Billy Squier - Grasping For Oblivion Lyrics

Cezanne, the unloved prophet, found a dignity
the grace in everyone
He packed his reverence and his paints and went
where no one else had gone
Such a lone-strung man was he
Solitary vision, dyin' to break free
And I hear the voices when you call
see the hero where you fall
You're the reason why I can't get old
You're the reason why I run
you're the reason why I come
I will be forever grasping your oblivion
Picasso in his world ruled over everything
there was no other way
How else could he face the Dons of history
and brush them all away
Such a potent man was he
Scandalized by nothing - perhaps what only he could see
A man is just a man until he finds himself
as part of something more
And even then he stops to ask himself
what it is he came here for
Such a wondering soul is me
Sure of barely nothing - except for my uncertainty

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Billy Squier Grasping For Oblivion Comments
  1. Peter Buzay

    Hope Billy goes on some kinda tour soon, I've never seen him live

  2. paych GeRonimo

    The record companies really don't care what the fans are looking for, there just pushing fluff to appease there corporate budgets. In the end you get stuff that is laughable today. This song is perfect for a cool fast frame edit live and maybe part animated rock video. It could have pushed Squire into new territory instead of stopping his career.

  3. steve mcclelland

    great tune MAN!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Erskin Sears

    Thanks Billy, for all the good shows you gave us in Atlanta during those strange 80's

  5. Kenneth Newnum

    Fuck the 80s video, this has always been a great track. people need to get over their hangups.

  6. Inmyhumbleopinion

    Wow, you still have "the voice" .. You still sound fantastic ... Awesome

  7. Mick

    Loved the song when I was in my 20's and still great today!!!!!!!

  8. Tiffany Spencer

    GIT IT Billy!! Damn...u sound great.

  9. Broom Harley

    Have Merceeeeeeeey''''' !!!!!!! ~¥~

  10. Magen Lowery

    my first concert in 1983 and to this day one of the best miss ya billy

  11. stephen casper

    Hell Yeah!!!

  12. Lori Reece

    Very talented man!

  13. Rudy Lara

    Still a Great! song. Thank you Billy for ALL your great music that I grew up as a kid in the 80's

  14. ricomajestic

    Billy still has the voice!

  15. Willow Scaletta

    Just awesome I wish the greats could stay around forever im 35 years old, I missed tha hippy days would have loved it though truly We just got to teach the new generations of them

  16. Chad Curry

    Bad to the bone!

  17. Krystal Witch

    wish you would come to Kentucky someday soon. your Still kicking as so get out there and show these no talent pretty boys and girls what real talent is. today all you have to be is cute cause unfortunately we a thing called auto tune. it has single handedly helped ruin music and talent as we know it.

  18. Krystal Witch

    great song!!! still holds up today 2015!!!

  19. popandroid

    That was sweet.

  20. Earl Sneddon

    song still sounds good

  21. Jay Surles

    The guy had some great rock songs....... and can still play them.....

  22. Bernard Parker

    Cool voice and unique.

  23. Lisa Mulloy

    Still lookin' good!  :)

  24. sly guy

    "Rocked You Forever"

  25. Kimberly Liebel

    Long time no see :)

  26. heartwings61

    Stop it, grunt, grunt. Omg Billy....soooo hot!!

  27. heartwings61

    After all these years, baby, baby you still got it. This song Rocks Me Everynight!

  28. West Virginia Patriot

    Still sound GREAT! Way to go Billy!

  29. Fastt Ed

    W/O a doubt the single greatest Rock artist there was or ever will be.
    He sings, writes, and is an all around kick ass musician. One man -
    one guitar - many great songs.

  30. Ben Culture

    That's a helluva performance! Never knew the song could be expanded like that. At first it sounded like Billy Squier had lost some of his voice, but his timing was still dead-on, and once he warmed up to it, he belted out those lines perfectly! I actually like the original video, but it was always the song itself I really loved. Great groove, and everybody plays great.

  31. Roger Roantess

    Billy Squier and Marc Copely as a highly favored guitarist together on one stage ... Well guys its Rocks !!!

  32. Mukit Ari

    Love it: one of my all time fav.s.

  33. Moonchild_eureka

    Terrific!  Billy is a genuine rocker. 

  34. Cynthia Snowden

    Still sexy!

  35. joe joe Mugga

    hes blessed, no doubt

  36. Heather Best

    still damn sexy

  37. Scott Mitchell

    I'm so glad that Billy Squier did not let the train wreck video from the 80's ruin him, this song, or anything that is Squier! This is inspirational! His music is timeless, and I will always love it!

  38. walter c. charles campbell lll Lovin' Bearwolf

    rock on billy

  39. Humboldt Honey

    This song has been on my mind, in my car and now on my pc for days! You effin rock!

  40. Carrie Ruston

    awesome as ever, Billy!

  41. 6909Scrappy


  42. MrMnj1193

    One of the most UNDERRATED guitarists!

  43. Michael Burke

    Im blown away. Billy rocks.

  44. Psychedelic Trainwreck

    I'm glad you still do this, because the SONG was not the problem!

  45. Kathleen Mink

    And Still---HOT..Rockin Me Tonite!!!

  46. Any Meyer

    Looooove this song!
    Looooove the original video!
    Looooove this live video!
    Awesome, great, amazing!
    \m/ yeah, BaBy! =]

  47. thePiman

    Im going to watch this over and over to wipe from my memory the original.

  48. Rod Streeter

    squier is king