Bizzle - Soul Deep Lyrics

Dear Lord please hear me this prayer ain't for me
This for the ones that struggle everyday with they belief
That ain't accepted you but still they relate to me
So painfully I pray you make them able to receive

[Verse 1 - Bizzle:]
I try to tell them about Christ and they ain't trying to feel it
When I act Christ like they say that I'm the realest
But if I'm just a duplicate then who it is I'm trying to be
Is really who they digging they just trying to fight the feeling
Racism got them claiming its the white religion
Scarred by slavery and all the whites that did it
But slave owners just manipulated Bible scriptures
They claimed Christian but never obeyed the writings in it
They stumble off the imagery provided by the pictures
Like why when I look at God he looks nothing like this
You right and that description is not provided by the scriptures
And folks will be held accountable when Christ arrives to get us
And for you I'm just trying to help you make the right decision
There's only one God ain't no black or white religion
The devil used slavery to magnify division
Now you trapped inside the prison of a past you not forgiving
Forgive them

Cause we done felt a lot of pain
So Lord I know you feel us
And we done seen alot of things
So my prayer is that you heal us
These scars they run so deep
So deep [x2]
These scars they run so deep
So deep [x2]

[Verse 2 - Bizzle:]
Some of them know some been listening to liars though
Some of them just don't care some of them trying though
Without faith in you what do they rely upon to keep them righteous on the same street that guys are dying on
Doctrine of the devils survival of the fittest
Cause all I see it meaning is survival of the wicked
It's like you play a game and somebody starts cheating you
You feel the only way to beat them is to become a cheater too
They call it being tough Its really being weak
Switching teams out of fear that you'll see defeat
That's like a Crip in the room wit a hundred bloods
Given the option to either dying or becoming one
Homie I know it cause I did it
I hustled cause I feared my way of living if I didn't
I'm familiar with the prison of the mind
But in Him there is no fear
Lord save those who though have an ear don't hear

Cause we done felt a lot of pain
So Lord I know you feel us
And we done seen alot of things
So my prayer is that you heal us
These scars they run so deep
So deep [x2]
These scars they run so deep
So deep [x2]

[Verse 3:]
Some think is a wack religion or its not the black religion
In America slavery is the only past were given
Searching for a history that reaches past the masters whippings
Dissing the Bible not knowing how many blacks was in it
So they revert to Egypt we know that they were black
So Moses had to be to fit in when the brought that baby back
Joseph blended in so well his fam ain't recognize him
So how you think Mary took Jesus up to Eygpt to hide him
And honestly back then there wasn't even such a race as black
It wasn't until way later we started claiming that
I can pick the bible up and show you everything that's black
The problem is you should praise him without me even saying that
Worship the Lord who did what you could not do
Cause you were made in is His image
Not cause he looks like you
I'm saying
I understand why you feel how you feel
But feeling don't always tell you what's real
He is the truth and the way and the Life homie

Cause we done felt a lot of pain
So Lord I know you feel us
And we done seen alot of things
So my prayer is that you heal us
These scars they run so deep
So deep [x2]
These scars they run so deep
So deep [x2]

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Bizzle Soul Deep Comments
  1. JS HY

    Blessings for me and blessings for you

  2. Noel Elimac

    Is nga's Really sleeping on this song

  3. T L


  4. Disciple Warrior

    Another one ☝️

  5. Freed by Yeshua

    God is real, and his existence is proven through the creation of everything in the world (Romans 1:18-20). It's impossible to have creation without a creator. We have a creator, and he wants to have a relationship with us. However, we must come to him on his terms, and not on our terms. We've all sinned against him (Romans 3:23), which has separated us from him. God is holy, which means to be set apart. His holiness means that he hates sin, which is why sin must not go unpunished. The punishment for sin is death (Romans 6:23), which is not only physical death, but also spiritual death in hell (Matthew 25:41-46). Even so, God loves us, so he sent us his only Son from heaven named Jesus to save us from this punishment (John 3:16). Jesus is the messiah prophesied of the Old Testament. He lived a sinless life, and bore all of our sins when he died on the cross (1 Peter 2:24). He was buried, and rose from the dead three days later. He defeated death and sin, and will give eternal life to you if you confess him as your Lord, and believe he is your savior (Romans 10:9). When you are saved, you are given a new spirit (2 Corinthians 5:17). Your lifestyle should change radically when you're saved. Your new spirit will hate sin, and make you sorrowful when you commit sin (Ephesians 4:30). Those who walk with him will keep his commandments, and you can only do this by knowing his word (1 John 2:3-6). You won't be perfect, but you'll genuinely strive to be perfect, which is to be like him. No amount of good deeds can save your soul because it's only by having faith in him can you be saved (Ephesians 2:8-9). However, if you're saved, then you should love him because he loved you first (1 John 4:19), and your love for him will compel you to keep his commandments (John 14:15). If you've been rejecting him, then it's time for you to repent, which means to turn, and believe in the gospel (Mark 1:15).

    Noel Elimac

    ...sooo; did you like the song?

  6. Timm Burtis

    the realist rap i ve ever heard ......

    Noel Elimac

    I concur

  7. german vasquez

    love this song God bless you

  8. Wadner Louidor

    I love your music bro ever since I start listening to your music I change a lot about me,your song inspire are young brother that been in the street to change and knowing God will always forgive us no matter we done on the past..

    Ozzie Kotkamp - SoftBoyy

    real talk brother!
    everyday is a new start, with the right mind anything is possible! through god!

  9. Queen Chazzy

    But they're not listening though. This is some real spoken truth! Religion was made to cause confusion. Why is that?! We are many members under one body ,but yet we allow the ways of the devil to keep us separated. I pray for more unity!


    You are right! But the most high requires change! And obedience! And that's the key. He says over and over if you love me KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS! Most refuse to do so! And that's the only way to show him you love him! The churches teach that the laws are done away with! But that contradicts THE MOST HIGH!! It's like how we tell are kids rules and want them to obey! If they don't we feel they do not respect us or love us! The most high is no different! A proper family on earth mimics the family in the kingdom! Shalom!

    Deangelo Lawson

    Your absolutely right @dinostalino. The gospel is the most important thing in the world, but once a person becomes a son of God by believing and confessing the Lord Jesus Christ, it is then time to live in obedience. Matthew 5:19 is one of many verses that teach this but alot of people misunderstand it, or they just choose to deny it. These false Bible translations play a role in the confusion as well, but Jesus says in John 8:47; "HE THAT IS OF GOD HEARETH GODS WORD, YE THEREFORE HEAR THEM NOT BECAUSE YE ARE NOT OF GOD". So when I have to tell people this and show them doctrine and they refuse to hear the words from the Bible itself, then there is nothing I can do. They're not recognizing GODS words because they may be unsaved.

  10. charles obasanya

    correct, more Grace. peace. oral

  11. Danny Stanley

    i m from africa namibia love your music

  12. Nicole

    The message tho..“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Hate multiplies hate, violence multiplies violence, and toughness multiplies toughness in a descending spiral of destruction…The chain reaction of evil — hate begetting hate, wars producing more wars — must be broken, or we shall be plunged into the dark abyss of annihilation.”

  13. Bobby Williams

    James 3:1

  14. TQ Dat Manye

    shout. out Bizzle