Billy Talent - Show Me The Way Lyrics

Put me on an aeroplane
A million miles away
She's opened up her book of hate
And tore a brand new page

Tonight I'll find a wishing well
Tomorrow's a new day
Tonight I'll find a wishing well before it's too late

Show me the way
Show me the way
Why do my dreams keep slipping away?
Show me the way
Show me the way
Spent a whole lifetime running away

She questioned my ability
To learn from my mistakes
I said she'd need a guillotine
To put me in my place

Tonight I'll write my eulogy
Before I fade away
Tonight I'll write my eulogy so don't be afraid

Show me the way
Show me the way
Why do my dreams keep slipping away?
Show me the way
Show me the way
Spent a whole lifetime running away

And every time I close my eyes, I've lost another day
Show me the way
Show me the way
Why do my dreams keep slipping away?

The waves came crashing down so fast
And when the storm was over the sky turned black
And now I pray for sunshine
I pray for sunshine
I pray you'll help me to escape

Show me the way
Show me the way
Why do my dreams keep slipping away?
Show me the way
Show me the way
Spent a whole lifetime running away

And every time I close my eyes, I've lost another day
Show me the way
Show me the way
Why do my dreams keep slipping away?

Every time we close our eyes, we've lost another day
Every time we close our eyes, our dreams will have to wait

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Billy Talent Show Me The Way Comments
  1. Dana Paulina

    Love this song ❤️

  2. Thor Loki

    Why did this not blow up

  3. Chairocs Buaiz Utrera

    Este canción debería tener mas de 200 millones de views!
    Es una gran banda infravalorada! :(

  4. GagƵy

    Best rock band ever!!!

  5. Anderes Strider

    Wow, great song and such an colorful and terrific video! M-M-M-MASTERPIECE!

    P.S. Well, that ending was unexpected...

  6. 279Xander

    Is it just me or does this song have a Cult - She Sells Sanctuary feel?

  7. Denovis

    ye show me da wae

  8. Isaack St-louis

    this has to be my least favorite song of the bunch pezz included

  9. treakzy_

    how can billy talent be so great?!!!!

  10. ancient child

    the next song is 'swallowed up by the ocean'. Very appropiate considering the end of this video. ;)

  11. Princess Sprinkle

    I ran away last month I almost got kidnapped 😭

  12. Nicholas Artuso

    Gr8 song

  13. Darkanos_Qc

    do you know da way?

  14. Phobic.

    I knew that the cancerous meme would be here

  15. du mc

    seek assessment should you want to hurt...knows I do not

  16. BB Gaming

    who else thinks this sounds like Green Day ?

  17. YuuMorgiana


  18. mxx pro

    Wow ,7,4 Likes World is done keep in rocking self hate !!! Love this Song 👌🤘

  19. Johnny Snus

    Dat guys know da wae

  20. Fresh out the box memes

    The queen doesn’t kno da wae

  21. Cabose

    Do you know de wae, sorry not sorry but love the song

  22. David Ferreira

    104 people dunno da wae

  23. Efemera

    Dreams will have to wait

  24. Benjamin Verreault

    Show me da wae brudda...sorry it had to be done

  25. GamersOnlieTV

    But does he know the way to Uganda?

  26. killerqueen2000

    Please, please show me de wae

  27. Lhusavic

    Let me show u da whey

  28. saline


  29. Insert name here


  30. chu đức toàn

    I Will Sho U Da Wae

  31. adam

    do u kno da wey

    Cameron Phoenix Rose


    Fuck you, I wanted to write this comment

  32. N.P.C 7,000,000,000

    fuck this hit me in da feels


    If you fall off a cliff then we just broke up. That's actually my number two rule when in a relationship...If you were to fall of a cliff for any reason we officially broken up. The number one rule being if you get slapped by a dinosaur we officially broken up which is obvious.

  34. aksoom1159

    the best thing about this mv is ben's perfect hair!

  35. Callum Kelley

    this is real music dont understand the dislikes

  36. Mae Dawn

    I was thinking this video was way too sweet and cliche to be from Billy Talent, but then I seen the ending ;)

  37. Phobic.

    I thought Billy Talent was against Hipsters (Where Is The Line, BTII)
    Lmao, great video and song

  38. x3newMoon

    Ben always looks so hot. Love his hair!

  39. IHotzDropz

    6k people know the way ;)

  40. Florian Posch

    Not really their best song but still pretty catchy.

    Ian D'sa's guitar playing clearly saves the day on this track so that I can kindly ignore the hipster-ish love story video, even though I haven't finally figured out if this couldn't be at least a tiny bit ironic. :)

  41. IRONMAN000

    Sounds like a mentos commercial.

  42. Always Explicit

    1:50 - 2:15 is extremely nostalgic for me, anyone else getting pezz watoosh and first album vibes from this part? Billy Talent is still Billy Talent and I appreciate that, especially for the sake of of the memories of my young teenage years

  43. Dave Grohl's Beard

    What are their guitars plugged into

    Captain Pain_QC

    up yo ass


    i know the bassist uses an ampeg amp, most of the pros do, the guitar amp idk it's a good question

  44. music life

    I didnt know that there is a official video of it😱 Haha. I'm so happy that the GEMA doesnt exist anymore

  45. Alpollo-00-

    where is this? looks so beautiful!

    Callum Kelley

    beaches, toronto

  46. Jonathan Carney

    billy talent is so underrated that's sad they make amazing music :(


    Jonathan Carney ikr !

    Samuel Weinstein

    @INDY92500 I like Kanye West and Pink Floyd. Let musical diversity be, man

    K.C. Simonsen

    They're not that underrated. They're as big as Green Day in Canada.

    Alicja Prusak

    Poland also loves them


    Im from México and nobody knows BT :'(

  47. Συντχωριανος x

    in my opinon the wickest song of the album.They must instead do a video for Hangin by a thread,cure for the enemy or even swallowed up by the ocean.Sorry to say but this song is created by many many popular songs(chords,melodies)and combined to one

  48. Valen Forcatto

    Fucking awesome

  49. A Dream Maker

    Muerta por jugarle al vergas

  50. Alpollo-00-

    colours, landscapes, reminds me of the witcher 3!!

    Katie James

    Alpollo-00- I was going to say cochella

  51. Gabriel

    This is a masterpiece why the hell it only haves 500 000 thousand views

    Scott Lich

    Gabriel fake music is all the rage these days yenno? Actual talent isn't the thing anymore

    Lovely Bean

    five hundred thousand thousand, huh?


    Gabriel right? This song is amazing.

  52. Midnight music Production

    My favorite song ever!!!

  53. Cristian Gonzalez

    This reminds me of Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters

  54. Cameron Phoenix Rose

    2:12 Is he smiling? Asshole!

    An na

    Omg! He was 😂😂😂

    Andrew Mulazzi

    Nathaniel Hawkeye No?

  55. reuben

    Another 80 People I Have To Kill D:

    Manu L

    at least still just 83

    Jake Dennis

    84 now. Damn. You might want to call Punisher for help.

    Jean-francois Clement

    Uncle Reuben

    Darkness official

    85. I will join the killing, if I may

    ΔNDRΞΔ e. diMartino-Fumo

    Uncle Reuben 89...

  56. Eric McKay

    Is this real?!

    Pvt. Prinny

    +Eric McKay yes this is a documentary

    Sukhjit Sidhu

    +Elvis Presley ahahahhaahhahahahahahahajajahahaahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  57. Saul Nile

    When they hold hands after she falls off the cliff because shes a dumbass, i wondered if he jumped off too just to grab her hand...

  58. john smith

    did he just push her off a cliff...

  59. Steph Robin

    This video went from really cute to really sad :(

  60. Don Martin

    Very cool riff....excellent vocal.....under rated band

  61. Daniel Carvalho

    The feels! :'0

  62. hoelbi


    Avian Keese

    Oh no! The whole fucking world has ended now that someone has pronounced guillotine wrong. I bet that you didn't even know how to spell guillotine... till you spelled it wrong and auto-correct showed you.


    @Avian Keese You guessed and you guessed wrong

    Jessica G

    +xOrangethunder It varies from country to country. The L is pronounced in many places. I've never heard it not pronounced without an L. I guess you're a yank & think the whole world revolves around the most hated country on earth? If you knew anything about the French language you'd understand how it was adapted into English & how to pronounce it :)


    @JL G I know that, next time, just for you, i'll do something like "(SARCASM END) or /SARCASM and also wrong guess, I'm actually from Europe, speak english very well, have a few British friends, to whom i speak on a daily basis and none of them pronounce the L. Also are you serious about "if you knew anything about the french language"? You just countered your own argument, the french don't pronounce the L as nobody should, since its a French word. 
    But hey, as long as you can mindlessly bash on some country, go for it.

  63. skumfukrock Tom

    stay in school kids, don't go near edges


    +tom van der stoep Shame, I've got tickets to see U2. (Get it? :) )

    Cameron Phoenix Rose

    Cody111079 I get it :)

    dil The pickle

    I will forever quote you

  64. Terr

    fuck this is how the joy sounds like

  65. Arseny Sobiev

    The end was kinda dark ;-;


    Arseny Sobiev love is dark

    Watoosh !

    BANANA GAMMA my anus is dark

    Beltus benz

    Just like all their songs hahah

  66. Oliver William Quinn

    I hate them hipsters but the song is adorable

  67. Laura Mora \º.º/

    Adoro su música desde hace un año *-* 
    He escuchado todos sus álbumes y algunos de Pezz, Solo me queda decir que son los mejores ^^ :3
    Los amoo Ben, Lan , Aaron y Jonna <3

  68. lemonylimey

    Children, that is what happens when you decide to walk on the edge of a cliff like a knob.

  69. Tereza Nováková

     I can't stop listening to this♥ 

  70. Картофан

    Конец грусный :(

  71. Beatrix Ramosaj

    Im in love with Ben's voice ❤️

  72. Sara Micheli

    Oh God, this is my favourite song.
    I love you All and I want you to come in Italy :(

  73. aleksandra

    it sounds a little bit like Green Day
    but i like it C:

  74. crash979797

    Pretty much their best album.

    thomas thorne

    It's a great album but my favourite of theirs is Billy Talent 2.


    @thomas thorne That's their most overrated album.

    Lovely Bean

    @crash979797 It also happens to objectively be their best.

  75. Petr Popelka

    It's already a year and there isn't a milion. Sheeps still listen only shits..Keep doing great music Billy!

  76. Pfosti110

    how does it come that every song they make is good

  77. Jake Ryan

    Wow Billy Talent did it again! I love this Guy! I'm his number one fan

    Evan Young

    @Abhishek Timbadia nah fuck that.

    Kronzie 1234

    @Abhishek Timbadia Have to admit is was kinda funny though, he said "I'm his number one fan" yet doesn't know his name is Ben come on man that's just funny

    Disney Jazzcore

    @Joseph Stalin maybe xD 

    Kronzie 1234

    @Abhishek Timbadia See I knew you had to fine it at least a little funny XD

    Disney Jazzcore

    @Joseph Stalin HAHAH! 

  78. Martin Kadlec

    Lol do you realize that this is their first clip in which they are not the "main heroes" or something like that ? :D They finally used some actors ! :D


    Rusted from the rain?

    Martin Kadlec

    Hmm yes, there is that old "trash" guy, but still there are many many views at the playing band :) There is less of them in this one ;) 

    Kronzie 1234

    What about Nothing to Lose? the video is more focused on the kid who committed suicide rather than them

    Martin Kadlec

    Uhm good point ! :)

    Arcturus Blake

    @Martin Kadlec Nothing to lose, rusted from the rain, river below, devil in a midnight mass

  79. Caleb Guitars

    69 dislikes
    At least they have a sense of humour

  80. Sirryangiggz

    Can't stop listening to this, I know it's not the normal type of stuff these guys do but it's still very catchy and underrated in my opinion!

  81. slug237711

    Why do they always choose the wrong songs to be singles? Show Me the Way is not worthy of being a hit compared to other songs like When Love Was Still Around, Man Alive! and Dead Silence.


    @sdmestayer Billy isnt a person. Billy Talent is the band's name. 


    @jacktheripper51 We know :3 

  82. RamenRamRod

    When I first saw the ending of this video, I thought it was silly because there was no way he could grab her at that length from the cliff. Later on, I watched it again and realized he jumped off the cliff to hold her hand one last time....So sweet...Now that's what I call love <3

    Jessica G

    @malcolm seigmiller Calls someone stupid yet can't spell "plain."


    @Jessica .G Yes, we already established that.. -___-

    Skye Walker

    @iRodSoup oooooh please....


    @Ali Bubba Are we still talking about this?! -_-

    Pavel Grandez

    I call it a “moron”

  83. mugenisbeautiful



    @fckcom Rammstein is the way to cleanse your body of this hideousness. This putrid, hipster bull shit! 

    Daniel J

    Yeah these guys need to be more like Iggy Azalea and One Direction!!!1! Now that's real music haha

    Kronzie 1234

    @Daniel K Ye ye breh, those guys are the shit!




    @mugenisbeautiful please lactate all over me with that beautiful man's voice entrapped within your left nipple. yes. My gorge rises whenever it is reminded of this foul sound called hipster music. this song would do wonders in "It Follows", wouldn't it my love?

  84. Matthias Oberholzer

    That video cames on my13 birthday

  85. sammy q

    love this song <3

  86. Aude Girard

    Mouais. C'est du rock pour collégiens, quoi. 


    Sa reste toujours mieux que ce que nous sors les " stars " de pop ces derniers temps :)

  87. brad tessier

    Great song love it

  88. Hanna Ulicska

    Nem rossz... sőt.


    Hanna Ulicska magyar komment😂

  89. Ellie May

    Amazing band & awesome song but the video is too sickly! Watch this then watch Runnin' Across The Tracks and tell me I'm wrong!!

  90. Martin Novak

    Ian reminds me Wayne Static :D

  91. DeOrestes

    Reminds me a lot of the Cure for some reason.

    Max Max

    The Cure – Just like heaven


    @Максим Понька YES

  92. Diego

    este si me gusto jaja :D

  93. Greg Ilyniak

    good song. shit video thou... 

  94. Beatriz Taboada

    I fucking love the colous so much :3

    Angie Medina

    Hello! I’m Angie and I know is a lot to ask but could please check out my cover on my channel? My dream is to become a singer please help me to come true my dream, I’ll be Grateful#

  95. socksinlaundrybasket

    I just love how this band never lets me down. All of their 4 albums are amazing and they keep getting better. I am so glad finally I saw them live this year. I hope they will keep making amazing records for a long time :)

    Liam Woodhouse

    a woman who likes Billy talent as much as me?!!?, can the prophecy be true?


    I think I love them more haha. But why not, I am pretty sure there are many girls who love billy talent.

    Liam Woodhouse

    Marry Me!!!

    Yesse Ramirez

    Te amo ;-;

  96. Silke Reemts

    GEMA -.- i hate it

  97. d e r z

    Who's idea was it to go dance on the fucking cliff? Really!