Bishop, Stephen - Growing Up Lyrics

We all have feelings
We like to give our love and get love back
It's part of caring
You're learning caring
When people grow and share
And start to know
There's more out there

Than just getting more and taking more
There's giving more
The best part of living

Growing up
It's something you can measure
Growing up
It happens every day
Being young
Is something you can treasure
But life is good when you're growing up

I know you're waiting
You'd like your turn to do
Just what you want
It's part of growing
You're always growing
One day
You'll see and know
All the changes you must undergo

You'll be stronger then
And taller then
And you'll begin the best part of living

Growing up
It's something you can measure
Growing up
It happens every day
Being young
Is something you can treasure
But life is good when you're growing up

Growing up
It's something you can measure
Growing up
It happens every day
Being young
Is something you can treasure
But life is good when you're growing up
Life is good
When you're growing up

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Bishop, Stephen Growing Up Comments
  1. viking saxon

    // This Demon OK Gays ... He Says Things Are Different In 2020 From The Time Of The Old Testament ...I Have News For This Agent Of Satan ..God Changes Not, The Same Yesterday , Today , And The Same For Ever .. God Destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah Because It Was Full Of Wicked Sodomites , Or Gays !!

  2. colin lyne

    This fella is on £1400 per week..........obviously a little above the living wage which was condemned by Justin Welby, whilst the Church itself was paying the least it could.....Christian, I think not.

    Sev Vermeer weird this org is totally against texts they say they subscribe too

    Colin Lyne

    Sev Vermeer ????

    colin lyne

    Colin Lyne ????

  3. colin lyne

    The Church of England is sitting on £8.3 billion, so the reformation didn’t do much. The Roman Catholic Church too. The C of E preaches “ help the poor,” when it gives none of its wealth away!

  4. kingcaza96

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  5. For The Love Of The Truth

    don't rabbit on about Jesus Christ etc whilst charging people to enter the house of God you greedy hypocrite

  6. Red Lord

    I. Don't. Care.

  7. Heavy Vibrations

    Says he knows the North well, doesnt pronounce it Harrogut...

  8. George Marshall

    The Church of England does not propagate Christianity but a form of spiritualism... It is leading many a soul to hell... Don't be lukewarm like them... repent and be holy

  9. Jumus Jumbuck

    he looks like something from Father Ted

  10. Hugh Franklin

    Another deluded fool that believes in a supernatural creature.

    Hugh Franklin

    How? Prove to me this supernatural creature exists, there is no proof, this creature existed or exists. Why would you follow a god that has a holy book that condones rape murder incest and slavery? So the fact you believe is difficult for me to believe.

    Alex Brown

    No christian anywhere in the world believes in a 'supernatural creature'. A creature by definition is created and God by definition is uncreated.

    Hugh Franklin

    @Alex Brown sorry mate but you do

    Alex Brown

    @Hugh FranklinIf you actually read any Christian theologian or talked to any priest you would find that you are wrong.

    Hugh Franklin

    @Alex Brown
    I really don't care what a con man or a priest as you call him has to say. Your religion peddlers defend a holy book that condones Rape, Murder, Incest and Slavery. Beside that i don't believe that this supernatural creature or god as you want to call it ever existed.

  11. James Godwin

    This is one of the few things that Brexiteers and Remainers can agree on: religion is a waste


    Far from it. it is the most useful weapon in the world!

  12. Peter J Mallia

    Congrats on your appointment mate.
    Christianity is becoming lost in a sea of hate,Communism, anti church anti Christian rhetoric,we need a voice for all who still see our great country as a Christian country with a Christian nation behind it.
    We need to get back to the real meaning of Christmas, the real meaning if acceptance the real meaning of Christianity.
    Spread the good news my man and fight the evil that's taken our society our sick society to a level lower than ever before.
    Let's get this country back in its feet and stop allowing Christianity to be pushed to the back of the shelf only for reasons not to offend people of other Faiths,this is England and our society whether peoples like it or not our ethics our principals and our moral compass all are backed up and come from a Christian upbringing.
    Wake up UK,wakeup World and hear the good news.

  13. Jimmy McCrudden

    how many kids has he touched? need to know how many i need before i can apply for his job

  14. Aaron Watson

    This guy reminds me of the cardinal from Sin City. Straight up peado, guaranteed.

  15. Bob

    Let's hope he's better than these Catholic priests that move around the country. You all know what I mean?

    Gordon Smith

    Yeah Bob, we all know what YOU mean.

  16. Atlas Amygdala

    if you don't sin Jesus died for nothing

    Gordon Smith

    Atlas Amygdala
    Yeah - that was the false doctrine preached by Grigori Rasputin

    Atlas Amygdala

    Many arrogant people seem to believe that they are the mouth piece for god/Jesus, nobody can comprehend the mind of a man so holy and powerful. We can only speculate and draw our own conclusions from his actions and morals so I think it is unfair to say "Grigori Rasputin" was false. That is if the bible isn't a fairy tale.

  17. Ryan W

    Pedophiles use jobs which grant them access to children sadly one of them is working in the Catholic church remember that pedophilia is a very sick orientation and is most likely decided at pubity before pedophiles even think of becoming priests so priests don't become pedophiles.

    Pedophiles in my opinion pretend to want to be priests just for the children same with carers, teachers, sweetshop workers and ice cream men and women who happen to be pedophiles.

    The excuse that they do it because they aren't allowed women is utter nonsense and no real priest would say that if they had urges they couldn't resist they would choose a women as it would be considered an even greater sin going with a child.

    I'm a Protestant church of England so I'm not just a biased Catholic.

  18. Chris Kingston

    lets all dance naked to the pipes of pan instead

    Sev Vermeer

    Thrill with lissome lust of the light,
    O man! My man!
    Come careering out of the night
    Of Pan! Io Pan!

  19. Joel Haines

    Jesus christ, close thy eyes and thou sound like maurice moss from the IT crowd

  20. ssech

    Schizophrenic of York believes in zombie jesus 6000 year old earth mythology, make sure you keep your kids away from these disgusting people.

  21. kyle rosen

    Another pedophile moving up the ranks!

  22. Hotep Thomas

    His TANK looks and sounds a bit SUGARY to me 😯😯

  23. domhull09

    Finally a gay one :)

    Sev Vermeer

    Looks like a leather man to me


    domhull09 - WHAT! Not another! 😆👍🏻

  24. James Cullen

    Wow so many people saying he is a peado rapists,, When an Islamic preacher , not a mention of the thousands and thousands of children his vile followers raped shame on you all ,

  25. Tom Wooly

    your not fooling anybody, your gay! and probably a pedo!, stay away from the little boys!!!

  26. Mr Kish

    Just googled this man

    He is part of affirming Catholicism

    Affirming Catholicism is a movement operating in several provinces of the Anglican Communion, including the UK, Ireland, Canada, and the United States. In the US, the movement is known as Affirming Anglican Catholicism or AAC. The movement represents a liberal strand of Anglo-Catholicism and is particularly noted for holding that Anglo-Catholic belief and practice is compatible with the ordination of women. It also generally supports ordination into the threefold ministry (bishops, priests, deacons) regardless of gender or sexual orientation.[1]

    The movement was formalised on 9 June 1990, at St Alban's Church, Holborn in London by a number of Anglo-Catholic clergy in the Diocese of London who had been marginalised within, or expelled from, existing Anglo-Catholic groups because of their support for women's ordination to the priesthood. It developed a theological stance which was staunchly liberal in matters of inclusivity but traditionally Catholic in matters of liturgy and the centrality and theology of the sacraments whilst believing that traditional restrictions on who may receive them should be re-examined.

    AAC has ties with the Society of Catholic Priests; in the UK, AffCath is a partner organisation of Inclusive Church.[2]

    So he approves of ordaining homosexual and lesbian priests. He is of Satan

    Church of England is Apostate indeed. I am glad I have officially left it

    jojo bean

    Of course he approves of homosexuals in the church he is one after all


    He is a schizophrenic who believe bible fairy tales are real, might as well have a Jedi of York.

    Mr Kish

    @jojo bean Is he? He is married to a woman. Is he a homosexual?

    Alex North

    You belong in a loony bin tbh.


    @Alex North All religious people suffer induced schizophrenia for they believe in a magic man in the clouds, they are the loony people.

  27. Verónica L. Lian Maseras

    Is he Gay?

    Gordon Smith

    @Sev Vermeer
    Are you sensitive to such 'vibes'

    Sev Vermeer

    @Gordon Smith yes i get a tingling in the butt hole

    colin lyne

    General Guile means nothing!

    colin lyne

    Sev Vermeer u

  28. MUSE

    Another pedo....

  29. christopher thorpe

    dear oh dear, good news?

  30. vidville vid

    Those poor little kids.

  31. Abdul Taha

    So they got rid of the African man for a bald white man
    Very inclusive

    James W

    Abdul Taha Calling Islam an intolerant, violent, homophobic religion isn’t being triggered. It’s just a factual observation that numerous people make. The issue you really have is that you know I’m right.

    So I “pinker” your response? Look who’s illiterate now. Haha you’re really not very bright are you? Even more irony!!

    I mentioned Charlie Hebdo because it’s a well known example of the religion of peace behaving dishonestly and violently when someone offends them. You guys will say anything to silence criticism.

    Freedom of speech and freedom of religion in Iraq and Afghanistan? Don’t think so!

    Still waiting on you to tell me how I’m illiterate.

    Sev Vermeer

    The folliclealy challenged are a repressed minority

  32. colin lyne

    Perhaps he will drop the charges to enter the cathedral. With the Church of England’s riches, they should be helping the poor and homeless, instead of just telling us what we already know.

    Sev Vermeer

    @Gordon Smith Church of Romes stuff I think

    Gordon Smith

    @Sev Vermeer
    I wouldn't know, so I won't comment.

    colin lyne

    The Church of England is sitting on £8.3 billion, so the reformation didn’t do much. The Roman Catholic Church too. The C of E preaches “ help the poor,” when it gives none of its wealth away!

    Gordon Smith

    @colin lyne
    "sitting on £8.3 billion" what?
    You say the reformation didn't do much - the reformation 'nationalised' all church property and then sold it off.
    Henry VIII used the money to build his navy and coastal defences.
    Unlike Germany, the church in England receives nothing from the state. Every Parish Church, every cathedral is dependant on public donations.
    btw: The large church in York is York Minster, not York Cathedral.

    colin lyne

    Gordon Smith . My use of the word Cathedral, where a Bishop sits, was a mistake, but in any event, a Minster is an honorific title only. It does not convey anything more! Indeed , York could be called a Church! With regard to the C of E’s riches, this quote might be more accurate ; “The Church’s property portfolio and investments are immense. It is sitting on a combination of ancient endowments and investments worth £8.3bn” You are no doubt an Anglican, defending the Anglican Church, as I used to do. However, it helps few in the community, and its members do little on the outside of its “ meetings.” I also cannot see any reason why it should be supported by the state!

  33. Biggus Dickus

    For everyone slandering him; he's Church of England, not Catholic. Priests from the church of England are allowed to marry, have kids, etc, so they don't tend to molest children as a loophole like the Catholics do.

    Coffee Arts

    Being married and having children doesn't prevent children from being sexually attacked. Paedophilia is a mental condition that is present regardless of environmental factors.

    As for the sexual misconduct in the Catholic Church, at least they're doing something about it. Many have been excommunicated for their crimes and the corruption in the Church is a very deep concern for many laypeople, particularly on the more traditional side.

    Biggus Dickus

    ​@Coffee Arts Look at the rates of paedophilia in Catholicism compared to any other Christian sect and you'll realise that you're playing devil's advocate so to speak.
    Pope Francis himself said that reliable data suggests that 1/50 priests, clergymen, etc in the Catholic church are paedophiles.

    Unless you would suggest that 1/50 people are paedophiles in the real world then you should be able to admit the catholic church has a serious problem.

    To the credit of Pope Francis, yes he's done something about it; he's told members to report cases of sexual abuse. However, that's nothing but a small plaster on the thousand year tradition of the Seal of the Confessional which has allowed their members to get away with it as long as the confess in private.

    As long as the Catholic church continues to sexually repress its' priests, there will continue to be sex scandals.

    Colin Lyne

    In 2016, the Church of England was dealing with 3,300 complaints of sexual abuse. This is the latest figure available, and was revealed to the general synod in February 2018 by the Rt Rev Peter Hancock, Bishop of Bath and Wells, the Church’s lead bishop on safeguarding issues, who was responding to a written question from a lay member of the Church’s governing body. He said most of the “concerns or allegations” related to children, young people and vulnerable adults within church communities.

  34. Jacob Tack

    Can you answer the following questions?

    1.   Does the Creator have a Name, if so, what is it?
    Scripture asks this question!

              Pro 30:4  Who has gone up to the heavens and come down? Who has gathered the wind in His fists? Who has bound the waters in a garment? Who established all the ends of the earth? What is His Name, And what is His Son’s Name, If you know it?

    2.   What does it mean when Scripture tells us to keep the Sabbath?

    Exo 20:8  “Remember the Sabbath day, to set it apart.

    3.   Who was born the 25th of December, and why do you celebrate it?

    4.   How do you get 3 days and 3 nights from Good Friday to Sunday?

               Mat 12:40 
    “For as Yonah was three days and three nights in the stomach of the great fish, so shall the Son of Aḏam be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.

    James W

    Jacob Tack 😳 If you think I’m wasting my time reading all that you’re even more crazy than I already think you are. The bible is not and never will be evidence that your version of god created our species, our planet and everything on it. All you’ve done is prove what I already said:

    It’s nothing more than wishful thinking, deluded, arrogant nonsense. Nobody in the scientific community agrees with you. You can’t make a scientific claim and then support that with biblical scripture to support your argument 😂

    God damn you religious types are so disingenuous it’s unbelievable. Have fun living in your weird little bubble :)

    Jacob Tack

    @James W Well there you have it. The reason why you don't know the truth.

    You have asked me to prove the truth to you, i did. And you refuse to read it.

    So make peace with the idea of living a lie. And accept the consequences that comes with it.

    James W

    Jacob Tack Again, more dishonest arguments. You said you had proof that there was a creator and used biblical scripture as evidence to support that point. You clearly don’t know the difference between a deluded, faith based opinion and proper “scientific evidence”. Nobody in the scientific community agrees that the bible is evidence for gods existence. Nobody! If they did, they’d be laughed out of the profession.

    So yeah, you have fun in your weird, deluded bubble and I’ll enjoy living in the real world.

    Oooo do tell me, what are the consequences of refusing your divine truth oh all knowing one? Are you going to condemn me to hell with all the gays? 🙄

    Jacob Tack

    @James W there is zero dishonesty in what I have written.
    How do people know what happened 100's of years ago? They read history books. This is how we know about science and truth, from the Scriptures.

    Modern science is based on what was written in the Scriptures.
    The prophecies, eye witnesses and creation itself is more than proof of the existence of the Creator. Just because you don't like it, does not make it false.

    No I am not condemning you. Your are doing it yourself.
    It is like there are 2 sandwiches on the table. One has poison in it. I tell don't eat the one on the right, you will die from it. And with your attitude you choose the one on the right. You die by your own hand.

    So go ahead, choose .

  35. Josh

    Hey look its king of the Pedos

    Gordon Smith

    Hey look, another foul-mouthed Yank who appears to KNOW a lot about "pedos"

  36. pentirah5

    Congratulations. But when are we going to see a woman archbishop?


    pentirah5 - never. Women should be at home washing up! 😆

    Sev Vermeer

    @pentirah5your gender centricism has no place to go


    pentirah5 cause he’s a big gay

    Sev Vermeer

    @pentirah5 The information and decision making would be better.AI=1+9=10


    @Sev Vermeer
    Who needs archbishops, anyway?

  37. Angry Nun

    Hands off our kiddies!

  38. Bobby Ballbreaker

    May God help the kids

  39. Thor Thirty Nine

    I remember Sentamu getting a tent put up in the cathedral so he could sleep in it for a week to highlight homelessness. A bit like Prince William camping out one night, also to highlight the plight of the homeless. Both stunts did as much for the problem as a cream cake competition would do for obesity.


    probably did more than you ever will.

  40. ryan kemp

    Who else is not religous?

    Phillip Scott

    The vast, vast majority of the country.

    Marko Ranković

    Sure as F... not me.

    Sev Vermeer

    I am the Final Prophet of mine own Church.....glory be to ME


    A good deal of Britain is not religious and next thing if they don’t turn back is to disappear in the waves of potent “religious” world surging and engulfing Western Europe.
    Hedonistic, consumerist lifestyle is never a good strategy but having the Gospel and ignoring it is worse.

  41. Stuart Parkinson

    Don’t need a closet, what’s the crazy fool trying to put over us? Roman era cohesion for the greater good of some denied class?

    Sev Vermeer

    @Gordon Smith Many churches with St Mary and St Michael have yew trees in the graveyards these were the pagan sitesof worship.Destroyed

    Sev Vermeer

    @Gordon SmithAncient Vedic culture that used sanskritt seems to be hugely influential on Europe/Asia

    Gordon Smith

    @Sev Vermeer
    Quite an essay.
    I've no problem with Christianity using older dates, seasons, sites etc - yew trees symbolising eternal life, circular church yards.
    The bottom line is we 'don't know' - but any faith that teaches tolerance, respect for others, kindness and compassion can't be a bad thing.

    Gordon Smith

    @Sev Vermeer
    Can't agree that English being a mystical creation Sev - it evolved from a north Germanic dialect.

    Gordon Smith

    @Sev Vermeer
    The 'offensive' comments are, I take it, where I don't agree with you.

  42. James Partridge

    Church of England is now apostasy. You have let the world convert you !

  43. Barbara Lerner Spectre

    Pagans are the true native Europeans. Not the multicultural Jesus Christians and Catholics.

  44. colin newton

    Who cares

    Gordon Smith

    colin newton
    If that's you're honest opinion, why are you here?

  45. Steven stott

    Wow he is not gay, a Christian actually following jesus teachings .merry CHRISTmas all, if you don't believe why celebrate u might aswell celebrate ead.


    @Steven stott Of course you can, however Christmas time is one of the best times for it.

    Christmas is a great holiday, regardless of its pagan roots and Christian interference.

    I do quite enjoy some Carol singing and I can enjoy the architecture of a beautiful church, however I won't be attending any Christmas services as I believe Christianity is a repressive and immoral cult, that has never met any burden of proof.

    Steven stott

    It's pagan roots, yes we all know that christ was born in June July and they put it to fit in with the weather at the end of winter but don't celebrate in something u don't believe in that is stupid, learn about your countries religion, st James bible would be a good place, go celebrate your pagan practices.


    @Steven stott I'm not religious so I don't plan on celebrating any of the religious aspects, I will just enjoy the social and party aspect of Christmas thanks.

    Also, do you have a source for the claim that we know when Yeshua was born?

    Steven stott

    All these fuckers disrespecting Christianity, cs Lewis ,Robert peel florence nightingale john newton John wesley st bede st cuthbert Thomas cook Smith wigglesworth and many a more built the west

  46. Kaza Blanka

    what do these people actually do ??

    Kaza Blanka

    uBaHftw On what ? And in what sense ?

    Sev Vermeer

    Shopping for frocks and outlandish gold ornamentations


    Kaza Blanka - ask a few million sexually abused children that. For every one caught, there's thousands more that got away with it.

  47. Connor Cook

    Paganism is the true heritage of Europeans.

    Connor Cook

    @James Partridge "Go read the bible" Why would I read a man-made doctrine, on the Jewish spirit, when I'm a European man? This is what I mean when I tell you dumb Christians that, "paganism is the true heritage of Europeans.", NOT 'Christianity'.


    Connor Cook

    Those who do not want to be with God are not forced to. Suffering is lack of God.

    Where there is God there is no suffering

    Connor Cook

    @relaxthenrefresh LOL. If a magic man in the sky is, your motivation for self-preservation, then, you must be astounding weak!


    Connor Cook

    God is infinitely great and to know Him and love Him is humanity’s duty because He loved us first and made us exist.

    Life, in its impermanence or often superficiality, is meaningless without Him.
    In Him it’s just a step to the next level.


    Connor Cook

    You cannot talk about “European” without the Bible.

    “European” would have been and looked very different without it and it’s intertwining with the people of Europe for about 1700 years.
    And you likely would have hated it!

  48. maker man

    He's not wearing a crucifix . He wears the broken cross. Which as he should be well aware of is heresy

    CW Hallway Productions

    He's a satanist in disguise.

    Phillip Scott

    Ooohh heresy.



    It's also heresy to work on the sabbath, but I guarantee you have done it.

  49. Theo Richmond

    I thought he got burnt by Daneries' dragon?

    CW Hallway Productions

    Valar morghulis

    Theo Richmond

    you know nothing @CW Hallway Productions