvon Martin because it's highly publisized. But what about the thousands of Trayvon Johnson's, Ricky Smith's or Donnie Jones etc in the hood dying every day? And in a lot of cases, in the hood everybody knows who did it. But aint nobody saying nothing because they'll be branded a (That nigga a snitch!) and the killer of somebody else's child walks free, but errbody want Trayvons murderer to pay to the fullest. Hypocritical street code!

  80. Chris Harvey

    #GOM #MITM

  81. christina bedford

    love this

  82. E2daLConsulting

    @TherealbigO, the problem with your reply is that you're doing exactly what Bizzle is talking about. JUDGING!!! The only evidence that people know of is that Zimmerman is guilty of initiating contact by not following the directions of the 911 operator. Is he guilty of murder? Only God knows at this point it's not up to us to assume and judge. Thats God's sword to swing (judgement) not ours.

  83. Calvin Rodriguez

    Promote this every chance you can people, This is real music.

  84. DellsDetour

    On some real shit b thats true steelz ...revolution is needed iam ready been ready.... check dellsdetour

  85. Orlando J

    That's truth

  86. Libertarian Prince

    Real Hip-Hop right here!

  87. Libertarian Prince

    Bizzle is nice ya'll get when it come pass it along this FIRE!

  88. TVTakaveli

    Salute!!!! @MyNameIsBizzle #G.O.M

  89. BlaZiN718

    he killed it real rap rappers sold out 4 a green piece of paper.

  90. AGoodName

    Real talk, May God Almighty pour out His comfort and mercy over both parties' family members, friends deeply affected by these tragedy. It's one thing to scream for justice for Trayvon Martin and another thing to take a stand for righteousness' sake. Thank you Bizzle continuing to be used by our Heavenly Father. Grace and peace to you brother.

  91. Jerome Lawrence


  92. Jerome Lawrence


  93. DeMondre Montgomery


  94. Ironic Muziq

    Wow, we needed this.. This dude says things everyone else be afraid to say! Can't get enough!!!!

  95. trendsetter74

    He meant to say Trayvon Johnson. He meant everybody got in an uproar over Tayvon Martin but the same people don't say nothing when a black man kills another black man. He's speaking about the hypocrisy of it.

  96. JMGspeaks

    dopeness as ussual

  97. Peter Newman

    Ok, I'm not hip and a little slow but did he mean Trayvon Johnson (like he said) or Trayvon Martin?? Great message though.