Billy Strings - Must Be Seven Lyrics

Dirty broken dishes
Cigarette burns on the floor
She held a look of disbelief
And wandered through the door
To have a seat and meet the parents of the child
That was heading the wrong way
And it's probably seven years
Since she turned around and hit the road that day

Paper tearing off the walls
A rotten, moldy sink
Well, he wandered to the cupboard
Just to fix himself a drink
Like there wasn't something wrong
Like he couldn't see the sorrow in the soul
And it must be seven years
Since he tipped his hat and told 'em all "So long"

Well, she was so distracted
By the color of the room
She never thought that she would see
Her little flower bloom
And take the cards that he was dealt
Into the house the big, bad wolf could not blow down
And it must be seven years now
Since they turned their lives around

She said, "Stay on track
Don't let me see you lookin' back
Never mind what's left behind and don't look back
Don't look back"

Well the house shrunk in the rearview
They left it far behind
It faded out of sight
Back to the shadows of her mind
Like the shards of shattered mirrors
Broken pieces scattered o'er the burial ground
And it must be seven years now
Since they got out of that town

She said, "Stay on track
Don't let me see you lookin' back
Never mind what's left behind and don't look back
Don't look back"

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Billy Strings Must Be Seven Comments
  1. Alex P

    sold out to satan

  2. daniel perryman

    To me it tells a story of a person who was in a bad place with bad drugs and bad environment.but then left that old life behind for a better life full of happiness and magic mushrooms lol kinda like trading the needle for a shroom .and the transformation that brings out

  3. Adam Wise

    What a beautiful song. I just recently discovered Billy and I am gonna do my best to share his music with anyone and everyone I possibly can. I hope this man gets the recognition he deserves

  4. Wingedpanda39

    Three songs come to my mind I’d love to see him cover, wayfaring stranger, Mountain Dew, and rank strangers I think he would make a great sounding cover if those!

  5. Just Barker

    So I first heard this song Sunday January 19th, 2020.
    It’s now Thursday January 23rd, 2020.
    I now know every word and this is my favorite song.
    I’m telling everybody.
    So far I’ve started every day and ended every night with it.

    I don’t know what it is I just get a high from it.

    An inspiration, if you will.

    Hopefully we can get some dialogue going and get you to do a show over here in Oklahoma.

  6. Baz P

    God dam Illuminati 👁️ even taking over bluegrass...

  7. guitarsword1

    That was just absolutely awesome

  8. Eva Hendrickson

    Does this remind anyone of Demons by Greensky???

  9. slimventor_sumo

    Guy is a monster Keep it up

  10. Josiah

    Could you make a trip up to Michigan? I could put you on I think

  11. Mike Turk

    Love this song!

  12. Don't Ask Productions

    The lyrics of this are beautiful. They flow so well and convey an interesting story. Keep up the work.

  13. optical delusion

    This is trippy.Sorta triggered though.

  14. Capt Randy CRP Marine

    Cant beleive not comments in a month.
    I was eyeing the show in New Orleans at the end of the January.
    Watched tickets go from $25 to $200 in a week.
    Missed out

  15. Junior Balls

    This needs more attention 👍 Fantastic

    Capt Randy CRP Marine

    I've been sharing as fast as I can

  16. David Yuhasz

    Anyone know who that actress is?


    David Yuhasz no relation to Billy himself. I put this video together and they are just a couple of friends of mine who fit the script of the story.

  17. Chriswhitt 66

    Far out. Trippy and lush..superb.

  18. Mike Housego

    It's a dystopian Bikini Bottom.

  19. Susanne Carlisle

    You're just wonderful, kid.

  20. jesse bongo

    Thought the Beatles were bad for flashing masonic symbolism till I watched this.

    jesse bongo

    @Jesse W ....Secret societies are at the heart of everything that's wrong in the world today and that's why I comment when I see it being flaunted. You may be living in la la land and that's your choice but dont suggest to me that I "chill out " when I know the shit that goes down through this. Tip; listen to the speech JFK delivered on the subject matter not long before he was murdered , maybe that'll take you out of your chill.

    Jesse W

    What's it like being the 2nd best Jesse in this comment

    jesse bongo

    @Jesse W talk some utter shit !


    @jesse bongo PHFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.


    @jesse bongo You talk utter stupid shit.

  21. Blackestblack666

    Billy: just sending you love bro! Thanks for sharing your gift of music!

  22. Sri Mangalvedhe

    God i love this dude

  23. Joe Okonski

    Keeping some of us going, thank you🙌✌

  24. Brennan Cantrell

    Keep doing what you’re doing bro we see you and soon enough everyone will...please don’t get discouraged and whatever you do please don’t give up. I want to see you make it so bad!!

  25. SgtRyoseirui

    The moral of the story? Shrooms: Hell yeah.

  26. Rory

    This dude fucks

  27. Philip Fischetti

    Algorithm suggested Dust in a Baggie for god only knows what reason. 5 minutes later, LP purchased. Great, original music still exists, but you have to look harder! When you find it, support it! Purchase - don’t stream. Or purchase, then stream, whatever. Put more money in the artist’s pocket!

  28. Barrett Andrews

    Bro! That guy driving the truck randomly followed me on insta years back. Crazy shit. Random asf to see him in this video.

  29. Caleb C

    Can you come out to texas? I would come to a show send your music to 95.9 the ranch they are a great station please your music would be a hit in the texas red dirt genre. A stand alone!

  30. joanne dibble

    fineass song .. i liked to listen, but not look. (distracting vid.) but who cares?
    your songwriting gets better and better, Billy!!

  31. The Federal Bureau of Investigation

    You know I'm not really a fan of bluegrass. Well actually scratch that. I wasn't really a fan of bluegrass.

  32. Savanah Fountaine

    fuck 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  33. Ramen Noodles

    Sounds similar to demons by greensky bluegrass. Still amazing! Billy is an amazing songwriter

  34. Tybo Jeremiah

    Please try to play music with Tyler Childers, Read Southall, Koe Wetzel please y’all would make gold🤙🤙

  35. country boy

    Sounds like Travis tritt. The world needs more Billy strings!!!!!

  36. Mama Bear

    This guy is amazing!!! YouTube recommendations blessed me with this one. Pure talent.

  37. Fender Guru


  38. Terry Burger

    Totally Awesome!!!!!😎

  39. PWNDbycircumstances??

    Should i watch this on acid or meth?

    LOL jk haven't done meth in years

    Just Barker

    PWNDbycircumstances?? I guess acid it is lol

  40. Steve Sewall

    Play this great song next to My Town by Montgomery Gentry, another great song, and see where you stand on staying vrs. leaving town. That song has a church. This song has a woman.
    Magnificent video. Takes me back to the days of Sargeant Pepper. Worthy of the Beatles at their very best.

  41. therockkkkher

    fucking great song, brotha, you rock.

  42. sanyarudd1

    Bout time youtube has a good suggestion

  43. sanyarudd1

    Bout time you tube has a good suggestion

  44. Винель Пухстро

    20 long years for some dust in a baggie 😅😂😂

  45. Willy Wallace

    Bad ass. Its Bradley Knowle from Sublime came back and is now writin kick ass bluegrass love u kid

  46. Marisa Miller

    I call it 💥NEWGRASS💥

  47. GanjaFreedom420

    Fantastic !

  48. Patrick Dixon

    I'm hooked... YouTube finally pointed me in the right direction. This lad is overflowing with talent!!!

  49. Chappie777


  50. scotts gold addiction

    Your publisher is shit you should be rolling in it

  51. creekfinds

    Nickel Creek?


    AHHH No.

  52. Mike Lowry

    What's with the 33 tattoo on his arm. Everything in this world is tainted, this place is disgusting. Archons


    It was the number on his grandfathers race car and it's on his grandfathers guitar that billy had restored recently.

  53. Tyler Beard

    Good song, terrible video.

  54. Tyler Durden

    Billy Strings turned into a legend ...thanks YouTube algorithms

  55. coil junkie

    I don’t listen to this kind of music. Until now, now I do.

    Brandon Wright

    coil junkie lmao seriously me too

    janice morgan

    Sorry for what you've missed, happy you found it!


    sooo much more just look blue grass will change you.

    Capt Randy CRP Marine

    So many saying this same thing about Billy

  56. ChristianX Z owner

    Well discover another artist...thanks Billy Strings for all your tunes

  57. Coddy t

    Woooooo billy strings yeaaaaahhhhh yaaaa wooooo!!!

  58. Clint Brooks


  59. Lady of the Woods

    Hope you get to have a nice thanksgiving Billy rest up

  60. kristin isaloser

    He graduated from narcs to psychedelics hahaha. Love it

  61. Advocatus Diaboli

    Tbh, this is a cybertruck ad.

  62. La Grande Peche

    Love it

  63. Staying At Home With Daddy

    Ol' Bill.... I use to be able to buy a whole table for 60 bucks, now I cant even buy a seat for that. Kudos man. I'm happy that all your hard work is paying off. I was lucky enough to see you before the algorithms sent you into the ether. Thankful for those times. Keep on pick'n and a grinn'n!

    Capt Randy CRP Marine

    Watched NOLA sell from$25 to $200.
    I'll watch here and good fer Billy Boy

  64. Nicholas Rourke

    Feels like a acid flash back wait maybe I am having one

  65. Javier Valdovinos

    Love from California. Great music great message.

  66. Jared Mars

    You are very talented.

  67. Michael Jones

    Have I been under a rock or what?
    I don't see why Billy Strings has not had way more publicity(?) Found this by mistake and love it!! Sounds way better than what people are calling "COUNTRY" nowadays. Most don't have a banjo or Steele guitar kountrier than kornbread. ❤👍💪

  68. Cajun Baw

    Dust in a baggie brought me to this absolute mast of guitar & storytelling 🎸

  69. BambulanceMan

    Damn man. Got yourself a new fan

  70. Silver Dan

    Randomly came accross your music today. Im very disappointed i didnt find this sooner but so glad i found it today.

  71. Jasmine Minerva

    Nice Modest Mouse feel with the music video, on top of the actual country sound...
    Thank you algorithms ❣️

  72. Nathan Lawson

    By far, thee BEST new album/artist to randomly find in soooo long. New fan for sure, Billy boy!

    Ryan Lahti

    Nathan Lawson discovered him about a year ago. Enjoy, it just keeps getting better

  73. Rebecca Stallion

    SOOOOOOOOO GOOD. Come to Australia 🙏 play blues fest in Byron.

  74. Adjacent Philosophy

    This is the only country channel I have ever subscribed to. Can’t wait too se what is next .

  75. Alejandro Bruh

    Shrooms baby yeeeeeehawweewwe

  76. Aldat A. Bagachipz

    Where’s the dust in a baggie video?!

    Capt Randy CRP Marine

    Its Grand old Opry feed

    *Uptown* here.

  77. CuNt WiTh A bLuNt

    This is great man

  78. KOilithya

    14.4k subs. That's an awful haircut and bad music video. Buuuut dust in a baggie was great

  79. james Doctor

    So this is what happens when you do acid in a Kentucky trailer park at night

    Nick Hawkins

    james Doctor not exactly, it’s a little more screwed up!!!😂😂😂

    country boy

    I'm from a trailer park in Kentucky hold up haha

  80. Devra Govella

    Incredible! The picking, the lyrics, the video perfect.

  81. Brian Adams

    YouTube algorithms brought me to dust in a baggie. Which brought me to here. Subscribed at 12.6k so I am here before everyone else lol

    Hunny Bunny

    Thats what brought me here too, thank God. It changed my whoole outlook on bluegrass music. Now my favorite band. I'm saving a playlist, getting out my big Bluetooth speaker, and jamming to Billy Strings. I was really having a hard time listening to anything anymore. Fastball, Oasis, and whoever else, move aside I'm done with ya.

    pat fal

    Same here best thing about You Tube keep it coming!


    iv seen them 9 times now!

    Joe Spano

    Exactly how I got here. I love it.

    Joe Spano

    35.5k now.

  82. cody moore

    You have come a long way from groove tongue. I remember you playing in my garage for a Halloween party. Hope all is well brother

  83. john messersmith

    Best guitarist sence Hendrix people

    Nui Niuhi Nui

    I hear SRV

    El Sasquatcho69

    Eh I like some bluegrass but Tosin Abasi is the best guitarist since Jimi Hendrix I'd say. Yet there honestly might be some better than him tons of greats in djent nowadays.

  84. john messersmith

    And then lsd intro love this i have songs for you to use 2405271600

  85. Estes Park bear

    Smashing pumpkins had a video like this I think.

  86. David Pahtoon

    Get out of that bad town yall!!

  87. Pocono Jeff

    Love all the Fly Agaric....!

  88. whatsuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    Finally some real country music was wondering if it would ever come back

  89. Eric Matteson

    Anyone know who the driver is?


    I do, his nickname is Dumptruck (not a joke)

    Glen Baker

    Who's the lady, just found out the cat was Molly, Thxs for the info, gb


    @Glen Baker she's a mutual friend just along for the ride :)

    Glen Baker

    @thomma49829 Thxs, I just found these guys about a month ago and I love finding out about them, I know one thing though, if they keep on track like they are they can go anywhere they want, I'm over 60,and I love ther sound and the subject of the songs,, Thxs again for the info,gb

  90. Colin May

    Where's the credit for the video production?


    Colin May it’s there in the description. Concept/Creation: Kevin Thomma

    Colin May

    Not very clear that that applies to the video as opposed to the music or anything else, but if that's the industry standard, cool.

  91. Tony In Christ

    Admire Billys guitar, voice and song writing BUT why do the overt drug references. Thats not what young people and society in general need right now. When will talented musicians understand that its not cool but destructive. Leaning into people with the power of influence. Taking them down a dark road to death and destruction. I know. I been there.


    There id nothing in this song promoting drug use,the song is about cleaning up your life.listen to the words,and it's part of are world ignoring the problem won't make it go away.

    Abcdefg Hijklmno

    Magic mushrooms are not a dark road to death and destruction

    Pocono Jeff

    The mushrooms are Amanita, Fly Agarics, not really what folks take to trip. Additionally this scene's drugs - Marijuana, psilocin and LSD, are rather innocuous anyhow.

    Tony In Christ

    Yes they are. Having the parasite of cannabis addiction in my life for 25 years, sucking drive and ambition.
    Mushrooms take you into the spirit realms and be careful what you let into your spirit life.
    Drugs are personality altering and become escapes. True spiritually and a stable life does not include drugs. Time tested by people who have survived and gone on to raise awareness about it and become happy and prosperous away from drugs/alcohol.

    Abcdefg Hijklmno

    Pocono Jeff I thought that was cubensis at the end but on further inspection it is not

  92. Phil Bradshaw

    Thanks Man! It cures any depression that I have. Thank you. Keep playing my friend!!!

  93. Raincoast

    Now those are my kinda trees! :)

  94. Glen Baker

    Would like to know the meaning of the 33 ,Anyone?thxs


    Glen Baker

    @mbsnyderc Thxs, really like this kids music but also seems like he really cares about were he came from,thxs again,gb

  95. Glen Baker

    Very nice,

  96. joe gillespie

    Never mind what's left behind. Dont look back.

  97. Staying At Home With Daddy

    Silly Billy

  98. kenneth bishop

    I fucking love this man. I'm so happy music videos are back. Kid you are a genius man. Your guitar playing is so amazing no one really looks at what your songwriting is......which is monumental and brilliant