Bing Crosby - If I Had My Way Lyrics

I'd like to make your golden dreams come true, Dear
If I only had my way
A paradise this world would seem to you, Dear
If I only had my way

You'd never know a care, a pain, or sorrow
If I only had my way
I'd fill your cup of happiness tomorrow
If I only had my way

If I had my way, Dear, forever there'd be
A garden of roses for you and for me
A thousand and one things, Dear, I would do
Just for you, just for you

If I had my way we would never grow old
And sunshine I'd bring every day
You would reign all alone, like a queen on a throne
If I had my way

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Bing Crosby If I Had My Way Comments
  1. Mary Smith


  2. Queenievenus Pluto

    Just beautiful. The memories, the memories, such tear jerking lyrics.

  3. haydn moore

    This was Bing at his best, and it`s a beautiful song. The reasonance in his voice, the tune and lyrics (OK, I admit it) brought tears to my eyes. Haydn Moore

  4. The spinning groove Channel

    Just Beautiful

  5. joseph cannella

    My grandfather my best friend in life would sing this after a dewars always makes me cry like I was 5 thinking about him and the joy he gave us was the most unusual gramps anybody ever had

  6. Канал Морзянки.

    Nice song, thanks from Russia, I and my friends loves Jazz).

  7. Marianne S

    Not bad, not bad at all! But Willie Nelson does it better!

  8. Irene Kent

    so lovelyvto hear in this age of dont care attitude

  9. William Abey

    why can't I get audio for music anymore?

  10. Gregory McGuire

    Beautiful song...sung by the King!

  11. Lauren Layne

    my mom would sing this to me every night when I was young. It comforts me so much

  12. booognish

    Can't beat the Mills Brothers though...

  13. booognish

    Definitely one of the greatest songs ever written..

  14. Celluloidwatcher

    I remember Frank Fontaine, as Crazy Googenheim, on The Jackie Gleason Show singing this song. Didn't know Bing did it in this film, though. Very nice rendition.

  15. Trevor Barry

    bing was on yhe wane by wwhite xmas but ay his peek in 30s and 40s he was unbeatable the young people should google him esprcially with gloria jean just sublime

  16. Trevor Barry

    sadly the public todayskids remember bing in white xmas

  17. Trevor Barry

    to gloria jean whAt did you think of bing crosby singing to you did you like him pleaxe commeny

  18. Trevor Barry

    just the greatest ever

  19. Kitabo27

    Absolutely, Thank you.

  20. Fred onFulton

    Thanks for sharing. This was Mom and Dad's favorite song. My cousin sang it for them at their 50th Wedding Anniversary Party -- hardly a dry eye in the house.

  21. Christopher Hall

    On March 31, 1939 (the previous year), Bing made a wonderful recording of this song. That session also produced a version of a song called "Little Sir Echo", as well as "I Surrender Dear". I am a HUGE Bing Crosby fan, by the way.

  22. Reags98

    Thank you!

  23. Zdeněk Štěpař

    Z podobného soudku najděte si munich swing orchestra na youtube. Uprosřed saxíků sedí pod taktovkou Johna Polívky z NY karlovarák Petter Elleder

  24. nicoley133

    It's available on region one DVD, only as part of a Bing Crosby collection, but it's very inexpensive, check amazon or something.

  25. Reags98

    Does anyone know where I could find this movie?! I love Bing!

  26. Mom1910

    Bing's voice is perfect in every way.

  27. nicoley133

    @bilcarol11 You're welcome. :)