Billy Ray Cyrus - Brown Eyed Girl Lyrics

Hey, where did we go
Days when the rain came
Down in the hollow
Playing a new game
Laughing and a-running, hey, hey
Skipping and a-jumping
In the misty morning fog where
Our, our hearts a-thumping
And you, my brown eyed girl
You, my brown eyed girl

And whatever happened, Tuesday and so slow
Going down to the old mine with a Transistor radio
Standing in the sunlight laughing
Hide behind a rainbows wall
Slipping and a-sliding all along the waterfall
With you, my brown eyed girl
You, my brown eyed girl

Do you remember when we used to sing
Sha la la la la la la la la la la dee dah
Just like that
Sha la la la la la la la la la la dee dah
La dee dah

So hard to find my way now that I'm all on my own
Saw you just the other day
My, how you have grown
Cast my memory back there, Lord
Sometime I'm overcome thinking about
Holding Hands in the green grass behind the stadium
With you, my brown eyed girl
Yeah, you, my brown eyed girl

Do you remember when we used to sing
Sha la la la la la la la la la la dee dah
Sha la la la la la la la la la la dee dah
Just like that
Sha la la la la la la la la la la dee dah
Sha la la la la la la la la la la dee dah
La dee dah
La dee dah
Sha la la la la la la la la la la dee dah
Sha la la la la la la la la la la dee dah

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Billy Ray Cyrus Brown Eyed Girl Comments
  1. Marty Fed-Up

    Now everyone has seen his little girls brown eye. O how times change.

  2. Edith Young

    Paris = Brown eyed girl from an Eastern Kentucky guy like me thanks man for the game of football we played together for the Kiwanis Club in the field house in Williamson West Virginia for the children of the world still remember it well .

  3. Suzanne L'esprence

    I love song thank you Billy

  4. Nina Brown

    Also brown eyed almost black

  5. Hannah ROID

    This is me mams song to me, I’m 17 and she sings it to me all the time

  6. Cody larose

    I like this song better then the original maker of the song

  7. Avanna Mathews

    i have brown eyes my papa will sing this to me all the time i don't get to see him a lot anymore

    Rogerina • Taylor

    I hate kpop....

  8. Haleigh Hudson

    love it being a brown eye girl

  9. John Gumm

    Man, I'm more satisfied than uncle earl after he eats the Thanksgiving turkey whole! Yeehaw!

  10. m Idris

    And this is the father of miley cyrus

  11. Sonja Wilke

    Schöne Erinnerung an alte Zeiten,,,,,Topp

  12. Kakashi Hatake

    i heard this song on the radio oh AND BY A DIFFERNT PERSON AND I LIVE IN HAWAII so ya it waas a cover

  13. Lexie Fate

    Jimmy buffets version is better

    Les Geale

    Lexie Fate i am a jimmy fan and not into billy except for this.he owns it. As a hobbyist muso i appreciate the talent to pull this of. Outstanding.

  14. Isaiah Horace

    I love Van, but I like this version as well. Still gets me bouncing around.

  15. Bob Doerr

    Morrison had his style, but this is more musical and together.

  16. Skylar Smith

    My grams told me this is my song :)

  17. MegaAstroFan18

    I like Billy Ray's version better actually. Like the country style he gives it.

  18. MegaAstroFan18

    @selectyour Like the hundreds of people on YouTube who cover classics? Like the hundred artists who do covers because they want to give the songs a shot.

  19. Lopes Garc

    How I met your mother 4x08

  20. ThePurpleRay

    Common peeps! Chill and enjoy the song, it's a good song no matter who sings it! Don't dishonor a good song!

  21. Gavin Von Em

    Not terrible. Now try "Wichita Lineman"...

  22. selectyour

    Well, maybe not that bad, but you still can't cover a classic :)

  23. selectyour

    How the hell do you cover a classic?! THIS IS SHIT

  24. Warhawk553

    the same song from james taylor is better, but this version is also ok,

  25. Dan Fiebiger

    I'm not in country much, and didn't expect much besides the usual shit-kickin' country sound, but this does a nice job re-capturing the original Van Morrison version, but updating the production value. Nice Job Billy.

  26. haumana420

    @WhosAtroll he must of passed it on to his daughter cause i wanna plug her face hole

  27. Jon's diary

    @ClitClop1234 he would probably look in your brown-eye



  29. Paul Fabrigas

    yeah awesome men your the bomb

  30. Angel Eyes

    Gorgeous ! what i wouldn't give to spend a day (and night) with him! Pure man !

  31. surfstomp

    Why are simple songs always the BEST?

  32. tgeraaw

    Ugh I'm blue eyed and wish i was brown eyed i want this song for my bat mitzvah father daughter dance itd be perfect. Please make one for blue eyed girls :)

  33. miniMy1409

    That's so weird ! I'm 15 and I totally love his song ! ;) All my friends say that I'm awkward to like country muusic but... That's so GOOD ! Couuntry Forever <3<3<3

  34. Rae K.

    go brown eyed girls in the house!!!!

  35. horseman420

    not bad....

  36. 7mattduser

    best song i've heard from billy ray...... guess thats kinda like saying least smelly turd. never cover a song using the same musical arrangement.

  37. Hurston Fry

    Billy ray youo suck!!!!! A tri State area boy who didn't have a cocky attitude and Daddy's money to back him...

  38. Aaron Edwards

    @RissaLoveBby Dont you just hate when you get that brown eye!

  39. Donald Adams

    this sucks, fuck you, the only thing you have to offer is your daughter'

  40. MegaAstroFan18

    It's actually a really good cover. Emphasis on 'cover' obviously, but still... BRC never ceases to surprise.

  41. Pray4Mojo

    He looks like a giant baby.

  42. heartofzorro

    Ray Cyrus vs Miley Cyrus. Oh wait, she's his daughter...

  43. Jasmine Coker

    Wow, I seriously love this, very smooth. I'm actually learning this on guitar! <3

  44. Sean Hennessy

    @nirvanarocks15 Get real, BRC isn't fit to kiss Van the Man's boots.

  45. Sean Hennessy

    @Philipa0 I think you must be on drugs, where did you hear that nonsense?

  46. Bxbugs123 / PoliceCarMods

    FAIL! this guy has to ruin all the good old songs.

    Les Geale

    Bxbugs123 / HighSpeed-Gaming disagree he kills not a fan of billy but credit where its due .outstanding.

  47. jalo1548

    @TheTupacolypse tbh you just fucking owned him :P

  48. invaliddisplayname

    @TheDEMSRule how is that well done, it's just a picture of his face, dumbass.

  49. train of thought

    @FinalXxXRise aregenal?? are u serious

  50. Roman Wessel

    i think its ok but not the best i like it the aregenal way better thats just my opinano

  51. Gary Carroll

    @kimberlylevin Orignally by Van Morrison :)

  52. Fimousefimouse

    I can't agree. This man is gorgeous, but his version of this song just doesn't have the feeling behind it. it's a sad effort, and i'm so disappointed, I thought it would be ace!

  53. 22sa5m

    if you are taylor swift why do only have like him y not taylor

  54. Laura Tucker

    hahaha my bf told me to look up this song cuz i hav brown eyes <3 him

  55. Jamum100

    @WalkinSexMachineSean i lol'd and gave you 2 thumbs up

  56. Psyman2

    don't forget about everclear :]

  57. jprov101

    @walkinsex haha well played

  58. chopkins91

    He did better than jimmy buffet but Van Morrison is the best.

  59. 123soccerman

    @kimberlylevin Van Morrison was the original version, and if you are trying to find the best one, i would opt with his

  60. Nick Nellen

    @TaylorSwiftFanLol reel big fish too ^^

  61. SpookyTsuki


  62. dakotahstr

    @TheDEMSRule I think that is very nice of you ...lots of people on here comment badly about the video if they don't like it..Its very commendable that you have class

  63. Ian Koeller

    @TaylorSwiftFanLol and everyone that has ever been in a band!! lol!!! Van Morrison is the original songwriter, and singer of this one.

  64. blacktheory


  65. Mizuki Veley

    @WalkinSexMachineSean man..

  66. GioDiLeo

    @lolilovefriday5 HAHAHA i heard that lol but at the time they were still in love lol this vids old haha

  67. Antoine Fleuriot

    Sounds great

    Please see/hear my version of this great song on utube, Antoine Fleuriot

  68. Galeone Christopher

    @kimberlylevin .. seriously? fail.

  69. Travis N

    @Philipa0 Heroin is supposed to be clear, I'm sure everyone that does it loves all of the rat poison and sleeping pills that make it have a nice disgusting brown color. On another note, it's a cover (needless to say, it's not about drugs.. or Billy.) Van Morrison came out with it in 1967. This guy was probably hardly born then, though he's made the song more well known, I Think. Just like Last Kiss by Pearl Jam.

  70. Kahima Himawari

    I`ve heard things like this song being about Van Morrison`s love for drugs because GIRL is used for drugs like cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy, also heroin usually comes BROWN and because "slipping and a sliding", which is in the lyrics, is a description of using a needle for injection. I don`t know what is true, but to me it just seems too cruel to assume that such a wonderful, touching song is about something like that.

  71. Joann Delorme

    Way to go Billy ...Good sound Like very much

  72. Kalina Hill


  73. GioDiLeo

    haha this is about miley or his wife idk

  74. Carmen Peralez

    I love this song, I've been playing it over, and over, and over again, and again:)
    and I love Billy Ray too!

  75. seamus205

    @TaylorSwiftFanLol and reel big fish did a ska cover

  76. Jaqueline Martins

    Am Van's biggest fan but for once the real deal by a male singer. Cassandra Wilson can do it too.

  77. shirley bird

    @browneyedgirl492 very good.

  78. inyour arse

    oh god this is a bad version sorry im not hating its just my opinion !

  79. RecurveNinja

    The damn singing realtor has more of a right to sing this than BRC, BRC is a complete no-talent mooch-tard.

  80. browneyedgirl492

    whoever is singin this song is actually not doing to bad of a job

  81. browneyedgirl492

    whoever is singin this song is actually not doing to bad of a job

  82. JAYLEE169

    @iandropin09 you are correct. like father, like daughter... Van is the MAn on this song...

  83. Paula Mion

    Van Morrison does this

  84. Douglas Tomlow

    well if he sung it..pretty good voice

  85. tooch1995

    reel big fish did a much better ska cover.....but van morrison is fuckin awesome

  86. Camille White

    @kikitikiboom Miley duhh. haha jk idk

  87. Mary DiMarco

    i love it you sing so good

  88. Francine Lucena

    @kimberlylevin the original artist is van morrison but so many people do covers of this songg.

  89. Francine Lucena

    no he doesn't sing this van morrison doess , (:

  90. Class-X

    This is a great version. Too bad about the not talent jealous idiots with poor opinions.

  91. MacAggy

    Great version Billy Ray! Simply great vocal...sounds like you sang for the song and not just to show off your vocal ability like half of the soooooooooooooo boring singers today.

  92. Joi White

    I dont like this version personally. I love Van Morrison and Jimmy Buffett's versions.

  93. Juliana Delvecchio

    @spotty78 at least if ur gonna critize him spell everything right u idiot

  94. TaylorSwiftFanLol

    @kimberlylevin he does... van morrison does... and jimmy buffett does too.

  95. Hedgehog's Right of Passage

    Why wasn't he executed for this drivel? Billy Ray JunkYard

  96. Sam Vorous

    Billy is silly, Suckish and stupid! Van is the Man!!!

  97. Jesus Christ

    hes not as good but i still like it.

  98. Deb Ribalkin

    @vaughan4082 I agree ...why does the achey break need to butcher a great song,,,should just leave the singing to the legends

  99. Deb Ribalkin

    @ vaughan... I completely agree.....why butcher a good thing?? Billy Rae should just go achey break somewhere else and leave the real singing to the legends.

  100. vaughan4082

    @reggie46404 ya thats why i got 5 likes,no its crap van morrision is the only good version forget covers!