Bing Crosby - Only Forever Lyrics

Do I want to be with you
As the years come and go?
Only forever
If you care to know

Would I grant all your wishes
And be proud of the task?
Only forever
If someone should ask

How long would it take me
To be near if you beckoned?
Off hand I would figure
Less than a second

Do you think I'll remember
How you looked when you smile?
Only forever
That's puttin' it mild

How long would it take me
To be near if you beckoned?
Off hand I would figure
Less than a second

Do you think I'll remember
How you looked when you smile?
Only forever
That's puttin' it mild

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Bing Crosby Only Forever Comments
  1. Laura Fisker Gejr

    my frinds :)

  2. Ancient Warrior

    I'm a Finnish 14 year old boy.
    My father is from Lapland and has Saame ancestry.
    My mother is from west Finland.
    My grandmother's father was a Waffen SS soldier.
    I guess it just goes through my family to prefer classical music

  3. Paula Cannon

    Back when pedowood was Hollywood

  4. alein joy salamanca

    sirene and nikolas

  5. Danica Marcolita

    Sirene and Nikolas💖

  6. Joben Mendoza

    Nikolas and Sirene #NikoRene

  7. Pam P.

    I want this song played for my husband and I when we renew our wedding vows 😍

  8. Naleenchae Bruce

    Nikolas and Sirine😍

  9. Pauuu :3

    Hello sa mga nagbabasa ng Sirene! KOLAAAAAAAAAAAS! ❤️

  10. Dianneyy Guerrero

    Sirine? WATTPAD hahaha

  11. ferenc józsef nagy

    Csodaszép hangja volt.

  12. Ynata Alih

    Sirene and Nikolas brought me here. 😂

  13. Diane O'Shea

    The #1 song when I was born on Thanksgiving Day 1940.

  14. Nina Marie Reuyan Baguio

    Sirene by Binibining Mia brought me here♥

  15. Rhonda Clark

    He’s in heaven, singing 🎤 forever, WHEN FOREVER COMES!

  16. Binibining Alfonso

    Ayieee sirene kolas and sirene 😭

  17. Clare Corbett

    Bing Crosby had an amazing voice ❤️

  18. Patience Dula

    My boyfriend told me this reminds him of me 💕

    Shine Shade

    sana all

  19. Admiral Lemons

    I’m a big fan of rock and metal but this is damn good too

  20. May

    Sirene and Kolas!

  21. Malcha San

    Sirene brought me hereee

  22. mamamo hatdog

    Sirene ❤️

  23. _A F R A_ heheing

    Sirene and Nikolas 💕

  24. Imani M

    My first time listening. This is so beautiful 💕

  25. Van nesa

    SireneWP by Bb. MIA brought me here

  26. Van nesa

    SireneWP by Bb. MIA brought me here

  27. Ethandering Notions

    Sirene and Kolas❤

  28. Bill McHugh

    Johnny Burke, James Monaco

  29. Kristine Cagmat

    Sirene by UndeniablyGorgeous brought me here 😭 Sirene and Nikolas ❤️

    alyssa marie lucero

    me too haha

    Randyruth Jativa

    Hi mga sis hshhahahahahaha

    Caira Abrielle

    Sameeee ❤🤗

    HasuriNoona A'TIN


    trisha myka enot


  30. Anishka Franshin

    Uhhhh I'm just 12 yearsold but I really love this kind of music actually I love classic is there something wrong with me????

    John Wilson

    Anishka Franshin no I’m still a kid and I love it too!

  31. Erica Joyce Lorilla

    Sirene & kolas😂💕😍

  32. Shan Shan

    i'm just here bcs of wattpad "sirene"

  33. Peter Taylor

    He may have been the worst b*****d in the world, he may have done some terrible things, but I was in love with him. When I was younger than his youngest sons. Dammit!

  34. Anna L Livinal Belanger

    Beautiful music to fall asleep to

  35. Angelique Ladines

    Mwehehehe. I'M HERE BECAUSE OF "SIRENE😍" WattpaderKnows😂

    TJ Manaois

    Angelique Ladines omg hello hhhhahaa

    jennyfer carillo


    Dam Heun


    Yasmin Park

    Same hahahaha 😂

  36. Jk Jeon

    Sirene & Kulas hihihi <3

  37. Anj Montejo

    Wahhhhhhh sa wattpad whooooo sirene😂💓😍


    Yun din dahilan kung bakit ako nandito!😂😂😂😂

    dunno mahself its Chanyeols ears fault

    Hahahaha wooooooh currently reading it noooow💕💕

    Toxic People

    Hala hala! Sirene nga! WAHAHAHAHA naaadik na tuloy ako. Tae talaga si Wattpad hahahaha

    Lyka Alfonso

    Hahahaha dahil din sa Sirene kaya pinanood ko to. Feel ko tuloy nareincarnate ako HAHAHA.

    Malcha San

    Tama, nikolas and sirene💕

  38. Janet7144

    My parents were married in 1940 and this was their song. We had ‘Only Forever’ engraved on their headstone.

    Jessie Bates

    Janet7144 you brought a tear to my eye, that's beautiful :)

    John Wilson

    Janet7144 that sounds beautiful...


    Janet7144 lovely :)

  39. Marleena Ulry

    So my family would tell me that my grandmother on my father's side was a Crosby and Bing Crosby was her cousin. I used to think that it was just a family story and all that, but then I looked up pictures of Bing Crosby and -OH MY GOSH! my dad looks so much like him!

    Peter Taylor

    Lucky you! That's some cousin.

  40. Bonnie Reed

    Beautiful. Love the older songs, and even when I was younger.

  41. Charles Louis


  42. Tricia Jaques

    my grandfather would sing this and too ra loo ra loo ra to me. it melts my heart

  43. Casey Loove

    Not enough people have been viewing 40s music here on youtube. Unfortunate. They are missing out.

    Peter Taylor

    I'm here and I'm not missing a thing. I used to think I was the only person on earth who loved the music of this era. So glad I'm not.

    Brandon Hernandez

    The 1920s and 1930s are neglected much more than this decade. Which are also Bing's best years!

    Brandon Hernandez

    @Peter Taylor Not true at all. There will always be enthusiasts who like a certain culture in any era. But sometimes there are more enthusiasts who lean a little more towards sometging else than 20s or 30s jazz music per se.

  44. yung protein

    guys I haven't even been thought of yet and I listen to this type of music love me plz)))))x

    Capt. Cowboy Ukyo

    cooldown Not a single person on this video is saying that, your joke isn't funny, most people are here from Corsera.

  45. Faktum Stream1Beatz

    This is so Fallout 3

  46. Mr. Chriveled

    I just naturally love this type of music

    Kirk Barkley

    it's called good taste.

    Lexie Pea

    Kirk Barkley took the words out my mouth hahaha. ♡


    DarkdaysColin sameee

    Diane Ore

    DarkdaysColin I always loved Bing Crosby since I was 8 years old

  47. Commander Waluigi

    Is anyone else here because the fallout games got you into 30s, 40s and 50s music?

    Peter Taylor

    Maybe people just love music that is truly beautiful, sung by people who knew how to sing. What does the age of it matter, unless you're scared of getting old, yourself?

    Peter Taylor

    To TBWCP: Try listening to it. Somewhere in that hide must be a soul. This'll bring it out. won't hurt you, I promise and it may make you better than you are. You could be swingin' on a star.

    Priscilla Perez

    Vognus definitely a blessing


    I'm here because my father was born in 1930 and he has late stage dementia, so i play him old music every night

    Thanh Quân Nguyễn

    Mafia 2

  48. Ryan Garland

    Before autotune and junk, people ACTUALLY had to sing like this

    Georgij Korobov

    What do you mean by that? The audio has to do with the microphones, but the man sang a little deeper, yeah.

    choirboysadist ropenflogger

    I'm so tired of hearing people bitch about autotune. I was trained in a world where if you need a microphone at all, you're not a real singer. I've played music from places in the world where no matter how well you can play your instrument, if you don't *make your own instruments*, you're not a real musician. ...With autotune, the same principle applies as it does with everything else: garbage in; garbage out. You can use all the technology you want, but if you can't sing, you can't sing. And autotune will not make a star out of a lousy singer. Get over it and enjoy the music.


    Ryan G. Oddly enough I CAN sorta sing like this... But major anxiety and stage fright hold me at bay from doing so while knowing people are watching... .3.

    paz Chavez

    When they actually sang beautiful words. Not the crap there is today

  49. Thu Rein

    Coursera again!!!!

  50. Ivan Espinoza

    Yes...Coursera brought me here!

  51. Jordan Wilson

    I sang this song to my great-grandmother and she really liked it. Surprised that she knew this song, but she liked it.

    Peter Taylor

    Why wouldn't she? It's probably from her era.

  52. TonyHickschick

    Another Coursera student taking the History Of Rock and Roll.  A course made for me.

  53. Rana Essa

    making a playlist out of coursera's history of rock . beautiful .

  54. Nora Salinas

    I just love this song.

  55. Vanesa Gonzalez

    Thank you so much!! coursera!!


    @Vanesa Gonzalez which course exactly ?


    @kheekhee57 History of Rock, Part one

  56. Johnny Morris

    Coursera again!

  57. Mina Mun

    Yeah! Coursera!

  58. francesco esposito

    Molto bravo Bing Crosby.

  59. wielbert collinson

    John Covach FTW

  60. Vitaly Volkov

    Thumbs up if Coursera brought you here!

  61. lyrics at 2 am

    oh the 40's...

  62. mkl62

    To all Detroit Denby High alumni, Michigan State Spartan fans, and Kansas City Chiefs fans: This was the #1 song in the USA when Ed Budde came into the world (November 2, 1940).

  63. Cindy A Christiansen

    Love the song. Love the pictures of Bing.

  64. HeartExplosive

    damn bro dis shit b hevy af'. im diggin it.
    Lol, I can't even take myself seriously like that. Beautiful tune. :D

  65. acla9000

    Yes, I second you heartily.

  66. GOTHGAM08

    So amazing

  67. Daiane Jances

    @Jamesmac30 Thank you for your comment. Here in Brazil is very difficult to find information and even songs from Bing Crosby, one of the best singers of the century. Thanks again.

  68. James McEwan

    Great recording cut on 3rd July 1940 with John Scott Trotter & orchestra

  69. Kenzie2013

    this is so lovely <3

    mr. warmth

    no age in music