Billy Ocean - The Long And Winding Road Lyrics

Baby don't leave me
I'm waiting here
Lead me to your door

Oh the long and winding road that leads to your door
Will never disappear, I've seen that road before
It always leads me here, leads me to your door

The wild and windy night that the rain washed away
Has left a pool of tears, oh baby, left me crying for the day, yeah
So why leave me standing here, let me know the way

Many times I've been alone and many times I've cried
Anyway you'll never know the many ways I've tried, but
Still they, they lead me back to the long, oh that long and winding road, baby
You left me standing here such a long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long oh
Don't leave me waiting here, lead me to you door

But still they, they lead me back to that long and winding road
You left me standing here a long, long time ago
So don't keep me waiting here, just lead me, lead me to your door
So why leave me standing here, just lead me, lead me to your door
Baby, tonight is like no other night
Baby, just wanna love you
Just wanna hold you baby til the morning night
And love you baby, love you baby
Lead me to your door

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Billy Ocean The Long And Winding Road Comments
  1. Timothy McClain

    This is one of my favorite Beatles cover songs

  2. Paulette Sims

    My favorite version of this song, he put SOUL into it and his voice and the arrangement are so beautiful. ❤️❤️

  3. stacey botes

    Hmmmmm this is my love love this song.💕💞

  4. Еmilia Boncheva


  5. docsmithdc

    My favorite version.

  6. Chris Clarke

    It’s a brave thing to attempt to cover a song such as this, but I have to say, it’s wonderfully done Mr Ocean.
    Beautiful arrangement too. Thanks 😄

  7. Alain BROCHET

    Indéniablement un chef d’œuvre !


    No spanish understood

  8. Janice young

    I want this song at my funeral

  9. Noluthando Windwaai

    Billy we have walked the long and winning road together please lead me to your door

  10. Ana Clara

    💙💜❤oh my God!!!

  11. Byron Booysen

    My favorite song

  12. Cameron Harrell

    0:31 my favorite part

  13. ma.carmen Fernandez

    Yes Billy Ocean I love u voice sexy song very touching inside my heart my husband pass in 2017 but is I heard this song my husband there only my side.bcz of this song I love you long winding road

    Mary Glitter

    Sorry for your lost 🙏

  14. Una Therman

    Knock knock knocking on heavens door Mike 🎶❤️

  15. Lou Luga

    the x factor brought me here! my favourite artist right now is Mr amazing Vocals Dalton Harris! I think this song will suits him well in the finals because of his story! overall he can sing anything and i would buy it because of his awesome vocals. We r lucky to have him. The world is lucky to have him.he makes ppl feel good with his voice.

  16. Sunghee - SingingPianoLessonsVictoria

    Thank you so much for the video… 👍 So Beautiful! 💙
    Feel free to check out this ‘The long and winding road, Beatles, Karaoke in Female(& Male Baritone) Key A, HQ’ as well~ 🎨
    Cheers to You! 🌾

  17. boima clarke

    when you look in star, you see a how powerful my friendship is it. last forever.

  18. Mongezi Phillip Thulelo

    My favorite artist of all times.

  19. 777777777 777777777

    Нет слов как прекрасно слушаеш и расворяешся в его музыке🙄😊👍

  20. David Romefort

    j'adore ces chansons Billy Paul est génial

  21. Janet Steinman

    what a voice

  22. Omar Kemp

    I love this song billey ocean
    And George Michael version

    John Reed

    Omar Kemp
    this song doesn't fit him. George Michael has the best cover of this song ever recorded. .I do like the instrument arrangements


    I completely AGREED with you mate! George and Billy!

    aaron laluzerne

    I've only heard the Beatles version of this song until I just discovered this Billy Ocean cover.

    Paulette Sims

    This is the best version!

  23. Rei Na

    ohh.. luv it....

    alexander basden

    Can't stop listening to his songs

  24. Magz Vega

    love it..

  25. Ilma Carmo


  26. Carmen Thomas

    Ive always loved this song and i absolutely love Billy Ocean"s version.