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I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse. Therefore, choose life, that you and your children may live.

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Bizzle Intro Comments
  1. TruJerz

    what did Lecrae ever say about Bizzle tho??

  2. Rich Dad Summit

    Oh wait this is the God over money channel jusk ask him. Bizzle who are you addressing this to?

  3. Rich Dad Summit

    I don't think hes talking about lecrae, if he is that he has the right to if what he said on this track is true. But to me it sounds like hes talking about that one idiot on youtube that made some "Bizzle disses". He got on bizzle for being a Christian and using the n word, yet he cussed in his song and implied he was a Christian. Bigeest hypocrite ever.

  4. Jordan Toney

    Beast. god bless bizz

  5. muffnbenito

    If im not mistaken I think hes talking about lacrae.. But dont hold me to that..

  6. dnone

    not here to incite beef within the body of christ, but Bizzle is talking about a very popular christian hip hop artist...

  7. Edwin Maldonado

    Thats jay z of the blue print 2

  8. PyroMan3

    does anybody know the original song this beat goes to or the producer?

    Jesse Cervantes

    Addressed to Selah the Corner when they had beef

  9. Gn14l

    Is this on Jay or Critics within christian Rap??? Crafty to read between the lines

  10. ulysssmorales3

    who is he talking about???

  11. unityallusa

    @ 2:53 Biz when into some ol kung fu.....

    Cat was speakin' in Rap Tongues....

    facebook sanechuk


  12. Wayne Smith

    MAN bizzle keep it going stay real bruh

  13. misken101

    beat is redonkilus whose behind this creation but God be the Glory

  14. Sean Hill


  15. Michael H

    @NSHouston19 that very well could be ... definitely a sweet beat ... thnks for lettin me know bout that ff8 beat it's a nice jam ... :)

  16. Michael H

    Whooo ... fire introduction. That beat is crucial and sounds like a theme from a fighting game. The talents you have been blessed with are being put to such great use. We are to stand up and be bold in Christ and it's great to see that you've taken a stand which encourages other Christians such as myself to rise up and speak against that garbage. Much love. Grace and Peace.

  17. I Designed Myself

    @mipagor , he sends you the link personally so it depends on timing. I donated and the link came through about 90 or so minutes later. keep checking the email associated with your paypal account.

  18. Filmmaker J

    dis dude..... DOPE! his words are lead by the spirit..... i believe. dope.

  19. Planety Sanity

    2:51-3:09 I was waiting 4 that cuz Jay kills the fast syllable rap on that beat too.


    this is nice man.

  21. G12Edwin

    Who you ripping...LOL!!! That's your intro song...LOL!!! But I know you speaking the truth though.

  22. bigscrappy1

    now thats what im talkin about its ashame that this needs to be said to christians