Billy Strings - Hollow Heart Lyrics

You move around like running water
It seems like you might never settle down
Well, I spent a lifetime waiting for you
While you were runnin' 'round the town

You'll always have a place with me, Dear
A place inside this hollow heart of mine
But it's all right, my little darling
Ain't ready to just keep steppin' down the line

Well, I had a dream that I was dying
I was bleeding while the rain was pouring down
When you appeared inside my dream, Dear
You just left me lyin' on the ground

Won't come home and say you're sorry
You just come on in and crawl your ass in bed
But it's all right, my little darling
You're crawling over someone else, instead

Them pretty eyes are always roving
And I guess you never will be true
This love of ours is a disaster
But I keep holdin' on to you

Seasons come and go while waiting
And my hollow heart is empty all the time
But it's all right, my little Darling
And you'd rather just keep steppin' down the line
But it's all right, my little Darling
And you'd rather just keep steppin' down the line

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Billy Strings Hollow Heart Comments
  1. RL Bent

    Allways in my ❤ James l hit the wrong key 🔑 some times not perfect but I am going to be a doctor CEO my grand daughter hope l 👀 you before I leave this world 🌎.

  2. RL Bent

    I love 🐻 🍖.

  3. RL Bent

    Renting my 🏡. Ricky David Williams was a 😂

  4. RL Bent

    I moved James

  5. RL Bent

    Take care of your family and always will be friends James?

  6. John Maxwell

    I just cant get enough of this kid. What an amazing talent.

  7. Mike Bills


  8. ScotlandYard Farm and Garden

    Please God don't let the Democrats get their dirty hands on bluegrass. But I'm afraid it's too late.

  9. John Noe

    God. So clean.

  10. PB Machines

    If I played guitar I would smash it after watching Billy play

  11. James Ashford

    Yea so I ummm just subscribed to a radical bluegrass guitarist who is a freaking guitar god! And his whole band is on point each in their own right. So awesome! 🤗

  12. Patick Gay

    Billy: " Time for one more? which one shall it be?"
    Youtube: A 15 second chrome book commercial!


    Adblock and YouTube Vanced. Haven't seen an ad in years.

  13. Joseph The Hierophant

    Well , I didnt know about this one , ...

    No Worries, #RacoonCreek. Waay different than this.

    *Ya know, sounds like, you pertty good @ that #guitar.

    [( if spillin 'da bean just barely like )]
    [( ya think maybe since i have a 6 4 E. Caberello )]

    Might get a #billystrings out here on the front poarch learnin #RacoonCreek .?. er , I got a few.

    Aight Meow , dont chall be a thankin,
    " is at all you got .?. "
    Cause , imma be like, NOPE !

    Yah C , they call me , #MountainMan,

    Go up to the Tennessee River
    Just wheneva I can,

    Man , .... Aint it great , ...
    Tah Go Visit , ...
    Good 'oL , ...
    ! ALABAMA !
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    BUT imma from the Great State Of Georgia


    yes sir .

    *Not recommended to take this fo ya self either.
    '"€n£ess [email protected] gθ·¡· ]°€r|\/|¡§§¡θ|/] , ... I rekon it B aight den.

  14. jay

    It's been said that Billy's name is on every guitar he owns....before he owns them.

  15. Walker Christensen Music

    I love Billy’s solo face XD

  16. Jeff Leblanc

    This guy is the best I’ve heard in a long time he is going to be one of the greats

    Matthew Fyfe

    Already is.

  17. Noel Carreaga

    That boy can play more notes than the number of red ants on a Texas anthill LOL !!! 👍👌😛😛😛

  18. Mike & Krista Parke

    luv Billy Strings, dust in a baggie

  19. Nick Garrie

    Wtf.American music is alive.dont know if billy writes all the lyrics...leans slightly left.but,he has a 33 tattoo...You guys kill it.
    Every time.Always...

  20. Eric Solveson

    I've been watching YMSB, SCI, Railroad and all the best Bluegrass in the nation for the last 12 years here in Colorado. This guy, is the best new picker of our time. He's the one. Cheers Billy

  21. Brta3as

    Increíble este artista y su banda. Grrrrreat!! tnks from Barcelona <3

  22. DeeOdzta

    Never listened to Bluegrass, but lets face it what these guys play is not your standard Bluegrass. Billy and the gang - living legends. As Joe says, for me I would agree all of what i have seen i liked the most when you guys do this straight out, no studio or such - you sound way better without it :)

  23. Taylor Brown

    This guy is PURE. Can't stop listening.. Those strings on 🔥

  24. Harold Metler

    And guess what, folks! He’s from MICHIGAN!

  25. Michael Ronsonette

    This is why Netflix is still the best website on the 'net. Without it I would have never heard of Billystrings.


    Where on netflix is he?

    Michael Ronsonette

    @Kaolo Sorry I meant Youtube.

  26. Wesley Truax

    Damn that's some mighty fine a pickin and a singin.

    John Doesitintheair

    Hot damn, son. I believe you did sell your soul to the devil!

  27. fretfanaticno1

    Come to Luxembourg!

  28. dustin harshbarger

    What guitar is he playing?

    Tom Stoutenour

    dustin harshbarger Thompson


    Awesome instrumentals and vocals !

  30. John Lund

    So 2 days ago, when considering something to do,, as I drive through Denver on 13/14 of December, I thought, why not look at the Venues in Denver. Billy Strings pops up at the,,hummmm who is this guy, which landed me here at YouTube! Only onething left to do,,, so I bought a ticket for Saturday and I can't wait !

    josiah king

    John Lund awesome have a good time

    John Lund

    Thank you. ! Will do !.

    Harold Rohn

    How was it

    John Lund


    John Lund

    As a matter of fact, have him plugged in and cranked up right now !

  31. Jeff Lafferty

    Come a long way - tickets SOLD OUT everywhere you go, but there's a lot of us that are just learning about your talents. Keep up the good work, and I hope I get a chance to see you sometime soon up in the North West.

  32. Jerry Cunningham

    These boys are THE best!!

  33. missee moore

    Just heard of this guy last month! I'm addicted! Need Chicago show now

  34. Rayzer

    YEE HAW.....Awesome Boys

  35. 2012 BCMUSIC

    Great stuff...I got a Henry Paul vibe!!!

  36. J3M

    I can hear so much rock & metal among all of that delicious playing that it simply don't matter what genre it actually is, it's a raw delight to my soul & I love it more each time I hear it. You're all great players but Billy is a playing & writing force to be reckoned with! Thank you for such wonderful music.

    Phillip Neal

    What metal ? What ROCK. This is Appalachia and long before those two genres 😆

    Steven Klaus

    Yes, he is playing Appalachian music, but his playing does have hints of metal. Probably because he was in a metal band previously

  37. Corky B. Grones

    So So So Billy, you have to be So excited & proud to have Jared as you’re mando man. He’s So good!!! And you guys are So tight.

  38. Marisa Miller


    Phillip Neal


  39. naywee g

    Amazing in every way possible!!! 👞👞 Ole Slewfoot, one my all time favorite traditional tunes 💙

  40. Tyson Capel

    Very nice and well done!

  41. Phillip Vorndran

    These guys are great but I got my eye on that microphone lol!

    Phillip Vorndran

    Anyone have info on the mic?

    Barbara Aycock

    @Phillip Vorndran ear trumpet.

    Phillip Vorndran

    @Barbara Aycock thanks

  42. Ron mercer

    Billy Failing should be considered for banjo player of the year.......Got my vote.....


    He's fantastic.

  43. Shana Blackman Boama

    I absolutely love your music and your players Billy ❤️

  44. David guitar madman

    Love your performances Billy Strings!

  45. Linda Clark

    Fing luv u boyz

  46. Linda Clark

    IDEARS! IDEALS my former boss called em lol. BILLYBOYBOSS STRINGSMAN A CHEVITIS!!! Just holicrap fellas GOLD! PURE HEAVEN ON EARTH!!!!

  47. Linda Clark

    This is the fing best music in the entire world, i dont care what anybody says! I am screaming my fool head off over the enormity of the fing greatness of this BRILLIANCE& TALENT& HEART& SOUL😍😍😍😍😍😍I FING LOVE THESE FING KIDS!!! KEEP IT UP FELLAS! SKY 'S THE LIMIT HERE IT ALLLLLL IS😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  48. D.A. S.

    If I had a Christmas wish........ It would be to hear Turmoil And Tinfoil, Little Maggie, Wild Bill Jonesl, and Dust In A Baggie ,...with percussion behind it.

  49. Ryan P

    Go east

  50. Becky Hopkins

    Kinda puts me in mind of newer Tony Rice. Gordon Lightfoot. Love it. I’m a fan!!!

  51. Mark Bernhardt

    Great band. Terrible lighting and a far worse audio setup than these guys deserve.

  52. Darian S.J Oechsler

    I was always curios what happended to his ears. I think of Tunnels that broke

    BAiley Furio

    Darian S.J Oechsler he used to have them gauge earrings in his ears. It looks like he didnt stick with it tho and is attempting to let the holes close up.

    Darian S.J Oechsler

    @BAiley Furio yeah thats what I meant with tunnels. Thats the name for these kind of earrings

    BAiley Furio

    Darian S.J Oechsler haha, sorry youngster! I feel old for sure now! Ive never heard that before.

  53. Michael Jones


    Linda Clark

    Michael Jones we callem douche bags where i come from!


    LMAO.... yeah OK.

  54. Michael Jones

    Got damn strings are smokin it!👏🔥

  55. Michael Jones

    My new favorite band...I can't get enough this Appalachian BLUEGRASS. ❤👏👏👏👏👏❤

    Jack Miller

    Michael Jones as a blue ridge mountain tennessee hillbilly i agree completely.

    Live Free

    He is from Michigan who would've thought

  56. Michael Jones

    Hollow must of met my ex.😢💔👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  57. Bill Olenick

    Anyone know what kind/brand of capo Billy Strings is using? I want one!

    Linda Clark

    Bill Olenick get 2 theyre small

  58. Yaco21


  59. lee issabella

    Love this band but they need a drummer. just sayin


    Wrong. It’s bluegrass. It doesn’t need drums.

    Ron mercer

    @dfgalvin How many bluegrass bands have drums....or bagpipes?


    Ron mercer None, or almost none. It doesn’t sound right. David Grisman tried it some years ago and it just didn’t work.


    That was referring to drums. I’ve never heard one with bagpipes.

    Ron mercer

    @dfgalvin Just a joke pal.....

  60. Stephen B

    Excited to shoot Billy tonight for Relix!!!!!

  61. Humble Life

    King Billy Strings! Dang...!

  62. Elgin Phelps

    When Billy and band come to California I always go to see and hear them. Nothing finer,

  63. Channing Wade

    ...i'm goin' to say it...this cat is channelin' Rice, Tyminski, Bush, whoever you drops it effortlessly...dude leaves me gape mouthed every time i watch or listen...

  64. Channing Wade

    ...B Strings and the boys just crush it...And they crush it often and thoroughly...

  65. Channing Wade

    ,,,Got Damn! ...these cats just nail it at every frickin' much love and respect for B Strings and the boys...thank ya! thank ya! thank ya! gentlemen

  66. Jesse Lewis

    Anyone who is a bluegrass and or music nut knows that this kid is making a HUGE mark on music history. Respect to all the genres of music and their history... Billy is one of those rare ones that change everything and only come once or twice in a lifetime.

    Kirk Scobey

    Jesse Lewis I agree. He's got me listening to my Dads old bluegrass albums again. More. For someone so young his songwriting is really deep apart from his superb musicianship. He's like the Stevie Ray Vaughan of bluegrass pickers!!!

  67. Jim Jones

    To think I saw this band in Sault Ste Marie Michigan with less that 100 people in the Theater Come back to Blissfest

  68. jesse bongo

    Wonder if more will buy their music now Billy has the 33 tattoo , every chance his fellow masons will !

    jesse bongo

    @Jaden Miller ....perhaps you'll wake up some time.

    Ivan Eccles

    Can I ask what is a 33 tattoo? I'm from Australia

    jesse bongo

    @Ivan Eccles .....Australia like almost all countries is run and controlled by freemasons and this includes all aspects of the entertainment industry ( if you're not in the club you dont make it to the top no matter how talented ). There are 33 degrees ( levels of hierarchy ) in the " brotherhood ".

  69. A Gnome


  70. Сергей Сафронов

    Это просто блестяще!!!!

  71. Rob Cedar

    Bluegrass. Newgrass.
    Billy Strings...

  72. Steve H

    Yessir, hitting the nail on the head.

  73. quartzimaging

    Billy Strings has matured into the craft and tradition very quickly. Glad to see him staying with (mostly) straight ahead bluegrass and traditional instruments. Let's hope he does not devolve into another over-amped strings-on-steroids abomination like too many other jammy bands (looking at you Railroad Earth and Greensky Bluegrass).

    Rob Cedar

    That's where he's headin. And he ain't forgetting where he came from.

  74. TheGravygun

    Screech on Banjo


    he is on point I must say

  75. Jackie Weems

    What a talented group of musicians! Billy Strings is a superstar and one of of the most talented people I have ever heard. Enjoy listening to him everyday. I’ve been around a long time (73 years) and he is absolutely at the top of my favorite entertainers. I guess he would be second to Elvis.

    Pat Coleman

    me too old man :) gotcha beat by 5 ~~... talent coming out from all his pours ! and he shows he loves what he is doing !!

    Brad Rousseau

    Me too old man I'm in my 60 th winter. To watch this guy change bluegrass has been a huge creation for me. I'm just excited as hell for this guy.

    Brad Rousseau

    Hey pat. F. Kids good.

  76. Nathan Morgan

    Hands down best version of long forgotten dream I've heard by them

  77. Joe Bieniecki

    Save your money Billy. Never pay for studio time again. Just show up places play a half dozen songs and record them in one take. Simply amazing. Pay attention folks this is something special.


    I am a man of constant sorrow 😂

    Roy Jenkins

    Amen his a special talent . God Bless

    Michael Jones

    How can you not like this and not like it?

    Jorma Spaziano

    Its that them there Soggy Bottom Boys?

    Albert Schroter

    no lie detected

  78. The Grateful Brad


    I pray the good Lord protect these guys and lead them not into temptation!

  79. vaiz4lvrs

    Billy for President

  80. Mike Lenowsky

    So great! We're lucky there's so much awesome music being made these days in a variety of genre's... especially bluegrass.

  81. Vicki Brouwer

    Thank you Relix.. been watching and clapping for you!

  82. fishnjim

    Straight-up Badass

  83. Mark Woods

    I discovered these guys by accident a few weeks ago and I can't get enough. They're coming to Detroit in December and I hope to be there

    Ben Henry

    Mark Woods don’t hesitate on tix they sell fast, I missed a couple already


    I think he's from Detroit area. Good luck getting tickets. He's selling out everywhere he goes. Amazing live shows.


    Mark get your Tickets ASAP he is a Michigander and he sells out every show way in advance here in MI. He has a couple shows around XMAS time in Grand Rapids those are the ones you wanna see.

  84. Brian Meyers

    Thak you Relix and thank you Billy Strings and Co.

  85. Don Combee


    Davis Jett

    Hollow Heart
    Watch It Fall
    Long Forgotten Dream
    Ole Slewfoot

  86. letslisten2it

    Fantastic, thank you!

  87. KC Lange

    You really got such a great act as Billy Strings and only got to keep them for such a short time. I was so hoping they’d have done a special extended set for y’all. Legend in the making 👆

  88. David Sholts