Billy Ocean - Red Light Spells Danger Lyrics

Red light
Spells danger
Can't hold out
Much longer

'Cos red light
Means warning
Can't hold out
I'm burning

No, no, no
(Red light)
You took my heart and turned me on
(Spells danger)
And now the danger sign is on
(Can't hold out)
Never thought the day would come
(Much longer)
When I would feel alone without you

('Cos red light)
An' now I'm like a child again
(Means warning)
Calling out his mama's name
(Can't hold out)
You got me on a ball and chain
(I'm burning)
Doing things that I don't wanna
(Baby baby)

I can't stop running to ya
Feel love coming through ya
Girl with you beside me
Hold on heaven guide me

(Red light)
'Til the red light
(Spells danger)
Oh-a-oh danger warning
(Can't hold out)
Can't hold out
Much longer
(Much longer)
No no babe

('Cos red light)
'Til the red light
(Means warning)
Oh-a-oh that's a danger warning
(Can't hold out)
Can't hold out
I'm burning
(I'm burning)

(Red light)
Red light
(Spells Danger)
I love you, baby
(Can't hold out)
Can't hold out
(Much longer)
Oh, baby baby

('Cos red light)
(Means warning)
Means a warning, yeah
(Can't hold out)
And I can't hold out
(I'm burning)
No no no no no

(Red light)
I had my fun, I played around
(Spells danger)
Without a love to tie me down
(Can't hold out)
I always used to kiss and run
(Much longer)
I never wanted love to catch me

('Cos red light)
I thought I had a heart of stone
(Means warning)
But now I'm in the danger zone
(Can't hold out)
I can feel the heat is on
(I'm burning)
Soon the flames are gonna catch me
(Baby baby)

I can't stop running to ya
Feel love coming to ya
Girl with you beside me
Hold on heaven guide me

(Red light)
Feel the red light
(Spells danger)
Oh-a-oh that's a danger warning
(Can't hold out)
And I can't hold out
(Much longer)
No no no

('Cos red light)
'Til the red light
(Means warning)
Oh-a-oh that's a danger warning
(Can't hold out)
Can't hold out
(I'm burning)
No no no no

(Red light)
Oh, it's a red light baby
(Spells danger)
Oh, you gotcha danger warning
(Can't hold out)
And I can't hold out
(Much longer)
No you got me help me baby

('Cos red light)
Oh, feel the red light
(Means warning)
Oh, it's a danger warning
(Can't hold out)
Oh, I can't hold out
(I'm burning)
No no no no no

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Billy Ocean Red Light Spells Danger Comments
  1. BMk'er

    I love this song more than all the stars in the universe.. great memories when this song came out.. what's life without great memories. Beautiful..

  2. Isaac Lee

    I’m here because of Top Gear, who introduced me to this song. Nice.

  3. Mac Fleetwood

    Who's still listening in 2020👀

    Dayna Trotter

    Me still love this track x

  4. andrej flimel

    Karol Duchon-Mám ta rád

  5. jamesjepson

    Happy New year everybody and to the one I love Julia Stott xx

  6. King Baldwin

    going to see Billy Ocean on the 14th november next year, cant wait

  7. whatfffd

    Why is this song so good?? Feels like it has a bridge after every verse! Genius Billy O ❤️

  8. shellyann trustisamust

    Anyone here from car share??

  9. arthur fleck

    Peter kay car share,,

  10. Sphyn0x

    Ja mám ťa rád..

  11. Matjasso 479

    What's up Ferrari fans? :D

  12. Meme Raven

    Pee Vaaan Sebastian, Pee Vaaan.. Pole position.

    *"Red light Spells...., Red light Spells Danger.."*
    Sebastian Vettel - 2018

  13. Ju Mead

    Faster Billy come on ! Yeh he's good .

  14. Mary Mcevoy

    A classic tune it reminds me when i a teenager 40 years on i still love listening to this song

  15. Lou

    Got this tune stuck in my head when I woke up, and had to play it over and over.REALLY LIFTED MY SPIRIT, and got me dancing around the house with headphones on ❣

  16. Nick Brown

    Anyone here because its one of the best songs ever!?

  17. Gareth Goodram

    I’m still listening to this 2019 👌

    buddy baillie

    I first heard it in Peter Kay Car share

  18. Julie Newsome

    boy this takes me back

  19. Juan Furch

    Seb like this

  20. Angela Allen

    Brilliant tune

  21. Linda Radford

    Great song when you are driving 😊

  22. Anna

    danger big boat danger red

  23. B Classen

    Then I guess I'm old as hell too cuz this is one of my many favorites of Mr. Ocean.........

  24. Carl P

    Peter Kay's "car share" singing to this cracks me up. Great tune.

  25. Box Tunnel

    I only knew Carribbean Queen but this is flamin' awesome!

  26. JM Rodriguez-Luis

    Is this the song Steve Buscemi's friend is singing in Trees Lounge?

  27. dwajt

    Karol Duchoň ;)

  28. Luqmaan Akhtar

    A time when true talent and positivity blossomed

  29. Steven

    Great song classic artist.. keep going billy we love you...

  30. Nick Rotich

    Man, the first time I heard this song, I thought 2018 Championship belonged to Seb and Ferrari.

  31. Success Tutoring

    billy is a legend, all our family went to see him live 1 year ago, really love him, joeN

  32. UK Footy Culture

    I got married this year, although this wasn't our first dance I caught my wifes gaze just as this song was coming on. We both hit the dancefloor and everyone followed. The atmosphere during that 3 minutes was the happiest moment of the best day of my life. This song always brings me back to that feeling. Thank you Billy Joel.

  33. Simon F

    Good tune

  34. Dolly Little

    Great Song Great singer Love Billy Ocean

  35. Andrew Martin


  36. smoking joe

    Very underated singer Billy ocean. Always sang good catchy songs and was going for years.
    Bet he's got a few quid 👍

  37. james mcdevitt

    This is a great record never heard it before had to ask someone who sang it lol

  38. 80sOutrunFan

    Now this is music!

  39. Parker Wong

    I’m only here cause this is my favorite song. Idk who Seb is.


    Sebastian Vettel

  40. Paul Brodie

    When a song can put you on a F1 grid waiting to drop the clutch and go 💨........

  41. P ussy Stomp

    I've been looking for this song for years and years and years!!!

  42. Milton de luca junior

    an other good version

  43. Shelley foulkes

    Love this song

  44. Wullie Hunter

    Anyone here because they love the tune

  45. Hausmeister Wongel

    R.I.P mein Lager Freund C.B. werde dich sehr vermissen aber nie und nimmer vergessen

  46. Anais Catton

    Classic ❤️❤️



  48. * VaVu *

  49. * VaVu *

  50. Dag Bakka

    Top gear?

  51. JustGame

    What a song

  52. Andy Stewart


  53. Michael Celtic

    Quality billy bhoy. What a chanter

  54. Maxine Harmon

    I am here because I am 50 next year and I just love tunes like this for a bloody good dance!

    David Rayner

    Im here weekly, just for this ☺

  55. Jessica Richards

    I love you Amy u will be there in Heaven and your the best trainer

  56. Hanzo Shimada

    I've had the beat of this song stuck in my head for 6 years and it's driven me crazy, i found it accidentally on my travels last week and it literally lifted a whole weight from me

  57. Sharon Snail

    I'm here 'cos the first 40+ seconds of this track are pop perfection. Simple with the expectation of something exciting to come.

  58. Backyard Harlequin

    No, I'm here as 90% of people are cos of Car Share and Peter Kay,. TUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNE. *sings it loud*

    Backyard Harlequin

    Yep. Peter a car.....and a radio :D Class.

  59. david grainger


  60. Mostly an F1 fan

    Finally Seb back on top 🏁🏁🇸🇬🇸🇬

  61. Jack Docherty

    Who's celebrating Seb getting P1 in Singapore? Grazie ragazzi

  62. landyachtfan79

    Yes, that's right........before Billy Ocean succumbed to the world of '80's synth-cheese, he was poised to become the second coming of the '60's Motown sound with this irresistible classic & the equally as irresistible "Love Really Hurts Without You"!!!!!

  63. Pierluigi Di Francescantonio

    Anyone here after P1 back again in Singapore?

    Mostly an F1 fan

    Finally 😊😊

  64. Um cara chamado Antônio

    Vettel Singapore GP 2019

  65. rai banzaii

    slovak cover by karol duchon from 1979 "mam ta rad" means "i like/love you" (better sound) (video from tv music show)

  66. alf hucker

    Billy is one of the most grounded caring gentleman that i have ever had the fortune to meet. And this song is truly awesome!!!

  67. Nico Nelson

    Amazing performer

  68. Věra Peřinová

    Hallo Billy....I'm sending a link to a pretty good Slovak version ... The singer has died, the music has stayed ... Thanks to her I found this song of yours...

  69. jenny evans

    My go to song, love it. My family know it's on my funeral list of songs 👍

  70. qwerty klopy

    Dancing a natural high!

  71. John Tims

    A great Northern Soul Track

  72. Mostly an F1 fan

    Here before Vettel wins at Spa next week 🏁🇧🇪🤞

  73. Marina Allard

    This song just makes me happy!!! Love it!!!!

  74. scott lucas

    One of the best voices EVER

  75. keith wallace

    one of the greatest songs of all time. A perfect mix of pop and soul which you cant help wanting to dance to when you hear it!

  76. Fernando Spada


  77. AutoÚver Online

    This is what i call music treasure!

  78. F H

    ein gruß an alle studentenreiter :)

  79. Sharon Branson

    I have always loved this!

  80. Paul Hargreaves

    Pure talent.........!

  81. Dynamic3DLtd

    Awesome song.

  82. Andrew Hall

    Obsessed with this song all of a sudden 🕺🕺🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  83. bluegtturbo

    Best song ever...

  84. Frank321

    Everybody's here because of Forza and Ferrari I just heard this in a pub

  85. Mohamed Abdullah

    An ocean of talents .

  86. BookimCrocker

    Anyone on here because after 30 yrs listening to metal/britpop/blues and rock - they come back to this.; because it's class.

  87. Ieuan Griffiths

    I was break checked in a truck listening to this song ha ha

  88. Liam Close

    I swear I was born in the wrong generation, perks off been brought up by my grandparents, want tunes they've introduce me too!!

  89. Jonathan Kojian


  90. Dan Godsell

    love the energy in his voice

  91. Mirec Ziga

    Slovakia version: Karol Duchoň - mám ťa rád .Legendary song

  92. Mark Howard

    What a Chooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Adele Beech

    I love hes songs

  94. coolenaam

    I much prefer the Top of the Pops version

  95. Ben Automotive

    anyone here because of top gear UK

  96. David Hunter

    Red light spells Hamilton 🤣🤣