Billy Ocean - European Queen (No More Love On The Run) Lyrics

She's simply awesome.

She dashed by me in painted-on jeans

And all heads turned cause' she was the cream.
In the blink of an eye I knew her number and her name

She said I was the tiger she wanted to tame.

European Queen
Now we're sharing the same dream

And our hearts they beat as one. No more love on the run.

I lose my cool when she steps in the room

And I get so excited just from her perfume.
Electric eyes that you can't ignore

And passion burns you like never before.
I was in search of a good time just running my game
Love was the furthest
Furthest from my mind.

European Queen
Now we're sharing the same dream

European Queen
Now we're sharing the same dream

European Queen
Now we're sharing the same dream...

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Billy Ocean European Queen (No More Love On The Run) Comments
  1. Marilo Madrigal Díaz

    Me encanta ésta canción. Me trae recuerdos de mi adolescencia.

  2. princechingo

    This is an older version than the Caribbean queen.

  3. The Butcher Of Blaviken

    No American Queen tho.

  4. rueganer70

    Sibirian Queen lives in my house

  5. Sheikh A.J. Abrahim

    Billy about "American Queen"(for the North and South American continents) followed by "Australian Queen"( Australia and Polynesia) next is "Asian Queen"(Asia) well Antarctica has no permanent residents! This is arguably the only truly global pop song. Anybody dare agree????

  6. Maria Costasousa

    Amazing 💃🕺

  7. rae davis


  8. Joel조엘

    African, European, Siamese Queen!

  9. Peter Taylor

    Always LOVED "Carribean Queen", Billy! Played so many times on radio and the 12" at parties back in the day, I lost count! (BTW, it was ALWAYS a killer on the dance floor!!)

  10. Priscila Fanes


  11. kanyesigye Ann

    I like your flows man.
    For ever my best.

  12. Markey Paddy

    Billy your song is graet god bless you

  13. Luiz Rogerio Vieira Martos

    Você é 10 Billy

  14. Karel Phillips

    First time hearing this version. Acustommed hearing "Caribbean Queen". Was a boy at that time, but your video on America's Top 10, on TTT Saturday mornings.

  15. Mz Lee

    Love you Billy Ocean! 💜

  16. Ernest Bryden

    I remember it being no secret at the time that the song was originaly European Queen, but I had no idea Billy recorded this version. Flawless vocals as usual.

    Ernest Bryden

    ... and here is 'African Queen'

    Ernest Bryden

    ... and finaly Caribbean Queen (check the poster on the wall at 1.00 minute)


    I am a proud English/Irish Queen. Ty @Earnest!! 🍑🍀🍀

    Lucky Obsiye

    Ernest Bryden actually he recorded African Queen first then European and then finally Caribbean.

    Ernest Bryden

    Thanks @Lucky Obsiye

  17. Tiggy-Tay Unlimited

    Amazing! I didn’t know there were other versions

    Shalin Pather

    The song was originally "European Queen" but it was a serious flop, then it was recorded and released again, this time as "Caribbean Queen"

    Tiggy-Tay Unlimited

    Shalin Pather I see. Interesting...

  18. DoubleHelix11

    Oh man, so sweet!!!! "Peaches N Cream" he likes us all!!!🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

  19. frostysnow w

    Old school music is the best 💖💕💗💕💖💕💗💕💖

  20. Markey Paddy

    wow billy you are good singer and good songs god bless you

  21. Beata Tomaszewska

    So many version

  22. david mincey

    Oh snap! Good thing i cant sleep

  23. Dave Fitzgerald

    I was just a lad when this timeless song came out👍European 👑, just now...interesting😳😁💡



    Entertaining ASMR Plus

    LOL .... Makes you wonder if it's the official page. I guess with 151k - it must be official. 😀


    I love this version, why not? I am 1/2 European & Irish, anything Bill sings is AWESOME! Get over yourself lol!

    Gary Collins

    THE BERGS SHOW you know there were three versions of this song released.

  25. hit wonda


  26. Apolonia