Bird, Jade - My Motto Lyrics

Oh now
It hurts again
'Cause I'm left out
I believed the promises
Oh how
Does it hurt again?
I should know now
Better than to believe him

Ooh ooh, all this sorrow
Ooh ooh, will be gone tomorrow

And that's my motto
Don't let 'em near enough to let me down
All this love ever does is break me now
And if it hurts so much to stay, then let him go
Oh, that's my motto

I'm not a fool
And Lord knows I'll be stupid if I still wanted you
But if I do
I'll repeat the message 'til I don't

Ooh ooh, all this sorrow
Ooh ooh, will be gone tomorrow, morrow, morrow

And that's my motto
Don't let 'em near enough to let me down
All this love ever does is break me now
And if it hurts so much to stay, then let him go
And that's my motto

And if you call, oh no, I won't crawl
Back into your arms, I fall alone
'Cause I'm better off being on my own

And that's my motto
Don't let 'em near enough to let me down
All this love ever does is break me now
And if it hurts so much to stay, then let him go
And that's my motto

That's my motto
My motto
That's my motto

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Bird, Jade My Motto Comments
  1. Roblox TV Network


  2. houseplant

    Ah ❤️

  3. roniere fernandes

    eu amo demais essa mulher 💕

  4. dam dreck

    Esta mujer es lesbiana.

  5. Andrea Eli

    Everyone needs a stunt double

  6. Malcolm Bird

    I live this

  7. M 2019

    Saw her last night in Manchester. Astoundingly brilliant! 👍 😘

  8. Wolf Regulator

    OoOoOOooOoo MOtTo m0tTO likes youuuu!

  9. Avefay

    What a power...

  10. Ronney Rendon

    What a beautiful song.

  11. Tony Brisson

    thats a good motto....sad but good...

  12. Tepp Sco

    Why's the CD being sold in shitty jewel case :( a work of art deserves a nice case.

  13. Francesca Venturi


  14. Mattia Ardizzoia

    Cannot understand why so few views when here in Italy a Lot of radios daily pass it

  15. Joelle Seiden

    This song is beautiful, reminds me of Taylor swifts old stuff

  16. CH4RLIEonUtube

    This song help me a lot in this difficult moment. I lost my mom and i broke up with my girlfriend 😢

    Thanks ❤

    Liliana Ibarra

    Hope u well. God bless u


    @Liliana Ibarra thanks a lot. ❤

  17. Halil İbrahim Karaköz


  18. Singing4Whitney

    I can't get this song out of my head and I'm not complaining.

  19. AltoonaYourPiano

    Every now and then you discover a musician that's truly amazing, one that's truly special and memorable. Today I got to discover the incredible talent that is Jade Bird. And I'm so happy that I found this amazingly talented woman. This is an incredible song and a very well-made music video.

  20. Simone Caprio

    Bellissima voce!

  21. Anthony Thompson

    Her long hair is lovely!

  22. Suman Partel

    Anybody from nepal

  23. Captain T Original

    Loved the ending!

  24. roniere fernandes

    Já disse que te amo? 💕

  25. John Long

    Absolutely one of the best modern artists in an industry that has become so corrupted. Beautiful.

  26. hhhk20

    Listen to this if you are dying of cancer, and you want something even MORE painful to take your mind off it.

  27. Maki Omakis

    Ure awesome Jade. Don’t change !!!!!!! Industry!!!! R u listening????? Stop making crap shit music that makes people stupid. This is quality music. Quality!!!

  28. Ciaran Eley

    Lol I only know this from it being played on the fucking radio 24/7

  29. adrianmusic777

    An African man i worked with discussed with me my bad luck and suggested I had a shadow following me. It takes all of your good luck away and leaves only bad. Now I've watched Jade Bird Im thinking of taking his advice and getting a man who knows to get rid of it. Once its gone it goes on to some other poor sucker. Very strange as this is my fave song at the moment, I think she sounds like a young Kate Bush. Its just the video with the shadow. It freaked me out.

  30. Helen Fitzgerald

    Tried to play this to my 13 yo daughter who plays guitar, said I thought she could play it, sing it, and she was so rude to me.

  31. Freya x

    sounds a bit like sia elastic heart🤷🏼‍♀️

    Sodapop Jukebox

    Freya x how?

  32. Ragnar

    Who’s here from BBC radio 1 lol

  33. Dane Brass

    but what is her motto?

  34. Anne Bradley

    I love Jade Bird! It's a curious thing how she oftentimes wears jumpsuits, like she's in prison. I just found out that George Washington was murdered andvreplaced by Adam Weishaupt, now that's a shocker. Crooks ARE running our government. So to me, her motto is hanging on, Real Life is her canvas. I just saw a commercial on a photographer who is like-minded and her theme is "Born To Let Go" - wow, and that's what birds do, and keep flying. God bless Jade Bird!

  35. kimfromnewyork

    what a boring song, and what is her fucking moddo anyway?

  36. Cailan_ 7

    Shit song and fucking annoying as fuck and I want to kill myself when listening to her screeching voice, and to top it of she is ugly as fuck

  37. Rich Richards

    Aqualung rip-off. ('Cinderella)

  38. Due_

    fuck today's music, you are so great

  39. Davis E

    This video is brilliant !

  40. Paul Pogba The Black Sensation

    I thought this would've been super popular by now

  41. David Blaze

    I love your late 70's sound please don't ever change unless you want to, but f*ck the industry!

  42. cries in junhui biased


  43. Ruby & Rachel

    Best song of the decade

  44. Mari Dangerfield

    This song gets more and more beautiful and meaningful with each listening ☺️✨

  45. Erick Escoto López

    I don't know if everyone else noticed this, but this great song and "When Im Gonna Lose You" by Local Natives (my favorite songs of March, 2019) both start with same piano note.

  46. Auri Razma

    Make a cover of Smooth operator ☆

  47. Kali Rea


  48. Inês Natalia

    Amazing! Completely in love with your music! ❤

  49. Steve Klein

    Fantastic show in Dallas! You're a treasure Jade Bird - take care of that voice...

  50. Jacob Krimmer

    Awesome ending

  51. Richard Wadsworth

    Love this song! Vocals on point as usual.

  52. PinkyGingy YT

    Look out... i think motto motto lokes you

  53. Brian Angel

    I love how you start from the end of "No Joy" and end with showing the Stunt Double........Brilliant !!!! It appear's that Jade is opening her personal life to us all slowly, video-by-video.


    That was my hands following Jade ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  55. Karen Hodgson

    Really relate to this right now -
    definitely better off without him! Never give benefit of the doubt to people when ya gut is screaming no at you! Too much time wasted for me.
    Thanks Jade Bird

  56. The Poetry Oasis

    Top tune. Showing great versatility of repertoire. Good video, high quality audio and visuals. Thanks

  57. Sarah Persons

    So well done!

  58. Maiza Ellen Mota

    Jade, eu escolhi te amar! 💖

  59. Andrea Lans

    Sick video!!!

  60. ken berby

    love it!

  61. Anuj Singh

    Awesome sawsome

  62. Jacob Zimmer

    seriously can’t stop watching this i’m obsessed

  63. Tõnis Köster

    Don’t do enough stupid things,we love 💕 you

  64. OWEN

    amazing song and kick ass gal her albums gonna foke-ing rock :D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  65. Shorty Last name

    motto mottoo

  66. Victor Lebre

    From time to time, youtube gets to show me new artists to add to my "favorite" list

  67. Victor Lebre

    From time to time, youtube gets to show me new artists to add to my "favorite" list

  68. djzenelvis

    amazing song, I cant wait to see Jade Bird play live

  69. Jezrael Ibarra

    Exellent video

  70. ale14zoppi

    I'll be honest. I don't think this song is at the level of her best ones: Lottery, Love Has All Been Done Before, Uh uh, or I Get No Joy are so much better. The verse is ok, I found the pre-chorus banal and overheard (?), the actual chorus is not bad.

    I expect better 😕

  71. Stier

    This is such a beautiful song😍

  72. Phisek Tanboriphan

    Good Luck ¿?

  73. Ashley LeHaf

    soo amazing love love love!

  74. Cristian Botello

    Joya tras Joya , Jade Bird Capaza la mejor 2019

  75. Danute Javtusenkaite

  76. Olivia Tully

    how have thirty people disliked this , bloody hell this song is beautiful and jade bird is amazing, im just in shock that anyone could dislike it

  77. New Alternative 40 Chart

    "My Motto" debuted at #22 on the New Alternative 40 Chart this week!

  78. Mister Fahrenheit

    You deserve all the fame

  79. Bryan Ariza

    Much love!

  80. Serg Bor

    Могла бы и сама прыгнуть)))

  81. goombamakker n

    I've ordered the album and I can't wait to listen to it and having it in my hands!

  82. Olivia Plyler

    omg this video is amazing. I love how it connects to the I get no joy vid

  83. samantha blasko

    OK, yes girl. Loving these vids.

  84. jeferson diaz

    A star is born!!

  85. musiccandles

    so beautiful

  86. Kaitlin Gladd

    a beautiful song & video!!

  87. trvxzen. music

    Masterpiece ❤️

  88. ShastaOrange

    Her wardrobe must be like 75 jumpsuits and nothing else. I approve.


    Draws heavily from Murdock of the a team

  89. dejanbuba

    Top! You’re going up girl🤟🏾

  90. Raju.y Ch

    From Sia reconditions?!

  91. Kaptain Kommunist

    Damn, Ghost Adventures got really weird this season.

  92. Gibberish Figure

    We love you from Romania!🇷🇴❤❤❤

  93. HotCoco

    Come to salt lake! Or come play at the Ogden Twilight series! We would love to have you.

  94. Bruna Maranhão

    perfect without defects

  95. Tim Jay

    Mmm... piano and strings is a personal favorite and the "ooo" over the D A E change knocked me over. Love the builds and break-downs. Your bridges are always interesting! The video is well-done, congrats to all who had a part in it. The shadow-chase is a very cool idea. Thank you!

  96. Xoch Jarquín


  97. Anonymoose

    Looks like there is hope for modern music

  98. Colin Littlewood

    Like listening to paint dry, so boring.