Birdy - All You Never Say Lyrics

You've been searching
Have you found many things?
Time for learning
Why have I not learnt a thing?

Words with no meaning
Have kept me dreaming
But they don't tell me anything

All you never say is that you love me so
All I'll never know is if you want me oh
If only I could look into your mind
Maybe then I'd find a sign
Of all I want to hear you say to me
To me

Are you uncertain?
Or just scared to drop your guard?
Have you been broken?
Are you afraid to show your heart?

Life can be unkind
But only sometimes
You're giving up before you start

All you never say is that you love me so
All I'll never know is if you want me oh
If only I could look into your mind
Maybe then I'd find a sign
Of all I want to hear you say to me
To me

All you never say is that you love me so
All I'll never know is if you want me oh
If only I could look into your mind
Maybe then I'd find a sign
Of all I want to hear you say to me
To me

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Birdy All You Never Say Comments
  1. [ARK] [KRAL] [PİR] Challenger Cemil

    May the force be with us

  2. Naldo Mendes

    Q música ❤👏

  3. Milena 16Pty


  4. Sina Sprengard

    I love her songs so much😔❤️

  5. Edward Mandac

    Hello any 2019 ppl out here ?

  6. Yasa Syahliandra

    song from heaven

  7. Victoria Farley

    My boyfriend has been distant for a while. He hasn’t said I love you in the longest time, and turns down any form of physical affection. I found out today that he is questioning his sexuality, and he asked for a break. I feel like I just wasn’t good enough for him, and that maybe I messed up. I hope he figures things out, but I am really hurt that he didn’t tell me sooner. Why didn’t he trust me enough to tell me?

    badlydoll Vargas

    Maybe he is ashamed, and he has not the enough courage to tell you the true

  8. isaias silva

    11/09/2019 !!!

  9. Jimin and Zayn

    A great soundtrack for The book “Ugly Love” by Colleen Hoover

  10. isaias silva

    Agosto 2019!!!

  11. Djikka Abrea

    I miss birdy, 2019 anyone???

  12. Jane Becerra

    I stay here for anna tood and because the lyrics means much than I feel

  13. Julia Bowman

    My dad is a heavy metal head, got him to listen to a few Birdy songs... and to my surprise he loved her. He passed away two days ago, RIP dad, forever in my heart 💔

  14. KQGamer

    This song reminds me so much of my first love, I thought of him all the time and was so in love, but I also had the problem of not telling my parents about my homosexuality. But all he never said is that he love me...

  15. Michelle Chee

    I wish there was a karaoke version of this song

  16. Cocoi

    I feel sad with this song and I cant stop to think in my dad.

  17. em’ the nem


  18. María Cabrera

    Amiga necesitas más reconocimiento

  19. Boefke

    it is an old one but whenever I hear this song with your voice there ' s a tear.

  20. Boefke

    I miss you

  21. Yaninlou G

    Se que es triste pero pasa el tiempo y me sigue gustando 🎶🍃

  22. Akuma Susan

    2019 anyone??

  23. Sue Milner

    This song describes my relationship with my mother ... no love .. no nothing ! .....a perfect song ....

  24. Carlos Yáñez Flores

    La canción más sentimental de Birdy, simplemente me encanta y me pone los pelos de punta.

  25. bed haze

    No wicket.. &-

  26. Mike Stewart

    Ok... it’s 3am. Just discovered Birdi and this gorgeous track. and I’m in tears 😭 like balling. Wow. Traumas have made me avoid music like this this past year. However tonight was the right time to start appreciating all of this again and to feel it ❤️


    its never too late to find birdy and her amazing songs.

  27. Andrada Boscan

    Birdy, always the best!!!

  28. Lise

    this song has so much meaning to me.

  29. Rositca Lyamcheva

    I have been in love with the song since 2013.

  30. Bianca Gomes

    This is my favorite❤️❤️

  31. xavbelle

    i wish i could sing this to my dad:)

  32. Curtis Robinson


  33. Curtis Robinson

    Very nice ---->

  34. agnes-heree

    nice song. pretty relatable.
    im in love with my best friend. we are both girls. she already has someone.
    especially the line"words with no meaning have kept me dreaming" means a lot to me. she often says 'I love you', but only as a joke and I always imagine that she actually means it.

    yeah, I know, im late, but I found this song just recently hah;;


    Move on. Life is long. You'll find someone who will love you back like you do. Keep yourself open, who knows, lightening could strike. ☺️😇

  35. Michael Marinakis

    This is such a well done video! What kind of program or app do you use to make a video like this?

  36. Sana Sana

    I’m in love with this one guy, he said he loves me but he’s not ready for a relationship. I ask him if I should just give up on him and he would always say “I don’t know” it’s confusing as hell, every time I leave he lures me back but when I get close he stops me. I want to fight for him but I’m uncertain whether he’ll ever be mine. :(


    Nope. Confused people can't be yours. Leave him for your happiness. Coming from a guy.

  37. Bijaya Lakshmi Sarma

    This song added rhythmn to my tears.

  38. ana a. martínez

    did you love me or was it all a game to you?

  39. Y M

    Today he made me cry, and i don't even know if he meant it.... this song heals me

  40. Katie Hirst

    Who else is still listening to this ❤

  41. Soul Searching

    I have been waiting for the other half of my soul. I am very shy and he is persistent. We both know that we are meant to be. I was just so nervous to say it. I decided last week that I would finally let my guard down. I messaged him telling him the truth, and I’m meeting him next week to talk about it. I feel like we will finally hear each other say the words of our hearts. We have both lost our parents at 17 so a real connection means a lot to us. I hope everything goes well. I hope we can truly express ourselves in a way that will set the foundations for the rest of our future together.



  42. Willy Parmentier

    Super artiste

  43. Yuuzzasmr

    This is totally what’s happening to me now.

  44. สมเจตน์ พิชิ

    You. You

  45. Simeya Duarte

    Eu vim aqui depois de ouvir o cover da Panangelica

  46. mohamed salah

    best voice ever...Birdy

  47. Rachael Haben

    I love your music, this is one of my favorite by you!!

  48. Mido Asmar

    This song is amazing 😍

  49. bm dc


  50. Ty Mali

    people of zimbabwe!

  51. Kristy Wilkinson

    beautiful song

  52. H96core

    Normalerweise creme ich mich inmer nach dem Eauchen ein und falls Du es nicht magst qualme ich outside

  53. H96core

    Check ya insta DM's ca. VOR 2-3 WOCHEN warst schon only on ny mind

  54. Nario Xavier

    It's so wonderful when you find a song that can describe you situation in a way that you cannot understand nothing...

  55. Joey Grotentraast

    She fucked my cousin.


    Im a man , should i stay for the one i love , my EX , now we comeback after 7 years , she had so much story after we broke up , i can say im the first , now i try again but i can feel she scared and confuse with the 💓 im act like a girl and she act like me before now . I turn good , she turn bad but try hard . Very bad English sorry .truestory.

  57. ahmed zidane

    1.6k of Selena Gomez fans

  58. Purple Moon477

    My heart had been stomped on, by stupid crushes, either they rejected me by saying "I like you as a friend" or they would just hate me for staring. Even when I would never confess, they avoided me thinking I'm weird. And friends who were guys, i would sense they liked me, but they never said the right words to move me or smtg. At the end, their crush on me would go away, bcuz of some other girl, or bcuz they just gave up on me too easily. No boy (even my brother) has tried to comfort me in a proper way. Like, not only hugs and stuff, but with words. But, I mean, why would any boy do that? Why would any boy try to befriend me? Or try to make me open up? I'm just a weird girl....who doesn't socialize much, because she knows she will be judged even by the people she dares call 'friends'. The only 3 real best friends she has, aren't even in school. All alone, at school. What else can she do if no one wants her? Well, follow her passions in music and just focuse in studies....make internet friends if possible...explore music.....this song...really made me cry. Not many songs make me cry. And well, i cried hearing this song....bcuz, not only was it way too relatable, (warning- im gonna go out of topic) I wonder....when Taehyung heard this song, did he look up the lyrics in korean? And if he did.... *did he also relate to the song? Is that why he liked it? Or was it just the music?*

    P.S I love taehyung, but I know he will never know I even exist.

  59. Georgina Hafford

    love birdy skinny love is. my favourite.. amazing voice

  60. Sophia Bythesea

    Just listen.... Thinking of u P....

  61. Vickie Clarkson

    Brilliant lyrics

  62. Jean Umerez

    so nice...omg

  63. F Alkindi

    2018? Anyone?

  64. Ransom Walker

    your songs are so meaningful to me

  65. Larry Sánchez

    All never know is if you want me oooh

  66. Haninos

    17M views only ! a clear decline in the general taste of humanity : (

  67. Joy Fighter


  68. Alyson Hagen

    I will always love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️💓💓💓💓🦄❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  69. Jana Muñoz

    Where can I find the score for piano?😊♥️

  70. Kristin Marshall

    If you're wondering what I want to hear from you it's that you're going to treat me right and not just words that you've told many before me... It stings💘.

  71. Ícaro baby

    Amei essa música

  72. Shinta Ainal


  73. maranto sr

    Makes me cry, beautiful song!

  74. Yasser Calvo

    Best song ever

  75. anuschkatim

    🌺🌟🌺🌟very🌺🌟🌺🌟🌺great 🌺🌟🌺🌟🌺song🌟🌺🌟🌺🇩🇪

  76. Vivianne G. Labiri.

    L’esprit de l’escalier..

  77. John Strat

    I would bag Birdy like a broken screen door in a tornado.

  78. Silvana Gili

    Birdy ha una vibrazione speciale , intensa,dolce e e forte ..nella voce e nella personalità! !!

  79. Kerem Öner

    vay amk 5 yıl ne zaman oldu

  80. Mary Magdalena

    I'm coming home without my heart and I don't mind

  81. Tia Smith

    An adoptee here. Bio dad just passed...never got to hear him say a word to me

  82. Marcos Isaac

    These comments are from such a long time ago it's a little saddening

  83. Spiritual Gangsta

    Just found out who Birdy is today and I'm in love with her vibe and voice! What a beautiful sound and I'm crying listening to her. The songs are ALL that I'm thinking. Never thought I'd be so happy to hear sad songs. ♡♡♡

  84. Train Graffiti

    no he or she is just using you for when they are bored or need something. you'll always be second, so move on and tell he or she that they are selfish and say goodbye to the ungreatful a..hole.

  85. olive saul


  86. bunga pitaka

    So sad 😔

  87. #Juli.A.

    I love this song SM!❤

  88. Ulises Campos

    I really want new music from her, I hope she come back sooner to recorder studio :(

  89. Florence Dujour


  90. Anna Smith

    Does anyone know is the lyrics her handwriting? Or is a font?

  91. Ivo Florist

    Birdy, a silent artwork

  92. Carl SJ

    This is so beautiful.