Bizzle - In The Morning Lyrics

[Hook - Bizzle:]
I know I know I know that life seems strange
Some nights bring rain but (Joy comes in the morning)
And child birth brings pain but it'll fade
When that bundle of (Joy comes in the morning)
This just something for you to struggle to
Just something for y'all to struggle to
Yeshua seen it all so it's nothing new
But when it get hard what you do (huh) muscle through

[Verse 1 - Bizzle:]
Living on that edge bible under that dresser
Burner under the bed whoever can get whichever (I know)
They say you knew better then you would do better
But it's hard when the dude'll rather put two in your new wear it and talk
Such a dilemma living off in that jungle
You don't become a hunter they hunt you that's what it's come to
Tired of being broke when that weed or coke it'll fund you
Livin la vida loca that street aroma becomes you
But as long as your Father is sovereign then He got you
I promise you so just know that the dirt you been through is not you
It's not in you it's on you just gotta dust it off you
And learn to walk in the ways of the God you belong to


[Verse 2 - Eshon Burgundy:]
What I go through everything that I go through
Gotta remember who my go to remember everything I don't do
Now usually the Spirit is your plentiful and beau-coup
But right now I'm nowhere near and I can't hear it like it's pro tools
Somebody muted the vocals I'm feeling dumb deaf and blind
There's and angel in my spirit but there's a villain in my mind
And there's a killing taking place no saving face for my pride
Set paces and count to five squeeze every drop till it's dry (click)
Now I'm empty sick of this world try and pimp me
They wanna prostitute the truth they in cahoots with the enemy
That circumstance intends to try and convince me God against me
But God is for me and we going through this war we give Him glory


[Verse 3 - Derek Minor:]
(Uh) Aye let me tell you what my mind on
That single mamma working 9 to 7 yeah her grind on
With a baby daddy she should a never had wasted time on
He selling white rocks on the corner the size of limestone
In the neighborhood the ground red like mars
But this ain't another planet this the blood of a track star
Rap star dentist maybe the next president
We send they souls back to God cause we don't know they heaven sent
Lord when will the murders die (when will they die Lord)
Reply: when I crack the sky (whoop)
I know you mourning but hold on
Joy is coming in the morning


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Bizzle In The Morning Comments
  1. Sincere4Eva

    All praises due to our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.. I truly support GOM.. We need more artist like GOM to be heard by the masses.. Great song!!

  2. Patrick Neal

    this is dope

  3. Kacy Williams

    If you don't like this, don't hate; just find something else to do positive with your life

  4. Fifthwind Fourthwind

    Aye, I'm digging this man. Chill beat with nice lyrics, it's overall a good song. All of the artists did a good job. ✌️

  5. kia B

    Praz God for your work homie thank you

  6. Jason M

    Needed dis one fam... respect

  7. phantom2k10

    Praise Jesus Christ our only God and saviour.

  8. Randolph Frazer

    Awesome, Nice Music.

  9. Jeelani McDonald

    Im never knocking music with the GODLY message!

  10. Mario Stacy

    Every song can't be a "banger" some are song of basic issues or like a chant or something to listen to, to get you through the next hour. Cant go hard every time.

  11. June Whitaker

    Love it !!!

  12. Nick DiClementi

    I feel like they all could have gone a little harder, especially Bizzle, but I understand if he's saving his best stuff for an album where he actually is keeping the proceeds. Still a dope song though

  13. Jacob Butner

    Not my style, but it sounds well produced

  14. TangerineGroovin

    talk more bout that blood drippin yall this is soft....

    Carlton Ellington

    "Stick to the jazz channel". Instead of us arguing over the music and throwing shots at each other. We should remember that the Holy Spirit is speaking through our brother in Christ Bizzle.

    Carlton Ellington

    It's all LOVE.


    @Carlton Ellington

    well said brother

    Lorenzo Covarrubias

    Why someone always got something dumb to say

  15. Wayne Lundy Jr

    I agree with you Cameo.

  16. Brother Dave

    nice track! 

  17. Cameo Spit it

    Joy comes in the morning. Great message, Hot beat and nothing but life being spit all over it. Good work Bizz.

  18. Bennette Thompson


  19. Reginald James

    Dooe song with some dope artist.

  20. Copacetic

    The videos has 5 views and 12 likes! a Miracle!