Birds Of Tokyo - Brace Lyrics

Pull the arrows from your heart
Wipe your bleeding hands
On virgin cloth
But don't forget

The days we suffer soon will pass
The future leads us down
An unknown path
With no regret

The most important thing
Is to forgive but not forget
We're not servants who wait
To be broken in
By someone else's hand

Brace for the end
(Destroy it all)
Of everyday disillusion
(Destroy it all)
We're seconds away
(Destroy it all)
From critical retribution
(Destroy it all)

Light a torch and burn the flag
Paint the open sky
In smoke and ash
But don't forget

Soon the rain will drown the rats
With all the flooding tears
Of those who passed
With no regret

The most important thing
Is to forgive but not forget
We're not servants who wait
To be broken in
By someone else's hand

Brace for the end
(Destroy it all)
Of everyday disillusion
(Destroy it all)
We're seconds away
(Destroy it all)
From critical retribution
(Destroy it all)

Of all important things
Never forget your name
Of all important things
Remember all their sins
Defy erase rebuild
Not as servants but as kings

Brace for the end
(Destroy it all)
Of everyday disillusion
(Destroy it all)
We're seconds away
(Destroy it all)
From critical retribution
(Destroy it all)

Brace for the end

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Birds Of Tokyo Brace Comments
  1. Ben Simpson

    Listening to this live was one of my best live music experiences absolutely awesome, sounds great but the headphone audio doesn’t give it justice! Which says a lot about a song that still sounds great through headphones!

  2. Epic Kid That Rages

    "Pepsi" Bottle a "Coca Cola" glass . I don't give a damn

  3. Brennon Lee

    Remember that time on Home and Away when the river boys returned with this theme, that was dope asf.

    Melissa Brady

    I'm only after finding out who this band is after a very long time from watching home and away. I couldn't find out from anyone who it was..... Finally 😁😁😁😁😁

  4. Martina Krasevac

    This is the most underrated band ever :(

  5. Bujinskate

    Yep that’s the good stuff

  6. Andrew Lockett

    Not in the Tool class, but in this genre very good. The breakdown in particular is exemplary.

  7. themrpiggy22

    Where are the chords for this?

  8. Paul DeVito III

    Vool is *BACK* fuck this is good.

  9. They call me Mayhem and BAEPSAE


  10. Zach Leeding

    this sucks donkey scrotum

  11. Steven Gill

    Wall of sound. Love it.

  12. Osvaldo Antonio Senna

    love it

  13. Phuemaltopia

    This sounds very similar to Cryoshell's 'Face Me'. I still love it!

  14. Richard

    "Of all important things
    Never forget your name
    Of all important things
    Remember all their sins
    Defy erase rebuild
    Not as servants but as kings"

    Cue throw chairs and smash shit!

  15. chan ngo

    "never forget your name" I've heard silly mysic stories about this.

  16. Leonid Isachenko

    groovy and beautiful. good song

  17. KashStrings

    ANY MUSICIAN HERE? Pls confirm if half of the bridge instrumental is is 7/8 time signature? Also the verse chords are D#, D#/D, B, Bb, D and chorus chords are D#, B, F#, Bb? and the lead up to chorus is F#, G#, F#, A#? Can any better musician than me confirm this? Im just playing power chords for now, havnt gone into minor or other variations of chords, but if you know, please post, thx


    KashStrings All I know that it is a 7 time signature, im still learning but can confirm that

    Andrea Rivero

    You've pretty much got that right- except I do a g#m and A#m and also the d# has this bass note semiton slide figure you can hear in the extended bridge and sometimes that held chord of D# does a cascade to the Bb for the end of the figure (in the chorus) I hope that helps?

  18. Riley B

    Subscribe to flame898

  19. Zen & The Art of Trading

    Such a sick song. A+. Brilliant album

  20. Telle Grier

    do they have more songs like this omg

  21. Mushroom Cat

    Ya Joking shoulda been higher!


    Nice but can you guys bring back some Day One/Universes type stuff? Your slow pop oriented keyboard stuff sucks dick
     to be honest.

  23. Mel ll


  24. Natalie Weller

    Best!!!! Super! Love it!

  25. Jack.Naughton

    i'm not usually into birds of tokyo but this song changed my mind about them

  26. Dallas Bane

    Reminds one of "The Cure"

  27. scamp astra

    deserves more airplay on radio .

  28. IamSchofield

    The birds are back. Master piece of a song!

  29. Numb_burgerj33

    faaaark did I just hear that 😨🍻👈

  30. Facu Ezequielll

    me encanta ♥

  31. ChunkyMammal

    Fuck I havnt heard anything this good in a long time

  32. Carol Hollett

    I love this track. I can't find this to download anywhere in the UK - not an iphone person before anybody points me in that direction. Where can i download it?

  33. Monica Mason

    Awesome album. Not disappointed.

  34. some guy

    This reminds of of Karnivool.

  35. Draegor X

    Wow. I've heard about Birds of Tokyo for years, but this is the first time I've been captivated. Awesome stuff!!


    maybe you should try karnivool then

  36. Kristof's Konnection

    10/10, never get rid of the distortion. this is what birds of tokyo should sound like, not plans or lanterns

    Andrew Lockett

    Kristof's Konnection that's right. Plans and lanterns can be obliterated and sunk to the bottom of the Pacific. What we need are proper guitars, blinding time signatures and fuzz so dense they make your ears bleed. Not to mention a breakdown that would have the pit in utter meltdown. Bravo indeed!!, oh, and encore immediately.

  37. Stentron

    That chorus is PHAT

  38. ChrisM

    This could easily be Karnivool.

    Best Birds of Toyko song yet

    David Lee

    Kenny's voice suits the heavy music so well. actually thought it was karnivool when I first heard it.

    Bronwyn Peachey

    +David Lee, my husband and I both thought it was Karnivool aswell.


    That's because Ian Kenny is the vocalist of both Karnivool and Birds of Tokyo.

  39. average joe

    great song!

  40. Lloyd Douglas

    awesome track ..i like this style of birds of tokyo ..awesome

  41. Wayne Driver

    what can one say the Birds of tokyo rock . awesome new track brace ,saw them live twice in the last month absolutely killed it can't wait till i get my hands on the new cd . Birds are the best

  42. Keitha Granville

    why does everyone always want the same stuff ? the best part of BOT is you get something completely different every time, and you just give it a listen and even though it's different you like it - that's what good music is

  43. ALC0LITE

    holy fuck this song is awesome. love the guitar and the time signiture

    Lewis Heasman

    ALC0LITE Birds said they got inspiration from Parkways "crushed" track.

  44. Flow_ BzE

    i love this song

  45. Jarrod Butler

    Absolutely love the off beat guitar riff in the middle section. The breakdown before dropping it all gives me the chills. Love it.

  46. Tobias K

    Fuckin' banger boys!

  47. Lanky

    I've always appreciated their stuff but never really got into them. However, this song blew my socks off. Massively impressed with that time change!!

    Zen & The Art of Trading

    Me too man, I stumbled across this song by accident and now I'm hooked

  48. TranslationsRussian

    Not aMUSEd...

    Glen Scholes

    ha ha nice, I am 50/50 so far from what I have heard, but I love your play on words, I am very aMUSEd thank you


    In the same vein, is that lead singer the Beard of Tokyo?

    Minks Rule

    hey that beard is sexy

  49. Daniel J

    very nice..   very tool sounding...   of course with the distinct birds flava all over it..  luv it,,  no hash tag lol

  50. EpicPianoTutorials

    great song!!!!!


    the birds are back!!
    and they really did listen to us
    so proud of what they've done!

  52. Sam Bowmer

    Mmmmmmm that is one tasty riff

  53. Samantha De La torre

    Best song ever!

  54. PhiNick

    Muse ripoff? More like Karnivool ripoff ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  55. TheFreakShow

    Another Brilliant song by Birds of Tokyo :)

  56. Monstayou

    Love the Tool influence. Dig this track!!

  57. Jules Clayton

    The new song is faaaaaantasticalness!!!!!!! Hoping you come back to Bendigo again :) :)

  58. Dennis Ferguson

    Its got them AFI Sing The Sorrow feels, fucking mint take my money

  59. Michael Novotny

    The sound that I've been missing for a while :)

  60. Astro Valentine

    Time to find my good headphones.

  61. Arkano

    This is actually pretty good, them views tho

  62. Sarah james

    whats with the weird orb?? btw luv this song :P

  63. Thelema

    Very, very nice.

  64. Oliver Reville

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! All the MUSE comparisons, yea right. Kenny's vocals are leagues ahead. Can't wait for the whole album.


    i love birds of tokyo but matt bellamy's vocals are second to none in modern alt rock

    Bryce Page

    Ian doesn't have a falsetto range as strong or a head range as big, he kinda sits in Matts middle range for both, which is still pretty great

  65. thewizardninja

    Fucking hell, that brief switch to 7 really made my day.

    Anne Lam

    thewizardninja z


    Haha, same here! :) And we've got a pretty educated crowd in here, because many people point to that moment as well.

  66. Cody Stebbings

    Holy shit yes! Keen!


    so freaking good.

  68. 707BEATER

    Yay all the lyrics

  69. Luke Hesketh

    I... I just got music wood lol

  70. Dave Armitage

    Now your talking welcome back Birds of Vool fantastic


    Birds of Toolkyo

  71. Maryn

    Ah ! This chorus and the tension are so amazing. So heavy =)

  72. Scott Kinnane

    BOT are back! Always tight, always great vocals - massive single to kick off a new album.

  73. Jess

    So now that I have heard it all. I'm impressed. Give me more. The countdown is on for the album now.

    Ps. When you basically asked for our permission to make a heavier album I was expecting a lot heavier than that. 🙂

  74. Ai dan

    post rock flavours. i approve.

  75. Jack A

    This is the best shit you've put out in fucking forever. The time signature shift towards the end and the guitar tones make it sound Tool as fuck.


    Cuzjudd Tools of Tokyo?

    Eduardo Pedroza


    Eduardo Pedroza

    Just this song?? or the entire album??

    Paul DeVito III

    Been wondering where vool went guess they just do it all under birds of Tokyo now. This is sick af.

  76. Peace_Out

    Sounding the goods guys!

  77. Trillyke

    Yess, my little Birds! This sounds AMAZINGG!! Especially the guitars!!! Can't wait to hear the rest of this album!!

  78. HungryJack87

    Thankfully the hipster era is coming to an end and we can go back to heavy music and burgers in standard fucking buns (none of that brioche rubbish).

    Andrew Lockett

    HungryJack87 strangle the buggerfucktwat out of all hipsters!

  79. Stoneman180190

    Is that a distorted guitar I hear?
    Welcome back Day One/Universes BoT

    Dan Trbusic

    The bulk of what you are hearing is synth and bass fuzz, doesn't matter sounds good.

    Anneka Lunn

    Stoneman180190 never heard of them

  80. Jimmy Sandison

    Love this! Getting back to the BoT roots. With a little less distortion this would almost have fit right in on the Day one album. A bit of a karnivool influence there perhaps?
    Good times ahead!

  81. Fanji

    Not sure what to think about this.

  82. Clarky

    yeah this is pretty awesome, could go a whole album of this.

  83. J Gibson

    Birds are back baby! fark yes

  84. Dan Hill

    Fucking amazing <3

  85. Brodie Pruha

    Yas! This is more like it.

  86. Andy McLeod

    oh, hell yes! loving the creative direction, BOT!

  87. 1001 Rabid Tales

    rofl. sounds like a watered down Muse-B side. haha. Sorry boys, this one is no good. Stick to mellow tunes.

    Brett Norman

    Was relying to his comment about sticking to mellow tunes, true BOT fans want heavier stuff back! :D

    1001 Rabid Tales

    Yeah but they're not good at it. They're better at making mellow softer tunes like Plans or Lanterns - their 2 biggest hits.


    To be fair the guy who produced this song produced the Muse album Origin Of Symmetry

    Bryce Page

    The best bit about having hits is that you can pay your debt back to the record companies and write the music you want.

    Andrew Lockett

    1001 Rabid Tales yeah right, because the guitar work here is such an amateur night, it's obvious. Fuck lanterns and naval gazing touchy feely shite, this is the type of stuff they should be pursuing. See you write better.

  88. Fábio Dias

    What I like the most about BOT is that you guys don't give a crap and do whatever you want. Love every single new song with completely distinct sounds and musical approaches. Love Kenny's voice as always!

    Craig Bishop

    If your opinion IS FACT, then please explain the band asking the fans what they wanted?  Take a look at their website.  Kenny pretty much states that they "were giving the fans what they wanted and making a heavy album."  For the record, this ain't heavy at all, just a Muse rip-off!


    Its 1 song. Who knows what the rest of the album will be like. Plus one could say its "Heavier" than more recent stuff. Bet u will still be checking out the rest of the album even if its a "Muse rip-off".

    Mitchell Condick

    Craig Bishop Perspective. A lot heavier than their recent stuff, and sounds heavy for Birds of Tokyo. I'd say this is what a lot of the fans wanted - something that brings back the feel of Day One/Universes while adding different elements to strengthen the sound.

  89. YouGotTheTickets facebookUS

    Nice yo hear a good new rock song from BoT ! now come to the states !!

  90. Slychotic

    yo this is actually really chill

  91. Mark

    Birds are fucking back! Oh how we've missed you! This is the sound I've fell in love with.

    The One Freeman

    Could recommend some of their older work similar to this?


    @TheOne Freeman Sure. "Off Kilter" which is probably my all time BoT fave, "Wayside", "Broken Bones", "Black Sheets". "Universes" is probably their best album


    @TheOne Freeman Also "Stay" and "One Way" from 2005 are wicked songs


    @TheOne Freeman Scrap that, start at the "Day One" album lol

    The One Freeman

    Hahah, cheers man! Will do!!

  92. ih8ppunk

    It sounds like Muse covering Universes... it's glorious :)

    Bryce Page

    @jess that's a very obscure Muse pun if it was one haha


    Maybe not a pun, but muse have a sing called glorious.

    Bryce Page

    Jess yeah, the one off the Invincible EP, decent song


    *glorious song

    Ally Lamont

    Birds new album was produced by David Botrill (Tool, Silverchair, Placebo, Pumpkins), who was also a producer on Muse's Origins of Symmetry.

  93. Ben Danaher

    Good to see them back like their old stuff!! Sooooo good

  94. Alistair Gibson

    I was ready to give up hope on BoT after March Fires, but this is going back to their roots with a bit of new flavour added to it. Awesome work, guys!

  95. Jo Marini

    Holy Shit, this is bloody good! Well done boys - big love. I have no words for how happy this makes me!!!!! :D <3 <3 <3

  96. Sarah Adams

    OMG YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO MUCH YES!! Thankyou BoT!

  97. Reckoner

    distorted guitars = fuck yes!
    the scurge of all this middle class synthy/ acoustic boring shite every other aussie band thats on radio has been pushing the past few years needs to die now. that shit is done.