Billy Talent - Dead Silence Lyrics

We're living underneath the land of sorrow
I can hear the bombs rain down
And how do I explain there's no tomorrow
I can hardly make a sound

Dead silence
A fate we can't escape
'Til death
Do us part
In the end

They're marching up the main street
As my heart beats
Louder then machine gun fire
The sound of all the sirens sing like violins
Rattling the cold barbwire
I heard the soldiers say
"Don't let them get away"
But I could not escape their bullets and grenades
A casuality of war
A victim of mistake
Another widow has been made

Dead silence
Will come to rescue me
When violence
Has took this world away
Dead silence
A fate we can't escape
'Til death
Do us part
In the end

Dead silence
Will come to rescue me
When violence
Has took this world away
Dead silence
No time to be afraid
My love
I will see
You again


Fly away like the wind
Some things God can't forgive
Why is war justified
While the innocent die

They can tear us apart
I'll still live in your heart
If your spirit gives up
Don't surrender your love

And the world will survive
If we stand side by side
One day hope will arrive
Now I must say goodbye

Dead silence
Will come to rescue me
When violence
Has took this world away
Dead silence
I think we can't escape
'Til death
Do us part
In the end

Dead silence
Will come to rescue me
When violence
Has took this world away
Dead silence
No time to be afraid
My love
I will see
You again

Dead silence
When violence
Dead silence

Dead silence
When violence
Dead silence

Dead silence
When violence
Dead silence

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Billy Talent Dead Silence Comments
  1. Øyvind Åssveen

    Has this been played live?

  2. Wolmo

    Kto od Fantoma ?!

  3. Fermerslawia Hamann

    Actually i am a typical oldschool metalfan. Judas Priest and iron Maiden and stuff feed my normal Taste, and i actually dont really like the music of Billy talent, but this Song is so fucking good

  4. Rump Buffalo

    This sounds pitched up.

  5. Akira Kurosawa

    Ja Ja machen schnell schlucken weiße Sahnesaft gibt Kraft.

  6. Konservator69

    The best anti-military song of the decade!

  7. Scythea

    These guys are Billy Talented

  8. Jannis Adamek

    I am pretty sure it's 'rain down', not 'reign down'.

  9. Robert Bona

    This is the pure masterpiece of rock music

  10. jürgen Schenk

    Einfach geil.

  11. Luna Aurelius


  12. Tum Tum

    Por la imagen me imaginé algo mejor.

  13. Hm Sej


  14. King Nothing

    Never has a song been more relevant involving where the United States will head

  15. Karl Hiscock

    Hey this isn't silence :/

  16. king drawer


  17. Alybagel

    Crazy how much this Album reflects the current state of the world more than ever.

  18. Greta8Great

    I Love Blilly Talent so MUCH!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  19. Billy Du

    This sounds like a Holocaust theme. Like Jesus. 0:40 to 1:13 basically is about a jew who watches as the nazi marches up the street and he tries to get off the street, but is shot by them.

  20. Kruszwil LIVE

    Propsy! Kurwa, ale to było dobre. No aż się wzruszyłam.

  21. Filip Petr

    Zasranej kit-kat. Vymrdaná reklama.

  22. Nick Tyler

    I'm sorry but the 40 people who disliked this song needs to die

    nikos chocos

    die with silence!

  23. Red Killer45

    never knew how much this song is true

  24. Deli Ijat

    first time heard this song, and fall in love <3 <3 <3

  25. Nice Dice

    0:40 - 1:13 Best Part

    Nice Dice

    Yeah i agreed too


    4:40 Worst part :/

  26. Justin Rauen

    super geiles Lied 😍😍😍

    einfachnurgreta einfachnurgreta

    Justin Rauen viking Death Marsch finde ich persönlich nochmal cooler😂😜😏

    Erik Rigt

    ja mal ein deutscher

    na Oleon

    devil on my shoulder und rusted from the rain finde ich persönlich am allerbesten

  27. Maciej Zawada

    that's propobly a demo, but i'm not an expert

  28. WolfPrincess Tanja T.

    "I can hear the bombs RAIN down..." (not REIGN down).
    And they should have sung either "took" (Past Simple) or "has taken" (Present Perfect).
    "Has took" doesn't exist as a proper tense.
    But I still love this song despite its grammatical shortcomings. ;)

    Nicholas Ball

    +James Quasar but still its a good song

    James Quasar

    +Nicholas Ball Yes, very good song.

    Nicholas Ball

    +James Quasar I like BTs Running Across the Tracks

    Nicholas Ball

    +James Quasar hey do u have a Kik

    lotte heerings

    It would sound like poop if al correct grammar, singing isn' t like talking lol 0.0

  29. Reina Akikawa

    batelfield 1 is song XD 🎮🔫

  30. Conrad Von Soest


  31. TheMagicianThing

    why is this song tempered with? it sounds higher and faster than the original :(


    So it does not get taken down by Youtube for copyright infringement.

  32. jebreski

    I hate that songs have to be mutilated so they don't get copyright strikes

  33. Si Sdf

    so amasing !!!!

    Koschi San

    just like ur english


    +Koschi Nikki savage

    Muhammad Tezar

    Can Tuncel Cabbage

  34. Marcus Strass

    schon komisch dass die so beliebt in deutschland sind ._. die deutschen hören doch sonst nur house und dubstep ? xd

    schaut euch ma die PL`s auf meinem ch an wen ihr echte musik hören wollt :3

    Bobby Bobbston

    +IfYouLikeThisSong CheckOutMyPlaylistsForMore
    Schwachsinn, die, die dubstep etc. hören, brüllen nur lauter, deshalb denkt man, es sind mehr....

    Das hier *ist* echte Musik, das kannst du mir glauben...


    +Bobby Bobbston Is so

    XxHighGroundxX XxIt'soverxX

    +IfYouLikeThisSong CheckOutMyPlaylistsForMore korrekt

    Firstname Lastname

    seltsam :D

  35. Coffee Crafts Cochet

    Haven't heard this in a loooong time!! I still love Billy Talent as much as the first time I've heard it :3

  36. PizzaMitHand

    love <3

  37. ROFLMAO1906

    the e-guitar at beginn made me cum 

  38. cPolonium

    I took half a year of German in 6th grade. I can read this comment section 100%.

    Firstname Lastname

    +John Nemo Verstehen heißt ja nicht, sich gleichermäßen gut auch selbst artikulieren zu können.

    Sinan K

    Firstname Lastname ich glaube der Typ der das erste Kommentar geschrieben hat. Hat das darunter nicht mehr verstanden 😂😂😂

    Jannis Adamek


    Tony Caterev

    Yeah, germans love Billy Talent :D


    Of course you could read this comment section.
    Most people that use german in this section only speak/write german on a 6th grader level..

  39. Alex Maybrodskyy

    song about Ukraine conflict

    Péter Budai

    song about the whole world, how the world destroys itself..


    We destroy it. Not the world. Silly.


    +cPolonium We destroy ourselves, not the world. The earth will be fine. We are slowly killing our own ideal living environment and making it uninhabitable for humans and a lot of other life forms very slowly. The earth will shrug us off like fleas. It's been through way worse.


    Song on the Ukrainian conflict, donetsk will win against the bandera ! El fascismo no pasaran

  40. Larry Foulke

    Dead silence will come to rescue me when violence has took whis world away.... This is true... (violence killing the world)

    Alex Maybrodskyy

    you don't say

    nellynka qt

    Most of the fighting nowadays is done with words and bureaucracy over money and power in higher political circles.

  41. Tobi4

    Mach mal nen Punkt ... Badumm tss

  42. Mio Takone

    Sounds very dramatic, heroic and epic :D
    Love it !

    Taylor Bliss

    Mio Takone do you like jse? I think I saw your comment on one of his vids?

  43. mxandguys

    Whenever I listen to this song, I want to wear my pirate outfit and start fighting by Edward Kenway's side!

  44. chell jhonson


  45. tortie

    This song pumps me up so much! UHMAHGERD.

    Gevorg Gevorgyan

    That f*cking Espurr will haunt me 4ever.

  46. Music & Others

    Ey das selbe video von AlexLikesYou1994 war viel geiler leider wurde das Konto gekündigt :'(

  47. Serkan Özkan

    Life is too short to learn German


    @Elodin I think it's better not to be turkish and live in germany... Anyway, it's harder to learn turkish than deutsch.. :-)

    Firstname Lastname

    +TheWhyteCrow Turkish isn't that hard, according to a friend who speaks it. It just gets tricky if you also learn the Arabic alphabet.


    Hallo aus Deutschland xD

    king drawer

    Serkan Özkan I hate you

    Luca Tarantino

    trust me its true

  48. Game On

    I think this song is about israel-palestine conflict


    There's no israel-palestine conflict since 80's, it has grewn up to be a world conflict under cover. Anything you can imagine. Palestina, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan... what else? Wasted lives. Wasted families...

  49. Junior Neymar

    geilo :D

  50. Mansur

    So wie fast alle! :D

  51. Pilot Your Head


  52. P K

    I'm sorry. I just wanted to widen your horizon :D

  53. MrManDude

    Yeah I know. The only comments I have gotten for the last 2 months have been about this! I really don't care anymore.

  54. P K

    The song was uploaded by a German. And if you use YouTube in Germany it's the first hit. Also, Billy Talent has a giant amount of fans here in Germany.
    Also every German learns English in school, so most of the young people shopuldn't have problems understanding the song.

    Sam Starba

    I've noticed that Germans tend to have a great taste in music. Among other great things. :)

    Ben Carley

    You learn English because we won 2 world wars and 1 world cup, ooah ooah. Old joke but worth it.


    did you actually hear the song? yeah. me neither.


    it was dead silent so don't get mad at me

  55. Joscha

    billy talent is einfach hammer

  56. TheErados

    Sollte das nicht NORMAL sein?

  57. uplm

    I meant music video not album xD

  58. uplm

    Favorite song on this album, this one definitely deserves an album.

  59. Inirem MrFail

    Maybe just because there are more germans (like me) that listen to need's lyrics to understand the songtext (especially becuase it's pretty hard to understand someone singing(!) in an other language) than some canadian oder US-amaricans

  60. Michael Destruction

    the uploader is german, so don't wonder if there are many german comments, and most germans speak english as second language, (me too), so they can understand the song.

  61. Paul Locke

    true story

  62. Mary Ingle

    Jeder, der Billy Talent nicht hört, hat wohl keinen guten Musikgeschmack, haha. <3

  63. MrManDude

    Not really there are hundreds of millions people who only know 1 language so its not that uncommon. And I actually know English, Spanish, and I am learning French so I am not "sad". I only said that because it is an English video so why are the top comments on the page in a different language when most people wouldn't be able to understand them?

  64. James Hetfield

    you know, some people talk more than 1 language...if you just know English you are sad

  65. MrManDude

    I have many questions including but not limited to: wtf is everyone saying? how did they even understand this video?! and WHY ARE THEY THE TOP COMMENTS ON THE PAGE?! COME ON YOU CANT EVEN UNDERSTAND THEM!

  66. Stitch

    Who actually speaks english

  67. Fortnite Emotes

    kanns sein das du in die band verknallt bist das is muke ne

  68. StarAssassin

    great song!!!! <3 <3 <3

  69. Fortnite Emotes

    das ist ein sehr toller song kannst du auch ein deutsche übeersetzung machen wer das auch will daumen hoch

  70. Sahan Zengin

    warum dislike???????

  71. Christiano Silva

    Lonely Road to Absolution, Viking Death March, Surprise Surprise and Try Honesty Piano Covers are done :D
    I hope you like 'em :)

  72. Cilyia

    Es ist wirklich schade, dass es so viele gibt, die überhaupt nicht auf die Texte und die Hintergründe der Lieder achten...

  73. TheMortalLp

    danke :D ist mir spontan mal so eingefallen :)

  74. TrollingTrolololol

    sehr geiler Konter ;)

  75. Cameron Wilson

    Yyyeeessss the best band ever

  76. TheKrossos

    Geht mir genauso ;).

  77. 0111001101101011

    eargasm *-*

  78. gabriela-maria weiss

    die alben von BT sind die einzigen die ich mir ganz anhör weil einfach jedes lied gut ist :)

  79. Max's Guitar Tutorials

    hey leute ich hab nen channel wo ich zeig wie man die lieder von billy talent auf gitarre speilt würde mich freuen wenn ihr mal reinschaut :)

  80. TheTrueAegnor


  81. TheMortalLp

    hey du scheiß rassist, schön, dass du dich als genau so dumm und scheiße gezeigt hast, wie ich dachte, dass rassisten auch sind. Lass dich lieber weiter ins Klo stecken und viel Spaß beim tauchen :P

  82. 0wn32

    Die kommen noch. :D

  83. Frechyyy

    Diese Person hat auf jeden fall mehr abos verdient :)

  84. SeriousMa'am

    Die Welt braucht mehr Uploader wie diesen hier! Perfekte Qualität und perfekte Sync! Und Frei von gierigen GEMA Leuten. Sehr nice!

  85. Jonas Hürter

    Niemand brauch irgend so nen lauch wie dich, der hier einen auf hater macht

  86. William Blanchet

    Ish sha rama blablabla german stuff

  87. Simran Gayasingh

    Luv dis song

  88. Dagger Dc

    hey ihr scheiß krautfresser XD. geht zurück in euer land bratwurst essen :P

  89. Laura Str

    Ich bin so traurig weil ich nicht auf das Konzert darf :c

  90. yeetus_yeetus

    ich liebe billy talent auch :3333 ich habe alle songs von ihnen und LIEBE alle songs...ich hab so viele cds,aber die verstauben schon weil ich jeden tag mindestens 2h billy talent hör :DDD
    aber wenn du aus dresden kommst,wird das nix mit gemeinsamen konzert
    :D komm nämllich aus der nähe von mannheim
    grüße aus mannheim :D

  91. Farmeraap

    Shame it's so short... But man, I love this song

  92. whiteprincess

    9.10.12 BT conzert in düsseldorf *_* Their songs are amazing and have such a deep meaning, love them

  93. thomas rätzer

    Jou! ich war in mainz auf nem green day konzert! vorbands waren:donots und rise against. war nich gut war der verdammte hammer.

  94. thomas rätzer

    Einer der besten Songs von BT

  95. yeetus_yeetus

    das nächste mal nimmste mich aufs konzert mit ;D :D!

  96. silva the slyfer

    HEY FRANZ!!!

  97. neilerator

    Wow diese Texte sind immer Tiefgründing.Wie immer.Ich bedanke mich sehr für dieses tolle lyrics-video

  98. Tabbel

    Du machst echt gute Lyrics-Videos. Also abgesehen davon, dass die Musik göttlich ist, sind auch noch deine Videos echt hilfreich.