Bing Crosby - Let Me Call You Sweetheart Lyrics

Let me call you sweetheart
I'm in love with you
Let me hear you whisper
That you love me too

Keep the love light glowing
In your eyes so true
Let me call you sweetheart
I'm in love with you

Keep the love light glowing
In your eyes so true
Let me call you sweetheart
I'm in love with you

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Bing Crosby Let Me Call You Sweetheart Comments
  1. MultiJesselover

    My resident that’s in his final days would sing this ❤️ I’m going tomorrow to visit him and play this so for him

  2. Ornacia Cutab*tch

    Bubblegum made this song hella creepy but i still love it

  3. joleen wilson

    This makes me think of my mom and dad.

  4. Mai_Cello

    I love this song. My grandma would sing it to my mom and now my mom sings it to me and my dad. One day I hope to sing it to my children and give them the same love and comfort my mom brought to me.

  5. Julie Hutchinson

    Who else is here because of 'Paterson'?

  6. Thomas Conlon

    Alfalfa Switzer sang this from little rascals.

  7. MC Severino

    My dad sang this song to my mom when we were still young back home in the Philippines. I am now 69 turning 70 in April of 2020 and the youngest of four. My siblings and I sing this song every time we get together just to remind us of the good times we had while growing up. We are all grand parents now and we still ache every time we talk about our parents. We miss you Mom and Dad and thank you for the love and care you bestowed on us. We will all see you when the time is up

    69 Subs with one video

    MC Severino im 14 and my mom sings this to me every time im down. i hope im like u one day

  8. Colleen Kelly

    I do like the song because it reminds me of you

  9. Walter Gray

    Beautiful old song.
    Thank you for sharing.

  10. Luke Hauser

    This is real music! Everything since is downhill (well, not everything...)

  11. Jack Torrance


  12. Karj West

    I lived with a 92 year old for 5 years then she went to heaven she was my friend, my mother, then became my baby love you Frances l can still hear you singing this song in the living room. I had a great time listening to you ❤ rest in heaven now and I will see you one day.

  13. Hannah Sandmire

    Who else came here because of the amazing movie, The Fighting Preacher? Only me? Okay ❤️

  14. Lana Dale

    My Beloved husband Dick Dale and I would be driving and harmonize this song together....

  15. Molly Casas

    My daddy use to sing this song, I miss my daddy so much😢😢

  16. Kristen Nicole

    This was my grandparents song and I will always remember Poppy singing this to me and the other grandkids and her.

  17. Songs Mirth

    What is it about his voice? If you haven't listened to it you'll enjoy him and David Bowie singing, "The Drummer Boy." Outstanding harmony. :) Thanks for sharing Cats. :) Songs

  18. Christy Walk

    Awwwwwww cute song

  19. Maxwell Anthony

    My dad pass away 40 years ago. This was his favourite artists. I im enjoying it now .And it brings back a lot of memory's.

  20. Jay Waddy

    The Candy Kingdom made this a creepy song

  21. Dave 208

    My grandparents sat around the kitchen table and sang this song, amongst others. I just played it for my wife. We need a return of innocence.

  22. Toasty Volvo

    Who else is here because they grew up with these songs and is under the age of thirty not because of nasty stupid cartoons like pickle Rick and adventure time?

  23. Fanfiktion Reading

    Adventure Time bring me here! ^^

  24. Mikey Condry

    Greatest singer of all time

  25. Ari

    Is it weird that I'm here because of the fake wedding episode of Arrow?

  26. Pauline T.

    Got here because of Elliot from Young and Hungry.

  27. Just a normal dog

    Why did i read his name out like bill cosby?

  28. KruNosLaV Lucky Star

    My Angel,can i call you

  29. M DO

    I first heard this song on The Waltons.

  30. Erin Crosby

    This song is on the Walton's fairly often

  31. FailedAbortion

    R.I.P. Adventure Time gave me a good childhood

  32. John Anderson

    so it was 66 yrs ago ... I was 4 my sis was 3 ... she was dying and passed from Cancer. Mom and Dad bought her a small tin music box .. wind up ... that kept her occupied. I remember for years past playing with that toy. Memories ... early memories. I still miss my sister. I miss her terribly.

  33. closeupman

    Cover photo is Bing Doing His Best Nick Lucas. Nick Could Play..but Bing Could Not

  34. ayma innuendo

    Müzikle tedavi uzmanı olan Concetta Tomaino da benzer tecrübeler yaşıyor. Tomaino yaşlı bakım evlerinde yaptığı bir çalışmada bunama, felç veya ilerlemiş nörolojik hastalıklar nedeniyle bu dünyadan adeta kopmuş, salonun bir ucundan öbür ucuna amaçsız bir şekilde dolaşan veya oturduğu yerde başı öne eğik, kımıldamadan sessiz duran hastalara piyano çalmaya başlıyor. Bakım evinin sakinlerinin bileceği ve geçmişte popüler bir parça olan” Let me call you sweetheart” adlı parçayı çalıyor. Salondaki gürültü ve kaostan dolayı başlangıçta kendisi bile çaldığını zorlukla duyarken birkaç dakika içerisinde gürültü yavaş yavaş azalıyor ve salondakiler şarkıyı mırıldanmaya başlıyor. Başları öne eğik kıpırdamadan saatlerce öylece duran hastalar bile başlarını kaldırıp ona bakmaya başlıyor. Zihinsel faaliyetleri çok zayıflamış bu hastalar şarkının sözlerini hatırlıyor ve söylemeye başlıyor. El ve ayaklarını devamlı olarak kontrolsüzce sallayan hastalar bir anda kontrolsüz hareketlerini durdurup şarkının temposuna göre hareket etmeye başlıyor. [Müzik ve Beyin]

  35. ayma innuendo

    Seni aramama izin ver tatlım
    Sana aşığım Beni
    fısıldadığını duyayım
    Beni sevdiğini de
    Sevginin parlayan ışığını koru
    Gözlerin o kadar doğru
    ki seni arayayım tatlım
    sana aşığım
    Sevginin parlayan ışığını koru
    Gözlerin o kadar doğru
    ki seni arayayım tatlım
    sana aşığım

  36. gunshotslinger

    the few first seconds, is probably used for Toy Story 4 Gabby Gabby song. (Gabby Gabby Most Noble Thing)

  37. Depressed Snake

    yooo this the type of song they be putting in horror movie trailers n shit

  38. Moonlight Sonata

    That song Princess Bubblegum was singing was actually a real song? Ooh.

  39. Lisa Thuban

    This was my grandparents "song", came out the year my mother was born.

  40. Meredith Grey

    Anyone else here from young and Hungry?

  41. Melbyn

    testigo de cargo

  42. Thomas .Hennessey

    Crosby as Irish sort of tenor in between his jazzy 20s sound and his later mellow baritone. Always fun to listen to.

  43. itsme christy

    I love you sweetheart c

  44. Amanda Lane

    I came here after hearing this on The Waltons. Depression era family show filmed in the 70s.

  45. Miri

    Прости Вито хороший триквел в сделку не входил...

  46. Noah K

    I wished I lived in the 30s (but not in Europe)


    Que música maravilhosa!

  48. Praedonum

    I remember the year it came out.

  49. Agent 4 {Splatoon 2}

    'That you love me to...' Oh so sweet uwu~

  50. Hayley Marie

    This was my nan and pops wedding song. Still married, inlove and going strong after 65 years together ♥️

  51. Jay Mulligan


  52. William Linington

    This is not Bing Crosby. I believe it is Al Jolson.

  53. Kayla Zitzow

    I originally started listening to this because the melody was in my poetry piece for the speech season. I just got so attached to it after that!

  54. shocklett

    The Magicians brought me here; only the way they singing it made it sound more like Elvis Presley timeish

  55. Just a normal dog

    This is a oldie but a goodie

    Edit: Someone also told me love was so innocent back then,can't say i disagree.

  56. Theodorus Manaen Sinuraya

    I'm here because The Witness for The Prosecution

  57. Rex Howells

    Yes beautiful old song.
    I was surprised to hear Bing's style was much closer to Al Jolson back in 34 , even the whistling

  58. stefanee parker

    I luv this song

  59. realkingofhell

    My mom used to sing me this song every night before bed when I was little. Brings back great memories, i can almost hear her singing it. ❤️

  60. Epic gamer libtard troll

    Idk why this song just makes me feel like I’ve missed out of so much

  61. Ri An

    my grandma passed away in 2016, two years before I visited her for the first time after 7 years. This was one of the songs she used to sing dearly... miss you Mommy❤️

  62. Jerry Pullen

    Bing does a
    Great job on this song

  63. Jerry Pullen

    Bing one of the greatest

  64. That One SlytherclawTM

    Anyone else here because of Anne? ❤

  65. Lona Webster

    The year I was born. No wonder I'm a romantic

  66. Amanda Cousins

    Good love song or weihnachtenlied

  67. Makaveli Shakur

    Big booty bois

  68. SomePerson Online

    Let me call you sweetheart

    I'm in love with you

    Let me hear you whisper

    That you love me too

    Keep the love light glowing

    In your eyes so blue

    Let me call you sweetheart

    I'm in love with you

    *music solo*

    Keep the love light glowing

    In your eyes so blue

    Let me call you sweetheart

    I'm in love with you

  69. Oxana Richards

    Anne of Green Gables anyone??

  70. Tatah Jennifer

    I came because we were doing a compare and contrast vid in English class using this song

  71. _NerdiestKitten_

    (Comes here becuz was rewatching adventure time and saw this episode)

  72. Kate McGinty

    I used to work in a nursing home and in the Alzheimer's building we had two residents who were in choir together back in high school, and the little old man never stopped humming and if he started singing, the woman would join in. One day I was out there and they were singing and she asked what they should sing next. I was about to suggest this song as it was one of their favorites, but she beat me to it. I wandered over and joined them and another lady who very rarely spoke came over as well and the next thing I knew, the four of us were all singing and smiling at each other. I had tears in my eyes, such a wonderful experience.


    Such a beautiful moment

  73. Voldemort

    I actually hear this all the time at Disneyland ( at least the instrumental version) and the Dapper Dan's sing this on Main Street.

  74. Discontinued

    *Princess Bubblegum snaps her fingers to make 50% of Ooo's people candy*

  75. Irene Kent

    My dear mum loved this Bless her. Miss you Mum

  76. James Crowbar Bond


  77. KvAT

    Yea we know you're from Adventure Time, now let us just enjoy the song alright?

  78. Franco Bringas

    PB Anyone?

  79. Elizabeth Long


  80. Ludwig van Beethoven

    *sWEEeeT bUT NoOt SWeeT enOUgh*

  81. Ron Levy

    Wow, the whistling solo on the first half of the out-chorus! What a musician he was! My Grandpa sang this to my Grandma according to family lore ... many many moons ago!

  82. Kelly Powell

    Elements is a good miniseries
    This song is good

    Im turning into candy

  83. ღNeko Kakyoinღ

    this reminds me of all the beauty from the 1900's gone, there will always be a hole for my idols that i always look up to. Adriana Caselotti, Ilene Woods, Mary Costa, Marjorie champion... RIp Snow white and Cinderella T-T....

  84. Akis Papadopoulos

    +1 if you came here from Downton Abbey (Shirley McLane)

  85. Queenievenus Pluto

    My heart is breaking , remembering my sweetest Mother singing this song.

  86. Finn McCune

    I’m here because I saw accordion sheet music for this song

  87. Heather Samuels

    I sing this to my 3 year old <3

  88. Lexie Ann

    Came here because my Daughters baby swing played this tune and my husband knew it, I didn’t so here I am 😅

  89. Wyvern of the Cosmos

    nah, this was from 1910

  90. pelloranchi

    this wouldn't be so creepy if adventure time used this song

  91. Nik :D

    Old song like this have soul and new song these day does not

  92. K Cortez

    Yup adventure time

  93. Mary Stewart P

    Anyone here from Young and Hungry?

  94. marystuart

    Anne of Green Gables Part 3 bought me here..

  95. arnonmov