Billy Ray Cyrus - Enough Is Enough Lyrics

Ain't it sad Johnny had another accident
Down some steps and landed on a lit cigarette
Must've made daddy mader than he thought he had
So his little mind becomes a bomb that ain't exploded yet
Said he talks to angels in these moments of pain
One day they'll point their pearly wings and say

That enough is enough enough tears have been shed
Enough hurt has been hidden enough blood has been bled
I said enough is enough let it rain love and trust
Till the steel fist of rage has fallen into rust enough is enough

In the board room of a squirrelly third world government
Hammerin' tunes there on the bones of the innocent
Greedy little minds sit tradin' guns and bad medicine
Could it be it's time for Brother Abel to raise some cain
If we hold our dreams pressed in the palm of our hands
There'll come a day when we all will stand

And say enough is enough enough...


You know enough is enough enough...

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Billy Ray Cyrus Enough Is Enough Comments
  1. carrie white

    Like this song

  2. Linda Brown

    that what i stay all the time but it don't do know good