Billy Ray Cyrus - I'm American Lyrics

One red line in our home town
you everybody from miles around
this country made me who I am
I thank God I'm American

Ohhhh I'm American
red, white and blue
I'm American
From my head down to my boots

Mama's in the kitchen suppers almost up
daddy on the front porch?
Raise me up do what I can
proud is hell I'm American


I'm American

Ohhh yeah
I'm just a boy you see
All forget what we thought to me
freedom and free you can't deny
don't forget those sacrifice

I'm American
From my head down to my boots
I'm American
red, white and blue
I'm American

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Billy Ray Cyrus I'm American Comments
  1. Joshua Burkey

    It’s on repeat.

  2. Ignacio Ruan

    Great song

  3. Emanuelray Dominguez

    Emanuel usa

  4. jugoolick2006


  5. Emanuelray Dominguez

    Emanuel Ray SENITOR William Ray Cyrus

  6. smokeymountainrain

    I feel sorry for this ole country boy, and I dont hate his little girl like most do, I just see a confused girl, and I pray for him and her, Im a country boy, christian, and father, which means I know how a rebellious kid can hurt a man, so my prayers are with the man. Btw, Toby Keiths courtesy of the red white and blue song would be a good addition to this list..

  7. violeta tomotorgo

    Billy cyrus daughter was pretty when she was in Hanna Montanna

  8. Martin K.

    I'm Polish and fuckin love this song and badass american music!

  9. Michel SANNIER

    I'm French fantastic Billy Ray good music

  10. Josianne Falzon

    I'm Maltese and love it

  11. firehawk333

    I am German and love this song too :)

  12. M Barrett

    @AmericanCountry14 We love you too.

  13. Philipp Koller

    I'm from Austria (Steiermark) this is a great song !!!!! He ROCK's

  14. Archy

    I'm Hungarian, but I like this :$ :)

  15. Adora2008

    I`m a Canadian too, but I like this too!

  16. Hahnbros

    I'm Canadian and i still like this

  17. miniMy1409

    OMG I'm obsessed with this song ! <3

  18. SteelCity1981

    This song is bad ass!

  19. Mike Smith

    Awesome!!................Thanks again


    Fantastic Billy Ray rockin' hard...loving it!