Bird, Jade - Lottery Lyrics

I was 19 and you were 23 and
We stayed in Number 4 Ferdinand Street
We spent five talking about our lives
But we'd talked like that about a thousand times
And I'm bored of all that

You used to tell me that
Love is a lottery
And you got your numbers
And you're betting on me
You used to say that
Love is a game
But you got your numbers
And you're betting on me

I'll tell you about a guy
That I've been with
You ask "How old is he?"
And I laugh "26"
"Nah but he's 30
How messed up is that?"
"Oh, forget it" he says
"I'm a jealous man
And I don't want to talk about that"

You used to tell me that
Love is a lottery
But you got your numbers
And you're betting on me
You used to say that
Love is a game
But you got your numbers
And you're betting on me
Are you still betting on me?

Hold on, my dear
Hold on real tight
It's just a numbers game
In my mind
And we've been here a thousand times
A thousand times
A thousand

You used to tell me that
Love is a lottery
But you got your numbers
And you're betting on me
You used to say that
Love is a game
But you got your numbers
And you'll play it anyway
You used to tell me that
Love is a lottery
But you got your numbers
And you're betting on me
You used to tell me that
Love is a lottery
But you got your numbers
And you're betting on me
Are you still betting on me?

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Bird, Jade Lottery Comments
  1. Kevin Baker

    That voice is so irritating, like a cat's claws on a chalkboard. Awful.

  2. Mark Kingswell

    Since when was lame middle of the road hipster pap called Folk.?!

  3. The Harlequin

    Just heard this song in a pair of demo Target headphones. Had to write down the lyrics so I could find it when I got home

  4. Johnny Rineer

    KXT 91.7 Dallas

  5. Connie Harston

    favroute artist love u so much

  6. Connie Harston

    cant wait to see u at kendall calling 2020

  7. BestMusicWorld360

    exploding brilliant talent! Wow!

  8. Gillian Rivera Lim - RIVERAEDGE

    I heard this song in 2018 and forgot about it until 2020 when i heard it through tester headphones in JB Hi Fi

  9. Axe Man

    Heard this in some headphones at Best Buy lol

    J V

    Same lol

    Evan V

    lmao I heard it at target

    Yolo Serrano

    Lmaoo me too but it's genuinely a good song


    I heard it at JB HiFi lol

    real demigod

    At BOSE store in one airport.

  10. James Lee

    She would be better if she has songs about deeper stuff and not just love.

  11. Paulo Zimmermann

    1/3 of these views are mine, sorry, not sorry

  12. woah !1!1

    thank you target headphone preview for showing me this beautiful song

  13. elnubnub

    Smart Lyrics.... love it

  14. Rafael santos

    Ela tem uma voz incrível​. Primeira música que eu ouvi dela já me cativou. Olha a diferença de uma artista de verdade que realmente sabe cantar e soltas voz.

  15. Muzzzyyy

    who else is here after listening to this at walmart on their BOSE headphones?

    Nima Abbasi Firoozjah

    brooooooooooooo :)))))))))))))) the source tho

  16. Grace Gilbert

    Okay so the Walmart by me plays this song in the speakers they sell. Honestly, good job Walmart.

    The Harlequin

    Just heard these fron Target

  17. jim catalfamo

    i'm a little biased on women in this genre but this tune stop me dead in my tracks

  18. Jerald bortle

    I want to punch things when I hear this song.

  19. Bassy Simpalah

    Dope song🔥🔥🔥

  20. Camille Binford

    Bro I hate this

  21. Nick Mosley

    Can't get enough of this song. Extraordinary stuff.

  22. FaithC

    Damn it's just so good

  23. Dave Fredericks

    I love this song. This singer has a bright future.

  24. Liz D.

    This does not have enough views, I have listened to this song like 10 times a week for 2 months. More people need to see it.

  25. Denise Holt

    Bjohnny ca

  26. Luna

    A voice of fire 🔥 🔥

  27. Sumbreru

    Heard this in Best Buy on one of the display headphones

  28. Sylvia Sanders

    October 2019 Jade Bird is Freaking Cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💙❤️❤️❤️💙

  29. Goddess 666

    Love her voice...

  30. Aim'obeast

    Is this like a counrty song or sum? It's cathy and sad or something someone tell me the genre

  31. Kevin V

    Joni Mitchell for the next generation 💜

  32. Jordan Troy

    love love lovee

  33. Miss P

    Problem: When I find a new artiste such as Jade Bird - I want to show them off but I don't want them to become mainstream and 'popular'. I want the artist to find success, conquer their world etc but I don't want to share miracles. I'm selfish! Everyone should hear Jade Bird but most of them won't deserve her.

    Loli Lucy

    Let her be popular, she wants to be an artist and sing but if people dont share her around she cant

  34. Kristie Arr

    I walked down the aisle to this song. I hear it on Spotify one day and just fell in love with it.

  35. Cynthia Holenski

    She reminds me of Amanda Seyfried.

  36. James I

    Black and white 'Masonic' video!

  37. Emily L

    I love her but this reminds me of a George Ezra song. Is it a cover??


    The only song I knew she needs subtitles 😂😂

  39. Akasha Diyunuge

    My ears are truly blessed by the voice of an angel!

  40. Parvinder Singh

    One of the sweetest voices I've heard in years absolutely beautiful 🙏🏾

  41. Benjamin M. Fischer

    ¿If You knew that You had a #LegitOpp at #TrueLove, why wouldn't you #BetyOURnumbers on something you had #NOevidence of?

  42. Tony Brisson

    whats with the jump suits

  43. Aileigh Easton

    Heard this on radio x

  44. empathy

    good song.

  45. Tony Brisson

    see theres still good stuff around...way to jade....nice style

  46. Ronney Rendon

    What a beautiful song.....and that voice!

  47. Bryan chan

    Great music

  48. truthbegins

    My friend saw her performing in that bar on Ferdinand street three years ago, and now she is storming major festivals all across the UK. She is so great!

  49. Kelvin Sullivan

    Serious voice... pure class.. 🔥

  50. Sadie Swiss

    Target headphone gang

  51. avantgardeaclue

    Don't know why Jade's not bigger than she is. Way underrated. All you here about right now is Billie Eilish this, and Billie Eilish that, Billie Eilish! "Marcia. Marcia. Marcia!"

    Rory Robertson

    avantgardeaclue I scrolled down to your comment to let you know that you are a special and someone is paying attention to you.

  52. Jennifer Martinez

    Great song

  53. Pops Studios

    You used to go to my school

    Pops Studios

    And do drama

  54. Steven Casteel

    Your songs are produced really well. All the layers pop really nice and crisp.

  55. Elizabeth Phillips

    So good!!!! Love this song. Maybe there will be a karaoke version of it to sing <3

  56. Henrique Martinez

    Menina você canta muito! Sucesso!

  57. tomrush64

    Saw her last night opening for the 400 Unit and Father John Misty...awesome opening act with powerhouse energy

  58. Red Zhang

    This is the song I love most recently!!!!!!喜欢你的名字和你的歌🎊🥳🎉

  59. Taylor Moore

    She is the best 🙈

  60. Andrew Blanton

    Jade Bird is definitely the coolest new artist I've heard in a long long time. I tried to see her but She was opening for some other band that was sold out.

  61. Phillip Tran

    This song is letting me rediscover my now faded romanticism.

  62. cowchipsbotme

    The second guy is only 2 years older than the previous, if you started at 19 and spent 5 years with the first guy.

  63. carlton matlock

    Jade bird is my Favorite Singer she has a beautiful Voice ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💙♥️♥️♥️💙💜💜💙

  64. Michael Stapleton

    god damn I hate it but I'm so addicted to this song

  65. Vishal redhu

    Waooo its osm❤️ love for you from India

  66. sangr0

    Oh, boy! She's totally off key...

  67. Carl Eppich

    I love this song, hear it a lot at my work

  68. Dreary Deary

    this blows my fuckin mind... what a voice!

  69. Bloop

    I’m so confused did this only come out in 2018?? I swear I remember hearing this song and specifically remember the “you used to say that love was a game” but I feel like it was at least a few years ago...time is strange and not linear sometimes

  70. ioannis vrettos

    My lover you are super..!!

  71. Michael Crider

    Please don't let the industry influence you. Your talent speaks for itself as well as your message. Stay true to your roots and keep the wolves out. I'm a rocker from the 70s, you are a total original in this day an age. Stay true to yourself and your own vision.

  72. Samo's Acoustic Backyard

    Beautiful song! Wanna hear more beautiful songs? Check out our Backyard Show! LOVE

  73. Yasmin

    Saw you live the other day and you are incredible

  74. Dayton Michael Schmidt

    i saw you at shaky knees. other than cage you were my favorite by far

  75. Grace Wells

    She really is one of the coolest female artists releasing music right now.

  76. Sam Carroll

    Wow this is all in one take and in slow motion, impressive stuff

  77. Mystèry Partñer

    Come on . It's time to Explode! ✨

  78. Max

    Very Alanis Morissette. I like it.

  79. Jacob Riley

    She has an amazing voice !!!

  80. silverlinings playbook

    she is just wonderful

  81. Dionis Leev

    This is where she _really_ took off.

  82. shane o donnell

    Cant get her voice out of my head she such amazing singer

  83. Fractured Hearts

    A metal cover of this would be fucking epic.

  84. Jeferson Santos

    Jade Bird, grande cantora!

  85. Caroleena Official

    Such a unique way to sing!

  86. Adelia Hammond

    Heard her on bbc radio 2 today I’m hooked

  87. Emilie VIGUIER

    I love your voice. I want to see more of you soon !

  88. Raidcan

    This song is fucking annoying. It sounds like she’s whining when she sings the chorus. They play it every single time at my job. >_<

    Dionis Leev

    And you deliberately came here to splash the negative. Why not go and look at something you like?


    @Dionis Leev I came here for several reasons, actually. Seeing how apparently, you give a shit (or your some "PC-cry-baby-butt-hurt" fanboy -_-...) Reasons: 1. To see who the hell sings this. 2. To see if I could tolerate hearing it. 3. To add it to my cringe playlist if I couldn't. 4. To comment how much it sucks. 5. To give this video a thumbs down. It feels good to voice my displeasure and no random anonymous off the internet is going to tell me what to do.

  89. Dionis Leev

    ☝ Жителей СНГ приглашаю фанатеть в паблик

  90. Vivi

    Jade Bird is ready to blow up I think!

  91. Ron C

    Is it just me or does this song sound like Blame by Calvin Harris? Because it seems that the lyrics are different, but the style is the same.

  92. David Blaze

    Goosebumps all the way

  93. James Everett

    Love this girl💙

  94. bazilCyclist

    Not bad at all!

  95. Flavio Mueller

    Jade, i really wait you on Brazil! Come to Curitiba Please!!
    You're the BEST discovery I've ever had on Youtube!
    Thanks Vevo! rs

  96. SubArcticWolf Tools & Outdoors

    I just heard this song for the first time today...I love it!

  97. malmomarch 2000

    A song for when Jade wins $15 million in the lottery she will give 10 lucky fans each $5,000.

  98. Chloe Villarreal

    This song has an Adele feel