Bizzle - Hands In The Air '94 Lyrics

From the depths of the sea back to the block
Hope dealing my dope killing the crack in they pot
Never thought Christian rap could actually pop
When in fact we finna crack with facts over lies
I am back with the MOB, HOG for my God
I'm a general, but Yeshua the boss of the squad
They didn't want to play us now we all in they rides
Yelling “God over money” till I'm off in the sky
You can walk, you can fly, but never see the throne
It's only one God there can never be a clone
What they selling is irrelevant no telling what they on
Pedal that rhetoric your head will get severed to the bone
Yeshua the Christ blessing to my life, ya
Elevate him high, guess it was a price, shine
Headed for a life never in my lifetime
Did I ever think I'd be repping him like ya!

He the Alpha Omega the air that I breathe (yup yup)
Hands in the air for the King (Yup)
Hands in the air for the King (Tell 'em)
Hands in the air for the King
They can tell you it's a lie who cares I believe (Yup, yup)
Hands in the air for the King (Yup)
Hands in the air for the King (Hey)
Hands in the air for the King

They say we out of line now the line drawn
Hit him with the truth (poof!) now the lie gone
I'm still dropping ish like a bottom of a hippopotamus
If I swallowed Pac and I just squatted on your mom's lawn
Ran up on a loc in his new drop-top
Told him put this in your deck play it through non-stop
You can throw it out the door if it's not hot
Came back through said I took it for a joke but it knock knocked
Ha, I was tired on living on death row
Master told me it's no limit if you let go
I was locked in but He played the price though
Offered me the light I just had to let the night go
And now I'm sealed like I'm trained for the Navy
Only by His grace did He save me
Blessed by the best, cannon to the head, death to the flesh
Ever since then murder was the case that they gave me

He the Alpha Omega the air that I breathe (yup yup)
Hands in the air for the King (Yup)
Hands in the air for the King (Tell 'em)
Hands in the air for the King
They can tell you it's a lie who cares I believe (Yup, yup)
Hands in the air for the King (Yup)
Hands in the air for the King (Hey)
Hands in the air for the King

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Bizzle Hands In The Air '94 Comments
  1. Trip WR

    94 my birth year

  2. Hallelujah Entertainment Studios

    This video should have got more views then what it has

  3. Shannon Joker

    Why does this video have so low reviews over 20 years this song is awesome that's all listen to the words people

  4. De' Jenkins


  5. Dean Slegos

    Came back thru said I took it for a joke but it knock knock

  6. GodsSon616

    Keep goin Bizzle

  7. Shannon Joker

    Question does anybody know exactly when this song came out it says 1994 but he has seven on some of the hooks and 7 was probably 7 years old at the time. Does anybody know when this song came out also it's very electrifying I wish I can hear a little bit more of this in hip hop Christian hip-hop

    Jake Da Snake Who eats a lot of cake

    I believe it's 2 years old

    Gavin Bryce

    It came out in 2017, it's 2 years old

  8. Solar Panel

    Bizzle & Sevin on another level. Straight facts every bar aligned perfectly

  9. Shannon Joker

    Biz what's up it's all the Chicago gear I seen the videos do you have ties here with us in Illinois


    Hand in the air for the KING GOD OVER MONEY ALL DAY

  11. Jawon Ryan

    All glory to God

  12. Zaul Jerez

    Sick song bizzle

  13. Unique Investor Concepts

    #HardTruth keep Repin🙌🏽 #HandsNTheAir4The👑

  14. Jose Aguilar

    Timeless !!!! Still hot in 18!!!!

  15. Lunar Hive

    Great Flow..

  16. Marshall Mathers


  17. Lunar Hive

    HeavyWeight Bars!!! and The flow is sick!!

  18. Nina Gets It!

    This goes hard in the paint, for real! #TeamBizzle #TeamGodOverMoney all day e'ryday!

  19. William Thomson

    This song slaps was born in 94 praise god im still alive hes breaths the breath of life into us put your hands in the air for the king

  20. Derrick Adonis

    Amen God bless hallelujah hands in da air for da King

  21. Douglas Cook

    They going tell you it's a lie who cares I believe!!! Hands in the air for The King 🙌✝👑

  22. prozac nation

    Your tunes are dope homie. Gets me through. Donnyb aka keez

  23. Rhonda Grant

    praise Jesus with your hands in the air woo!😮

  24. DJ Blest - Chop'd & Blest'd

    I done chopped and blest'd it!!

  25. Jovi Maresha

    Who got their hands up right now?

  26. francisko vera


  27. Travion Tyler

    Hands in the air fo da king!

  28. Travion Tyler

    From the depts of the sea back to the block!Bizzle is so Dope!😊

  29. Fegs MBOOTS

    Liiiiiit 🔥

  30. Chu Maci

    God be merciful to me the sinner! Please forgive me for viewing porn yesterday. Please pray God shows me to not sin this sin by His kindness and does not chasten me for this. I was chastened by God not too long ago and I want to serve God so I may not be chastened again. Please I pray this decision to view porn does not destroy my marriage and that my wife Ariella is never unfaithful I pray for divine protection over her from other men. Especially the man whom tried to come in between us last year. I forgive him and thabk God he was not successful but that man never find favor in her heart and/or sight . May God keep Him away with the might of God. I pray that my marriage is both protected and lasts and never breaks now and forever . Give me a new heart and a sound mind. Please answer me God I need Your voice in Jesus name amen

  31. Leonard Frank

    Best track of 2017. 🔥 All for the King! Jesus!

  32. andrewleo8311

    SAVED and SEXY

  33. Deshawn Terry

    Bizzle you need to sign a artist called Big Yae. I just heard a song called letter to CHh

  34. Big TRXLL

    I've been a fan of your music for some time now bro!! i'm an upcoming Gospel Rapper from S.C. - I would love if everyone could go check out my latest muaic video ❤ thanks

  35. Zaria Sanaa

    God Over Money. I love it!!

  36. Joshua Connacher

    bizzle you are top notch praise Yahuah​. God Over Money sounds better than any mainstream sellouts be blessed in Jesus name

  37. The walk of Champions

    What is that black car at the beginning?

  38. JLock Official

    The Master Told Me there's NO LIMIT if i let go yooo he's been had bars been rockin with bizz since 2012

  39. Dream Griffin

    God over money

  40. Kalebe G. Quintiliano

    KD os Brasileiros? o/
    Yeeaw, it's' Bizzle..

  41. Zack Stewart

    Bizzle needs to stop biting on Lethal Bizzle and get his own damn name. Don't be a little bitch, Bizzle.

    Anthony Blockmon

    Zack Stewart Grow Up Dude That Sounds Like Something A Kid Will Say Bizzle Is For The Lord All Day If God Be For Us Who Can Be Against Us #NoOne Leathel Bizzle Needs Jesus I'll Pray For Him Bro!

  42. ihumanity7

    This track too hot the world couldn't understand it... might as well kindle the fire just like Christ wanted.

  43. Joes Bus

    I wanna buy God over money Tshirt

    Anthony Blockmon

    Joes Bus Hit Up God Over Money.Com For That T Shirt!!

  44. Joes Bus

    Haha this actually goes hard!~!

  45. Mike Malone

    this is hot

  46. Rusty Writer

    Bizzle was a pimp who found out he could make more money claiming to work for God. And he's right. Preachers have the best scam going. The televangelists makes hundreds of millions tax-free. Bizzle's big mouth got him into a fight in a car wash. After Bizzle shot off his mouth, the other guy shot off his gun. Game over.

  47. אבימלאק יהודח יהוה

    Do you eat pork? My are you showing Carnality in ur video...Yeshua is the son of Joseph not God...hence the name
    Yeshua Ben Yosef..he was a prophet tho..You niggas are still dead...Study and prove yourself worthy.

  48. SucceedbyForce

    I'm trying really hard to say that some of the gestures you're making don't look exactly like the ones that the enemies are throwing up - the "finger point" at the camera that's really a well defined, ring-finger-to-thumb number 6...the triple pat of the chest , over the heart, that makes the number six if you follow the pattern from the patting hand to the other hand (not to mention the hand is patting right towards a horned animal patch on your jacket). I just don't get it and I'm so tired of trusting someone and being confused if they're another wolf in sheep's clothing. I hope I'm wrong, I really do, for your souls sake.

    Anthony Blockmon

    SucceedbyForce Dude Knock It Off You Hating And Looking For Dumb Reasons To Point The Finger At Someone,These Men Are Followers Of Christ If You Don't Like How Most Represent Him In This New Generation Don't Rock With Us God Bless!! God Judge's The Heart He Not Like People Who Judge Your Appearance!!


    I'm sorry to have offended you so badly. You sound like you're defending Jesus Himself. I rep the Lord. I call men like they make themselves to be seen. He did what I said. Rewind the video and look at it for yourself. I'm looking out for the flock, not being a fan to any man. This is a music ministry, not entertainment. Its about the church, not the preacher. That's why so many of His children are being misled, because they trust in and defend men like you just did. Jesus said if you love me...feed my flock. That's who I'm looking out for. Those gestures are satanic, horned animals are satanic symbols. Those are facts. I know patting your chest with one hand three times means six six six. Facts dude...its all over the television in plain sight. You need to check your loyalty to Christ and the gospel. If I see some wolf fur peeking out of the sheep wool I'm crying wolf. What are you doing in the same case?

  49. Dj I Rock Jesus

    Classic Banger Salute !.Keep That Straight Ministry Heat Coming

  50. Cristofer Nolasco


  51. Cristofer Nolasco

    this is too hard!!!!

  52. Davidjh1

    Nice Biz!!! As always, lovin it. Bringing truth my fellow brother.

  53. magdalena salas

    I play this loud in my car! 🤗

  54. Rhonda Grant

    You're not just hot you keep heating up for Jesus Christ. RaRa 😝💜

  55. Godzson'Z Army SoulJah'Z


  56. Deborah Buck

    @bizzle you guys coming to Chicago? ?

  57. Tommy Motley

    album hot vro


    HolyGhost power actz238filmz

  59. Christopher Harris II

    Yep, That twenty five bibles on my dresser went off on em like this one ... Thanks from the Central Texas.... Gospel Christian Rappers and Brothers In Texas

  60. Sk8er Mom

    whew!! <3

  61. Unknown K

    Dude first time to listening to him and he's lit in the Holy Ghost

  62. Ryan Wilson

    That West Coast style, though!

  63. jimmie t

    They gone tell you it's a lie who cares I believe yep yep hands in the air for the king ayyyee

  64. jimmie t

    reppin for God with the classic west coast sound

  65. Lydell Musiq Ministry

    hands up for KING JESUS.

  66. God1st DotNet

    This beat is nice! Keep up the great work!

  67. L.O.S


  68. PSALMS120

    H.u.r.t where is your album?

  69. Jordan Kongolo

    What I love about Bizzle and GS is it's always straight Jesus #No compromise

  70. One J Reaper

    turn monitize off from your videos. we all should be corrected.

  71. Susana Rodriguez

    AMEN +++

  72. Dan Valdez

    Awesome video bro!! Glad to see H.U.R.T. reppin in the back too. Great show in LA on Saturday! God Bless

  73. Bremflux

    This Sunday in San Jose!!!

  74. keshealm

    this is FIRE!!!!!!

  75. Keith E

    Keep bringing that fire 🔥, fellas! "Yup yup, hands in the air for the KING." 👑Jesus.


    Bizzle you sevin and Bryann are such an amazing part of my life story man Bless you guys! God has great things in store for all of us. Glory to God! like i said to Bryann i pray one day i can be part of either of you threes ministry. i have no connects here were im from to do what i want to do. But i believe the Lord has plans for me one day. ive been through some thangs man and just love to help the Lord help the needy and the sick. use me lord!!! Bless you Bizzle!!!

  77. Jason Harkness

    I'm wondering what kind of music the 5 people that disliked this song like personally it has to be haters

  78. Jason Harkness

    Fire see u hurt back there that's tight

  79. MJJ 116

    Yassss Bizz 😉👌 Dope bro

  80. major box

    Bizzle you did ya Gift aka thang. Keep reppin! This on repeat!

  81. Arthur G

    Top of the charts in my book. Keep doing what you do.

  82. Eternal 316

    reacted to this , straight LIT !!!!

  83. Jawon Ryan

    Praise God Hands up for the King.

  84. Jawon Ryan

    Praise Lord Amen

  85. Luis Flores


  86. Yahumar Risrael

    lirical exodia obliterate.

  87. Adrian

    My hands are up:)

  88. Boldsojah4Christ


  89. Anybody know if Bizzle's approaching CHH the same way Crae is? Trying to reach the unbelievers, rather than make music for the believers? (even though he does that as well)

    Anthony Blockmon

    ‡ Your Question Is Crazy When He Is Reppin Nothing Be Jesus In His Music, The Devil Is A Lie Bizzle Is About The Lord's Biznezz And Whoever He's Able To Reach With His Music God Bless Them Bizzle Message Is Always Clear #NoSugarCoating God Bless!

    Kenpo Kid77

    ‡ Both, actually. If you listen to all his mixtapes and albums, he addresses both Christian and non-Christians. Talks about social issues as well as the undercover sin going on in the Church. He also lays out some real good questions and food for thought to both parties.

    If you want some examples, look up "Bizzle I Luv God Freestyle" and "Bizzle Chiraq Freestyle." Those two will give you rapping style and content in a nutshell.

  90. Keith Ford 7

    Man when you believe in The Truth, The Way is clear, all you have to do is live The Life. King David when he went to war was not humble he was strong in The Father Presence . GO BIZZLE my brother, Bless your work all the time.

  91. QueenJewelHallowbeGOD'SName Israel

    This Slapps (satan in the face I mean) 🀄💡🔛🔝

  92. kajulah kajawu

    am kajulah from Zimbabwe but based in Abu Dhabi united Arab Emirates, hehehehe bizzle you fire b, every day I bump your tracks bizzle ft Monty G or no hate, king, "God over money b, that's just my philosophy "as long as am the realist am the richest automatically -

  93. BRB 123

    Great song 🔥🔥🔥#GOM

  94. Chronicles Statements

    Cleannnnn blessings!!!

  95. Ronald King

    Yesh - u - AH!!! I love it, this is the correct way to speak His name out and it sounds beautiful when the Truth is speakn out, breaking chains while beating down the BLOCK!!!

  96. Chi Chi

    Love it!!!!!