Billy Ray Cyrus - Hey Elvis Lyrics

Hey Elvis won'tcha come back home
I left a message on your Code-A-Phone
I tried to reach you but I can't get through
Hey Elvis where the hell are you?

Somebody saw you at the shopping mall
Somebody said they heard that southern drawl
Hey Elvis is it really true
We're all waitin' for a sign from you

Everybody knows about your pink Cadillac
Everybody's wonderin' when you're comin' back
Everybody's waitin' just to hear you sing
Hey Elvis you're still the king

Hey Elvis won'tcha come back soon
Nobody's rockin' in the jungle room
Come December, don't know what we'll do
Be a blue Christmas without you

Everybody knows about your pink Cadillac
Everybody's wonderin' when you're comin' back
Everybody's waitin' just to hear you sing
Hey Elvis you're still the king

Love me tender don't be cruel
Return to sender stuck on you
It's now or never suspicious minds
Hey Elvis aren't you lonesome tonight?

Hey Elvis can't you see
They need you back in Memphis Tennessee
They're makin' records but there's nothin' new
Nobody ever done it quite like you

Everybody knows about your pink Cadillac
Everybody's wonderin' when you're comin' back
Everybody's waitin' just to hear you sing
Hey Elvis

Everybody knows about your Lisa Marie
Everybody knows about TCB
Everybody's waitin' just to hear you sing
Hey Elvis you're still the king

Come back to Memphis Elvis
You're still the king

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Billy Ray Cyrus Hey Elvis Comments
  1. Martin Klubnik

    00.19 Randy Travis!!👍👍👍♥️

  2. Cheyenne S

    Great song. Love the cape too

  3. Endrit Shabani

    I can hear Bryan singing ???

  4. Charlie Flood

    Elvis is my favorite singer and my 9 year old sons

  5. matthew mullins

    was that randy travis?

  6. Sandra Miller

    Kool song.

  7. Martina Arpino

    2019? 😍

  8. Sandra Miller

    Nobody ever did it quiet like you. Nobody ever will Elvis Presley was truly something else

  9. Sandra Miller

    I love Billy Ray Cyrus in The movie he use to have. Called Doc. Billy Ray Cyrus is a good singer. ,,,a cute.

  10. Romans 6:23

    We all know he wanted to play elvis some day 😂 it's so obvious

  11. OleWSOL

    Haha nice one

  12. Sandra Miller

    I like this song Hey Elvis. Billy Ray Cyrus a good singer. I loved him in the movie Doc. he's cute.

  13. Danielle Hogeland

    I love you BillyRay Cyrus so much

  14. sylvain vertez

    Elvis will always be The King

  15. Leandro Machado

    4:00 Chris Farley ....

  16. Amy Graham

    I'm utterly speechless 😂😂

  17. Celestine Dorado

    Great song Billy Ray, it's a great tribute to Elvis

  18. A Burrows

    Anybody know if this show was renewed on CMT ? I know Billy is touring in Australia now, so not sure if the show will come back on or not ? It was funny and I enjoyed watching it.

  19. Bill Keech

    Not bad, but I still prefer the Bryan Adams version.

  20. Penny Kyriakidis Ganis

    Billy just sang this song live on radio AWESOME.

  21. Mike Butcher

    great tune! Written by Bryan Adams & Gretchen Peters ;)

  22. ronaldo meirelles

    Elvis Forever King!!!!!!!!!

  23. Harry P Copper Jr.

    BIIIY should go ELVIS - I would produce the al,bum- it would be great!

  24. IvanShamin

    лучшее исполнение песни Брайана Эдамса!!!!!

  25. Padawan Padawan

    The original version from Bryan Adams b-side is the more definitive version of this song. Decent attempt at revamping it though. It's amazing what Bryan does with the simplest of chords. Hey Elvis is 3 chords -(A, D, G chords are the entire song) an intro solo & bridge solo yet is a raucous fun rock song u can blast or play.

  26. Sandra Miller

    Elvis would love this song.

  27. Sandra Miller

    I like the part where he says. NOBody EVER Done IT QuIET LIKE YOU. ELVIS WAS SOMETHING ELSE.

  28. Cheryl Wyatt

    Hey Elvis is so much fun. Great to have some fun with music. I love this with Billy Ray ! Cheryl

  29. Eliana Robinson

    Well this is a treat the two singers that I grew up on, that inspired many of my novels and life in general teaming up! Incredible! I like the smart lyrics, "Blue Christmas" line clever!

  30. James Barker

    Hey Elvis!


    my twin

  32. J G

    This is awesome!!

  33. Josh Collier

    i just came to see Darius "Black Jesus" Rucker

  34. Mack Sta

    best show out there

  35. LucyMayGeeMusic

    Everyone's saying about miley being in the video has no one noticed Randy Travis?


    LucyMayGee where's miley anyway?


    Ina I don't even know 😂

    Kat M

    I just found the song for the first time after seeing Bryan Adams perform it with Brian Setzer and his Orchestra so I thought I'd go looking for the original version to make a comparison, trust me I noticed Randy Travis, he was hard to miss, also noticed Wayne Newton and a whole other bunch of very famous faces that I can't put a name to right now, and completely missed Miley, going to have to go back and watch it again.

  36. Ace's Cafe

    You should hear Brian Setzer and Bryan Adams duet version of this song.  It Rocks like a Georgia Satellites song.

  37. Suhk Madiq

    his kid turned him crazy, good to see him back to normal

  38. I am a Ballerina

    That Is One Good Looking Man Right There !!!!!!

    Annette Ramirez

    Yes he sure is....and he very talented at what he does....

    the king

    If you think he is good looking now you should have seen him with the mullet

  39. Heather Mitchell

    I saw someone mentioned Chris Farley's brother being in the video, but not one mention of Randy Travis and Darius Rucker. Great video!

  40. dope

    bir Türk olarak yorumu bırakıyorum Mükemmeldi. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  41. Becky Rozwara

    hihow are youIm doing OK?WellIloveBillyRayCyrus MovieELVISShow he plays a good role in his show too?And he's a greatActor too?Ilove all his Songs and MoviesToo?He's my favorite CountryMusicStartoo? And IloveThis other music RockStarTooChuckNegron too?And IloveAlltheRecords he Sings too he's a greatRockStar too ?Ilove all his hitstooand Songs he Sings Then and now?These two guys are TheGreatestMusic Singers Too OK LoveAlways your friend, beckyrozwara2017?

  42. blueovaltrucker

    Chris Farleys brother is in this vid wow!

  43. IvanShamin

    нравится сильно!

  44. tristy-popstheman

    never shoulda cut that hair partner


    Miley probably made him

    Jolie 1992

    Zellie don’t blame it on her

  45. Doris Smith

    my #2 man!   right up there next to ELVIS!!

    Annette Ramirez

    I agree

  46. brad Patton

    miley is in video. see if u can find her.Good luck

    Jolie 1992

    brad Patton please tell me. Where is Miley.

    Jessica The Grouch

    No she isnt.

  47. GoRdOn FrEeMaN

    Well it's not bryan Adams but it's not bad

  48. Sandra Miller


  49. Sandra Miller

    cool song love it. go BILLY.

  50. Quentin Dugger

    Only 21 years old and I know this man is the Greatest Of All Time!

    Annette Ramirez

    I really like it when I hear that y'all "younger ones" have appreciation 4 "GREAT" music...


    I'm 21 too and my favourite singer is Elvis :) and Hannah Montana 😂

    Stéphanie Lecigne

    Quentin Dugger 22 and same !

  51. Gia Genna

    Why has this not gone viral

    King Bb

    FearTheKing ur crazy partner rap trash is what's dead

    Beebo Beebo

    King Bb he's saying our generation doesn't like country music that much

    King Bb

    SxvageSandie _ the folks that dont like country are idiots

    Beebo Beebo

    King Bb it's just our generation like other music

    Stéphanie Lecigne

    Saefa _ I am 22 and I LOVE rock'n'roll, country, jazz and soul !

  52. Gia Genna

    OH. MY . GOD.

  53. Sandra Miller

    I like this song Elvis still lives. never be forgotten.

  54. Sandra Miller

    Billy ray Cyrus is a crazy. Elvis

  55. Im Alexandra Parks

    Love you Billie Ray!! Awesome song <3

  56. MTKあっきー


  57. Red Rabble-Rouser

    Make Rockabilly great again !! 😂

  58. Antonya Mont


  59. Javi Silva

    Dang Flabbet



  60. Paul Hightower

    Nice! I can listen to this lol

  61. Danna Hernández

    2016? Great video and song!

  62. 林邦

    Na extra c randy travis sa una

  63. Юлия Бринк

    Аххах,это ПОТРЯСАЮЩЕ!
    Билли,вы шикарны :3

  64. l Makkin

    Ваааааааааааааааааааау. Очень круто.

  65. Judit Kuti

    Great video! Can't wait for releasing of "Thin Line" album on CD. Greetings from an European BRC fan!

    Iron Knight

    +Judit Kuti nice i live in the netherlands and i really love his music

    Robbie Stewart

    Hey Judit Did U Know This Orginally From Billy Ray's 2000 Album Southern Rain It's The Last Track On The Album

    Judit Kuti

    Hi Robbie! Yes, I have BRC's studio albums ... can't wait for the new album in September :)

    Robbie Stewart

    Cool Oh It's A.J. From Facebook Robbie Ray On Youtube Cause The Role Billy Ray Played On Hannah Montana

    Antonya Mont

    +Robbie Stewart 👍👍👍👍💚💛💜

  66. Derek Holian

    check out my cover of this song

  67. Lucy Moser

    Loved this song 20 years ago and still love it <3 Fantastic video, great peek into the new show. Looks hysterical and sexy :) <3 That big whale car, SO funny!! Billy Ray ... you still got it !!!! I'm so excited for the premiere of "Still the King".