Billy Squier - If You Would Hate Me Less, I’d Love You More Lyrics

I'm havin' a daydream - Thinkin' of how it might have been
if we had not gone and lost our way (reads like a tragedy)
More than a memory - I have lost a part of me
I'd only just begun to know (and it's taken such a long time)
Your daggers wound me deeply
but if you would hurt me less I'd soothe you more
I would give myself so cheaply
if you could hate me less I'd love you more
Sister have mercy - come to me, take my hand
I am such a long way from home (and I'm cryin' out)
Love is a mystery - as the silent scream of loneliness
is ever wont to know
Does suspicion rule unending
if you'd only doubt me less I'd trust you more
There's no use in our pretending
but if you would hate me less I'd love you more
Fear is the enemy - hurt and anger take their toll
they leave their mark on you (they mark me too)
Immune to your feelings - consciousness is blockin' the door
did I tell you you are not alone
You're so anxious to condemn me
but if you would judge me less I'd serve you more
I don't want you to defend me
but if you could hate me less I'd love you more
Do you have to be so angry
if you'd only ask for less I'd give you more
Do you really wanna hang me
if you would hate me less I'd love you more

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Billy Squier If You Would Hate Me Less, I’d Love You More Comments
  1. Craig Wall

    Heard this album in a "listening station" (remember those?!) at Tower Records in NYC. Bought the CD immediately and this song became the instant stand out. Lyrically brilliant. Song brilliant.

  2. Karen M.

    First time hearing this. Incredible. Just great all around. I've always been struck by many of the lyrics Billy Squier writes, so unashamedly naked, openly exposed, but not. This suits him. Hits me right in the gut

  3. Janeen Glock

    billy squier long over due for the rock and rock and roll hall of fame

  4. duggi b

    This is really the best acoustic album I've ever heard

  5. tracy newsom

    No one could ever hate u...
    what a sad song...
    The whole world loves u and the ones who don't well mr squier it's their problem...
    You keep breathing and singing...
    We all here love you and jam out daily to ur music and you give us happiness and smiles.

  6. Javaid Khan

    nice all

  7. michael Syverson

    reads like a tragedy like the lyrics.

  8. BrainPolice5

    Best track off an already excellent set of songs. Great title too.

  9. Dana Beasley

    Roswell 3.1

  10. smorrill1959

    Yes, "rosdoc123"  - Roswell 3:1 brought me here!  Finally found it!  Love!  :-)

  11. rosdoc123

    Roswell 3:1

  12. Michael Rivers

    Doesn't feel God when you find these lost gems? One of the best highs ever!

  13. Maurganne

    Thanks so much- I've looked everywhere for this!

  14. evdogg20

    @Greg Scott

  15. catsy26

    This song reminds me a lot of Suite: Judy Blue Eyes by Crosby Stills & Nash. Very similar guitar sound. Fans of this should check out their performance at Woodstock, it is one of the most beautiful & passionate videos I've ever seen on youtube. Seriously recommend it.

  16. RoyalG18

    i dont think anyone has any idea how long i have been looking for this song... thank u god

  17. Greg Scott

    The track from the ending sequence of Roswell season 3 episode 1. Good stuff.