Billy Squier - She Will Lyrics

Men who can't love are so predictable
Break your heart like they cross the street
Show you their wounds and make you vulnerable
Make you feel they really need you
Men who can't love will win you over
Casanova, he had a plan
Run you round, then he run you over
Run you out, maybe come back again
He will lead you to the higher ground
Tell you secrets that will make you whole
Leave an address where he can't be found
And a promise that will leave you cold
But he will feed you if you come around
Men who can't love will leave you lonely
Grow so distant, and be downright mean
And if you ask him, "Can we talk about it?"
He will answer, "Let's not make a scene"
Men who can't love hate to admit it
Make you wonder if it's all your fault
Women who fall have got their reasons
Make you guilty cause they love too much
If you tell him you could fall for him
He will say he doesn't want you to
And if you tell him you don't wanna go with him
He will make you feel it's somethin' you should do
He will make it so you just can't win
He will call you when you're almost home
Drag his voice across your mainline
Tell you everything'll be different
Just when you thought you had an answer
Women who love, you best be careful
Hide your purpose with your charity
Women who love - they make me nervous
Stay away, child, don't you mess with me
He will leave you out in "Nowhereland"
Searchin' for a man you never knew
You're a stranger in a foreign land
And there's nothin' that a girl can do
He will lead you out to "No Man's Land"
Start a fire that you can't control
Lay a minefield of impossible demands
Cross a border that you can't patrol
And tell you everything is in your hands

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Billy Squier She Will Comments
  1. a0799353

    It’s too bad he did that gay video; it sank him

  2. John Boyd

    And look up all the songs he wrote and sold to other artists!

  3. Cyrano66

    Catchy Rockin'! Well arranged. It's amazing how much a cowbell can add to the catchiness of a song. I love how the cowbell doesn't come in until the 2nd chorus. Nice touch. It helps build the song.

  4. Diana McClam

    She goes down is always compared with The Stroke as far as sex goes. The Stroke is Not about sex, it's about a record executive wanting to sign him & basically blowing smoke up his ass...

  5. Emperor Romeo

    This and 'Let it go' by Def Leppard are the best BJ songs 😁


    Will let you know..full report in about an hour

    Emperor Romeo

    @NikkiMi ???

  6. Fizzee

    Idk why this song gets so much hate. I love it

  7. Adam Unknown that nasty SHE GOES DOWN music video HERE

  8. Lucky P

    He looks like my high school bus driver, Bill Ditter in 1982. SOOOO cute . I had sex with him,
    at 16, but I DID NOT go DOWN

    J Wil

    Wow, tell more great stories like that one. /s

  9. Kelly Braudrick

    Sexy mo-fo I would go down!

    Claudio Como

    That's classy

    Doug Winegar

    Kelly u r NAUGHTY

  10. Thomas Michael Robertson

    Featuring Bobby Chouinard, Brockton's BEST Drummer EVER !

  11. Kim Pompeo

    I loved him in the day. Mmmm.


    She goes down!!!!!!!!! The stairs.....(----__?


    ACERAMGAD stairs,street,to the river..??


    She descends to the den of dense shag carpet.


    Dodging daggers from dear old Dad.


    AaaaaaYyyyyyyy.......ooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhh no!


    omg......aaayyyyyy...what is this about?

    Tori Rae

    ACERAMGAD it is a great song so I don't really care what it's about ... I love the music not always the lyrics but if it's got a good beat and it's a good song to dance to that's all I really care about ..j m p o

    James John

    Sucking dick.

  14. don mccune

    ther is a good video of this song ir was on playboy hot rocks and had 3 playmates in it . it looked like it was filmed on a submarine set


    Any idea where I can see the original video?


    ugh...where is the link?

  15. smitchix1

    there is no "actual video" for this song...

    Preston Emmons

    Yea :( but music videos from the 80's were kinda weird

    terry doyb

    +Preston Emmons He made a video that makes him look foolish.

    Not sure which one, but it was ridiculous.


    what>? Why?

  16. themom05

    Love this song and find it very funny! She must've been very good for him to pen a song about it! As a married woman of almost 30 years this is how I get a "YES" to anything I know I want and it always works!!!


    You go girl lol

  17. kevin hall

    people r always talkin the rock me tonight video down.fuck off


    Agree. It was the 80's

    Michael Forman

    @Nikkipicky also MTV would have fucked him by the end of 86 anyways because all people wanted madona, Billy was the last of his kind.

  18. dadadruma Marcopoulos

    Thirdgen83 Its cool once you get yours Blown for first time you will understand somewhat WHY some one WOULD write a song about getting some Mean Nasty Heayd =)

  19. Russell Shaffer

    It is obvious Thirdgen83 was never on the receiving end of a woman sucking dick.

  20. NikkiMi

    @misskerrybby Me too ;) Never gets old

  21. Janet Steinman


    Save Miles

    That's what I was thinking :)

  22. NikkiMi

    @MagesseT1 This song will do that to you ;0

  23. Thirdgen83

    This song SUCKS.
    Only a dip-shit would write songs about a woman sucking dick...

    Tori Rae

    Thirdgen83 gotta agree with the others on this one ... You are really missing out ... I guess sex isn't for everyone but it's certainly for me ...

    J Wil

    Prefer gentlemen, eh?

    treg forsyth

    never had it eh?

  24. NikkiMi

    @LesPaulCustom79 She Goes Down, Don't Say You Love Me, Everybody Wants You my top 3. Check out LIve in the Dark if you ever get a chance-concert from 81'

  25. LesPaulCustom79

    This guy is the real deal, Hard Rock song writer, unlike the current shit being put out today. If you don't believe me, look him up on Wikipedia and count the number of TOP 40 Rock Hits he wrote from 1980-1991.
    The Big Beat, Young Girls, The Stroke, My Kinda Lover, Lonely is the Night, Don't Say No, Too Daze Gone, I Need You, Everybody Wants You, It Keeps You Rockin', Emotions in Motion, Rock Me Tonite, Love is the Hero, Tied Up, Don't Say You Love Me, She Goes Down, etc...

  26. LesPaulCustom79

    Next to 1.Tied Up, and 2.Don't Say You Love Me, 3.She Goes Down is my favorite Billy Squier song. It came out on 1991 CD but I didn't find it until I bought, 16 Strokes Best of Billy Squier CD, from 1995.

  27. Broughmo

    Billy could've kept the "Play the sexual Innuendo" card going w/this song, alas, had it not been for that ill-fated RMT video...

  28. Monica1C3

    I've always liked this song. Too bad nobody has the actual vid.

  29. teflonmagnet

    @BastardOfTheRock yeah, i'm sure you were hip to that when first hearing the song, dummy.

  30. Billy G. Willett

    I like this song. It brings back memories...

  31. Michael Ault

    This is the best Billy Squier song ever. Thank you for downloading this song.

  32. Kim S

    Great song & hook! This seemed like another attempt by Billy to play the sexual innuendo hand, albeit, not as successfully as the Stroke courtesy of the ill fated RMT video...

  33. Flavio Gasperini

    Yeah, I really want to see the "She Goes Down" video.I think it belongs to playboy.

  34. bpd1964

    Still can't find the video for this anywhere. Creatures is a great album by the most underrated band ever. Squier never gets the respect he deserves.

    David Montano

    He doesn't get enuff